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Jermaine Royster reporting..

Smackdown comes us to live from the Frank Erwin Center in Austin, Texas. This is the go home episode of Smackdown Live as Summer Slam is this Sunday, the WWE World Title will be on the line as Dean Ambrose will face the challenger Dolph Ziggler. WWE World Champion Dean Ambrose along with Dolph Ziggler will be the guests of The Miz on his next edition of MizTV. As the show gets started we see Daniel Bryan & Shane McMahon along with Randy Orton as he signs the contract to face Brock Lesnar on Sunday night. Heath Slater shows up with a fruit basket and asks when he will get his contract to be on Smackdown Live. Slater and Daniel Bryan go back and forth until the introduction. We later find out that Randy Orton will face Slater later on tonight.

Maryse is in the ring as she introduces her husband and WWE Intercontinental Champion The Miz. They are quickly interrupted by Dean Ambrose as he makes his way to the ring, as he begins to talk to The Miz, Dolph Ziggler comes to the ring. Ambrose & Ziggler stand eye to eye and have to be separated by The Miz. Miz says he as admired by what Ziggler has accomplished because most people figured he was a flop. Miz brings up Ziggler’s success’s & resurgence in the WWE, but what if he loses? Ziggler says all he is worried about is the WWE World Championship, Dean says he isn’t buying the new version of Dolph Ziggler. Dolph tells Dean that after Summer Slam when he wins the title, he will have to admit how good he is. Dean says even if Dolph wins the belt it still will be a difficult ride because of the target on your back, and Dolph doesn’t like pressure. Dean says the chip that Ziggler has on his shoulder will be what costs him the match because he will get embarrassed and that Dolph will never get it. Ziggler says Dean doesn’t know anything about him because he will have to dig down deep to keep from losing the title to Dolph. Dolph goes on a rant about how Dean will have to do so much to beat him, then Dolph blasts Dean Ambrose with a Super Kick to the jaw. Ziggler stands over the champion and says to him that he will find out Sunday just how good he is.

12-Man Tag Team Match
The Uso’s, American Alpha & The Hype Bros. vs The Ascension, Breezango & The Vaudevillians

Gable starts off with Breeze but Viktor is quickly tagged in, he blasts Gable withs knees for a two count. Mojo gets the tag from Gable and he hits the corner splash to Viktor. Konnor comes in to stop the double team by the Hype Bros and that causes all twelve men to come in begin brawling. Zack Ryder and Konnor are in the ring but Jimmy Uso gets the tag as does Aiden English. Jimmy hits the corner move then tags Jason Jordan, he hits a back suplex to English, The Uso’s would then hit Super Kicks to everyone in the ring, after a Browski Boot to English, American Alpha hit the Grand Amplitude to English for the win.

Your Winners: American Alpha, The Uso’s & The Hype Bros.

Women’s Division
Singles Match
Naomi vs Eva Marie

After Eva Marie’s entrance music plays out we get a message that Eva Marie is stuck in traffic and she will not be able to compete tonight.

A highlight package of Hell in a Cell from last year is shown next, the Cena loss to Alberto Del Rio is highlighted. After the replay is over we see Del Rio backstage and AJ Styles walks in and says how he watched that match on the WWE Network. Styles talks about how he loves beating up John Cena and Del Rio cuts him short telling him that he’s been beating up Cena for a long time and he doesn’t need Styles’ pep talk. AJ bring up the fact the he’s facing Cena Sunday at Summer Slam and that Del Rio isn’t even on the card, Styles walks away.

Singles Match
Randy Orton vs Heath Slater

Orton kicks Slater then sends him into the corner, he begins to stomp away at Heath afterwards. Orton gets Slater back in the corner and he unloads elbows, the referee steps in but Randy still lets off a few more shots to a helpless Slater, the referee calls for the bell.

Your Winner: Heath Slater via Disqualification

After the bell sounds, Orton sends Slater back to the outside sending flying over the announce desk. Randy then sets up Slater slamming him on the barricade then delivering the dropping DDT on the outside. Randy send Slater back in the ring and delivers a german suplex then mocks Brock Lesnar. After another german suplex from Orton, he gives Slater the RKO and celebrates while his music plays. As Orton is posing on the second rope the lights go out and Bray Wyatt appears on the screen telling the people, “Were Here.” Smackdown then goes to a commercial.

Slater is shown backstage being attended to by the physician as Daniel Bryan & Shane McMahon explain to Slater that he has now earned a spot on Smackdown Live because of his victory. Slater is disoriented and calls Shane, Stephanie by accident, Shane takes the contract away while Slater isn’t looking.

Singles Match(Non-Title Match)
WWE World Champion Dean Ambrose vs Erick Rowan

Rowan runs Dean into the turn buckle using his strength until Ambrose gets away. Dean teases the Dirty Deeds but Rowan gets away, Dean then scores with a drop kick sending Rowan to the outside then Dean hits the Air Ambrose dive. Rowan would get back in control hitting a powerslam then catching Dean in mid air hitting a sidewalk slam. Bray is at ringside watch the action as Rowan is still in control targeting the lower back of Ambrose. Erick misses the corner splash and Ambrose gets him to run over the top rope missing him. Dean starts to knock Rowan off his feet with right hands but Dean then hits a back suplex, Dean hits a fore arm off the tope rope for a two count. Rowan gets back in control hitting a spinning wheel kick, as Rowan goes for his next move he gets countered by Ambrose into the Dirty Deeds DDT and the win.

Your Winner: Dean Ambrose

After the match is over we see Bray looking at the Rowan’s mask then gets up and walks away from Rowan.

Womens Division
Tag Team Match
Carmella & Becky Lynch vs Natalya & Alexa Bliss

Carmella starts off with Natalya, both women wrestle to the corner but Carmella escapes. Natalya tags Alexa Bliss as she steps on the back of Carmella as she is on the mat, Bliss then slaps on a rear chin lock. Carmella hits a Jawbreaker getting away to tag Becky Lynch. Becky clears the ring hitting clotheslines then hitting the Blexploder suplex to Bliss. As the action continues, Eva Marie makes her entrance to the ring just like last week but Eva is interrupted by Naomi. Eve gets chased around the ring by Naomi and Natalya tries to roll up Lynch using the distraction, Becky kicks out but still holds onto Natalya’s arm and rolls over into the Dis-Arm-Her submission move for the win.

Your Winners: Becky Lynch & Carmella

As Smackdown comes back from commercial we see Kalisto’s face up against the wall, Baron Corbin is the one handing out the punishment but the officials step in to save Kalisto.

Next we see a highlight package promoting the big matchup between Brock Lesnar & Randy Orton at Summer Slam this Sunday. Orton talks about how he and Lesnar showed up together at Ohio Valley Wrestling, Lesnar says he doesn’t care about Orton and that he doesn’t have a chance. Randy Orton talks about how he felt disrespected when Lesnar left the WWE in favor of the UFC. Highlights from Monday Night Raw are shown next and the two talk about what will go down Sunday night.

Next we get notice that Eva Marie along with Natalya & Alexa Bliss will be facing the team of Naomi, Carmella & Becky Lynch at Summer Slam this Sunday.

AJ Styles makes his way to the ring as he will be on commentary for the main event.

Smackdown Live Main Event
Singles Match
John Cena vs Alberto Del Rio

Both men lock up and Del Rio hits a shoulder block off the ropes, Del Rio runs the ropes but Cena scores with an arm drag sending Del Rio to the outside. Del Rio would get back into things hitting a kick to the gut on the outside then Del Rio score on a top rope move. Back in the ring Del Rio slaps on a chin lock, Del Rio runs the ropes but Cena side steps Del Rio as he crashes to the outside. Cena goes for the AA but Del Rio counters into a back suplex, Del Rio score with a kick to the face from the corner. After another kick to the face by Del Rio, Cena blocks Del Rio throwing right hands but Alberto reverses and sends Cena into the turn buckle. Del Rio hits a roundhouse kick to the back of Cena in the corner then plants Cena with a DDT. Del Rio gets up on the second rope to celebrate as Smackdown Live goes to a commercial. As Del Rio comes off the top, Cena jumps and connects with a drop kick. Cena hits the Five Knuckle Shuffle but Del Rio fires back hitting the Backstabber. Del Rio backs into the corner but Cena blocks the kick, Del Rio then hits the Tirlt-a-whirl Back breaker. Cena hits big clothesline in return but Del Rio answers with a step up enziguiri for a two count. Cena fights back Del Rio scores with a kick to Cena’s face again. Cena tries for another AA but Del Rio counters into the Cross Arm breaker but Cena counters out into the Attitude Adjustment for the win.

Your Winner: John Cena

After the match, AJ Styles hits the Phenomenal Fore Arm onto Cena from the apron. Styles stands over Cena and tells him that his time is up and he is sick and tired of hearing about the great John Cena. As Styles drops the microphone he tries for the Styles Clash but Cena gives AJ an Attitude Adjustment. Cena’s music hits but John isn’t finished, he goes to the outside and takes apart the announce desk and the steel ring steps. Cena walks up the steels with AJ Styles on his shoulders, Cena then gives the Attitude Adjustment to Styles through the announce table. Cena’s music plays again and Smackdown Live comes to an end.

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