Posted August 10th, 2016 by Bill Apter

“KRISTEN, WILL YOU MARRY ME?”–Flash–August 5, 2016

The only thing you can count on at Greg Price’s Mid-Atlantic Fan Fest (beside having so much fun and making a lifetime of memories) is the unexpected.

On Friday night August 5th, 2016 I was about 20 minutes into my one-man-show (IS WRESTLING FIXED? AN EVENING WITH BILL APTER) when a man at a table near the stage kept waving to get my attention. I asked if he had a question and invited him onto the stage.

He told me his wrestling nickname is “Flash” but and his question was not for me. It was for his girlfriend — who was seated next to him — Kristen. I invited Kristen to join us on stage.

As she got to center stage, Flash got down on one knee, pulled out a ring (not a wrestling one folks) and right there proposed to her. What a wonderful moment. The crowd stood and applauded quickly after she accepted. It was such a cool moment to happen at the Fan Fest and during my show.

Flash and Kristen stayed for most of my show but around the 50 minute mark they got up to leave. Flash said, “We have some early morning plans Bill–sorry to leave.” I shot back, “You two just became engaged. Go to your room already!” We all had a good laugh.

Be sure to go to www.nwalegends.com to get your tickets for next year’s event. It’s a great tradition!

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