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This week’s Ring of Honor was all about Jay Lethal defending his World’s title against Kye O’Reilly. Get ready for one of the best matches in RoH History. bUT DID IT HAPPEN?

Kevin Kelly called the action in this one.

Kyle O’Reilly vs Jay Lethal
World Title Match

Adam Cole came out befoe hte match got rolling. Cole promised that Kyle would never be World CHampion, as long as Adam was in the company. Cole stated that Kyle would not be wrestling in the match. The Young Bucks rushed in and hit Superkicks. Cole then attacked with a steel chair. The Bullet Club wrapped one chair Kyle’s arm and bashed it with anoher one. Bobby Fish rushed down to help his relDRagon tag team partner. RoH took a break to check on Kyle and see if he would even be able to go.

RoH looked back at the disgusting attack of the previous segment. Kyle was in the back, demanding to be taped up. Bobby and the doctors tried to keep Kyle from fighting. Kyle knew this was his chance. The doc felt that the shoulder was dislocated.

Your Winner: Match Delayed
Honor Roll Ranking: N/A

Nigel McGuinness was very upset that his Main Event got disrupted.

“Tough” Tim Hughes and “Brutal” Bob Evans (Tough Guys Inc.) vs Raymond Rowe and Hanson (War Machine)

War Machine just tore the da ylights out of Evans and Hughes. Shotgun Knees by Rowe. Hanson followled up with a Brocno Buster and Spin Kick of Doom. They launched poor Bob way up in the air and then took him out with Fallout.

Your Winner: War Machin
Honor Roll Ranking: 1.5

Shane Taylr and Keith Lee rushed the ring and went to attack. Huge Uranage by Rowe. Rowe went for a Dive but the new team double teamed Rowe. Hanson hit a Somersault to the floor, from the top rope. Break time.

Cheeseburger vs Will Ferrara

Cheesy and Will were just getting rolling when The Cabinet showed up. The match was stopped for this mess. Caprice Coleman now has an alliancce with Rhett Titus and Kenny King. The Cabinet cancelled the match and told Cheesy and Will to get out of the ring, or else.

Your Winner: Match Thrown Out
Honr Roll Ranking: N/A

Will brought out Moose to join them

Cheeseburger, Will Ferrara and Moose vs Kenny King, Rhett Titus and Caprice Coleman
Six Man Tag Team Match

It started out as a total chaotic fight. This ws one of Moose’s last fights before he went to TNA> Moose hit a huge Top Rope Crossbody. Will nailed a Hurancanrana on Caprice. The three faces all posed and played to the crowd. Double team on Caprice. Rhett nailed Will in the back with the knee. Kneedrop by Caprice. Kevin Kelly stated that Kyle O’Reilly demandd his match, no matter what.

Scoop Slam by Caprice. Leg Drop by King. Splash by Titus. 2 count. Side Headlock by Titus to stop Will from reaching his corner.Moose tok out both members of the All Night Express. Dropkick to both Rhett and Kenny. Sky High Powerbomb but Titus still kicke dout at two. Rocket Launcher of Cheeseburger but Chessy hit Titus’ knees. King nailed a Corkscrew Plancha to take out Moose. Cheesy slid under and Will nailed a Tornado DDT. STo by Caprice. Sho Tay Palm Strikes by Cheesy to several guys Brainbuster by Rhett Titus to finish this one.

Your Winner: Th Cabinet
Honor Roll Ranking: 2.0

Kevin Kelly hd breaking news. It has been confirmed that Kyl will be allowed to fight Jay Lethal…next!

Kyle O’Reilly vs Jay Letha
World Title Match

The Finish:

Kyle almost won with a modified Triangle Choke. Jay put Kyle in the Crippler Crossface. Kyle hit an Ad Hoc Regal Plex. Lethal set for the Lethal Injection but asked the ref to stop the match. Kyle begged for the match to continue. Hockey Fight. Jay hit hte Lethal Injection, after all.

Your Winner: Jay Lethal
Honor Roll Ranking: 3.5

Bullet Club rushed back into the ring. They were determined to end Kyle’s career. They brought in chairs. Brainbuster/Shoulder Breaker by Cole. The locker room emptied to stop this. Indietaker on the steel chair! Bobby Fish finally made it to went off on Bullet Club. Nigel promised that Adam Cole would NEVER get a shot at the World title, as long as Nigel is matchmaker.


–Jay Shannon

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