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The Bound for Glory Serie got rolling, this week.

The whole Brother Nero (Jeff Hardy) vs “Btoken” Matt Hardy feud was analyzed. Matt won a Fina Deetion Match and now basically “owns” his brother, name, likeness and soul.

Bobby Lashley was in the ring and he was mad as Hell. Bobby bragged about beating people up. He had a problem with Moose sticking his nose in Bobby’s business. Bobby was angry that Moose kept him from winning both titles. Bobby called out Moose. Instead, he got Mike Bennett.

Mike taunted Bobby from the ramp. Mike said he brought in “The Big Man” to beat Bobby’s *ss. Mike explained that the World title belonged to him and Moose would help him get it. Moose then joined MIke on the ramp.

Moose came out to a theme that was almost the same as his Ring of Honor music. Boby invited Moose to get his butt down toh te ring and get his butt kicked. Mike tried to stop Moose but he former NFL stand out headed down the ramp. Eddie Edwards rushed down nad attacked Moose. Moose and Mike double eamed Eddie, until Lashley got involved. The four men just went to town on each other. Eddie hit a Suicide Dive. The officials rushed down to break up the fight.

Dixie Carter came on the TNATron and told Eddie and Bobby to get focused on their Main Event Match. The two will be fighting in Six Sides of Steel. Dixie warned Bennett if he got involved, in any way, she would fire him…immediately. Moose was banned from ringside.

Jeff Hardy’s music went off but it was “Broken” Matt hardy that cmae out with his wife. He raided the Undertaker’s old clothes closet for a new “robe”. Matt grumbled about owning “Brother Nero”. Matt said he helped his brother train, this past week, and showed the footage. Matt coaxed Jeff into riding the dirt bike, again. Jeff chashed and burned. Jeff was hurt and Matt giggled about Jeff’s bike being Broken, like Jeff soon would be.

Broher Nero (Jeff Hardy) vs Mike Bennett
Bound For Glory Playoff Series Match

Matt gave Jeff a stupid new theme, with Reby mentioning the word “Obsolee”, over and over. YAWN! We took a quick pre-match break.

Thank God they shut off that annoying music. Mike bashed and battered Brother Nero. Mike stomped away on his foe. Jeff kicked and punched away. Jeff waned a Whip but collapsed. Mike just stomped away until the ref moved him back The ref asked Jeff if he could continue. Jeff would not surrender. Mike applied a modified Crippler Crossface. Jeff made it to the ropes. Flying Cutter by MIke Bennett.

Your Winner: “Miracle” Mike Bennett
Impact Scorecard: 1.5 out of a possible 5

Matt and Reby got in the ring and trash talked Jeff. Matt ordered Jeff to get ou of his ring. He kept calling him an Obsolete Mule. Matt dismissed his brother and then got ready for his match.

“Broken” Matt Hardy vs “Cowboy” James Strom
Bound for Glory Playoff Series Match

Collar and Elbow and they went to the corner. Matt bashed hte ribs of Storm and hit numerous Headbutts. Storm blocked the Twist of Hat enad hit several Clothesline. Calf Wrangler (Sling Blade) by Storm. Matt baild out to the floor. Storm followed Matt out nad bashed away. Storm put Matt on the ring steps and went tot get the Boozer Cruiser. He ran it into Matt’s Nethers. Impact went to break.

We’re back and the fight was going strong. Matt bit Storm’s face. Jeez. Forearm Smashes and a Rolling Belly to Belly by Matt. Sleeper by Matt. Storm Elbowed free but Mtt sent Storm out onto the apron. . Side Effect on the apron. Matt moved the ring steps and brought Storm around. Storm used a Bck Body Drop couner to flip Matt into the crowd. Matt bit Storm’s face and then hand. The ref forced Matt tot stop. Storm flew over the railing to deck Mtt. Cool.

Uppercut by torm sent Matt sailing back over the railing. Code Breaker by Storm but he didn’t go for the pin. Reby used a mallet to crack Storm in the ankle. Matt hit the Twist of Hate.

Your Winner: “Broken” Matt Hardy
Impact Scorecard: 2.0

Eddie Edwards was interviewed about the Moose situation. Eddie was upset that Moose and Mike Bennett tried to upset his dream. Eddie knew there would be a winner between him and Bobby. I just have a most ominous feeling about the match.

TNA ran a video package about Ethan Carter III.

Mike and Moose chatted backstage. Mike could not believe that Dixie would keep messing with him. Mike said after Maria gave her State of the Knockouts Speech, then leave. Moose didn’t car and wante dto get after Bobby. Mike freaked out and said he would get fired if Moose got involved.

Ethan Carter III was in the ring but came out to sit on the ring steps and talk. Ethan has been asked why he was there. Ethan said he had passion and desire to be he best. He wanted to be the best and that requires the World Heavyweight title. Ethan was determined to win the Playoff Series and then go on to become champion.

He was interrupted by the arrival of Drew Galloway. Drew stared down his former ally and got in the ring. The two men went eye to eye. Drew knew Ethan was a passionate man with cool theme music. The microphone was acting up but you could still hear Drew wanting to find out which one was better. Drew accused Ethan of milking his family name to get success. Drew has had to fight and claw his way to every succss. Ethan praised Drew for being a star. Ethan reminded Drew that EC3 was on the winning side of last week’s fight. Drew did not agree. Drew explained that htey would both have to go to the finals to square off. Ethan cursed a bit and said he was cool with the thought. Ethan nad Drew were ready to fight.

They were cut off by the arrival of E-Li Drake. This goof is actually growing on me. The fans are starting to warm up to the loud mouth. Drake said it was all about him. Drake said he was there to fight Ethan Carter III in an opening round match. Drake told Drew to get to stepping.

Ethan Carter III vs E-Li Drake
Bound for Glory Playoff Series Match

The two circled each other as the bell rang. Drake seeed hesitant to lock up. Collar and Elbow nad Drake took over the arm. Underdrop Arm Drag by Drake. Hammerlock by Drake that transitioned into a Side Headlock. Universal into a Cater Hip Toss nad Arm Dra. Arm Bar by Ethan. Knife Edge Chop by EC3. Ethan took Drake down, by the arm. Push Off and Baack Elbow by Drake. Scoop Slam by the King of hte Mountain champ. Ethan planted Drake with his own Scoop Slam. He yelled “E-C-3″ nd hit a Hert STopper Elbow Drop. Jumping Neck Breaker by Drake. He then choked Ethan on the ropes. Ring apron Leg Drop by Drake. He kept kicking away and hit a Snap Mare. 2 count.

Drake put a Cravat on Ethan. Carter punched away. Drake threw Ethan down by the head. Drake missed a KNee Drop. Ethan escaed a Scoop Slam and hit a Back Body Drop. Clothesline and Back Elbow led to Ethan hitting the Jawbreaker. Stinger Splash and Flapjack by Ethan. Ethan set for the 1%er but Drake escaoed. Drake hit his finisher but Ethan still kicked out. Ethan sent Drake into the corner. He tried to use the roeps for a pin but got caught. Ethan reversed a Whip into the TK3. 2 count, again.

Ethan picked UP Drake but Drake turned it into a modified X-Factor SLam. 2 count. Ethan held the ropes to block a 2nd Flying Neckbreaker. EC3 sent Drake into the turnbuckles with a Side Russian Leg Sweep. Ethan went up top but Drake ran the ropes. Ethan pushed him away. Crossbody but Drake rolled through and almost got the 3. Drake blocked the Smoan Drop. Ethan voided Blunt Force Trauma and rolled up Drake for the win.

Your Winner: Ethan Carter III
Impact Scorecard: 3.0

Matt Hardy talked with his Drone, Vanguard I. Matt found out that he would be fighting EC3, next week.

llie chatted with Maria. Maria didn’t want to give a State of the Knockout report. Maria was the leader of the division but she didn’t want to do things. Maria told Allie to stop trying to kiss her *ss. Allie tried to mention focusing but Maria just walked away as Allie chanted.

There was a black and white video piece from Tyrus. It was like an infomercial for The Fixer (Tyrus).

Bobby Lashley was asked abou the huge brawl from earlier. Bobby said everyone was trying to take control. Bobby was ready to take Eddie’s title and bet him up. Bobby warned Moose to come on down and get beaten up.

The Knockouts were in the ring. Some darn fool gave Allie a microphone. Allie screeched that Maria had hte Knockouts come down for the State of the Knockouts Division speech. Maria strolled down to the ring. Maria knew some feel that she has gone too far as the Leader of the Knockout division. SHe apologized and asked if anyone had had any questions. Allie had a question. llie wanted to say that everyone should be like Maria. “Shut her Up” came fromt he crowd. Allie asked how they could be more like Maria. She said they should believe in Marias vision. Jade got up in Maria’s face. Jade wante dto know why she hasn’t had her rematch. That set off Marti Belle, who is now looking like Juan Epstein. Gail knew Jade or Fail would never get a rematch. Gail accused Maria of being scared of them. Maria complained that her hand is truly broken. Sienna got in Gail’s face. That almost started a fight. Maria tried to calm everyone down. Maria told Gail that two losses to Sienna took Ki out of the picture. Maria called Gail selfish. Gail said she had respect for everyone, except Maria and Allie. Gail was ready to face very single Knockout to earn her title hot. Maria thought it was a great idea. If Gail loses even one match in the Gauntlet, she would NEVER get another shot. Whichever woman takes out Gail will get a special surprise. Jade refused to be part of this. Marti got up in Jade’s face and Jade whipped up on her. Maria demanded that hte refs come out and break this up. Madison Rayne then attacke Gail Kim. Huh? Madison said they should all start looking out for themselves.

Bram was getting ready for his match when Rosemary walked up. She said she was changing and wanted Bram to feel the change, too. She waned to give Bram the win tonight. Bram appreciated it and expressed that he wane dto be World Champion. Rosemary wanted to be sure that bram would get wha the deerved. Tonsil Hockey time!

Mahabali Shera got into it with Al SNow’s guys. Baraka and Dax assaulte Shera nad spoke to him in Grench. Not a language I understand very much.

Drew Galloway vs Bram
Bound for GLory Playoff Series Match

Collar and Elbow to start this one. They ended up on the ropes, jockeying for position. They finally broke apart without either taking a distinct advantage. Shoulder Tackle by Bram. Go Behind into a Side Headlock by Drew.

The two touched heads and then Drew went for the Guture Shock DDT> Hockey Fight! Drew hit a Big Boot. Running Knife Edge Chops by Drew. Back Elbow Bram came off the ropes, several times to bash Drew. Drew dodged the final rush and hit an Elbow off he ropes. La Bandera CLothesline sent Bram sailing out over the top rope. Bram fought back with a Dropkick, on the floor. Both men were down and down. Hard Whip by Drew that sent Bram into the ring steps. Drew threw Bram back in the ring. Bram caught Drew, up top. The fought on the top.

Drew and Bram both fell and straddld the top rpoe. Ouch! The ref began to count but the two gladiators fought up from their backs. Fists flew like mad. Bram hit a Bridging Northern Lights suplex but only got a two. Bram hit the Slop Drop variation and pulled another two count. Bram lifted Drew but Galloway escaped. Running Overhead Belly to Belly Suplex. Drew prepped for the Claymore but Bram countered it into a Pop Up Powerbomb. 1-2-not yet.

Bram ran Drew into the corner to avoid the Future Shock DDT. Bram sat Drew up top and punche daway. Drew kicked Gram and hit a Flying Future Shock DDT…off the ropes!

Your Winner: Drew Galloway
Impact Scorecard: 3.5

Eddie and Bobby mad their way out Drew cut a promo about wanting to finish the war with Ethan Carter III. He waned to go to the finals with EC3. Mike Bennett came up and told Drew not to overlook him. Drew reminded Mike that if Mike’s little buddy, Moose, gets involved, Mike is gone from the country.

Eddie Edwards (X-Division Champion) vs Bobby Lashley (World Champion)
Title for Title inside Six Sides of Steel…there MUST be a Winner.

Eddie kicked Bobby out the door and then jumped on Bobby and went to work. Eddie unloaded with Knife Edge Chops. Bck BodyD rop by Bobby, on the floor. Bobby used the boot to choke his foe. Bobby shoved Eddie’s head into the steel wall of the cage. Bobby removed his shirt and brutalized Eddie. Eddie’s head was bounced off the steel ring steps. Vicious Cravat by Lshley. Bobby threw Eddie into the ring and the match was finally official.

Bobby stomped away on the X-Champ. Bobby threw hard punches and kicks to Eddie. Boot Choke by Bobby. Funk Neckbeaker by Bobby. Stall Suplex but Eddie Kneed free. Bobby bashed Eddie and took him down. Corner Shoulders by Bobby. Eddie kicked Bobby in the face. Bobby blocked a Hurancnrana and sent Eddie into the cage wall. Break time.

Bobby had Eddie down in a Sleeper. Eddie tried to fight up to his feet but didn’t have the strength. He eventually nailed a Jawbreaker. Bobby came back and took down Eddie. Bobby threw Eddie’s face into the cage wall. Bobby raked Eddie’s face across the steel. Bobby dropped his weight onto Eddie’s knee. Snap Supex gave Bobby a two count.

Bobby choked Eddie until the ref forced him to stop. Rear Chin Lock by Bobby but Eddie got to his feet. Eddie punched free. Bobby dropped Eddie nd then played up to the crowd. Straight Right by Bobby. Bobby just smiled at his destruction. Bobby dropped his weight onto Eddie’s lower back. Crossface by Bobby. Torture Rack by the World Champ but Eddie puched out of it. Knife Edge Chops by Eddie. Dominator Spinebuster by Lashley. Bobby set for The Spear. Bobby ended up Spearing the cage. Eddie Dropkicked Bobby into the cage., a couple of times. Bobby hit a wicked Clothesline that send Eddie reeling. Eddie fough out of he Dominator. Eddie land on his feet off the German Suplex. Eddie an Bobby into multiple sides of the cage. An Enziguri laid out Bobby. Bobby’s arm was cut open.

Eddie started up the cage but escaping the cage is not an option. Eddie went almost to the top of the cage before getting caught. Top Rope Hurancanrana by Eddie! Holy Moses! Boston Knee Party but Lashley somehow kicked out at two. Bobby hit a modified Back Body Drop. Back Elbow by Eddie. Gorilla Press sent Eddie through the cage door.

Eddie crawled back up but a Spear sent Eddie tumbling backwards. Bobby came out to get Eddie. Bobby pitched Eddie back in the ring. He then turned to look at the belts on display. He took the World title in hand and got in the ring. Boston Knee Party, out of nowhere. 1-2-kick out.

Eddie went up the cage and went to the very top. Bobby hit hte cage and Eddie crotched it. Megaplex! Spear! Spear! 1-2-3!

Your Winner and NOW World AND X-Division Champion: Bobby Lashley
Impact Scorecard: 3.75

After the match, Bobby went for another Spear. EC3 rushed in to attack Bobby. Matt Hardy trotted down and jumped EC3. Drew Galloway also got involved. Mike Bennett and Moose also joined the fight.

Fade out.


–Jay Shannon

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