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Battleground is this Sunday. The Draft happens tomoroow night. It is a massively busy week for the WWE. Vince McMahon demanded that Shane and Stephanie choose their General Managers…or he would. Who might get the GM spots? I made my predictions, a little earlier today. Let’s see if I got close…

Roll the opening montage!

The pyro exploded nd the crowd cheered as Raw went live. Michael Cole mentioned how the Brand Exension and Draft would change WWE for ever. Stephanie, the Commissioner of Raw, came out to start the show. She is such a lovely woman. The announcers ran down the rules, including six NXT stars being eligible for The Draft.

Shane crashed hte party just as his sister started to do her thing. The two siblings bickered slightly. Stephanie said she would not miss workign with her brother. Shne knew Sephanie wished she was born with testicles. Shane let last week’s slap pass. Stephanie said “Lady B&lls are bigger than any testicles” Stephanie brought up the Cruiserweights. The division will be on Raw. Well, got that one backwards. Shne mentioned working with HIS GM. Stephanie was ready to announce her choice for General Manager.

Raw’s General Manager: Mick Foley! Seriously? Wow, was I seriously off target on that one. I just don’t think that was a good choice but what the heck do I know? I like Mick and he is a crowd favorite. He did the classic Foley Pop. Foley compared the New Era to the Attitude Era. Foley then compared Raw vs Smackdown to Raw vs Nitro, back in the day. Stephanie whispered something in Foley’s ear. Foley had a little fire that built into an inferno. Foley took credit for putting one of the final nails in WCW’s coffin. Foley was ready to do that to Smackdown. “Have a Nice Day”. Shane congratulated Foley for getting the spot. He also congratulated his sister.

It was Shane’s turn to reveal his choice. Shane hinted who his choice was and the crowd already knew it was…Daniel Bryan! Dang, I considered him but didn’t think it would happen. Shane just jogged around the ring as the Rhode Island crowd went to 11. Daniel got a Yes chant going strong. Daniel and Mick shook hands. Stephanie offered her hand but Daniel just turned away. The fans broke out the Daniel Bryan sing song chant. Daniel asked the crowd if they had missed him. That definitely got the Yes chant rocking. Stephanie made fun of Daniel for pandering to the crowd. Daniel aditted that he loved wrestling, way too much. Shane called Daniel to explain he wanted to put the superstars first, not the management. Daniel knew there was a huge fight looming. That fight motivated Daniel to return. Daniel needed to come back to help the Underdog Smackdown show to thrive. “Thank You Daniel” was the next chant to erupt. Daniel made a point of mentioning that he beat Stephanie’s husband (Triple H) at Wrestlemania, thanks to the help of the fans. Daniel waned Smackdown’s ratings to crush Rw’s, week after week.

Stephanie congratulated Shane for finding a B+ player for a B+ show. Stephanie mocked Shane for being so sweaty. Shane said Stephanie would always be his little sister and had to marry a WWE Superstar to stay relevant. Ouch! Shane asked Daniel if they could make Smackdown a huge success. He answered “Yes” and got that chant going, big time.

Sami Zayn and Cesaro vs Chris Jericho and Kevin O wens

Sami did a quick insert video about his upcoming match against Kevin Owens. Sami was ready to shut up Kevin, for good, so he couuld move on with his life nad career.

Cesaro and Jericho opened the contest. Collar and Elbow and Jericho went for a Go Behind. Cesaro slipped free nad rod eJericho’s back. Gut Wrench Suplex by Cesaro brought only a one count. Cesaro hit severl European Uppercuts and tagged out to Sami.

Knife Edges by both men and Jericho took a Side Headlock. Shoulder Tackle by Jericho. Universal into Deep Arm Drags by Sami. Low Bridge and Jericho sailed out to the floor. Sami went to bounce off the ropes but sw Kevin. Jericho Pearl Harbored Sami. Tag to Owens. Kevin stomped away at his former best buddy. Neckbreaker over the knee as Raw went to break.

Jericho kicke Sami in the face as Raw returned. Chris hit Sami with a huge Headbutt and then choked Sami on the ropes. Kevin got in a cheap shot. Sami tried to punch his way free but Chris stayed on him. Sami tried to get tothe corner but Jericho pitched Sami out of the ring. Outside, Sami took out Kevin, who had tried for a Sneak Attack. Sami avoided a Baseball Slide and Clotheslined Jericho.

Cesaro got hte tag and went wild iwth repeated Uppercuts. Uppercut Train left he station. Cesaro laid out Kevin with a Dropkick. Double Track Uppercut Trains to both Chris nad Kevin. 2 count on Jericho. It broke down into complete chaos. Sami surprised Sami with a Roll Up, after a Cesaro Swing.

Your Winners: Sami Zayn and Cesaro
Raw Ranking: 3.5 out of a possible 5

Several superstars stopped to chat with Daniel Bryan about getting drafted to Smackdown. Stephanie ran them all off and insulted Daniel, calling him Chucky. Daniel eaasily dismissed her and walked away.

Alberto Del Rio vs Darren Young (w/Mr. Bob Backlund)

Raw looked at how Darren Young won a Battle Royal to get a shot at Miz’s IC title, at Battleground. Miz wouldn’t give Darren credit. I do like Darren’s new music nad video. Bob psyched up Darren and sent him into battle.

Go Behind by Darren but Del Rio took them tothe corner. Del Rio ran Darren’s shoulder into the post. Flying Arm Bar by Del Rio. 2 cont. Del Rio worked on Darrren’s arm. Short Arm Clothesline by Del rRio but it only brought a two count. Del Rio missed the Step Up Enziguri. Darren punched away on Del Rio and sent him to the ropes. Clotheslines by Darren and a Bellyto Belly Throw. Inverted Atomic Drop and right hand by Darren. Yung clocked Miz and Del Rio roleld up Darren. THe ref was dealing with Miz. Rolling Back Bridge by Darren Young!

Your Winner: Darren Young
Raw Ranking: 2.5

Backstage, Big SHow talked with Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon.

John Cena came out to cut a pre-match promo. He was excited about the changes coming to WWE. John pushed his six man match at Battleground. John and Enzo and Cass will war with The Club. John then introduced Enzo and Css. Enzo and Cass seriously owned the room as they came out. I really like these guys. I am going to be SO ticked off if they split up this team. Enzo did a classic promo. Thanks to my buddy Christopher, I actually know what a “Certified G” is. Smile. something to say. Enzo insulted the daylights out of hte Club with a bizarre rant. John was seriously confused by Enzo and Cass and their ramblings. Cass said they would get serious, only Sunday. Cass spelled out S-A-W…interruption by The Club.

A.J., Luke and Karl also had microphones. Sty les couldn’t believe that John would pick two goofs to team with. Karl said The Club had chemistry. Luke mentioned how successful The Club been, all over the world. The Club pushed #BeatUpJohnCena. Krl was thrilled that they would get to beat up New Day.

New Day came out and discussed their feud with the Wyatt Family. New Day explained “How you doion’?”. Woods brought up Pokemon Go. Woods started running down Pokemon characters. John stopped the silliness. John switched New Day into doing the New Day Rocks chant.

That stopped when Bray, Braun and Erick arrived for the fight. The Fireflies filled the darkness of the arena. Raw went to break.

John Cena, Enzo Amore, Big Cass, Big E, Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods vs Bray Wyatt, A.J. Styles, Luke Gallows, Karl Anderson, Braun Strowman and Erick Rowan
12 Man Tag Team Match

The fight was going strong. John stood against Erick Rowan. The fans were split with the chant for and against Cena. Shoulder Tackle by John and Luke got the tag for his sextet. John hit a Shoulder Tackle nad flew backwards. Tag to Big E. Big E grinded and hit a Rolling Belly to Belly. Braun tagged in and dropped Big E. Enzo took the tag and got up in Braun’s face. He danced around to confuse Braun. Braun decked Enzo but Cass go the tag. He bashed Braun and then Kofi tagged in. Braun caught Kofi and hit a Running Powerslam. Time for another break.

Bray work ed over Kofi with a Backbreaker. 2 count. Hard Whip by Bray but Kofi slid in the ropes and kicked him. Cena tagged in and went Vintage on Bray. John put on the brakes when Bray went into Spider Mode. Tag to Braun. Strowman hit a monster Headbutt and tthrew Corner Shouldes. Tag to Rowan. Erick clocked Johna nd pulled a two. Bray cackled as John was held in the Knuckle Vise by Eric. John powered out but took a Dropkick. Tag to Styles. He bashed John and yelled at Bray Wyatt. Styles dopped John and talked trash. John started fighting bac and dove for his corner. Suplex Neckbreaker by Styles. I know that move has a name in Japan but I can’t find it in my memory bank.

Karl tagged in and worked over John tried to push Karl away but was laid out with a Leg Lariat. Tag to Luke. Luke worked over John but missed a Big Splash. Time for another break. This was one of the longest matches in Raw’s recent history.

Bray had John trapped as Rw returnd. John was almost out. John rolled out of the way and his teammates begged for a tag. John mad it to Big Cass. Bray brought in Styles. Cass hit a Scoop Slam and the Empire Elbow. Corner Splash by Cass. Brayn rushed in and atttacked Cass. Trouble in Paradise. The good guys just destroyed The Club nad Wyatts. It broke down into complete chaos. The Wyatts and New Day went to the back. Styles planed Enzo with the Sty.es Clash.

Your Winners: The Club and The Wyatt Family
Raw Ranking: 4.0

The announcers pushed the WWENetwork. It will have a Draft Special where you can see every Draft Pick.

Apollo Crews chatted with Mick Foley and Stephanie.

Michael Cole mentioned that Dean Ambrose nad eth Rollins would fight for the World title, later tonight. That led to an interview with Seth Rollins, held in an empty arena. Seth just walked around and looked at the seats. Seth mentioned walking through the crowd, in the past. Seth called Dean adn Roman just pawns in his ultimate plan. Seth said he was always two steps ahead of everyone else. Seth cut his losses when he got rid of Roman and Dean. Seth knew he had to take time off when he tore up his knees. Seth didn’t think Roman would be able to come back like he did. Seth then called Dean a thief and coward. Seth accused Dean of stealing his title. Seth was Tale run with the World title. Seth was confident that he would walk in (and out) of Battleground as champion.

ichael sent it back to teh announcement of the new General Managers. Daniel Bryan was a good choice but I’ just not sure about Foley.

Backstage, Breezango tried to get Foley to dance. Shanecame up and asked Tyler and Fandango to step away. Shane wondered why Foley woulds work with his sister. Shanefelt Stephanie would try to manipulate him. Foley liked Stephanie’s passion. Foley wanted to go scout talent.

Baron Corbin vs Sin Cara

The Lucha Dragons have split as a team. Baron bashed nad kickd at Sin Cara. Corbin has twisted Sin’s mask to confuse him. Sin fixed it and roleld around. Springboard Back Elbow nad Enziguri to send Baron out of the ring. Suicide Dive by Sin Cara. Sin threw Baron in nad then jumped off he ropes. Sin went for a Crossbody but Baron blocked it. End of Days.

Your Winner: Baron Corbin
Raw Ranking: 2.0

Baron continued to beat on Sin Cara until Kalisto ran down to chase off Baron Corbin.

Baron then attacked Kalisto, pulling him out to the floor and clubbing hte back of the head.

Charlotte strolled backstge with Dana Brooke.

Michael Cole pushed the relese of Batman v Superman. It comes out tomorrow. I’m probably going to pick that up when I get to work, romottow.

Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch vs Charlotte adn Dana Brooke

Sasha will have a mystery partner, on Sunday, to fight Charlotte and Dana. I’m putting my money on Bayley to get calld up.

The Finish:

Sasha was taking the fight to Dana and Charlotte. Natlaya rushed out and attacked Becky.

Your Winners (by Disqualification): Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch
Raw Ranking: 1.5

Dean Ambrose cut a promo about his two upcoming title defenses. Dean said he would still be champion after tonight and Sunday.

Lana came out to introduce her man, Rusev. Lana showed off her engagement ring. One Hell of a rock, if you ask me. Rusev then came out, sporting the US title around his waist. Raw looked at us how Sheaus attacked Zack Ryder, last week. After their match, Rusev jumped Ryder and accepted Ryder’s cllenge.

Rusev and Sheamus vs Dolph Ziggler and Zack Ryderish:

The Finish:

Sheamus hit a Suplex Throw and cinched in a Rear Chin Lock. Zack came back with a Back Drop Suplex. Tags on both sides. Dolph was dropped on tthe top rope. Accolade!

Your Winners (by Submissi; Rusev and Sheamus
Raw Ranking: 2.0

Raw ran a promotional video about the career of Randy Orton. Orton will return, at SummerSlam, to fight Brock Lesnar.

Cole explained the rules of The Draft, along with JBL and Byron.

The Addiction pushed how great they are to Mick Foley. Daniel Bryan came in and the two GMs talked shop. Daniel discussed their similarities. Mike made fun of Daniel’s short status and how both their wives were way over their levels. Foley and Daniel agreed to go to war to make both shows the best.

Seth Rollins vs Dean Ambrose
WWE World Title Match

Daniel Bryan, Mick Foley, Shane McMahon and Stephanie McMahon were all seated at ringside to watch this epic contest.

Lilian did the official introductions for this title contest. I noticed Lilian called Dean “the WWE Champion”. Are they about to slit the belt into two?

Collar and Elbow into a Hammerlock by Seth. Dean slid around and hit a Snap Mare. Seth baild out tot he floor. Dean played onBack in the ring, Dean and Seth both ing Clothesline by Dean led to a flurby Dean. Seth took a Side Headlock. Shoulder Tackle into the Universal. Deep Arm Drags by Dean. Seth slid back out to the lfoor.

Seth kicked and punched Dean to the corner. Dean fought back and they ende dup on the floor. Side Russian Leg Sweep sent Seth into the barricade. Seth tried to regain his bearings as Raw went to break.

As Raw returned, Seth was in control of the match. Hard Whip by Seth. Seth tried to break Dean’s fingers. Snap Mare and Knee Trembler by Seth. Rear Chin Lock by Seth. Dean would not surrender. Dean threw Seth across the ring. Seth pulled Dean down into the turnbuckles. Seth kicked Dean aside. JBL threw out respect ot Kota Ibushi and Cedric Alexander of the CWC Challenge. Dean rolled up Seth but only got a two. Seth put Dean in the Shuni Numaki Sleeper. Double Crossbody Blocks.

Dean unloaded on the challenger with wild shots. Flying Clothesline and Fisherman’s Suplex by Dean to pull the deuce. Both men countered each other in a great series of moves. Dropkick by Seth but Dean blocked the Pedigree. Dean sent Seth over the top rope. Dean nailed the Suicide Dive.

Seth sent Dean ito the barricade. Seth pitched Dean back in the ring. Frog Splash! 1-2-Kick Out! Break Time!

Seth went for the Buckle Bomb but Dean countered it into a Hurancanrana. Both men countered each other. Buckle Bomb by Seth but Dean instantly recovered and hit a DDT. The fight went to the floor. Dean put Seth on the Spanish Announce Table but Seth got out of harm’s way. Seth hit the Pedigree on Dean but the champ still kicked out.

Dean went up top but Seth stopped him. Dean shoved Seth into the ref. Superplex but Dean and Seth both pinned each other. Who was the winner? AND THE TITLE GETS SPLTI! (I’m sure). Seth knew he had won and Dean was certain it was him. The GMs and Commissioners were in debate. Everyone got in the ring to try and figure this out. Stephanie claimed Seth had won and they started towards the back. Was that legal? Stephanie nad Shane argued the outcome. It was a double pin, to be honest.

Your Winner: I’m jus tnot sure
Raw Ranking: 4.5


–Jay Shannon

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