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After a few weeks of special programs, Ring of Honor returned with some fantastic action. Fro the opening bell to the final clang of thhe night, RoH was jam-packed with some of the best action out there.

We started with stills from Best in the World. After an amazing battle between the two Jays, Jay Lethal retained his World title against Jay Briscoe They even shook hands at the end of the match. Wow!

Roll the opening montage!

Jason Kinkaid vs Donovan Dijak (w/Prince Nana)

They opened with a pair of Collar and Elbow tie-ups. Dijak showed his superior strength by tossing Kinkaid all around. Donovan even bounced Jason’s head off he turnbuckles, in the corner. Float Over by Jason who then flippe dinto a Praying Position. Nice Kip Up and kicks by Jason. Springboard Hurancanrana but Dijak used his power to prevent going over. Dijak then swung Jason right out of the ring. Jason escaped a floor SUplex nad kicked Donovan. Springboard X Factor, on the floor! RoH took their first break.

We’re back and Donovan was grinning like the Cheshire cat. That was because he caught Jaosn and threw him with an Overhead Belly to Belly. Jason ended up hitting the barricade. Donovan picked up Jason and tossedhim back in the ring. Lax cover nad Jason kicked out at two. Suplex Throw by Donovan.2 count.

Donovan worked over Dijak’s ribs. Scoop Backbreaker and Side Toss by Donovan. Dijak went to the apron. Springboard Savage Elbow missed. Jason hit the Double Stomp and a Springboard Blockbuster. 2 count. Rope Flip Double Stomp by Jason. Suicide Dive Sunset Bomb by Jason! Dang!

They got back in the ring and Donovan caught Jason. Kinkaid still managed to hit a Tornado DDT. Nana was freaking out. Donovan went for teh Goozle but Jason broke it. Dijak went up ont he ropes but Jason fought out of a Death Valley Driver. Mega Blockbuster by Jason Jason then went into the Cross Armbbreaker. Nana put Donovan’s foot on the ropes. Jason climbed the ropes and flew. Dijak caught Jason and finished him off with Feast Your Eyes (modified Go To Sleep).

Your Winner: Donovan Dijak
Honor Roll Ranking: 4.0 out of a possible 5

Prince Nana boasted about his find in Donovan Dijak. Nana was so pleased with himself. Kevin used one of my favorite phrases about Nana “I’d like to buy him for what he is worth and sell him for what he THINKS he’s worth”. I heard that from my grandfather from my earliest of memories. Smile.

ACH did a promo about his rise in Ring of Honor. ACH said ACH sttod for “Always Crushign Hopes”. Ok. He aimed that directly at Mark Briscoe, who he will fight, later tonight.

Before I go any further, I need to say a good-bye to a dear member of my wrestling “Family”. For those in wrestling, our wives are the backbone of the industry. One of the best couples that I have had the honor of knowing were Tony and Angel. Tony was an in-ring rival when we worked for the local wrestling group. His wife and mine became good friends as they laughed at their “Big Kids” mixing it up in the ring. Sadly, Angel left us a few days ago. She was a beautiful lady with a heart of gold. She will be very missed and the local wrestling scene just won’t seem the same without Angel’s smile and wildly colored hair sitting at ringside. God Bless, Litle Sister, and we will all meet again, some sunny day.

Beer City Bruiser and Silas Young (The Real Men) vs Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian (The Addiction)
World Tag Team Title Match

Bobby Cruise did the official introductions. I see Silas and think of my grandfather’s p hrase of “That man looks like he was weened on a pickle”. Christopher Daniels insulted the fans and then parised BcB and Silas for being worthy contenders that are honorable and “real men”. Nice, I think. Code of Honor Handshakes.

Kaz and Silas kicked off this title contest. Collar nad Elbow and Kaz took the arm. Silas flipped around to reverse things. Kaz used the roeps to flip over. Go Behind nad Standing Switch. Jackknife Pin by Kaz but Silas Pridged Up. La Magistral Cradl by Kaz but SIlas rolled back over. The fans showed the appreciation for good action. Both tried the Cheap Kick but caught hte other’s leg. Clean break from the stalemate. THe two unloaded on ech other with wild fists. Running Back Elbows by both. Daniels kicked Silas in tne back, off a Whip. BcB did the same when the Whip went the other way. Brusier decked Kaz and Silas laid out Daniels. Double Hip Toss to Kaz for a one count. Silas punched away as Daniels made the blind tag. Massive Double TEam by the champs. STO by Daniels. 1 count, only.

Daniels worked over Sials and WHipped him across. Bruiser dropped Daniels. Back Kick by Silas gave him a 2 count. Brusir tagged in and worked over Daniels. The challengers double teameed the champs and Brusier hit a Cannonball on Daniels. Elbow Drop by Bruiser. Daniels was hurting adn begged off. Daniels waned a Time Out. There are NO time outs in wrestling. Bruiser went to town on both Daniels and Kaz. Kaz tripped Bruiser and The Addiction took over.

Mark Briscoe cut a promo against ACH. He had tag gold but Mark was ready for singles gold…the TV title.

Jay Lethal then did a gracious promo against his opponent, Jay Briscoe. They tore the house down at Best in the World.

Bruiser hit a wild Crossbody on Kaz. Both men were down nad stunned. Silas got a tag and took out both foes. He threw Daniels into Kaz. Kaz had a Front Face Lock on his partner. Silas hit a Flying Cutter to Kaz, which also caused a DDT (by Kaz) to Daniels.

Kaz bashed Silas but Silas came back with the Backbreaker/Lariat combo. Bruiser was laid out. Kaz hit a Backslide but Silas slide through. Superkick by Silas. Stunner by Silas but Daniels made the save. Silas bashed Daniels and tried for aWhip. Celebrity Rehab but Silas still kicked out at two. Daniels accidentally took out Kaz with a Clothesline. Bruiser came back in nad worked over hte champs. Double Clothesline by Bruiser. Double Corner Rush by The Addiction . They worked together to put Bruiser up top. They wanted a Double Uperplex but it didn’t happen. Misery to Kaz. Angel’s Wings to Silas. Daniels wanted the Superplex but it didn’t happen. Frog Splash missed. BME to Bruiser. Leg Drop by Kaz. 1-2-3.

Your Winners: Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian
Honor Roll Ranking: 3.75

The Fish Tank (Live)

Bobby Fish interviewed both ACH and Mark Briscoe. Fish really pushed himself as the WORLD TV champion and 1/2 of the greaest tag team in the business, reDRagon. Fish really praised hiself for being so darn good and “God likes me more”. Fish didn’t want this to be all about him, he wanted it to be the two guys that waned to unseat the King from his throne. Fish introduced his guest and did quite well with the intros. When Fish retires, somebody really needs to consider him for a commentator spot. ACH came out first and then Mark joined the party. Fish didn’t want a fight, today.

Fish asked permission to stand between the men and keep a potential fight from breaking out. Mark mentioned to Bobby that he wanted to know exactly what “A.C.H.” stood for. Bobby wanted Mark to give his opionion. Mark thought it might mean “American Child Hero” (that would be nice). Mark suggested ACH looked like a 14-year old kid. The 2nd option was Acrobaic Catlike Horseman”. Huh? Fish needed to think over hte options. Mark had one more *ss Cheeks Huge”. Mark had been making fun of ACH’s over-sized behind. ACH went off and said he was building his legacy. ACh said it means Annhilating Chicken’s (Mark) Hopes”. Fish kept trying to keept he two from fighting. Fish stepped out so this main event could get rolling!

ACH vs Mark Briscoe
Number One Contender to the TV Title.

Bobby Fish sat in on commentary for this one.

Collar and Elbow and both men stood their ground. Mark threw ACH over as the fans showed their approval. Side Headlock by Mark. ACH tried to pushout but Mark held on. Ach worked ark’s ribs nad sent him to the ropes. Shoulder Tackle and Side Headlobk by Mark. ACH pushed off nad Mark used a Japanese Arm Drag. ACH came right back with an Arm Drag of his own. Mark took ACH to the corner. Knife Edge CHop by Mark. Float Over by ACH. Roll Through School BOy by ACH but he only got a two. Snap Mare by ACH. Dropkick byACh after Cartwheeling over. Swish by ACH. Mark avoided a Suicide Dive. They started fighting on the floor. Scoop Slam by Mark. Mark went tot he apron. Mark flew off the apron but missed. ACH sent Mark into the ring post.

ACH jogged around the ring and hit a RIng Post 619. Hurancanran by ACH to pull a two. Mark rocked ACH with a Forearm. Bobby Fish wasn’t sure about a rematch against Dalton Castle. ACH went for Get OVer HEre b ut Mark nailed a Dropkick. Break time.

ACH with a Whip but Mark Floated Over. Running Discus Clothesline by ACH. Massive CLothesline nad Arch UP. Mark blocked the German Suplex and hit wild Forearms. Snap German SUplex off a WHip by ACH. Mark’s head hit hard. Mark blocked several Suplex attempts. ACH also blocked some Suplexes. They went back and forth with SUplex blockes. Mark finally got a good Suplex. Mark grabbed his head in pain. The ref started counting down the men. They made it up before the 10.

ACH and Mark took turns with Forearms and Chops. ACH’s versions sounded like gunshots. ACH prevented a Big Boot. Pele by Mark. Forearm by Mark and WHip. ACH was seriously stunned. Mark ran ACH to all four corners plus an extra one. Mark put ACH up top and went off on ACH. Rolling Uranage by Mark to pull a deuce. Mark waned a Fisherman’s Suplex bu ACH fought out. Mark unloaded on ACH with wild shots. ACh got the boot up but Mark hit his varation of hte Spicoli Driver. Mark caught his breath and climbed up the ropes. ACH saw Mark going up and hit a Jumping Enziguri. Brainbuster by ACH. Midnight Star but Mark got the knees up. Fisherman’s Buster by Mark. Froggie Bo!

Your Winner: Mark Briscoe
Honor Roll Ranking: 4.26

Bobby Fish slid in the ring to confront his future challenger. Fish showed massive respect to ACH, as well. Mark and Bobby will battle on August 18th, at Death Before Dishonor.


–Jay Shannon

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