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Welcome to Destination X. Bobby Lashley and Eddie Edwards both put their titles on the line in a Ttle for Title match. Plus, Impact saw the debut of a new superstar.

“The Day After” graphic appeared on a black screen. That led to highlights from Jeff Hardy’s match with Matt Hardy. Jeff woke up in a cold sweat. Matt then chatted with the boat that protected him from his brother. Matt named the boat “Scarsguard”. Matt got in the boat with a bag of stuff that were supposed to be he remains of Jeff. I really did not care for hte hillbilly music in the background. Vanguard 1 brought Matt a piece of clothing that JEff had been wearing. Matt threw the bag of stuff in the lake. Litterbug.

Josh Mathews and Pope were ready to get the party started.

DJZ vs Andrew Everett vs Mandrews vs Rock Star Spud vs Trevor Lee Braxton Sutter
“X” Ladder Match to determine the number one contender to eh X Division Title

ALl Hell broke loose, even before the bell. Manderews flew over the top to take out the Helms Dynasty. The fight went crazy on the floor. Mandrews hit a Moonsult off hte steps. Sutter set up the ladder but Mandrews prevented Sutter from climbing the ladder. JDZ kept Mandrews away from the big Green X. When did it go from red to green? DJZ hit a wicked Corkscrew Moonsault to the floor, taking out the Helms Dynasty.

Sutter and DJZ went up nad fought at the top of the ladder. Spud bit Sutter’s leg and pulled him down. Lee and Everett finally got in the ring nad tore up everyone in sight. This broke down into complete chaos. Spud set up the ladder but it was off center. Lee found another ladder and put it up next to the other one. Several guys headed up the ladder. The ladders were pulled apart, stretching Lee’s legs wide. DJZ hit a Dropkick into a very sensitive area of Lee. Ouch. Spud got a chair and hit several people. He eventually got the chair kicked into his face. Pele Kick by Everett to Mandrews. Lee attacked DJZ. Braxton with a Gut Wrench Powerbomb. Spud hit a Low Blow. DJZ caught Spud and hit a Tilt-a-Whirl Gut Buster. DJZ headed up te ladder. Gregory SHane Helms got involved but a Hurancanrana took him out. Everett almost got hte X. DJZ took out Lee , who was trying to protect his buddy. DJZ sent Everett over nad then went up and got the X.

Your Winner: DJZ
X Factor: 3.5 out of a possible 5

J.B. inerviewed DJZ. DJZ was so psyched. He talked about working hard for six years. Suddenly, Mike Bennett rushed down and attacked DJZ. Mike promised to ruin Destination X. Mike took the microphone nad repeated that he had promised to ruin it all. MIke said this attack was just the beginning. Mike said he wouuld burn TNA to the ground.

Ethan Carter III was asked about his upcoming fight with Drew Galloway. Ethan was hot and ready to kick butt. Ethan was done talking, now they fight.

Dixie was interviewed by the nw hot blonde interviewer, MacKenzie. Dixie explained that Impact was heading back to Thursdays, starting next week. The show will begin at 8 PM and the Bound For Glory Series will kick off, next week.

J.B. stood in the ring with Eddie Edwards and Bobby Lashley. Bobby snatched the mic out of J.B.’s hand. Bobby said Eddie got a “Lucky Shot”, last week. Bobby said the X Divison was NOT the Heart of TNA…the World title is. Bobby appreciated Eddie’s determination but it p*sed him off. Eddie retorted that he has never backed down from a fight and he wasn’t about to do that now. Eddie was certain that Bobby was going to be even more p*ssed off when Eddie would leave with the World Title…and X-Division belt. Bobby screamed that the Underdog does NOT win, except in the movies.Eddie started talking about wrestling being his life but Lashley attacked Eddie. Running Powerslam by the World champ. Bobby came out and got a steel chair. Davey Richards got in the ring and blasted Bobby. THe Wolves are reunited! Double La Bandera Clothesline to send Boby over the top. Davey strapped the World title belt around Eddie’s waist.

Crazzy Steve freaed out that Rosemary was seen kissing Bram. byss told Steve to calm down and he would make everything “Beautiful”…next!

We returned to the Hardy Estate. Hardy was throwing a 1st Birthday party for his son, Maxell. This was just such a silly waste of time. Matt had the projector roll and it showed all the insanity of Matt vs Jeff from last week. Even the kid looked shocked at the stupidity of his daddy. Matt started a “Delete” chant for Jeff. More of this craziness, later on.

Abyss (w/Crazzy Steve) vs Bram

Bram has shaved off almost all his beard. Abyss and Bram circled each other. Bram went after Steve and Abyss attacked. Abyss bashed and batered the ribs of his foe. Abyss chased the ref out of the ring. Bram began to fight back. Abyss threw rights to stop the Chesterfield PLague. Running Clotheslines by Bram finally took The Monster off his feet. Bram was sent tot he floor> Steve assaulted Bram and bit Bram and yanke dout some of the Brit’s hair. Weird.

Back in the ring, Abyss blasted hte neck of Bram. Neck Vise by Abyss but Bram punched free. Bram avoided the Chokeslam and hit a ROlling Leg Lariat. Running Forearms by Bram. High Knee dropped Abyss. Goozle by Abuss but Bram turned it into a modifieed X Factor/Slop Drop. Abyss blocked Bram’s finisher. Chokeslam by Abyss but he couuld not follow it up. Rosemary strolled down to the ring. Rosie stroked Steves face and then slid in the ring. She went straight up to Bram. byss ws completely confused. School Boy on the distracted Abyss.

Your Winner: Bram
X Factor: 2.5

Rosemary flirted with Bram, after the match. Seve was confused. Bram seemed bewildered. Abyss was angry. Decay elled at Rosemary…”What the Heckk?”

Sienna vs Gail Kim vs Marti Belle vs Jade
Fatal Four Way for the Knockout Title

Gail showed respect to Jade, prior to the match. Sienna ha Allie withher. Gail went right after Sienna. . They fought onthe ramp. Gail grabbed the title belt. Marti and Jade rippe dinto each other, in the rin. Marti went for the Pedigree and Jade tried for the Cradle Piledriver. Neither succeeded. Marti and Jade tumbled out tot he floor. Sienna ht a Corner Splash on Marti, once Belle got back in he ringSienna worked over Marti, in th corner. Marti dropped Sienna and Butt Rushed her. Gail made the save. Gail fought both Marti and Sienna. Double Flying Clotheslines by Gail. Gail punched away on Sienna until arti threw Gail out of the ring. Marti then punched away.

Sienna and Marti traded Forearms. Gail and Jade flew off the top turnbuckles with Dual Missile Dropkicks. Sienna and Marti crashed into each other. Gail and Jade hit Baseball Slides to both Sienna and Marti. Jade with Palm Strikes and kicks to Gail. Senton by Gail. Tilt-a-Whirl Head Scissors by Gail stopped in mid-move. Sienna and Jade hit a variation of the Doomsday Device. Sienna also got laid out in the move. Allie shrieked and my poor pup, Sasha, whimpered in pain. Marti hit a Pedigree that she calls Protect Your Neck. Marti blocked Sienna’s Silencer. Eat da Feet by Gail to Mrti. Allie put Marti’s foot on the ropes. Gail went for a Suicide Dive but Sienna hit the Silencer (Pounce)

Your Winner: Sienna
X Factor: 3.0

We returned to Casa de Wacko (Hardy Estate) for dinner. Yawn! Matt demanded that green beans be prepared. He refused to allow mustard at his table. Reby did a toast in Spanish. Didn’t quite get what she said. Matt promised to erased every aspect of “Brother Nero” on Impact.

Bobby Lashley discussed The Wolves. Bobby asked Davey Richards to come out nad watch the destruction of Eddie Edwads and the annihilation of the X Divison.

After flshing back to the end of last week’s “Final Deletion” thing, it was time for Matt Hardy to finalize the deletion of his brother. I love classical music but Matt’s new theme music is boring. Reby came out to insult the fans. SHe had Maxell strapped to her back. Reby bragged about what her hubby did. She introduced “Broken” Matt Hardy. More piano runs to herald the arrival of Matt. The fans were very harsh towards the odd Matt Hrdy. Matt wanted the “ants” to continue to boo him. He felt their hatred makes him stronger. The fans chanted for Jeff but Matt said the name does not exist, anymore. Matt stated that he deleted everything of Evil Brother Nero. Matt wanted to show the remains of Brother Nero. Matt asked Reby to bring out the Evil Enigma. NO musc, no fanfare. Reby stated that Jeff was from the depts of deletion..Brother Nero. Jeff came out in street clothes as Reby shrieked “Obsolete” at him. Jeff looked ready to smack the loud mouthed chick in the kisser but restrained himself. Matt decided what punishment Jeff would suffer. Matt had Jeff’s TNA Contract terminated. Matt otld Jeff to “Be Gone”. Jeff started up the ramp to leave. The fans chanted for Jeff but Jeff just walked towards the back. Matt ordered Brother Nero to stop and turn around. Matt wanted Jeff to have no joy in the after life. Matt took a shot a Mick Mahon (McMahon). Matt decided that Jeff would have to stay in TNA and become Matts personal Mule. Matt said he owned everything Hardy. Matt wanted to break Jeff and drain every dollar from Jeff. “I may be Broken but I will never be Broke”. Matt then dismissed his sibling. This was just goofy. Matt kept screaming “Delete”. Just when I thought this feud couldn’t et any more boring.

Mike and Maria went looking for Eddie Edwrds. DJZ stopped MIke and demanded a fight, right now. MIke was cool with going through DJZ to ruin the show.

Mike Bennett (w/Maria) vs DJZ
Special Challenge Match

DJZ rushed and Mike hid in the ropes. Maria distracted DJZ and Mike jumped him. Straight Punches by Mike. Mike slapped at DJZ to insult him. That fired up DJZ. A knee Strike and kick slowed DJZ down to a crawl. Mike went for his finisher but DJZ slipped free. Mike bashed and battered away but DJZ hit a Tumble Dropkick. Springbaord Back Elbow by DJZ. DJZ worked over MIke’s neck. Mike caught DJZ with a Stunner. Maria shouted at her hubby to finish off DJZ. 2 count.

Running Clothesline by Mike. He put DJZ up top but DJZ fought loose. DJZ jumped off the top but got planted with the Spinebuster. 2 count, once again. Rear Chin Lock by Bennett. FLying Clothesline by DJZ and Mike rolled out to the apron. DJZ with a Head Scissors, through the ropes. Flip Dive by DJZ! DJZ used the ring steps for a Step Up Hurancanrana. DJZ went up top and looked up hte ramp Mike hd scooted out of harm’s way. MIke started to leave but the entire X-Division came out to prevvent Mike from running away. Mike slid back in the ring. Body Scissors Roll UP!

Your Winner: DJZ!
X Factor: 3.5

Mike had a erious hissy fit in the ring. He demanded a microphone. Mike said that was not how things were supposed to go down. Mike was still determined to burn the company to the ground. Mike said he was not going to destory things…ALONE!

Drew Galloway came in and ripped on Ethan Carter III. Drew was ready to throw down and fight…right now!

Mike was on the phone with his surprise partner. Mike said this person just needed to get there, right way. They were ready to burn things down. Who is this mystery person?

Drew Galoway vs Ethan Carter III
Street Fight

Drew cut a promo before the fight got rolling. Drew knew tat he and Ethan were getting in each other’s ways regarding the World titile. Drew told Ethan to bring his arse to the rign to get it kicked. He didn’t have to ask twice. Ethan mentioned the evolution of their “friendship”. He then called Drew his “Scottish Puppy Dog B*tch”. That got he fight a going.

The two just beat the dejesus out of each other. There was no ref for this one. Drew dropped Ethan over the metal railing. Ethan blocked a Suplex and hit one of his own. Knife Edge Chop byEC3. Drew returned the favor. Drew slammed Ethan’s face into a steel chair. Ethan kicked Drew and took the steel chair. He threw it into Drew’s face. Drew used a Spin Slam to send Ethan into the ring post. Drew bashed Ethan with the steel chair. The two fought up the ramp as Brian Stiffler tried to restore order. They fought all the way to the back.

All kinds of people rushed in to break up the fight. WHY?

Your Winner: No Official Match
X Factor: N/A

Davy Richards helped Eddie tape up for the Main Event.

Bobby Lashley vs Eddie Edwards
Title for Title Match

Josh ran down Lashley’s resume from college forwad. The two tied up nad Bobby sent Eddie tothe corner. Go Behind Uranage to the X-Champ. Knife Edge Chop by Eddie but Bobby nailed a Shoulder Tackle. Boot Choke by Bobby. Corner Shoulders by Lashley. Waling Suplex by Bobby. The fans booed The Destroyer. Stall Suplex but Eddie slid down into a Sleeper. Lashley flipped Eddie off. Dropkick sent Bobby off the apron. Slingshot Suicide Dive but Bobby caught Eddie. Hurancanrana by Eddie, on the floor. Overhead Belly to Belly by Lashley. Bobby clapped for himself.

The ref ordered Bobby to take the fight back in the ring. Bobby tossed Eddie around nad then waited. Bobby wanted a Spear but didn’t get it, at first. He did hit one on the 2nd attempt. Impact cut to commercial.

Bobby Knee Choked Eddie, in the corner. Bobby talked trash to Davey Richards, who was on the outside. Funk Neckbreaker by Bobby. 2 count. Rear Chin Lock by Lashley. Eddie fought up to his feet. Back Elbow by Lashley. Bobby clocked Eddie adn then jaw jackd with the Zebra in Charge. Elbow Drops to Eddie’s neck, oer and over. Eddie ducked Bobby and went off on the champ with the Quick Chops. Eddie countered the Powerslam into a DDT. Low Bridge sent Bobby sailing over the top. Suicide Dives sent Bobby intothe barricade…three times! The fans were off the charts with their support.

Bobby and Eddie got back in the ring. Back Elbow but Eddie hit a Sit Out Spinebuster! 2 count. Davey cheered on his best friend in his attempt to become the double champion. Running Forearm by Eddie. Bobby Booted Eddie but Eddie hit hte Step Up Enziguri. Bobby’s eye was swelling shut. Bobby was on Dream Street, to say the least. Bobby just collapsed in the corner. Bobby tried to figght back but Eddie stunned him. Bobby blocked the Top Rope Hurancanrana but only for a moment. Bobby rolled over to prevent a tag. Bobby blocked the Boston Knee Party. Powerslam by Bobby. Brian Hebner was accidentally knocked down as Bobby went for the Powerslam. Bobby went out and got his World title. Davey took the title belt. Chsasing the Dragon by THe Wolves. 1-2-no!

Mike Bennett got in the ring nad blasted the ref. Suddenly, new music hit and out walked…MOOSE! For those who may not know him, Moose was a former NFL star that moved over to wrestling. He had a great career in Ring of Honor. Moose trashed Davey Richads. Eddie went to take out Moose and got Powerbombed on the apron. Moose then got in the ring and went after Bobby Lashley! Low Blow to Bobby by Bennett. Moose hit a wild Clothesline to drop Bobby Lashley!

Your Winner: Match Thrown Out
X Factor: 4.0

Dixie was ticked off that Mike and M oose messed up the main event. Dixie said this match would happen, again, next week. The next match, however, will be inside SIX SIDES OF STEEL!


–Jay Shannon

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