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NXT Recap
NXT Arena
Air Date –July 13, 2016
John Osting reporting …

To begin tonight’s show, a video aired detailing the match between Finn Balor and Shinsuke Nakamura. The regular NXT begins to start the actual show. We hear Tom Phillips saying this will be a night to remember as footage is shown of Finn Balor arriving to the locker room. A video from earlier today of Nakamura hitting the heavy bag was also played.

Phillips and Graves are shown on camera almost overflowing with excitement. Neither can believe the dream match is here and they each have goose bumps. They both say they can’t wait for the match then, Samoa Joe’s music hits and the champ makes his way to the ring. Joe hears some boos and some “Joe!!!” chants as he prepares to speak.

Joe says he is here for a few reasons: first, is to see the match between Finn and Shinsuke. Joe says they seem to think that the winner is guaranteed an NXT title shot. Joe says he is also here to separate fantasy from reality. Joe says that some Balor fans think that, if he wins, he will go on to avenge his loss at Takeover. Joe says the reality is that he slayed the demon and is the NXT champion!! Joe says that some Nakamura fans believe he will win and soon become NXT champion. Joe says, in reality, he was the person to bring strong style to America and if Nakamura is the king then Joe is the emperor and will leave Nakamura in a heap just like the others who came before him. Joe says that he is the man, the warrior and the new face of NXT and everything now goes through him.

Rhyno’s music hits and he walks calmly to the ring. Rhyno says that if Joe is the man he has to go through to get to the top then he will go right through him. The two stand nose-to-nose before Joe leaves. Joe tells Rhyno as he exits up the ramp that no one tells the champ what to do and he will beat him on his own time.

The main event is hyped for later in the show. The show heads to its first commercial break.

As we return from break, the announce team gives us three matches for next week’s episode. Bayley will battle Nia Jax, American Alpha will face off with The Authors of Pain and Samoa Joe will fight Rhyno. They then set up yet another video highlighting the main event tonight. After the video, both men are shown walking backstage heading to the arena floor. The match is next as we go to break

Back from the second break, and Balor makes his entrance. Balor stands in center ring and nods his head as if he is ready for Nakamura’s entrance. The crowd begins “Nakamura!!” chants in anticipation. The lights go out and Shinsuke makes his entrance. The show takes another break.

Back from break and the “This is Awesome!!” chants have already started. The ring announcer makes the introductions. We have dueling chants as the bell sounds to begin the match.

Finn Balor vs. Shinsuke Nakamura

The two men begin the match by trading arm bars before Finn takes Nakamura down with side headlock takeover. Shinsuke tries some different escape methods but Balor is able to maintain control. Nakamura ties Balor up in the ropes and the ref calls for the break. Nakamura puts his head into Balor on the break and starts to gyrate. Balor spins him into the ropes and thumps him in the forehead with Bullet Club’s Too Sweet gesture. Nakamura smiles but buries a stiff knee into Balor. Nakamura tries to follow up but Balor ducks the offense and counters with a dropkick to Shinsuke. Balor goes for a quick pin but can’t hold it so he quicly transitions to a rear chin lock.

Nakamura makes it to his feet and Balor turns it into a side head lock. Nakamura attempts to but is unable to free himself. Nakamura shoots forearms to Balor’s ribs and Shinsuke throws him to the corner. Shinsuke charges as Balor moves. Nakamura puts on the breaks in the corner. They each try a roundhouse kick that gets blocked but Nakamura tries a second, and it connects. He throws Balor in the corner and chokes him. Nakamura drapes Balor’s head over the apron and nails him with a running knee lift and double knees to the back of the neck. Both men fall to the floor as the show heads to break.

When the show returns, Nakamura drops a high knee drop on Balor and goes for a pin but Balor is out at the two count. Nakamura whips Balor hard into the corner but Finn bounces out of the corner and lands a dropkick right to Nakamura’s knee leaving him writhing in pain on the mat. Finn goes to work on Shinsuke’s legs locking him up in a leg lock. Finn transitions to front face lock and Shinsuke is able to make it to his feet and fight out of the hold. Nakamura whips Balor to the ropes but it gets reversed. Nakamura tries a sunset flip but Balor rolls through and dropkicks Nakamura in the face. He goes for a pin but Nakamura is out at two.

Balor starts to open up with chops to the chest. Balor whips Nakamura to the buckle, ties his knee up in the ropes and plants a knee drop to the back of the knee. Balor stands on Nakamura’s legs and stomps them into the mat. A quick pin attempt nets only a two count. Balor locks a heel hook on Nakamura causing Shinsuke to scream with agony. Nakamura makes it to the ropes to break the hold.

Balor tries to inflict more damage but Nakamura fights back. Balor kicks the injured knee. Nakamura uses his bad knee to strike Balor in the midsection. He follows that up with a standing enziguri. Both men are on the mat. Balor is out cold and Nakamura writhing in pain as the crowd chants, “This is Awesome!!” Both men stand up at the same time and Nakamura begins to land the heavy strikes. He sets up Balor on the turnbuckles and lands the running knee on Balor. Nakamura tries for a pin but Balor kicks out.

Nakamura tries to set up Finn for the reverse exploder but Finn fights off Nakamura. Finn charges in but gets nailed with a boot. Nakamura hops to the top rope and Balor catches him with an enziguri knocking Nokamura all the way to the floor. As Nockamura gets up, Finn catches him with a baseball slide to the chest. Finn follows that with a big boot to the chin knocking Nokamura to the floor as the show heads to a commercial break.

Back from break, and Balor nails a top rope stomp to the back of Shinsuke’s neck. A pin attempt results in a near fall for Balor. Balor picks him up and Shinsuke begins to fire back. He misses a roundhouse kick and Balor grapevines Nakamura’s injured leg for a submission attempt. Nakamura makes it to the rope to force a break but Balor goes right back after the bad leg. Balor grabs the leg and starts to elbow it but Nakamura kicks Finn with his other leg to free himself. Nakamura catches Finn out of nowhere with the Japanese arm bar and rolls him into the triangle submission. As Balor’s face turned purple, he somehow was able to get his foot to the bottom rope to break the hold.

Nakamura landed knee strikes to the side of Finn’s head. He picked Balor up and executed a front suplex on him. Nakamura looked like he was setting up for the running knee but Balor moved and caught Nakamura with an enziguri. He followed up with a reverse Death Valley driver for a near fall!! Balor looks for a moment in disbelief and gets a real intense look on his face before hitting the sling blade. He tries to follow that up with a dropkick in the corner but Shinsuke catches Finn with a kick first. Nakamura hits Kinshasa to the back of Balor’s head for a great near fall!! Nakamura sets up for it again but Finn counters with a double stomp to the chest and another near fall.

Finn sets Nakamura for the inverted driver again but Shinsuke blocked it. The two men start trading hard shots in center ring. Finn kicks Shinsuke’s knee and Shinsuke catches him with a roundhouse kick to the head. Nakamura charges but Finn recovers and hits another sling blade. Balor connects on the dropkick in the corner. Finn goes to the top rope for the Coup De Gras but Shinsuke moves then lands a flying knee off the second turnbuckle. With Balor stunned and on his knees, Nakamura landed the Kinshasa and scores the pinfall.

Winner: Shinsuke Nakamura

Post-match The two men hug it out in the ring as the crowd chants “Thank you Finn!!” in what may be Balor’s final NXT match. Balor exits as Nakamura plays to the crowd while match are replayed. Nakamura hams it up for the camera to close the show for this week.


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