Posted July 11th, 2016 by Bill Apter

The reaction to Shane McMahon since the day he returned a few months ago has been incredible.

The reaction to Stephanie McMahon is that of a top heel. The fans despise her character.

Tonight on RAW (7/11/16) their father Vince McMahon named Shane the Commissioner of the SMACKDOWN brand and Stephanie gets that honor on RAW. A General Manager will also be named for each brand.

Vince stressed that he wants this to be a “real” competition between his two children. He mentioned the ratings, merchandise, social media, and whatever numbers are counted for the success of a brand.

So now my concern is this. How will RAW fare when it’s run by the “evil” McMahon daughter when Shane is the sweetheart of the fans? Will the fanatics who support Shane tune out on Monday nights — the current flagship show of the WWE? It’s a huge chance the WWE is taking with this all too real angle.

I’m at apter1wrestling on twitter. Let me know your thoughts. Will you still watch both shows or only support one?

Bill Apter/7/11/16

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