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Ring of Honnor reached the milestone of a 250th episode. Tonight’s show was some of the best matches in recent history.

Kevin Kelly hosted the show from behind the scenes.

Tomohiro Ishii vs Bobby Fish
World TV Title

Going into this one, Ishii was the TV champion. Would he still hold the strap, after this epic match? This was the first of four great matches on the docket.

This was from Global Wars.

No Code of Honor handshake. Shoulder Tackle by Fish but Ishii did not go down. Fish threw hard Forearms and kicks. Shoulder Tackle dropped Ishii, the second time around. Fish went out to the floor to slow Ishii’s momentum. Fish yelled that this was HIS time. Test of Strength aborted when Fish unloaded with kicks. Ishii NO Sold most of the kicks. Fish just kept the pressure on the champion.

It took something like 32 kicks to take Ishii down. Ishii came right back with punches nad chops. The fans were loving it. Bot Choke by Ishii, in the corner. Evil Knife Edge Chops by Ishii that caused Fish to get bleeped. The two traded hard shots until Ishii dropped Fish. Scoop Slam by the Stone Pitbull, Ishii. Ishii and Fish went back to trading Forearms. Ishii was trained by some of hte legends of Japan (Riki Choshu, Tenryu, etc…) Fish went for a Headbutt, which turned out to be a huge mistake. They went up on the ropes and Fish battled out of a Superplex. Fish punched Ishii off the ropes. Fish missed the Benoit Diving Headbutt. Jumping Hurancanrana by Fish. Fish focused on Ishiis knee. RoH took a commercial break.

Fish unloaded with Knee Strikes and an Exploder Suplex. 2 count. Shotgun Knees, into the corner, by Fish. Ishii nailed a huge Headbutt that dropped Fish and even took Tomohiro down. Ishii put Fish up on the ropes. Fish tried to block the Superplex but the Japanese Supestar would not be denied the Stall SUperplex! 1-2-No! Fish ducked hte Slider Lariat but fell to a Saito Suplex. Ishii hit a Powerbomb but Fish still kicked out. Dang. Fish blocked a Suplex but could not avoid the Forearm. Flying Knee by Fish into a Sleeper. Fish was riding Ishii’s back to add more pressure. Ishii got fee and hit a Release German. Fish choked Ishii in the ropes. Fish Boot Raked Ishii’s bald head. That seemed to fire up the champ. THe two fought on the apron. Fish hit wild Forearms but Ishii went to the throat, multiple times. Fish swept the leg and Ishii hit hte ring apron hard. Both men were down on the floor.

The two men barely slid back in the ring in time. Ishii did a JYD-luke Crawling Headbutt. They fought up from their knees. Ishii stopped Fish, for a second, with another Headbutt. Vicious Lariat by Ishii brought a 2 count. Fish escaped a Suplex and locke din a Sleeper. Ishii almost went down to his knees but still had a little fire left in him. Ish brutalized Ishii’s neck and went back to the Sleeper. Ishii tried to flip Fish over but Fish turned it into a modified Kokina Clutch. The ref stopped the match and declared a NEW TV Champion!

Your Winner (by Referee Stoppage): Bobby Fish
Honor Roll Ranking: 4.5 out of a possible 5

Mark and Jay Briscoe vs Michael Elgin and Hiroshi Tanahashi

Jay and Big Mike started this fight. This was from the 14th Anniversary Show. They tied up but neither coulud gain an advantage. Elgin has moved on to hold the Intercontinental title in New Japan. They got into a shoving match. They traded wild fists. Shoulder Tackle by Elgin. Jay hit European Uppercuts but Elgin came back with A Gorilla Press Drop. Corner Clothesline by Elgin. Stall SUplex by Elgin. Mark camein and hit Elgin but Big MIke kept the Suplex. Tanahashi then Suplexd Mark. Tag to Tanahashi.

Mark took a tag, as well. They stalked each other as the fans cheered for both men. Collar and Elbow into a Mark Side Headlock. Shoulder Tackles and neither man moved. Air Guitar by Tanahashi. Deep ARm Drag sent Mark over. Tanahashi worked over Mark’s arm. Mark was sent to the enemy corner and went after both foes. Mark tumbled back into his corner and THe Briscoes worked together. Blockbuster to Elgin, on the floor. Jay had tagged in and he went after Tanahashi. Rolling Elbow by Jay.

Tag back to Mark. Mark worked over Tanahashi’s ribs. Side Russian Leg Sweep gave Mark a deuce. Mark kicked away on Tanahashi and then tagged back to Jay. Jay dropped Tanahashi with an Elbow off a Whip. Mark came back in and stomped away. RoH went to break.

We’re back and the action was still hot and heavy. Mark and Tanahashi were down and Elgin got the tag. Mike hit a Flying SHoulder off the top rope. Flying Foearms by Mike. Mark Knife Edged the daylighs out of Big Mike. Elgin bashed Jay and hit Hat Trick Germs, almost. Jay ended up getting the third German. Mark kicked a charging Elgin in the face. Elgin caught a flying Mark and hit a wild Side Slam variation. 2 count. Jay Superkicked Elgin in the face. Tanahashi threw Jay out. Mark used a littel Redneck Kung Fu. Elgina nd Tanahashi did an interesting German Kick combo. The Briscoes worked together to take the fight to Elgin. DOuble Team drew a two. Jay made himself legal and they took turns Headbutting Elgin. Elgin flipped Mark out of the ring. Mike was tearing Jay up, until a Headbutt stopped him cold. Big Mike dropped Jay like a bad habit. Tanahashi got hte tag. Tanahashi took out Mark and then went to work on Jay. Mark got in the mi and sent Tanahashi to the corner. Dragon Screw Leg Whip to Jay. Jay took down Tanahashi and then tagged out to Mark. Mark Dropkicked Mike, in the corner. Exploder URanage by Mark. Jay with hte Briscoe (Nck) Breaker. Froggie Bo! 2 count.

The Briscoes set for hte Doomsday Device. Mike broke it up. Running Death Valley Driver put Jay into Mike. Mike used an Alabama SLam to put Tanahashi onto Mark. 1-2-Jay broke it up. Siling Blad to Mark. Powerbomb by Mike and Tanahashi hit hte High Fly Flow (Frog Splash)!

Your Winners: Hirshi Tanahashi and Michael Elgin
Honor Roll Ranking: 4.5

Dalton Castle vs Silsa Young
Fight Without Honor


They didn’t show hte entire match. Silas went for a Springboard Corkscrew Splash but missed. Silas blocked the Bang-a-Rang but was sent over the top and into a table. Banag-a-Rang ontoa Stee; Chair.

Your Winner: Dalton Castle
Honor Roll Ranking: N/a (not enough match shown to rank)

RoH looked at Young Bucks unleashing a Superkick Party on everyone in sight prior to…

Yougn Bucks vs reDRagon vs The Kingdom
Triple Threat Street Fight Match

Mike Bennett and Adam Cole went to work on Kyle O’Reilly. Fish was sent off the apron. Cross Armbreaker by Kyle to Bennett. Cole attacked Kyle with a chair. The ring was still filled with streamers. Kyle was sent into the barricade by Nick Jackson. Matt was placed on a chair and Adam put him in a Sleeper. Matt dropped Cole onto the chair. Backspring but hMatt stopepd to pick up a chair. He bashed Cole with the chair. Superkick to Kyle as he flew off the apron. Break time.

Superkick to Cole, who ws in a shopping cart. Kyle flew off the apron and hit a Double Stomp to Bennett. The fans screamed “This is Awesome”! Bennett bailed out . Matt went for a Superkick byt reDRagon hithte High Low. Nick was hit with Double Dragon. Cole and Bennett found and ladder but didn’t get to use it, at least at first. Cole got the ladder in the ring and took out both Young Bucks. He went all Terry FUnk with the Desperado Ladder Spin. reDRagon hit he ladder with a pair of chairs. Flying Forearms by Kyle nad Bobby. 2 Man Smash Machine, with a chair, to Bennett. reDRagon sat the ladder on two chairs. Bennett wanted a Powerbomb but Kyle slid under. Spinebuster put Kyle on the ladder. The Bucks hld Cole and threw a chair into his face. Matt Powerbombed Bennett onto the ladder. They then held the ladder to hit a Swanton! Damg! Superkicks. More Bang for your Buck! 1-2-ref pulled out of the ring by Cole. Nick Jackson went after Cole. Superkick to Kevin Klly! Cary Silkin was taken out! Nick kickd Fish in the face, from the apron. Mr. Wrestling III sent it to a final break.

FLorida Keys to Matt Jackson but Nick unloaded with Superkicks to everyone in sight. Chasing the Dragon, on the floor, to Cole! Kyle chased Cole out of the ring. Kyle and Cole fought up the ramp and to the back. Fish fought both Bucks. Bum Rushes to both Bucks. Fish then went to the floro and Speared Bennett through a table! Punk Rising Knee to FIsh. Double SUperkick dn Fish fell through a table. Frog Splash to the floor by Nick! Damn!

Bennett was pitched back in the ring. He was place din the chair by Matt. THey put a party hat on his head. Maria slid in and hit Double Low Blows! Maria screamed at her hubby. A.J. Styles rushed in and hit Bthe Sunday Bloody Sunday Brainbuster! The Bucks got Maria set for the Indietaker! Five Star Driver, instead. Assisted Indietaker to Bennett. Styls then nailed the Styles Clash. 1-2-3!

Your Winners: The Young Bucks
Honor Roll Ranking: 4.95


–Jay Shannon

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