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Initial air date July 6th, 2016
Full Sail University, Orlando, Florida

Tonight a short video plays recapping the events that led up to tonight’s two-out-of three falls main event. Next, the regular NXT opening montage plays. The crowd chants “NXT” as we go inside the arena. Off camera, Tom Phillips hypes the main event. We see a shot of the entrance ramp as Bayley’s music plays and she makes her way to the ring. Alexa Bliss is out next.

Match 1: Bayley vs. Alexa Bliss

The two ladies and immediately the crowd begins to chant, ”Hey, We want some Bayley!!” as she starts quickly to open the match. Bayley gets Alexa on the mat and catches her with an elbow to the back then a running clothesline. Bayley tries to follow up but Alexa catches her with a knee to the gut to assume control. Alexa snaps Baley’s throat on the second rope. She goes for a pin but Bayley is out at one. The crowd begins dueling chants for both women. Alexa works Bayley over in the corner then brings her out and grabs a chin lock. Bayley starts to fight her way loose but Alexa throws her down by the hair and goes for a pin. Bayley kicks free at two.

Alexa chokes Baley across the second rope and goes for a pin but Bayley is out at one. Bliss stands on Bayley’s back and drives her head into the mat as the crowd picks back up the dueling chants. Alexa goes to kick Bayley but Bayley catches the foot and picks Bliss up and executes a buckle bomb in the corner. Bayley starts to fire up catching Bliss with the running knees in the corner and the back elbow. She picks Alexa up and drives her to the opposite corner. Bayley starts driving shoulder blocks into Alexa followed by the running knee and the back elbow. Bayley picks her up and takes her to another corner to start the sequence again . Alexa tries to sunset flip out of the corner but Balyley blocks it into a rollup but Alexa slides out of the move and cold cocks Bayley with a right hand causing her to slump in the corner as the show goes to break.

As we come back from break, Alexa is still pounding on Bayley. Alexa tries to snap Bayley’s neck under the rope but it backfired as Bayley snaps Alexa into the ropes. Alexa charges at Bayley but Bayley sidesteps and throws Alexa to the apron and then gives her a Stone Cold Stunner across the second rope. Bayley goes for the pin but Alexa is out a two.

Bayley goes back after Alexa but Alexa grabs her by the throat and shoves her to the canvas. She performs the Insult to Injury double knee drop handspring. She goes to the top rope for her Twisted Bliss finisher but Bayley leaps to the second rope to catch her. Bayley sets Bliss up for the Bayley-to-belly but Alexa blocks it and catches her with a sunset flip off the ropes for a near fall. The two trade a seies of roll ups. Alexa maneuvers one attempt into a backslide for a two count. Bayley catches Bliss with a side suplex for a two count.

Bayley whips Bliss into the corner and catches her with a back elbow. Bayley climbs the ropes looking as if she is setting up for something but Bliss sleeps Baley’s foot causing Bayley to slip and bang her head on the turnbuckle as she falls to the mat. Bliss goes to the second rope looking to crash down on Bayley but Bayley gets her knees up for th block. With Alexa stunned, Bayley catches her with the Bayley-to-belly for the win.

Winner: Bayley

Post-match: Bayley cuts an in-ring promo where she talks the road back from injury for her. She pointed to getting knocked out by Asuka, bouncing back from that only to get knocked down again by Nia Jax. She said she had to sit back and watch Nia Jax take her opportunity at Takeover. Nia Jax’s music plays and she comes to the ring and comes face-to-face with Bayley. Off-mic we see Bayley and Nia Jax talk back and forth. Bayley appears to ask Nia for one more match which Nia accepts before leaving the ring.

Tom Phillips and Corey Graves are shown on camera discussing what just happened in the ring. Phillips hypes the tag title main event later in the show then throws it a special video of the latest team in NXT, TM61 (Nick Miller & Shane Thorn).

The video is shown

Backstage, Dash and Dawson are in the interview area. We are reminded that they won back the tag titles fairly quickly. They are asked if they are worried about losing the belts just as quickly. Wilder says they are not worried because to be worried means you think you could lose. Wilder says, with 100 percent certainty, they will beat American Alpha. Dawson says tonight we find out who is number one. He tells us the he Wilder have four good fists and great feet and if it takes all eight to get the job done, then that’s what they will do. Dawson says tonight they talk heavy, hit hard and will remain the best tag team on this planet.

The main event is hyped again as the show heads to commercial.

Back from commercial and Blake and Murphy are in the ring. The Hype Bros make their entrance and head to the ring.

Match 2: Hype Bros (Zack Ryder & Mojo Rawley) vs. Blake & Murphy

Rawley starts against Wesley Blake. Rawley ducks Blake’s offense and runs over him with a football shoulder tackle. Murphy tags himself in and the two men argue in the corner. Rawley tries to scream at them in an effort to get them to finish match. In unison Blake & Murphy tell him to shut up and go back to arguing. All of a sudden, the crowd begins to stir and running to the ring is Rhyno!!! Rhyno gores everyone and clears the ring. He plays to the crowd as they begin “ECW!!!” chants.

Winner: No Contest due to Rhyno interference

Phillips are at the desk wondering why Rhyno is back in NXT. They quickly turn their attention to next week’s dream match between Finn Balor and Shinsuke Nakamura. A special video setting up the match is shown.

Backstage, American Alpha is being interviewed. They are asked how they plan on winning the two-out-of three falls main event. Jason Jordan simply says by executing our game plan. He said they wrestled the Revival’s match last time and it cost them the belts. This time, they will be sure to wrestle their type of match. Gable says two out of three falls sounds good to him and that they get better the longer the match lasts. Gable finishes by saying they have never been more ready, willing, and they both finish with the Gable line.

A video hypes Samoa Joe’s return to the NXT arena next week.

We see Rhyno walking outside the arena. The cameraman asks him why he is back in NXT? Rhyno glares at him and walks away.

Back in the arena, American Alpha makes their entrance. The Revival follows close behind.

Ring introductions are done for this championship match.

Match 3: Two out of Three Falls match for the NXT Tag Team Championship: Challengers, American Alpha (Jason Jordan & Chad Gable) vs. Champions, The Revival (Scott Dawson & Dash Wilder)

Gable and Wilder start the match. Gable goes behind but Wilder turns it into an arm bar and takes Gable to the mat but Gable spins out of the hold. He chain wrestles his way into a drop toehold then into an ankle lock submission. Wilder makes it to the ropes and Dawson pulls him to the floor to regroup. Scott Dawson takes the tag to try his luck in the match. Gable and Dawson lock up. Gable gains an arm bar and tags Jason Jordan. Jordan hits a fireman’s carry and maintains the arm bar. Wilder tries to grab a snap mare takeover into a head scissors but Jordan is quickly out and both men are up in the center of the ring.

Dawson distracts Gable so Wilder can sneak attack Jordan but Jordan chases Wilder out of the ring. Unfortunately, this distraction allowed Wilder to attack Jordan and gain control for his team. The champs make a tag and Wilder comes back in. Quick tags follow as Dawson and Wilder try to double-team Jordan but Jason turns the tables and nails a double clothesline on the Revival. Gable enters the ring and they hit tandem dropkicks that send Dawson and Wilder to the floor as the show goes to commercial.

Back from break and Dawson frees himself from a Jordan headlock by sending him to the ropes. Jordan catches Dawson in an atomic knee drop but a blind tag to Wilder allows the Revival the upper hand on Jordan. Dawson and Wilder double team Jordan in the corner by putting the boots to him. Dawson stays in and works over Jordan’s leg. The Revival continue the quick tags and working over Jordan’s leg, smashing his knee into the ring post. The Revival stays on the leg and knee as they go back to nailing Jordan in the corner. A quick cover but Jordan is out at two. Wilder comes in and wrenches the knee. Jordan tries to smash Wilder and finally gets free but Dash makes a tag and Dawson stops Jordan from reaching Gable. Jordan gets to his feet and tries to bull his way to his corner. Dawson tries a suplex but Jordan blocks it. Jordan tries a suplex and Dawson blocks. They spin closer to to the Alpha corner and repeat the moves again. It gets Jordan close enough to tag Gable.

Gable comes in throwing fists at both Wilder and Dawson. Gable hits an atomic drop sending Wilder to the floor and connects on a suplex to Dawson. Gable goes for the pin but Dawson is out at two. Gable tries a small package but Dawson escapes. Gable sends Wilder to the floor and goes back after Dawson. Dawson throws Gable to the ropes but Wilder pulls down the ropes causing Gable to go over the top rope to the floor. The show takes a commercial break.

As we return from commercial, Dawson clubs Gable with a clothesline. Dawson goes for the pin but Gable powers out. Dash and Dawson take Gable to their corner and stomp him to the ground. Wilder nails an uppercut forearm and goes for the pin but Gable is out at two. The Revival hit their double team drop toe hold and elbow and go for a cover but Gable, again, powers out. The crowd begins a “Lets Go Gable!!!” chant. The Revival hit a double-team leg drop and get a near fall. Wilder clamps on a rear chin lock. Wilder charges Gable but Gable sidesteps and Wilder goes through the ropes to the floor. Wilder is able to make the tag and Dawson cuts off Gable before Chad can make the tag.

The Revival continue to double team Gable on the apron. Wilder clothesline’s him over the top rope into the ring and Dawson covers but only gets two. Dawson whips Gable to the ropes and connects with a sine buster. He pins Gable but Chad kicks out at two. Dawson clamps on a rear chin lock. Dash and Dawson hit the double-team leg drop from the top rope but Dawson is slow to make the cover. He finally does get there but Gable powers out at two. Wilder tags in and he and Dawson try to set up for the Shatter Machine. Gable escapes and run Dawson and Wilder into each other. Gable scurries to the corner and makes the tag.

Jordan comes in and unloads on both members of the Revival. Jordan hits Dawson with T-bone suplex and drops Wilder to the canvas. Jordan charges at Dawson in the corner and nails a shoulder block. Wilder sidesteps an attempted shoulder block but Jordan is able to regroup and hit Wilder with a spear for a near fall. Wilder tries to sneak up on Jordan and catch him with a cross body block off the ropes but Jordan rolls through and turns it into an ankle lock submission. Wilder tries to use Dawson for leverage from the apron. But Gable goes around and catches Dawson in ankle lock on the floor. With Wilder trapped in the ring, he has no choice but to tap out.

Winner of First Fall by Submission: American Alpha

Jordan goes after Dawson on the apron but Scott catches Jordan with a foot to the midsection. Dawson climbs to the top rope and tries a sunset flip off the top but Jordan blocks it and starts punching him to the top of the head. Wilder rushes in but Jordan catches him with a backdrop and rolls up Dawson for the win but Dawson powers out at two. Dawson and Jordan trade roll ups then Dawson nails a short DDT. He goes for the pin but Jordan powers out. Wilder goes around the outside and pulls Gable off the apron, That allows Dawson to lock in an inverted figure four to even the match at one fall apiece.

Winner of Second Fall by Submission: The Revival.

To start the last fall, Dawson attempts the inverted figure four again but Jordan blocks it and rolls up Dawson for a two count. Jordan makes the tag to Chad Gable who, again, tries to roll up Dawson but Dawson powers out at two. Dawson tries a body slam but Gable counters it into an inside cradle for a two count. Gable catches Dawson with a pinning move but Dawson escapes at two.

Gable goes for a backslide but Dawson blocks it and Gable whips him to the buckle. Gable charges the corner but Dawson takes him up and over. Jordan was able to get a blind tag and nail Dawson with a shoulder block in the corner. Alpha tried to set up for Grand Amplitude but Dash Wilder made the save for the Revival.

The Revival tries to set up for the Shatter Machine but Gable is able to recover and take out Wilder. Jordan is able to hit Dawson with a sunset flip for a near fall. Jordan follows up with the ankle lock on Dawson in center ring. Dawson is able to roll through sending Jordan into the turnbuckle. Dawson tries to catch Jordan with a quick rollup but Jordan is out at two.

Dawson locks in the inverted figure four on Jordan. Gable makes the save hitting a top rope head butt on Dawson. Wilder charges at Gable but misses. Gable charges Wilder and they both tumble to to the floor.

Gable makes his way back to the corner. Jordan tries to make a tag as Dawson shoves him hard to the corner. Gable makes the tag but is caught by a knee from Dawson before he can make it into the ring. Dawson tries to suplex Gable into the ring but Gable blocks it. Gable suplexes Dawson to the apron. Dawson lands on his feet and starts slugging with Gable. Gable hooks him a waistlock and attempts to German suplex Dawson to the floor. Dawson grabs the ropes until Wilder can recover and try to pull Gable off the apron. Gable kicks Wilder away but only briefly as the Revival catch Gable in a Shatter Machine on the apron for the win.

Winners via pinfall: The Revival

Post-match- Replays are shown of how each fall ended as the Revival are shown celebrating with the titles to close the show for this week.

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