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Ring of Honor presented a very special episod of their weekly show. This week, the Women of honor took the stage for an hour of some of the best female action in the business.

Roll the regular opening montage!

Veda Scott, Amber Gallows adn Allison Kay vs Thunder Kitty, Sumie Sakai, and “Crazy” Mary Dobson
Six Women Tag Team Match

So Thunder Kitty is supposedly 95 years old. I think she just might be exaggerting just a bit. Smile. Code of Honor Handshakes all around. “Bullet Bbe” Gallows went after Thunder Kitty. Collar and Elbow and the women went tothe corner. Amber bashed Kitty’s chest. Lick Slap to the chet. Kitty hit a Running Corner Splash. Whip by Kitty. Snap Mare nad Thunder Thighs (Hogan Leg Drop). 2 count. Claw hold by Kitty. Amber dropped down and slid under. Running Boot by Amber. 2 count. Tag to Allison Kay. Bell Ringer nad Dobson took he tag. Hard Knee Strike and Small Package. Kay missed the Spinning Back Fist. Dobson blocked the Whip and so did Kay. Mary went for a Thesz Presss but Kay caught her nad turned it into a Fisherman’s Buster.

Tag to Veda. Snap Mare but Dobson came back with a wild Dropkick. Tage to Sumie. Kick to her head and Veda kept on the attack. Sumie turned things around with a Northern LIghts Suplex. Double Team on Veda. Thunder Kitty also got invovled. Sumie pulled a two count. Amber distraced eh ef. Kay hit a Mafia Kick. WoH went to break.

Amber w sin control on Sumie as the show continued. A Factor by Amber (X Factor). Se did the Two Sweet sign and made a way too lax cover. Sumie blocked a 2nd A Facot and hit a wild Fisherman’s Buster. Sumie was confused and couldn’t find her corner. Tag to Dobson and tag to Kay. Dobson went after all her foes. Code Red/Canadian Destroyer by Dobson. 2 cont. Kay flipped Dobson over the ropes. Kay caught Mary up top. Sumie also got in the middle of thins. Veda rushe dover to be part of the party. Amber and Kitty made it a Six Pack o”Doom!

Amber was the only one standing until Kitty got up. They threw hard Forearms and kicks. Snap DDT by Kitty. Veda took out Kitty. Sunie dropped Veda. Kay with a Destroyer Drop to Sui. Modified Pele by Dobson to Kay. Kaju Killer by Dobson. Mary threw down with all her foes. Saito Suplex by Veda. Discus from Detroit by Kay to finish things off.

Your Winners: Allison Kay, “Bullet Babe” Amber Gallows and Veda Scott
Honor Roll Ranking: 3.5 out of a possible 5

Faye ackson vs ODB

This was Fye’s wrestling debut. She did a quick promo about her rise through the RoH Dojo. ODB enjoyed some Liquid Courage before and during hte mathc. Code of Honor Handshakes.

Collar and Elbow and ODB went into the Go Behind. Butt Bump to get free. ODB rallied the crowd. Go Behind by Faye. ODB reached the ropes and had another swig from her flask. Boob Bump by the two women. ODB ducked a Clothesline and hit a Shoulder Tackle. ODB tan Faye into the corner. Corner Splsh by ODB. Faye came back with a Clothesline to pull a one count. Faye came off the ropes and hit a Crossbody. 2 count. Faye whipped ODB into the corner nad hit repeated Hip Attacks. She calls it he Triple Spun Milk Sake. 2 count. Faye was so frustrated.

ODB fought out of an Abdominal Stretch. Bronco Buser by ODB. ODB went for Bamm but Faye fought out. Dirty Dozens in the corner. Flying Thesz Press off the roeps to seal the deal.

Your Winner: ODB
Honor Roll Ranking: 2.5

Mandy Leon cut a promo about getting in the ring. She is just so pretty. Se will be fighting he She-Wolf.

Mandy Leon vs “The She-Wolf”, Hania

The bell sounded after the Code of Honor Handshake. The two began with the Collar and Elbow. They went down to the canvas and back up. Top Wrist Lock by andy. Hammerlock by Hania. Mandy worked the wrist but Hania rolled over and Kipped up. Mandy used the ropes to flip over. Arm Drag Takeover by Mandy. Hania messed with Mandy and then hooked up with eh Knuckle Lock and Test of Strength.

Monkey FLip by Hania but the She-Wolf did not unlock the fingers. Mandy di her own Monkey Flip. Mandy spun around to take a Side Headlock Takeover. Side Headlock by Hania and then a Shoulder Tackle. Hania howled at he moon. Universal into a rolling Bridge. Hania reversed it into her own pin attempt. Knife Edge Chops by Hania. Mandy with a Flying Head Scissors Takeover. Hania went to the floor. Hania blocked a kick and then yanked Mandy off the apron. Mandy was thrown into the barricade a RoH went to break.

Hania hit a nice Springboard Missile Dropkick. Jawbreaker by Mandy. Mandy set for the Leonsault but Hania stopped her cold. Electric Chair into a Victory Roll for Mandy. Leg Lariat (Full Moon Spinning Heel Kick) for a two to Hania. Hania talked trash and it set off Leon. headbutt by Mandy but Hania went to the eyes. Mandy pulled Hania int o the corner. Havana Dream submission move by Mandy. Mandy let it go and tried for the pin. 2 count. Mandy took a boot as she rushed hte corner. Mandy blasted Hania and set for the Superplex. Hania fought out of hte move. Handstand Hurancanrana by Mandy. Leonsault missed! Roll Up by Hania for a two. Backslide by Mandy. Hania fought free. Both women went for position. Double Clothesline.

They fought on their knees. It got darn ugly and they opened up on each other. Mandy told Hania to Bring It. Hania hit seveal hard kicks. Mandy hit all kinds of Thrusts and Elbows. Whip tot he corne. Corner Clotheslines by Mandy. Running Bulldog by Mandy. 2 count, once again. Mandy set for a SUplex but Hania turned it into a Jumping Spin Kick. Hania-lation blocked and countered. Koji Clutch but Hania was close to the roeps and got them to force the break. ania slipped out and they slapped away. Split Slap by Mandy. Hania threw Mandy off the ropes and hit the Eclipse (Code Breaker).

Your Winner: Hania
Honor Roll Ranking: 3.0

A promo ran for Kelly Klein. Kelly is an all around athlete. After a break, Taeler Hendrix did her own promo.

Kelly Klein vs Taeler Hendrix

Nice to see Truth Martini back, at leat for one night. Truth, I guess, has an issue with ODB. Kely was escorted to the ring by B.J. Whitmer.

The two stood head to head. No Code of Honro Handshake. Collar and Elbow and Kelly took the advantage. The two women went tot he ropes. Taeler ducked kelly’s Clothesline but couldn’t block an Abdominal Stretch. Taeler reversed thigns into her own Abdominal Stretch. kelly lifted Taeler but Hendrix jumped on the back to cinch in a Sleepr. Kelly spin Taeler around and applied a deep Bear Hug. Headbutt by Taeler. Knee Lift and Kelly threw Taeler out of the ring. Time for one last break.

Handman in the corner by Kelly. Taeler kicked up to get free. Taeler went for a Handspring but took a boot to the face. Taeler rolled out to the apron and chatted with Martini. Taeler rolled out of the way of a charge nad rocked Kelly with a Forearm. Spin Kik by Taeler. Palm Strike and Scissors Kick by Taeler. Taeler hit a nasty Savate Kick to pull a two count.

Inverted Side SLam Facebuster by Taeler. 2 count. Taeler kissed Kelly and hit the Tombstone. 2 count. Whitmer wa son pins and needles. Whitmer got up on the apron. Kelly hit a Jawbreaker and Facebuster. End of hte Match Choke. Tap OUt to the modified Kokina Clutch.

Your Winner (by Submission): Kelly Kelin
Honor Roll Ranking: 3.5


–Jay Shannon

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