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>Bobby Lashley put his World title on the line againt two of TNA’s best, Ethan Cater III and Drew Galloway. Plus, “The Miracle” was waiting in the wings to possibly challenge the winner.

TNA looked back at the wicked Six Sides of Steel match between the two Hardy Brothers. Also, TNA looked t Dixie Carter being banished, at least temporarily, for striking Maria. Billy Corgan pushed Dixie out, for a week. Billy then put Mike Bennett in the ring against Eddie Edwards. Mike won he X-Division title. He can now claim Option C at Destination X, if he still has the belt.

Maria thanked Billy Corgan for being a good leader. Maria whined about the Evil Dixie Carter striking her in the face. Mike Bennett then took over and brought up Destination X. Mike said he WOULD cash in the X-Belt for the shot at the World Title. Mike wanted to be the best X-Division Champion ans the best World champion. Mike called out to Bobby Lshley. Mike put himself over as being twice the man that Lashley is.

That brought uot the World champion. Lashley was offended that Mike would claim that Bobby was half the man that MIke is. Bobby wanted Mike to compare their sizes and muscles. Bobby didn’t like that Mike was talking about him. Mike acknowledged that Bobby had big muscles but he would not be able to intimidate him. Bobby said Mike was nothing more than an after-thought. Mike knew Bobby was a big man but he was no Miracle. Mike waned the World title, no matter which one of the three he had to fight.

Ethan Carter III decided to join the party. Ethan said the night was about hte World Title and he knew a lot of people wanted the strp. Ethan talked about his plan to get back on top, tonight. Bobby laughed as Ethan bragged about what he was going to do. Bobby was ready to embarrass the former champ. Mike said he wouuld cash in, when the time was right. Mike waned all three men to beat each other’s *sses. Ethan said Mike did not deserve the X-Division. Ethan called Mike a P.o.S (I won’t spell it out).

Billy Corgan came out and was ticked off that Ethan questioned his integrity. Billy said Mike made a good case for a title sht and got it. Mike thanked his buddy, Corgan. Ethan proposed a match, for tonight, where every X-Division Star could get a shot at the X-Title. Billy thought it over and decided that Ethan’s idea was a good one. Billy said Mike would have to defend the X-Strap, tonight. Billy proposed that the X-Stars have a Battle Royal and the winner gets Mike. All three men, in the ring, tore into each other. Mike beat the daylights out of Ethan. Bobby then continued the fight. Drew Galloway rushed down to even things up. Drew dropped Bobby with a Big Boot. He then accidentally laid out Ethan with the Claymore Kick.

Ethan went off on Drew for kicking him in the face. Drew and Ethan had to be pulled apart as they got ready to unload on each other.

Sienna vs Gail Kim
Knockout Title Match

Oh, Lord, Allie is out with Sienna. That voice just goes down my spine, and NOT in a good way. Allie squeakd that Gil should be ready for retirement…forced retirement. Allie asked Sienna to silence Gail.

The bell rang and the two women tied up. Go Behind by Gail. Gail converted over into a Side Headlock. Tilt-a-Whirl Headscissors by Gail as Allie shrieked. Back Kick and Flying Clothesline by Gail. 2 count. Gail rocke Sienna with hard Forearms. Sienna blocked the Crucifix Backslide and turned it into a Samoan Drop. 2 count, again.

Sienna took Gail to the corner and stomped away. Boot Choke by Sienna. Sienna argued with the ref and Allie choked Gail. Cross Tie Clutch by Sienna. Sienna took Gail to the corner. The two women fought on the ropes. Blockbuster by Gail. Gail was really unable to follow up. Jade came out and took the fight to Allie. Marti Belle then came out nad took out Jade. Silencer by Sienna to a distracted Gail Ki.

Your Winner: Sienna
Scorecard: 2.0 out of a possible 5

Reby pushed her husband, Matt, in a wheelchair. Matt did the goofy accent again and said he would never stop coming after Brother Nero. I haven’t heard an accent that bad since King Booker did his Royal Accent. Matt said he would never stop coming after his brother.

Mike Bennett and Drew Galloway ran into each other, in the back. Drew accused Mike of running his mouth and making things worse for himself. Mike wasn’t worried about anyone in the X-Division. Drew accused Mike of being cocky. Drew warned Mike to stay away from tonight’s World title match. Mike mocked Drew for being able to beat EC3.

Sigh. It was time for Fact of Life with E-Li Drake. I so hate this guy. He is a talented wrestler but his promos are annoying as all get out. Drake rambled on about mashed potatoes and such. Where di I put my pillow? Drake knew that the Boys in the back were upset at him. Drake then brought out his guest, James Storm.

“The Cowboy” walked out sowly. He swigged away at his beer as he walked down the ramp. Drake made fun of he Boozer Cruiser and then bragged on how great he is. Drake recognized Storm as an Original who has held almost every chapionship. Drake knew Storm was going through a slump and that had to bother Storm. Storm calld Drake “E-Li Dork”. The fans broke out in an “E-Li Dork” chant. Storm then had hte fans call Drake a “Dummy”.

Storm proposed a Drinking Game. Drake hits the Dummy Button, everyone takes a drink. Drake brought out his water jug. Drake could not believe the fans booed water. Drake wante dStorm to stop drinking but Storm wasn’t about to stop. Drake said he was the best television host in all of history. Drake went a touch to far when he asked Storm where Janes’ title was. Storm mentioned busting his butt for 14 years to make things better for those who came after him. Drake insulted Storm for who he was. Drake didn’t think Storm could even beat the Knockout Champion. Storm was seething as Drake kept insulting him. Storm warned Drake that every time E-Li hit hte button, James would “Slap the p*ss” out of him. Drake psuched out Storm a bit by thinking about hitting the button. Drake tried to dismiss Storm but James said he would beat Drake’s *ss someday. Drake threw aside one of Storm’s beer. James set and hit hte Last Call SUperkick. Who is hte Dummy now? “Sorry about your damn luck!”

Jeff Hardy was interviewed, backstage. Jeff knew Matt would be there so they could discuss a solution to the family problem.

Tna looked at how Decay destroyed Bram during an Xplosion TV taping. Rosemary came up to talk with Bram. She teased Bram about fighting gainst them. Rosie said Bram had no choice when it comes to Decay. Rosie knew that Bram just needed a little help to come to them.

Matt Hardy came out to a weird classical piano piece. He als has a new darker graphic. Reby pushed her hubby tothe ring, in the wheelchair. Reby urged her hubby to get up and go to the ring. Matt said he could not walk. Matt wante dto be pushe daround to see the despicable creature around him. The fans chanted for Jeff Hrdy. Matt claimed full responsibility for the success of the Hardys. Matt blamed the fans for his confinement in the wheelchair. Matt cried about his brother breaking him. Matt waned to talk with Jeff Hardy. Tna went to break before Jeff could come out.

After the break, Jeff came out to a slightly new version of his theme music. Jeff was limping, big time. Jeff looked right at his brother and asked what Matt wanted. Matt wanted this to be over.Matt promised to continu his broter until he got hat he wanted. Jeff needed to know what it would take to end this brothrly feud. Matt said he had to win and get redemption and salvation. Matt needed six weeks to et healthy and they would face off in True Armageddon. Matt wanted the Hardy name to be onthe line. Matt asked Jeff to look him in the eye and agree tothe match or not. Jeff was willing to accept this. Reby screamed at Jeff that Jeff needed to fix his brother. Jeff told reby to jump on her broom and fly away. Reby freaked out when jeff offered to watch Maxell. Matt got up out of the wheelchair and attacked his brothe. Matt threw Jeff into the ring steps. Reby brought her man a steel chair. Matt rolled his brother into the ring. Matt took the steel chair and waffled Jeff’s back with the chair. Mtt put Jeff’s head into the back of ht chair. Matt bit Jeff and set for a Twist of Hate. He hit it. Nasty. Reby smiledddon will happen in just one week. The match will not happen in front of the fans at the “Hellhole” known as the Impact Zone. Hardy wants the match to happen at their home. The fight will happen at Cameron, NC. This will be the Final Deletion! Is it me or does Matt look like Gallaher, these days? Ok, bonus points to anyone who knows who Gallagher is. Dang, I’m getting old.

Mike and Maria Bennett came out to watch the Battle Royal.

X-Division Battle Roya

The ring filled up with various stars that represent the great X-Division. I like DJZ’s new ring gear. Impact showed how Mike Bennett “won” the X-Belt from Eddie Edwards. All Hell broke loose when the bell rang. Eddie ripped into Trevor Lee with stomps. Trevor turned the tables and kicked away. Rock Star Spud was thrown over the ropes.

Rock Star Spud–Eliminated

Trevor jumped Eddie ad tthen went to work with Andrew Evverett. Mandrews blasted Trevor with a Wheelbarrow Bulldog. Mandrews blasted several guys. Mandrews was tossed out.


Double Hurancanran by Eddie. The Helms Dynasty blasted Eddie with a Double Team move. DJZ hit a wicked Double Bulldog on the Helms Dynasty. DjZ was thrown over the top.

DJZ — Eliminated

Braxton Sutter hit a nice Snap Powerslam on Trevor. Eddie flipped onto the apron. He brought Andrew Everett ontothe apron with him. Both men worked back and forth. Mike Bennett distracted Eddie nd revor used a Jumping Knee to eliminated Eddie.

Eddie Edwards — Eliminated

The Helms Dynasty double teamed Braxton. Braxton was almost eliminated but came back to eliminate BOTH Andrew Everett and Trevor Lee.

Your Winner: Braxton Sutter
Scorecard: 3.0

Gregory Shane Helms jumped Braxton, after the match. Mike Bennett was redy to fight, of course.

“Miracle” Mike Bennett vs Braxton Sutter
X-Division Title Match

The ref didn’t want to start the match but did. Mike mocked Brraxton and took his time getting ready to go. Braxton rolled up MIke and almost got he win. M.I.P. by Bennett.

Your Winner: Mike Bennett
Scorecard: 1.0

Mike attacked Braxton, after the match. He and Maria taunted the downed challenger.

Backstage, Mahabali Shera and Grado talked. They were ready for a 3-on-2 match. Shera was upset with Grado for never picking up hte check. Grado and Shera suppoedly had a third tag team partner. Grado said the 3rd member was there. Shera just wante dhis money.

The Tribunal (Al Snow, Baron Dax and Basile Baraka) vs Grado, Mahabali Shera AND ?

The Tribunal beat down Shera nad Grado until TYRUS showed up! Really? The Tribunal looked so confused. Tyrus just annihilated everyone in sight. Snow blew his whistle at Tyrus and then baile dout to the floor. Snow waned a Time Out. Baraka jumped Tyus but got nowhere. Shea with a huge Scoop Slam. Tag to Grado. Double Team on Baraka. Tag to Dax. Grado with the Flip Flop and Fly. 2 count.

Dax pushed Grado away and hit a Clothesline. Tag to Al Snow. Snow beat on Grado and kept blowing that darn whistle. Snow stomped away on Grado. Suplex by Snow and then a tag to Baraka. Short Arm Clothesline by Basille. Tag to Dax. Short Arm Clothesline by Baron. Baraka came back in. Grado finally reached Tyrus. The Man Dinosaur just exploded with T-Bone Suplexes. Double Corner Splash on Dax nad Baraka. Snow jumped Tyrus and got beaten silly. Baraka jumped Tyrus. World’s Strongest Slam!

Your Winners: Tyrus, Grado and Mahabali Shera
Scorecard: 2.0

Ethan Carter III vs Drew Galloway vs Bobby Lashley
Triple Threat Match for the World Title

The three began going off on each other. Bobby stepped out of the ring to let Drew and Ethan slug it out. Ethan and Drew figured out what wa up and they Double Teamed Bobby. Drew stomped at Bobby’s chest and then Ethan did the same. Bobby got stomped into near-oblivion. Ethan adn Drew got up in each other’s faces. They played a game of “One Up to try and work over the champ. Drew pulled Ethan off Bobby. Lashley waited nad then jumped Ethan. Bobby stomped the ribs of Ethan. Drew caught his breath as Bobby dissected Ethan.

Bobby ofered a hand to Drew and Drew pulled Bobby into a Headbutt. Knife Edge Chops by Drew. Drew charged and hit the ring post. Rolling Neckbreaker by Boby to Ethan. 2 count. Bobby went for a Head/Arm Triangle Choke. Ethan Double Booted Bobby but Lashley caught Ethan flying off he ropes. Bobby was set for the Fallaway Slam but Drew slid up and launched both opponents with a wicked German/Fallway Slam combo.

Bobby into a Universal and Powerslam. 1-2-not yet. Bobby rammed Drew into the corner and then whipped him across the way. Rolling Belly to Belly Suplex by Drw. Double Suplex to Bobby. Lashley did his best to fight out so Drew and Ethan just dropped Bobby. La Bandera was sent out by a Drew La Bandera. Drew took out Bobby but hurt himself with the Somersault. Ethan climbed up top and surveyed the situation. Crossbody to the floor!

Drew invited both men to join him back in the ring. Drew flipped off Drew when Galloway called Ethan to get in the ring. EC3 and Drew traded chops nad fists. Bobby just kicked back and rested as it turne dinto a Hockey Fight. Ethan naield an Enziguri but Drew would not fall. Flapjack by Ethan to Drew. Ethan’s chest was bleedingfrom the chops. Future Shock DDT but Lashley made the save. Spinebuster to Drew by Bobby. 2 count. Stall SUplex by Lshley to Ethan. Lshley set for he Spear but took a wild Jumping Knee. Partial TK3 but Drew hit a Claymore. Spear by Lashley. Spear to Ethan. 1-2-3.

Your Winner: Bobby Lashley
Scorecard: 3.0


–Jay Shannon

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