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Jermaine Royster reporting..

Smackdown comes to us tonight from Miami, Florida and before the show starts we get notice of a Fatal Four Way match to determine the #1 contender for Rusev’s United States Championship. Sheamus, Apollo Crews, Cesaro & Alberto Del Rio are the four who will compete in the match tonight. All four men have recorded responses earlier today talking about how important the opportunity would be to face Rusev tonight on Smackdown.

Fatal Four Way #1 Contenders Match(United States Championship)
Alberto Del Rio vs Cesaro vs Sheamus vs Apollo Crews

All four men go at it straight from the sound of the bell, Cesaro and Del Rio are left in the ring and Cesaro hits Sheamus with a cannonball from off the apron. Del Rio attack Cesaro on the outside, Sheamus adds in some shots to Cesaro as well. The two continue to double team Cesaro in the corner with suplex’s but Apollo Crews comes in and takes out both men. Cesaro comes back in and hits a few uppercuts to Del Rio but he gets back in control. Del Rio then goes for Crews in the tree of whoa but he counters when Cesaro comes in and blast Del Rio again. Sheamus comes in and hits the Irish Curse to Cesaro followed by a super kick from Del Rio to Sheamus. Everyone but Cesaro get’s settled in separate corners as Cesaro starts the Uppercut party blasting all three men. Del Rio tries the neck breaker but Cesaro turns that into the Cesaro swing followed by the Sharpshooter, Del Rio is forced to tap out ending the match.

Your Winner: Cesaro

Cesaro is now the new #1 Contender for Rusev’s United States Championship and will face him tonight for the title.

After the match is over, Alberto Del Rio slams Cesaro into the steels steps then drops the double foot stomp to Cesaro’s chest as he is laying off the apron. Rusev then comes out and says he doesn’t want to wait until tonight, he wants the match now. Cesaro begins to walk to the back but Rusev is screaming at him calling him a coward. Cesaro walks up the steps and the match is on.

United States Championship Match
Rusev© vs Cesaro

Rusev charges the corner but Cesaro reverses in the corner and begins to hit his uppercuts but Rusev counters. Rusev goes for the injured ribs of Cesaro with swift strong kicks followed by a right hand to the gut. Rusev goes for a suplex but Cesaro reverses into a suplex of his own but cant cover Rusev. Cesaro gets sent off the ropes and Rusev locks on the bear hug in the middle of the ring. Cesaro tries to break away but cant then Cesaro hits the cork screw uppercut off the ropes. Cesaro tries to suplex Rusev over the tope rope but still cant but he then hits a corner drop kick followed b y a cannonball. Rusev then catches Cesaro in mid air hitting a slam followed by a senton to Cesaro’s ribs. Cesaro blocks a kick attempt hitting more uppercuts and then tries the Gotch Neutralizer but Rusev hits a viscous knee to Cesaro, Rusev then tries the Accolade but Cesaro reverses into the Sharp Shooter but Rusev escapes. Rusev then tries the Accolade again but Cesaro reverses into a roll up for a two count. Rusev locks on the Accolade for a third time and Cesaro cannot take the pain as he taps out ending the match. Rusev retains the United States Championship

Your Winner: Rusev

Rusev is interviewed backstage and he is asked about Independence Day, Rusev says he loves the fact that people will let off fireworks in his name. Rusev then is told he will be defending the United States Championship on Monday July 4th during Monday Night Raw. Lana thens tells Renee Young, “RUSEV CRUSH!”

A highlight package is shown next featuring the WWE & the Special Olympics organization.

Women’s Division Match
Singles Match
Dana Brooke vs Billy Kay

Brooke forces Kay into the corner to start things off, Brooke over powers Kay as Sasha Banks is shown looking back stage. Brooke hits a flap jack and taunts Kay before hitting a big boot to Kay in the corner. Dana hits a clothesline then a lateral press for a two count, Kay then hits a head scissors to Brooke followed by a big boot of her own for a two count. Brooke hits a jaw breaker followed by her Samoan Driver for the win.

Your Winner: Dana Brooke

Sasha Banks is interviewed backstage and she tell Renee Young that she is still The Boss and Charlotte knows it. Banks gives Charlotte her respect but she also says Charlotte know what is coming for her, Summer Rae then interrupts and says she hopes that they wont be ion the same show when the WWE Draft takes place. Banks then challenges her to a match tonight.

Next is the return episode of MizTv with Dean Ambrose being the guest on the show this week. As Miz begins to talk he is then interrupted as Dean Ambrose makes his way to the ring. Ambrose starts eating a cuban sandwich and he says he is sorry but his schedule has been so backed up he hasn’t had time to eat. Ambrose asks has Miz ever eaten one and Mi says no, Ambrose says he’s got to keep his strength because of his upcoming Triple Threat match against Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins at Battle Ground. Ambrose then talks bad about Miz’s set and Miz brags about how bad the Ambrose Asylum is compared to MizTv, the crowd disapproves. Ambrose asks the crowd would the rather watch MizTv or an episode of the Ambrose Asylum, Miz then cuts in and says he is the Intercontinental Champion, Ambrose then says he is the WWE Champ. Miz talks down to Ambrose because of how he looks compared to a star like him, Miz says the McMahon’s are horrified at the fact that Ambrose is the champion of their company, he then says Ambrose isn’t even on his level. Ambrose then takes the Miz’s suit jacket and starts to wipe his mouth with it. Maryse goes ballistic at this act and she throws the jacket over Ambrose’s face, Miz then hits a big boot to Ambrose dropping him. Miz & Maryse then walks back up the ramp through the curtain.

The Wyatt Family(Brawn Strowman & Erick Rowan) vs Eric Ham & Mike Duotti

Rowan starts off slamming both men then tags Strowman, he tosses Ham around then slams Duotti onto his own opponent and covers both men for the fast win.

Your Winners: The Wyatt Family

After the match Bray gets into the ring and they are interrupted by the New Day, Kofi asks Bray what does he fear? Big E clowns the Wyatt’s and says the Wyatt’s are afraid of being exposed by the New Day. Bray says he loves that everything is a joke to them. Bray then asks Xavier why he isn’t laughing and that he knows whats going to happen. Bray tells them to pray and to run.

Next we get notice of a match between Miz and Dean Ambrose tonight on Smackdown

Women’s Division Match
Singles Match
Sasha Banks vs Summer Rae

Both women tie up in the middle of the ring as Summer Rae hits a shoulder tackle but Banks hits a chop then a arm drag. Banks drops her in the corner then hits another arm drag but Rae side steps Banks sending her to the outside. Rae then tries a suplex to Banks on the apron, Banks counters but runs into a boot from Summer Rae. Back in the ring, Summer Rae hits a snap suplex followed by kicks to a seated Banks. Sasha tries a small package but cant get the win, Sasha tries again but then hits Summer Rae with an elbow then a few clotheslines. After a strong kick from Banks, she misses her double knee attempt and Rae hits another kick to Banks. Sasha send Summer into the corner but Rae gets away and hits a DDT for a two count. After another DDT, Banks counters Summer and she then hits the double knees followed by the Bank Statement, Summer Rae has no choice to submit.

Your Winner: Sasha Banks

The Raw Rebound is shown next, the opening promo by Seth Rollins is shown next as he berates Roman Reigns for being suspended. AJ Styles tries to make it a Four way, then John Cena comes out to make it a Five way. The match would remain a three way because Cena & Styles lost the chances to get into the match.

Champion vs Champion
Singles Match(Non Title)
Dean Ambrose(WWE Champion) vs The Miz w/Maryse(Intercontinental Champion)

Ambrose starts quickly hitting a lariat to Miz then a back elbow off the ropes. Miz lays in with chops to the chest of the Miz, Miz then gets back in control attacking the mid section of the Ambrose in the corner. Ambrose then gets in a few right hands then clotheslines Miz over the ropes, Miz gets out of the way as Dean tries to fly though the ropes. Ambrose goes off the top rope but the Miz tries for the Skull Crushing Finale but cant, Dean the tries Dirty Deeds but Miz counters throwing Dean to the outside. Back in the ring, Miz is working the left leg of Dean Ambrose by swinging it against the steel post. Miz continues to attack the leg trying to submit the WWE Champion Ambrose with an ankle lock. Ambrose gets away but Miz snaps Ambrose right off the top rope. Miz tries for a super plex but Ambrose blocks, Miz knocks him off then hits a flying clothesline to Ambrose. Miz tries his finisher again but Ambrose counters with a reverse neck breaker. Ambrose gets in his signature strikes then levels Miz with a bug clothesline, Ambrose hits the running bulldog for a two count. Miz forces Dean back into the corner and attacks the left leg again, Miz then catches Dean and locks on the Figure Four Leg lock. Dean gets to the ropes and Miz breaks the hold, Miz tries again but Dean rolls him up for a two count. Ambrose then runs the ropes a hits the suicide dive to the Miz on the outside, Ambrose tries to roll up Miz but cant. Miz then counters Ambrose and hits the Skull Crushing Finale, Miz kicks out at two. Miz cant believe as he stumbles to get up, Dean tries a roll up but Miz hits the corner clothesline. As Miz goes for his next move, Dean quickly counters into the Dirty Deeds DDT and covers Miz for the win.

Your Winner: Dean Ambrose

Both men hold their titles as Miz is with Maryse going back up the ramp and Ambrose holds up his title in the ring as Smackdown goes off the air

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