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NXT Recap
Full Sail University
first air date —June 29th 2016

John Osting reporting …

The regular opening video played to open the show. We hear the standard “ NXT” chants that seem to open every show now. Tom Phillips and Corey Graves are heard welcoming us to the show. They hype the fact that we will hear comments from both Finn Balor and Shinsuke Nakamura two weeks before their epic showdown. We are also told that American Alpha make their return to action tonight.

Alexa Bliss’s music plays and she makes her way to the ring for the first match of the night. Carmella makes her entrance next and does not use her usual intro tonight coming to the ring.

Match 1: Carmella vs. Alexa Bliss

The two went back and forth reversing headlocks and arm locks before Alexa took over on Carmella and was able to stop her face to the mat. The two continued to trade pin attempts with roll up after roll up and finally have a stalemate as they stare each other down.

Carmella gets the first real edge in the match catching Bliss with a head scissors and a dropkick sending Alexa to the floor. Bliss swipes at Carmella but Carmella moonwalks out of harm’s way. Bliss catches a knee from Carmella when she gets back in the ring. Carmella follows up with a headlock takeover. Bliss turns it into a head scissors. Carmella gets loose and grabs the headlock again. The two continue reversing headlocks on each other.

Carmella gets thrown to the corner and tries to execute her head scissors move from the top rope. Bliss is able to block the move with a well-timed hair pull. Bliss wrenches an arm across the bottom rope and goes for a pin but Carmella is out at two. The show takes its first break.

Back from commercial, Bliss targeted Carmella’s left shoulder which she injured before the break. Bliss nailed a jumping double knee drop and a back handspring knee drop for a count of two.

Bliss threw a tantrum and screamed at the ref about a slow count. This allowed Carmella to recover and score some offense on Bliss. She caught her with some shots to the chest, a nice looking super kick which set up the Bronco Buster in the corner.

Bliss was able to fight her way out of the corner and roll up Carmella for a two count. Bliss looked to follow up by going up to the top rope but Carmella stopped her and countered with her headstand head scissors for a two count. Carmella looked to build momentum but Bliss was able to grab her by the throat and shove her to the canvas which set up her “Twisted Bliss” top rope splash for the win.

Winner: Alexa Bliss

We see Tom Phillips and Corey Graves for the first time. They hype Andrade “Cien” Almas for later in the show. We see from the meeting between Finn Balor and Shisuke Nakamura a couple of weeks ago. They throw it to an interview from earlier from Shinsuke Nakamura.

Nakamura says he has known Finn Balor for ten years. He said they hung out a lot outside work and are friends. He said their families know each other. Nakamura said that when he heard about Balor going to NXT he supported him. He said he followed his career from Japan and watched him become the icon.

Nakamura said that, now that he’s in NXT, he wants to be the champion. He said before that, he wants to face the best and that means Balor. He said it will be a huge match for him because of their friendship. Nakamura said he knows Balor’s abilities and potential and is excited to face him. He said he wants to give the fans something special.

The announce team teases the Hype Bros vs. Tommaso Ciampa for later in the show.

We go backstage where Bayley is being interviewed. She was asked how it felt to get back in the ring last week. Bayley said she hated being out and missing time in the ring but, she now feels 100 percent and is ready for her rematch with Asuka so she can take her title back. Alexa Bliss interrupted Bayley and says it felt good to beat Bayley’s best friend and that Bayley’s shot at Asuka must go through her first.

Back in the arena, Noah Potjes made his entrance. Andrade “Cien” Almas is out next.

Match 2: Andrade “Cien” Almas vs. Noah Potjes.

Almas and Potjes lock up and Potjes attempts some arm bars but Almas uses flips to combat Potjes’s offense. Almas hit a low dropkick when Potjes tried to drop down to the mat. Potjes rolled to the outside.

Potjes came back in and nailed Almas with hard forearms. He followed that up with hard kicks. Almas gets locked in a rear chin lock. Almas fights out and begins to fire back on Potjes. He hits Potjes with the wheel barrel bulldog and follows up with the running knees in the corner for the pin

Winner: Andrade “Cien” Almas

The commentators hyped up Almas after the match as a fast-rising star in NXT. Finn Balor’s comments were hyped for up next.

We go backstage where Austin Aries is getting interviewed. He is asked why he attacked No Way Jose last week. Aries said that he wasn’t given the proper respect by the fans. He said Jose goes out and dances and the crowd loves it but they chant “Aries sucks” to him. Aries says now he’s going to be doing things his way and people are just going to have to deal with it.

We go to an interview taped earlier today from Finn Balor. Finn said he went to Japan to begin training at 24 years old and he met Nakamura shortly after he arrived. He said they began training together and hanging out together outside of wrestling. Balor said he has a real friendship with Nakamura. Balor said that when he left Japan, he wasn’t sure if he would ever see Nakamura again. He said he gets excited thinking about him here in NXT. Balor smiled at the thought of facing Nakamura. He said they have wrestled before but a lot is different now. He said facing Nakamura now is special and he’s excited.

A video was shown of American Alpha arriving at Full Sail earlier today. Tommaso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano vs. The Hype Bros was teased for next as the show went to break.

Back from break, Alexa Bliss vs. Bayley was announced for next week. The Hype Bros made their entrance followed by Gargano and Ciampa

Match 3 Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa vs. The Hype Bros (Mojo Rawley & Zack Ryder)

Gargano caught Rawley with a headlock but Mojo quickly threw him off and hit his three point stance move to give the Bros control. Ryder and Rawley began to work over Gargano. Ryder came in and tried to hit a delayed suplex but Gargano slipped out and made the tag to Ciampa. Ryder fought admirably for a while but Gargano and Ciampa eventually took control when they hit a rolling kick and a jumping neck breaker. Ciampa goes for the pin but Ryder kicks out at two.

Ciampa sends Ryder to the ropes but Ryder slams Ciampa’s head into the mat. Ryder makes the tag to Rawley and the action spills outside the ring. Ryder takes out Ciampa on the floor, Gargano hits a dive through the ropes on Ryder, and Mojo takes out Gargano with a clothesline as the show goes to commercial/

Back from break, Rawley has Gargano in a rear chin lock. Gargano hits an enziguri and Mojo makes a tag to Ryder. Gargano also makes a tag. Ciampa comes in and takes control of the ring. He charges at Ryder in the corner but Zack gets the knees up and follows that with a dropkick before making the tag to Rawley.

Rawley comes in and hits the pounce for a pin but the referee doesn’t count because Ciampa is under the ropes. They tried to set up for the Hype Ryder but Gargano makes the save and takes out Rawley with a super kick. Ciampa hit a lariat on Ryder but Zack kicked out at two.

Ciampa and Gargano looked to end it with a double super plex but Rawley recovers and thwarts the attempt by power bombing both Ciampa and Gargano. Ryder nails the elbrow drop and gets a near fall. Ryder starts charging Ciampa and Gargano who make a blind tag on Zack and nail Ryder with a running knee, super kick double-team for the win.

Winners: Tommaso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano

Post-Match: As Ciampa and Gargano celebrate in ring, Gargano grabs the mic and says that The Revival now holds the tag team titles and they beat The Revival so that puts them in line for a tag team title shot. American Alpha’s music hits and they come to the ring.

Chad Gable grabs a mic and tells Gargano and Ciampa that they aren’t next in line for anything. He said they have their shot first and when Tommaso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano get their shot, it will be against them. Jordan took the mic and agreed with Gable. He also said that they will deal with the Authors of Pain and prove that they are the Alpha males of NXT. The Revival’s music played and they made their way out to the stage.

Dawson told everyone to stop fighting. He said it was time to let everyone in on a little “top guy” secret. Since The Revival are running the tag team division, they decide the title shots. Dash took the mic and said that Gargano and Ciampa have done nothing to earn a shot and American Alpha is old news. NXT General Manager William Regal’s music hit and he comes out to the stage between Dawson and Wilder.

GM Regal reminds everyone that they are getting ahead of themselves. He actually calls the shots in NXT. He said that Tammaso and Ciampa do deserve a title shot and they will get it. But first, they need to see who the alpha team is in NXT. So, next week, American Alpha will face The Revival in a two-out-of three falls match.

Ciampa and Gargano shake hands with Gable and Jordan and make their way back up the ramp. American Alpha is jumped from behind as the Author’s of Pain hit the ring and started to lay waste to American Alpha. Gargano and Ciampa come back to help but prove ineffective. The distraction helps American Alpha fight back and Jordan even hits a suplex but gets laid out by a clothesline from the other Author. The Authors stand over Jordan and Gable as Paul Ellering makes his way to the stage. He surveys the damage and motions for The Authors to follow him. The huge team make their way up the ramp to close the show for this week.

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