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Ring of Honor offered another great week of action from not only their own stars but the top performers from New Japan.

Roll the opening montage!

We were still in Toronto. Nigel McGuinness and Kevin Kelly were the announce team. The main event was Team RoH vs the Bullet Club in an 8-man tag match. Steve Corino also had something o say before Best in the World, 2016.

Gedo vs Dalton Castle (w/The Boys)

GEdo was amused at Dlton’s flamboyance. Dalton and Gedo with a modified Code of Honor Handshake (which included a bow of espect). Go Behind by Dalton. Standing Switches by both men. Gut Wrenches blocked by Gedo. Dalton arched his way back and Gedo kind of followed along. I am amazed at Dalon’s flexibility. Dalton baited Gedo in and hit a wicked Gut Wrench Bomb. The Boys fanned Gedo until he beat them down. Dalton chased Gedo around the ring. RoH took a quick break.

Gedo had Dalton down and caught in a Rear Chin Lock. Dalton got up to his feet and Elbowed loose. Gedo clubbed the Human Peacock. Gedo threw wild fists but Dalton returned the pain with elbows and forearms. Dalton rushed Gedo into the corner and hit a series of Flying Knees. Nice Clutch Throw by Dalton. Gedo blocked Bang-a-Rang nd almost roleld up Dalton. Chinbreaker and Superkick by Gedo. 1-2-not yet.

Gedo yelled at Dalton to get up. The Boys got involved and Dalton nailed the Bang-a-Rang!

Your Winner: Dalton Castle
Honor Roll Ranking: 3.0 out of a possible 5

RoH looked at the months-long feud between B.J. Whitmer and Steve Corino. The two will fight in a Fight Without Honor at Best in the World. That one is going to be epic.

Adam Cole cut a promo about Jay Lethal and Jay Briscoe. Adam said he would not get involve din the match, he would wait to pick the bones.

RoH looked back at whn Jay Lethal defeated Jay Briscoe for the World Title. Lethal hit a Jay Driller and then Lethal Injection.RoH then ooked at when Briscoe had Lethal pinned for something like 8 but there was no ref. Briscoe said it had been about a year and Briscoe still hsn’t goten his rematch.

Will Ferrara vs Tomohiro Ishii

The last name is actually pronounce “E-She-E”, though they often leave off teh last E sound. Will hit a Knife Edge Chop but Ishii No Sold it, big time. Ishii Shoulder Tckled the young kid. Will hit multiple Shoulder Tackles and a wild Dropkick. Funk Neckbreaker by Will. Ishii blocked a Suplex and hit a Scoop Slam for a 2. Will laid out Ishii with a wild Clothesline. Running Back Elbow by Will. Samoan Drop by Will brouht a two count. Ishii hit a nice Suplex and opened up with Knife Edges and Forerarms. European Uppercut Train but Will still kicke dout at two.

Will fought out of the corner nad slapped Gedo in the face. Small Package by Will but it only brought home a two. Clothesline by Ishii led to the Vertical Drop Brainbuster. This one is a done deal.

Your Winner: Tomohiro Ishii
Honor Roll Ranking: 3.25

“The King of Old School” Steve Corino made his way out to the ring. Kevin Kelly mentioned that Kevin Sullivan has commented on the match. Steve mentioned he is an Evil Man. Steve talked about Destiny. He brought up a feud with Terry Funk that involved barbed wire. Steve admitted it all being about him. Steve even brought up when he suggested that Dusty Rhodes cut the brake lines on Magnum T.A.’s car. Ouch!

Steve said finding true love helped him try and change who he is. Steve said he couldn’t change and had to remain being himself. Steve wanted Whitmer to pay for bringing his family into the business. Steve promised his family that he would never go back to being who he used to be but he now has to. Steve warned Whitmer that he was going to take Whitmer to that special place in Hell that was reserved for him. Steve promised to “take the trash out” and run B.J. Whitmer out of the company. Hell, Yeah!

Jay Lethal and Roderick Strong cut promos on the Bullet Club.

Matt Jckson, Kenny Omega, Tama Tonga and Tonga Loa (The Bullet Club) vs Jay Lethal, Roderick Strong, Mark Briscoe and Jay Briscoe
8-Man Tag Team Match

Jackson and Mark started this one. Matt went to Mark’s eyes and then pounded away. Mark came back with some serious Redneck Kung Fu. Univesal and Mark tried for the Crane Kick. Instead, he got a Big Boot. Strong took the tag and unloaded with Knife Edge Chops. Matt dropped Roddy with a Back Elbow and brought in Kenny Omega. He jumped in and ran face to face with Jay Lethal.

The fans were rabid for Omega. He quickly taggedin Tonga Loa of he Gorillas of Destiny faction within the Bullet Club. Stall German Suplex as Omega made the tag. Kenny kicked away on Lethal. Jay turned hte tables nad sent Kenny to the corner. Omega got the boot up. Hip Toss/Dropkick by Lethal. Jay Briscoe took the tag and nailed a wicked Headbutt. Corner Boot Choke by Jay B. Mark taggedin and attacked Kenny in the corner. Kniffe Edge CHop by Mark Tag to Jay B.

Jay B dropped Kenny . Omega came back and went to the eyes. It broke down into complete chaos. Jay L threw Kenny out to the floor and then hit Suicide Dives in different directions. He took out both Gorillas of Destiny. Omega tripped Jay as Lethal went for a third Suicid Dibe. Kenny went for a Suicide Dive but Roddy hit a wicked Dropkick. That sent RoH to a final break.

Roddy was making life Hell for Kenny as the show returned. Roddy dropped Omega hard and The Sweeper clutched his arm. Matt unloaded with numerous Superkicks. Matt flew off the top and hit a Superkkick that brought a two. Roddy reversed a Puledriver. Tags to Mark and Tama Tonga. The Gorillas ar ethe sons of Haku. Tonga was speedy and dropped Mark with a hard Dropkick. Mark escaped a Suplex and went all kinds of Redneck Kung Fu on Tonga. Roll the Dice by Tonga. Tag to Kenny and then a tag to Lethal. Jay and Kenny went all Hockey Fight on each other. Jumping Knee by Kenny but Lethal came back with a hard kick. Kenny blocked teh Lethal Injection. All kinds of miscommunication. Lethal barely escaped the One Winged Angle. Dragon Suplex by Kenny but he lande din his corner. Jay B got the tag and kicked away. Mark launed Matt with a Wild Suplex. Jay Lethal intercepted the Double Superkick. Jay Driller to one of the Gorillas!

Your Winners: Jay Lethal, THe Briscoes adn Roderick Strong
Honor Roll Ranking: 4.0

The two Jays stared each other down as Ring of Honor faded to black.


–Jay Shannon

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