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Jermaine Royster reporting…

Smackdown comes to us from Tucson, Arizona as former WWE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT Champion Seth Rollins comes down the isle to address the crowd. Rollins beat Roman Reigns last Sunday for WWE World Title but Dean Ambrose crashed the party cashing in his Money in the Bank briefcase(Ambrose won the MITB ladder match), Ambrose is now your new WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Seth goes on about how nobody works harder than him and he proved it last Sunday night. He says its unfair because when you work hard, you should be able to reap in the benefits. He says Dean Ambrose stole his title from him and now Rollins says at BattleGround he now has to face both. Rollins says he will once again prove why he is still the best in the Shield. He then issues an open challenge to anyone in the back to face him in the main event, Sami Zayn answers the call. Rollins says Zayn is the perfect person for him to make look stupid, then Dean Ambrose comes to the ring. Ambrose then says that they don’t know how to do it right, Ambrose then orders his, “Ambrose Asylum” set to be brought in the ring. Ambrose then welcomes everyone to the the Ambrose Asylum: Championship Edition. Rollins says he thinks this is stupid but Zayn says he’s kind of excited, Ambrose then asked Rollins why he has a poor attitude. Zayn says why does the crowd have to wait until later, they can fight now. Rollins storms out of the ring saying this is bull crap, Ambrose then announces the Smackdown main event, Sami Zayn battles Seth Rollins.

Singles Match
Alberto Del Rio vs Cesaro

Del Rio goest right for Cesaro as the bell rings with a quick strike then a back breaker dropping Cesaro. Cesaro reverses targeting the back of ADR, Cesaro then fires Del Rio into the corner hitting the uppercuts in the corner. Del Rio tries to escape but Cesaro launches himself over the top rope hitting ADR. Back in the ring, Del Rio goes to work on Cesaro’s arm and Shoulder first hotting it on the steel steps then attacking the arm in the ring. ADR applies the cross arm breaker on the top rope followed by a reversal by cesaro as he caught ADR coming from the top rope. Both men get to there feet striking each other but Cesaro hits a barrage of uppercuts in the the corner followed by the spring board uppercut. Cesaro goes for the swing but stomps ADR instead, ADR then counters with the Backstabber for a two count. ADR goes to the corner then hits a super kick to Cesaro for another two count. Cesaro hits a corner drop kick then an uppercut, Cesaro then tries a super plex but gets caught in the tree of whoa. Cesaro counters ADR and tries a high cross body but misses, ADR tries the cross arm breaker but Cesaro counters into the Gotch Pile Driver for the win.

Your Winner: Cesaro

Singles Match
Money in the Bank Rematch
Apollo Crews vs Sheamus

Sheamus wastes no time attacking Crews in the corner, Apollo tries to comeback but Sheamus is too much. Apollo gets back with a high cross body then throws Sheamus into the steps on the outside. Crews hits another high cross body but runs into a boot fro Sheamus. Crews then hits an enziguri then a standing moonsault. Sheamus gets Crews on the ropes and hits the ten chops to the chest of Crews. Sheamus gets sent to the outside as Crews flies of the apron tackling Sheamus. Sheamus then slams Crews on the outside then goes for the steel steps. Crews hits a standing drop kick the Sheamus gets in another kick. Both men now fighting on the outside as Sheamus sends Crews into the steel steps. Sheamus gets back in the ring to beat the ten count as Apollo crews is counted out.

Your Winner: Sheamus via Count out

Next we get a recap from last Sunday’s Money in the Bank where John Cena took on AJ Styles, the match was back and forth but Gallows & Anderson would come out to help AJ win the match. On Raw last Monday John Cena took on Karl Anderson but The Club again came in to help out.

Next we see The Club in the back talking things over and The Uso’s come in. The Club rags on The Uso’s and Jimmy Uso challenges AJ Styles to a match, AJ accepts and the match is next.

Singles Match
Jimmy Uso w/Jay Uso vs AJ Styles

Jimmy and Aj both wrestle to a stand still; then Jimmy delivers a shoulder block but AJ get in an arm drag. AJ locks on but Jimmy gets away and locks on with the head lock, in the corner Jimmy blasts AJ with several chops then catches Styles with a right hand and a clothes line. AJ blocks the baseball slide the rams Jimmy’s head into the steps. Styles stomps away on Jimmy in the ring then gets the head lock on Jimmy. Jimmy tries to get away but AJ hits the Pele Kick, AJ went for the fore arm smash but Jimmy catches him with a super kick instead. Jimmy chops away on Styles then hits a Samoan Drop for a two count. Jimmy misses the corner move then super kicks AJ again, The Club then shows up on the outside. As Jimmy goes to help his brother on the outside, AJ blasts him with an elbow off the apron followed by the Phenomenal Fore Arm smash for the win.

Your Winner: AJ Styles

After the commercial break we hear Big E’s voice and The New Day make their way down to the ring for tag team action.

Tag Team Match
The New Day vs The Vaudevillians

Kofi and Simon Gotch start things off as English is quickly tagged in as they attack Kofi in the corner. Kofi is again double teamed when Gotch is tagged back in but he then tags English again. After another double team Big E is tagged in and he hits belly to belly suplex’s to both men. Big E then hits the big splash to Gotch in the ring, Kofi takes out English on the outside. Big E then tags Kofi and they hit the Midnight Hour to Gotch for the quick win.

Your Winners: The New Day
After the match, the Wyatt’s appear on the big screen and Bray says that The New Day will fall to them and they should run.

Next we get another Damien Young/Bob Backlund segment, Young says he wants to be a champion again, Backlund says the New Era will be the Young Era.

Sami Zayn is interviewed backstage and he is asked about Kevin Owens. Zayn says he has to move forward that’s why he is facing Seth Rollins tonight. He wants to beat Rollins to make a statement.

Charlotte & Dana Brooke are backstage and she is asked about Sasha Banks. Charlotte says they aren’t worried about Banks and that Becky Lynch is the one who should be worried.

Womens Division Match
Dana Brooke w/Charlotte vs Beck Lynch

Brooke starts things off with a knee to Lynch’s ribs then followed by corner strikes. Becky tries to fight back with right hands but Brooke hits the ropes again. Lynch hits a reverse DDT to Brooke but Charlotte gets in a illegal shot to Becky causing Brooke to get the cheap win.

Your Winner: Dana Brooke

After the match Sasha Banks shows up to confront Charlotte in the ring, Banks goes for Charlotte but she gets away and Dana Brooke attacks Banks. Sasha then locks on the Bank Statement to Brooke as her music plays.

Main Event of Smackdown
Singles Match
Seth Rollins vs Sami Zayn

Rollins scores first in this match with shoulder block off the ropes to Zayn but Sami gets in a few arm drags then a shoulder block followed by a head scissors move. Rollins lands a right hand sending Zayn to the outside, back in the ring Rollins hits a shoulder tackle dropping Zayn then stomping Sami in the corner. Rollins hits the Falcon Arrow for two count then sends Sami into the corner. He catches him with a fore arm then the sling-blade off the rope, Rollins then taunts Zayn but Sami scores with a clothes line dropping Rollins. Rollins gets away on the outside but Sami Zayn scores over the top rope onto Rollins, Zayn hits a high cross body in the ring for a two count. Rollins blocks a suplex but runs into the Blue Thunder Bomb from Zayn for a two count. Sami sets up for the Helluva Kick but Rollins turns that into a buckle bomb. Rollins goes for the Pedigree but Zayn turns that into a Tornado DDT. Rollins then gets away but Zayn hits the Toupee onto Rollins on the outside, as Zayn pulls Seth back in the ring, Rollins quickly hits the Pedigree to Zayn and Rollins gets the win.

Your Winner: Seth Rollins

After the match is over Rollins and Ambrose get into a punching match on the outside as Ambrose was part of the commentary team for the Main Event. As Dean begins to fight back, Rollins gets away up the ramp and the two have a stare down as Smackdown goes off the air.

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