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The WWE has a new World Champion. In fact, there were 3 men that held the title on Sunday. More on that in a minute…

Dean Ambrose showed up in a Yellow Cab. He almost forgot something in the cab…HIS World Title Belt!

Roll the opening montage!

Dean came out to the ring. He took his time to enjoy the cheers of the fans. Dean mentioned his wild night in Las Vegas. He threw in some weird things but made sure to mention winning Money in the Bank and then cashing in to capture the World title from Seth Rollins. Seth, moments earlier, had defeated Roman after a pair of Pedigrees. The Phoenix crowd was hotter than the temperature outside (and that’s saying something. JBL was completely beside himself seeing Dean holding the top belt in the company. The fans broke out the “You Deserve It” chant. (He really does). Dean did get a little heat when he brought up Cleveland’s NBA Championship win. Dean poked fun at Seth Rollins for being the right guy in the right place at the wrong time. “What Goes Around comes back around” was a lesson that Dean shared. He also mentioned that “Hard Work pays off…BIG!”

Seth considers himself “The Man”. Roman calls himself “The Guy”. So Dean decided that he should be “The Dude”. Actually, all he wanted to be called is “Champion”. Dean seemed to be channeling the spirit of Dusty Rhodes while he talked. Smile.

Roman Reigns came out to face his “Brother”. The fans were hostile towards the former champ. Roman just wanted to congratulate Dean. Roman knew Sunday wasn’t HIS night, because it was Dean’s. Roman dismissed the fans negativity. The fans went off on Roman with the “You Can’t Wrestle”. It was countered with “Yes, he can”. Roman told the guys saying he couldn’t wrestle should sit down, take a sip of their beer and shut up. Roman had a rematch due and he wanted to talk with Dean about it.

Suddenly, Seth Rollins rushed out and whined about getting ripped off at Money in the Bank. Seth told Roman to get to the back of the line. Seth commented on how he screwed Roman over, face up, not from behind. Seth said Dean stole the title from him. Roman was ready to fight Seth to get the title shot.

They were stopped by the arrival of Shane McMahon! Shane popped the crowd and then got down to business. He congratulated Dean for both wins, on Sunday. Shane had a simple solution to figure out who gets to fight Dean: Roman vs Seth. Seth whimpered and whined about not checking with Stephanie on this one. Shane knew Stephanie loved the idea and the match was going to be tonight’s Main Event! Awesome!

The WWE Draft (sigh) will happen on July 19th. That is the night of the first Live Smackdown on Tuesdays.

A.J. Styles will be out shortly to explain his actions (and those of The Club) on Sunday.

Paige gets a shot at Charlotte’s Women’s Title, later on. Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens went head to head, right after these words from our sponsors.

Sami Zayn vs Kevin Owens

The two tore into each other, right from the Get Go.

The Finish:

Sami hit a vicious Clutch Suplex. Kevin came back with a Superkick. Sami blocked the Pop Up Pwerbomb and rolled up Kevin Owens.

Your Winner: Sami Zayn
Raw Ranking: 3.5 out of a possible 5

Kevin attacked Sami, after the match. He tried to hit a Cradle Piledriver, on the stage, but Sami fought free. The refs rushed out as Sami dropped Kevin and punched away. The fight bridged through the commercial break. Michael Cole mentioned that Sami and Kevin might be drafted to opposite shows. I SO hate this stupid idea!

John Laurinities strolled out in a wild Blood Red suit. “Big John” was there to plead his case for being the next leader of Smackdown. He pushed the WWENetwork. Shane McMahon came out to try and take Johnny Ace to the back. Shane explained that Johnny would NOT be considered as the GM of Smackdown. Shane expressed that he would run Smackdown. Johnny was cool with that and said he should run Raw. John so kissed up to Shane to get the job. Not happening. Shane took John to the back as Enzo Amore and Big Cass showed up. The crowd went wild for the Jersey Boys. Enzo had some serious fun dissing John “Laryngitis”. Enzo is probably the best stick man since Road Dogg. Enzo said John was spewing “Pure Manure”. Enzo knew John never said anything relevant. Cass joked about the Ace of the Dynamic Dudes. He called Johnny…”S-A-W-F-T”.

Enzo and Cass vs English and Gotch (The Vaudevillains)

Raw looked back at how Enzo got hurt. Cass snapped when English and Gotch tried to reinjure Enzo. Enzo and Aiden opened up the contest. The Vaudevillains got extra vicious on Enzo. Gotch took the tag and drove his knee into Enzo’s face. English tagged back in and blasted Enzo. 2 count. The Vaudevillains kept tagging back and forth to keep the pressure on Enzo. Cass got the tag and hit the Empire Elbow and Big Boot. Fallaway Slam by Cass. Badda Boom Shaka Laka (Rocket Launcher Frog Splash) by Enzo and Cass to finish things off.

Your Winners: Enzo and Cass
Raw Ranking: 2.75

A.J. Styles came out to take to the crowd. This was your first Hour Turner Segment. The fans were not very supportive of “The Phenomenal One”. A.J. was set to head to a Stone Cold Podcast, after Raw. It’s, of course, on the WWENetwork.

Styles was very upset that Gallows and Anderson had wrecked his one chance to have a first match against John Cena. He ordered Luke and Karl to come out and apologize to him. Gallows and Anderson did as they were ordered. Styles then wanted Luke and Karl to apologize to one other person…John Cena! They balked at the idea, at first. Styles asked John to come out and join them. A hesitant Cena strolled out on the stage and accused Styles of plotting some kind of trap. Karl and Luke apologized but Cena wasn’t buying it. John accused Styles of covering up the fact that he was not as good as he said he is. Styles didn’t think John was all he claimed to be. John accused Styles of not having “His Word” or “His B*lls”. Styles turned and said Luke and Karl did John a favor, on Sunday. Styles didn’t care what the fans had to say. Karl and Luke gave John an “excuse”. Styles said John could fight any member of The Club, except him. Styles explained that Luke and Karl deserved to get punished and Styles had the Stone Cold Podcast. Plus, Styles has already beaten John. John knew it didn’t matter because this would not be a fair fight. He knew it was going to be 3-on-1 as John fought The Club. Styles told John that Cena was wrong. The fans actually chanted for Cena. Styles put Karl Anderson in the fight against John Cena to prove John was wrong. Styles wanted John to learn that Cena wasn’t all that.

John Cena vs Karl Anderson

John started with punches and a Hammer Throw. John unloaded with a Suplex and a couple of Clotheslines that rocked Karl to his core. Cena hit the Protobomb and went for the Five Knuckle Shuffle. After hitting that, John lifted Karl for the AA. At that point, Styles and Gallows rushed the ring to beat down on John.

Your Winner (by Disqualification): John Cena
Raw Ranking: .5

Luke and Karl lifted John and hit the Magic Killer. Styles then followed up with a Styles Clash.

Jojo tried to ask Seth Rollins about tonight’s match. He was more interested in what happened on Sunday. Let it go, already, Jeez! Seth explained that he proved Roman was never worthy of being champion and that Dean could only be champion by cheating him. Seth called Dean “A Cockroach and a Thief”. Seth had a plan to defeat Roman, tonight, and then go on to unseat Dean. That way, he would prove himself as the best member of The Shield.

After the commercials, Renee Young chatted with Becky Lynch about what Natalya did to her at Money in the Bank. Becky was unhappy because everyone turns on her. First it was Paige, then Charlotte and now Natalya. As Becky fumed, Natalya jumped the Irish Lass Kicker, from behind. After a brief beating, Nattie explained that she was going to take care of herself, now.

Zack Ryder vs Baron Corbin

Collar and Elbow to start. Corbin pushed Ryder towards the ropes and suddenly claimed to have something in his eye. The ref held Ryder back as Baron appeared to fix the problem. In reality, there was never anything wrong with Corbin’s eye.. Corbin punched and Kneed Zack. He then choked Ryder on the ropes. Zack got all fire dup and exploded on Corbin. They went to the floor and Zack used a Baseball Slide Dropkick to send Corbin sailing into the ring barrier. Back in the ring, Zack nailed an Elbow Drop to score a two.

Ryder whipped Corbin towards the corner. Baron slid under the ropes and then came right back in. Corbin dropped Zack with a hard Clothesline. Zack tried for a Slingshot but Corbin blocked it. Baron then took down Zack with the End of Days.

Your Winner: Baron Corbin
Raw Ranking: 2.25

Raw ran a piece about WWE’s expansion into China.

The Wyatt Family is back! Bray said he was once afraid, but not anymore. Someone better be seriously scared.

Michael Cole did a quick recap of the Women’s title situation. That led to Paige being interviewed about her title shot, tonight. Paige admitted to being a little lost, as of late. Renee seemed to look past Paige and it upset Paige. Paige screamed at Renee and then noticed Renee had been looking at Charlotte and Dana Brooke. Charlotte stated that Paige’s win, last week, was only a fluke. Charlotte blamed Dana Brooke for the loss. Charlotte said while she rose, Paige sank. Tonight would be no different. Paige said the ring was hers and the title soon would be. Paige promised that when Charlotte fell tonight, it wouldn’t be Dana’s fault. It would all be on Charlotte. That led to…

Paige vs Charlotte (w/Dana Brooke)
WWE Women’s Title Match

The Finish:

Paige nails the Fallaway Slam. She then placed Charlotte on the top turnbuckle. After some serious punches and kicks, Charlotte pushes out of a Superplex. Charlotte hit a Moonsault and pulled a two count. Paige almost upset the champ with a Crucifix Slide. Charlotte surprised Paige with her own Crucifix. That brought another two count. Charlotte tried for the Figure Eight but Paige converted it into an Inside Cradle. Paige connected with the Ram-Paige but she was very close to the ropes. Dana put Charlotte’s foot under the bottom rope. The ref saw it and ejected Dana. It was academic as Charlotte blasted Paige with Natural Selection.

Your Winner: Charlotte
Raw Ranking: 2.75

After the match, Paige rolled out of the ring. Dana threw Paige back in and a beat down was on the horizon. That stopped when Sasha Banks made her return! Sasha nailed a Lungblower on Charlotte. Paige also took out Dana. Paige and Sasha own the ring and Sasha has possession of the title belt. Bet she’s the next Women’s champion.

Jojo returned to interview Roman Reigns. She asked him about tonight’s match. Roman said he was not going out there to prove anything, other than he is The Guy…who beat Seth Rollins.

The Wyatt Family did another promo. First we saw Braun and then Erick. Bray joined them and said “We’re Here!” Cool.

Bray, Braun and Erick come out to the ring. Bray stated that the trio has been punished, as of late, but they were ready to overcome everyone. The New Day came out to spoil the Wyatt Reunion. All 3 New Day members took shots at Bray and his crew. Bray listened to all the insults and then began to laugh. Wyatt wondered if New Day understood what they just did? Bray warned that in the future…New Day Falls. “Run!”

It was time for another Life Lesson segment between Bob Backlund and Darren Young. Darren was so pleased with himself for expanding his reading. Bob let Darren know that Books are Dumbbells for the Mine. I am so going to share that one with a couple of my good friends, who are teachers out here in the boonies. Smile. Darren started talking about taking advice from the poetry that he has been reading. Bob chided him that he should never take advice from anyone. When Darren questioned Bob about giving him advice, Bob explained he gave orders…not advice. Bob forced Darren to do 100 High Knees because he was trying to make Darren great again!

Lana brings Rusev to the ring. As Titus O’Neil watched (with Renee) from the interview area, Rusev insulted Titus and his family. That sets off Titus, who rushed to the ring.

Titus O’Neil vs Rusev
Non-Title Match

This fight just went ballistic, from the very start. The two were pretty evenly matched as they kicked and punched away. They ended up on the floor. Titus sent Rusev sailing over the barricade and they fought up into the crowd.

Your Winner: Double Countout
Raw Ranking: 1.0

Chris Jericho came into Shane’s office and accused McMahon for having it out for him. Chris whined about Shane cancelling the Highlight Reel and taking away the Number One Contender spot. Chris admitted that he hasn’t like Shane for the past 15 years. Shane explained Jericho lost in the Asylum Match and also at Money in the Bank. Chris let it be known that he wanted to go to whichever show Shane was not in charge of. Chris would prefer 10 Stephanies to 1 Shane. Shane popped Chris’ little bubble when he told Jericho that he (Shane) would be in charge of both shows.

Dean Ambrose headed out to watch the Main Event.

Roman Reigns vs Seth Rollins
Number One Contender Match

The Finish:

Seth missed a Frog Splash. Roman hit the Rising Son Dropkick to Seth. Roman cleared off the Spanish Announce Table. Roman puts Seth on the table but Rollins rolled out and dropped Roman with a Jumping Enziguri. Roman Speared Seth over the Spanish Announce Table. The ref counted both men out.

Your Winner: Double Count-out
Raw Ranking: 3.5

Shane McMahon comes out and is dead serious. He says they need to find a Number One Contender. Dean got in the ring and offered a solution. He is willing to fight both men, on the same night. While he might have been talking about two different matches, Shane decided to set up a Triple Threat Match for eh World Title. The Shield will finally battle!


–Jay Shannon

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