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The Brothers Hardy took their feud to Six Sides of Steel. If you thought their first battle was epic, just wait ‘til you hear what happened inside the cage.

Impact began with a video package about the Hardy Family Feud.

Drew Galloway came out to the ring. He was hot that he wasn’t the World Champion and had one man to blame for his loss…Ethan Carter III. Drew called out EC3. While Ethan came to the ring, Impact looked back at the chair shot that cost Drew the title. Ethan immediately explained that what happened was an accident and he was sorry that it messed up the title match. Drew didn’t want an apology, he wanted a fight. Drew felt Ethan had come out to ringside so he could get involved. Drew knew Ethan wanted the World title. Drew and Ethan did agree that they had both added prestige to the World title. Ethan got angry and retracted his apology. Ethan told Drew that if Galloway wanted a fight, Ethan would make him his b*tch, just like Lashley did.

At the sound of his name, Bobby Lashley strolled from the back. Bobby mocked the two “friends” for grumbling over the title. Bobby was certain that Ethan was just being his selfish self and doing what was best for Ethan. Drew and Ethan were ready to battle each other to find the Number One Contender but Bobby had other plans. Lashley talked with TNA Management and proposed a tag team match. Drew and Ethan would work together and if they win, they will BOTH get a title shot. If they lose, both will go all the way to the bottom of the contender’s ladder. Bobby stated he has a partner and if HIS team wins, then his partner gets the shot. Who would be Lashley’s partner? E-Li Drake! Why is this guy getting such a push? The tag team match was on deck.

Bobby Lashley and E-Li Drake vs Drew Galloway and Ethan Carter III
Contendership Challenge Match

Bobby and Ethan opened the contest but neither could gain an advantage. Drake and Drew then took over the match. Ethan exploded on Drake, sending him sailing across the ring. Ethan then pounded away on the King of the Mountain champ. Drake got downed with a Neckbreaker but managed to reach his corner. Bobby took over on Ethan and beat him into near-submission. Eventually, Ethan made the Hot Tag to Drew. Drew flew off the top rope to drop Drake with a Flying Clothesline. It broke down into complete chaos. Ethan planted Drake with the 1%er. Lashley then Speared Ethan. Drew sent Lashley out of the ring with a hard Clothesline. Drew then pinned E-Li Drake.

Your Winners: Drew Galloway and Ethan Carter III
Impact Scorecard: 3.25 out of a possible 5

Crazzy Steve and Abyss were concerned about the mystery person that Rosemary has been talking to. She assured them not to worry. All would be revealed…Next!

Bobby Lashley found Drew Galloway and taunted him for losing in the past. Drew would have liked to go outside and slug it out but Lashley wanted to wait. Bobby mentioned he could give Ethan the first shot or he could go with Drew. He would have to think on it.

Rosemary, Crazzy Steve and Abyss made their way to the ring. Rosemary said they were all different but the same. Rosemary admitted they were Death Dealers but they also were able to issue life. She wanted to share their gift with…Bram! Rosemary played serious mind games as she talked about all of Bram’s partners turning on him and losing everything because he was alone. She offered him a family. Bram said he didn’t need them, even though Rosemary was kinda hot. Bram did not want to wear make-up and didn’t need anyone in his corner. Rosemary was upset that Bram rejected them. Steve Misted Bram and Decay beat up the Brit.

Ethan found Bobby Lashley and applauded him for a “Game Well Played”. Ethan called Bobby a “Coward” when Lashley claimed he got in a game without knowing all the rules. Lashley agreed that Ethan will get a title shot, but it will be on Bobby’s terms. Lashley confirmed that he would let everyone know, by the end of the night, what would happen with the title, next week.

Jade vs Marti Belle

The Finish:

Marti avoided the Package Piledriver and hit a wicked Bicycle Kick. Marti then pounded away on her former Dollhouse partner. The two went out to the floor and Jade used an Electric Chair to drop Marti on the apron. That was just nasty. Marti found a police baton and cracked Jade in the face with it. The ref, of course, didn’t see a thing. Marti took the easy pin.

Your Winner: Marti Belle
Impact Scorecard: 2.0

Mike and Maria Bennett were still ticked off that Dixie Carter slapped Maria, last week. The Bennetts were on their way out to settle this situation and Dixie BETTER be there.

Break time.

Dixie Carter, on her way to the ring, ran into Bobby Lashley. She ordered the champion to defend his title against BOTH Drew and Ethan, next week. He surprised her when he was all cool with it and even thanked her.

Mike and Maria make it to the ring Mike insults the fans for being losers and never finding true love. He professed his love for his soulmate and mentioned how horrific it was that she was attacked, last week. Maria whined about not being able to sleep since the attack. She demanded that Dixie come out and explain her actions.

Dixie Carter and Billy Corgan stroll from the back. Mike demanded an explanation. Dixie said anyone in her shoes would have done the exact same thing, with a smile on their face. Maria demanded an immediate apology. Dixie did give an apology for letting Maria get to her. That wasn’t enough for Maria. She wanted to be punished like she was. Maria demanded the resignation of Dixie Carter as President of Impact Wrestling. Dixie wondered if Maria had lost her mind but she definitely had not. Maria threatened a Million Dollar Lawsuit, brought by her daddy, a lawyer. Billy tried to play Peacemaker by accepting that Maria did have good points. Dixie could not believe that Billy was siding with the Bennetts. He tried to explain he was trying to remain neutral but did think Dixie should take a brief leave to diffuse the situation. Dixie reluctantly agrees to Billy’s suggestion but warned that this would change Everything! Dixie then walked off.

Maria felt so much better now. Sigh. Mike wasn’t done, yet. He grumbled about winning 99.99% of his matches and wanted a title shot. Billy was somewhat confused about what exactly Mike wanted. Destination X is looming and Mike liked the idea of the whole Option C scenario. Billy reminded Mike that Bennett has been in a slump, lately. Billy did offer Mike a title shot against Eddie Edwards, right now!

“Miracle” Mike Bennett vs “Lone Wolf” Eddie Edwards
X-Division Title Match

Eddie took the early control of the match. Mike messed up a Springboard move. Eddie almost broke up laughing at Mike’s failure to do an X-Division move. Eddie launched Mike with a Top Rope Hurancanrana. Maria distracted the ref, so Mike could go at Eddie’s eyes. Stunner by Mike. 1-2-not yet. Snap Spinebuster gave Mike another deuce. Eddie used Back Elbows to send Mike out to the floor. Eddie nailed a pair of Suicide Dives on the challenger. Eddie almost wins it with the Blue Thunder Driver. Eddie goes for a Sunset Flip but Mike sat down and held the ropes to become the new X-Division Champion. Really?

Your Winner (and NEW X-Division Champion): “Miracle” Mike Bennett
Impact Scorecard: 2.75

Robbie E goes through Jessie Godderz’s bag. He finds Jessie’s Ipad and watched a video where Jessie discussed, with Raquel, about doing something to Robbie. Jessie walked in and had no idea that Robbie had seen the video. Jessie was ready to work out but Robbie wanted to just walk away. Huh?

Braxton Sutter was set to battle Bram but Bram was still out from the Decay beating. Rock Star Spud walked out and went off on Braxton for being a “Johnny Come Lately”. Spud was insulted that this raw kid was getting a push while the man who took Kurt Angle to his limits was being looked over. Sour grapes? Ya Think? Spud insulted Sutter, saying the kid had been around for three years and hadn’t done anything. Braxton thought about it and then clocked Spud. That led to…

Braxton Sutter vs Rock Star Spud

Spud came back from an early beating to hit a cheap shot to the back of Braxton’s head. Spud then Boot Choked Braxton. Spud planted Braxton with a nice Tornado DDT. 2 count. Braxton sent Spud flying with a Judo Throw. Braxton rocked Spud with hard fists and a Snap Powerslam. He followed up with a Big Boot. Braxton finished off Spud with his Jumping Flatliner move (I so want to call it the Sutter’s Mill, but that would make such little sense. Smile.). Whatever you call it, it put out the diminutive Brit.

Your Winner: Braxton Sutter
Impact Scorecard: 2.5

Spud appeared ready to shake Braxton’s hand, after the match, but stopped to kick Sutter in the Nethers. Spud then pulled off his belt and whipped Braxton like a government mule. Sput then headed out of the arena.

Sienna did a video about her resume in MMA and wrestling. Sienna has one goal left to reach, the destruction of Gail Kim. She will face Gail, next week, and just might get to acquire her desired goal.

Matt Hardy vs Jeff Hardy
Six Sides of Steel Match

Reby Sky-Hardy introduced her hubby, who came out to new music and video. The new look just does NOT work for Matt, in my humble opinion. Jeff took it all in and then rushed his brother. Matt turned the tables and planted Jeff with a Running Powerbomb. Quick 2 count for the Maniacal One. Matt threw his brother into the cage, over and over. That led to a final commercial break.

During the break, a ladder, table and chair showed up in the ring. Matt was in complete control. Matt whipped Jeff into the ladder, which was set in the corner. When Jeff fell, the ladder dropped on top of him. Matt gets a 2 count on his sibling. Matt changed focus to set up the table, which allowed Jeff to throw the chair into his brother’s face. Jeff sets up the chair to try and hit Poetry in Motion. Just as Jeff launched himself, Matt moved and Jeff hit the cage. Ouch! Matt looked like he was about to take the win when he nailed a Side Effect onto the steel chair, but Jeff still kicked out. Matt lost it and bashed Jeff in the ribs with the chair, over and over. He followed that up with multiple Headbutts and a vicious gnawing on Jeff’s cranium.

Jeff fought back with a Jawbreaker. Unfortunately, he missed with the Flying Clothesline. Jeff recovered and hit a pair of brutal Low Blows. Jeff kept up the pressure with a pair of Twists of Fate. Jeff then flew off the top to hit the Swanton. Could be…might be…Denied. Jeff connected with another Twist of Fate and Matt just popped back up. Jeff was surprised but didn’t miss a step. He hit a 4th Twist of Fate that sent Matt onto the table. Jeff covered Matt’s chest and stomach with chairs. He then found another table and sandwiched his brother between the two tables. Jeff then put a ladder in the corner, climbed it and hit a Ultra Swanton to crash through the tables, along with his brother. 1-2-3!

Your Winner: Jeff Hardy
Impact Scorecard: 4.25


–Jay Shannon

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