Posted June 19th, 2016 by jshannon

After the tag team women’s match, Natalya snapped and beat the stuffing out of Becky Lynch. What the heck?

Tom Phillips interviewed Dean Ambrose. Tom asked Dean what his strategy was. Dean wasn’t into strategy but he did know he shouldn’t fall off the ladder.

Sheamus didn’t even wait for the bell before jumping Crews. Sheamus took Crews down to the canvas. Crews took back over with a Side Headlock. Dropkick and La Bandera by Crews. Irish Curse Backbreaker, off the apron. Short Arm Clothesline by Sheamus. Sheamus applied a Sleeper but couldn’t fully lock it in. Brutal Crossfaces by Sheamus before he went back to a Side Headlock.

The pendulum went back and forth for both competitors. Sheamus dropped Crews with a Senton but only pulled a two count. Crews kept Sheamus off his game with all kinds of wild hits. Enziguri rocked Sheamus to his core. 2 count. Crews threw Sheamus over the top rope with a Belly to Belly. He followed up with a Moonsault down to the floor. Wow!

Snap Powerslam brought Sheamus a two count. The two fought on the ropes. Super White Noise off the ropes but Crews wasn’t ready to give up. Roll Up by Crews!

Your Winner: Apollo Crews
Register Receipt: 3.25

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