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The Fallout from Slammiversary was epic. Drew Galloway and Bobby Lashley squared off in a rematch for the World title. Who went in as champion and would that person leave in the same state?

The show began with highlights from Slammiversary. Ethan Carter III defeated Mike Bennett. Jeff Hardy took out Matt Hardy in Full metal Mayhem. Bobby Lashley captured the World Title from Drew Galloway by making him pass out.

The 2016 TNA Hall of Fame inductee will be revealed, later on. Plus, we get 4 title matches. This is Gold Rush!

Bobby Lashley came out to crow about winning the title. Josh and Pope tried to figure out if anyone could defeat “The Destroyer”. Lashley gave the fans 5 seconds to get their feelings out in the open, then they were to shut up. Bobby bragged about doing just what he said he would do, win the World title. Lashley claimed he was better than every wrestler in the business today. Bobby talked about taking out Kurt Angle and Drew Galloway. Bobby said everyone was running away from him.

I guess Bobby forgot about Ethan Carter III. Ethan strolled right down to the ring and confronted the new World Champ. Bobby mocked Ethan’s “Cute little music (theme)”. The fans chanted for EC3. Ethan straight up challenged Bobby Lashley for the title, tonight. Bobby laughed at Ethan being called the “*ss-Kicking Machine”. Bobby knew Ethan wasn’t ready for him. Bobby called Ethan the Last Hero Standing and there would be no one left, after Ethan fell.

Someone forgot about “The Captain”, Drew Galloway. The fans chanted for “Gall-o-way”. Drew apologized to Ethan but said Carter would have to wait. Drew wanted his rematch, now. Bobby chuckled at the state that Drew was in. Bobby said he beat and broke Drew at the Pay Per View. Bobby stated that everyone knew that Drew could never beat Bobby Lashley. Drew invoked his rematch clause for the World Title!

The King of the Mountain title will be on the line. So will the X-Division Strap. The tag belts will be up for grabs in a Four Team Tag Team Match.

Impact showed how Jeff Hardy challenged E-Li Drake for the King of the Mountain title. Drake said the only thing Jeff would get would be a golden goose egg.

Jeff Hardy vs E-Li Drake
King of the Mountain Title Match

The fans were so vocal. Drake was surprised at how loud the fans were for Jeff. Josh Mathews pushed TNA’s Live Facebook page. Shoulder Tackle by Drake. Jeff went down hard. Side Headlock by Drake. Jeff came back and sent Drake out to the floor. Jeff flipped over the ropes but got Clotheslined into the middle of next week. Drake sent Jeff into the steel barricade. Drake slid back in the ring and posed for the booing masses. Earl Hebner began to count.

Jeff kicked out of several pin attempts, once he got back in the ring. Jeff escaped a Scoop Slam. Running Neckbreaker brought Drake a two count. Drake cranked away on a Side Headlock, again. Jeff battled back but fell to a Snap Powerslam. This kid, Drake, is really showing how great he has become. Back Elbow by Heff . Hardy went up the ropes but Drake tripped him. Jeff fell, crotch-first, onto the top turnbuckle. Jeff nailed the Whisper in the Wind. Springboard Dropkick failed for Drake as Jeff caught Drake. Jeff hit the Inverted Atomic Drop and Double Leg Drop. Drake blocked the Twist of Fate and hit another Powerslam. 2 count.

Jeff came back to hit the Twist of Fate after blocking Blunt Force Trauma. Swanton. 1-2-Matt Hardy rushed in and bit Earl Hebner’s hand. Jeff Dropkicked Matt Hardy out of the ring. Earl called for the bell.

Your Winner: Match Thrown Out
Gold Rush Ranking: 3.0 out of a possible 5

Congrats to E-Li Drake for an outstanding showing in this match.

Ethan Carter III and Drew Galloway chatted, backstage. Ethan felt Drew was rushing into tonight’s title match, way too soon. Drew was determined to regain the title, no matter what. Ethan asked Drew to just push the title match back a week or two. Drew wasn’t willing to wait. Drew promised to fight Ethan, once he got the World Title back.

Jeff Hardy was still in the ring and he was NOT happy. Jeff admitted that he was pretty beaten up but he did it to try and take out Matt Hardy. Jeff knew Matt was still deranged and Jeff wanted to end this with “Brother More”. Jeff demanded that his brother come out and finish this. Matt aka Brother More strolled out and talked with Brother Nero. Jeff thanked his Big Brother for costing him the King of the Mountain title. Matt said Jeff would never awaken from the nightmare of “Broken Matt Hardy”. God, I hate Matt’s “Jimmy Kirk” type of speaking. I’m expecting him to say “I’ll…just hit a Bridge”. Grin.

Jeff was tired of Matt’s BS. Matt claimed their war was far from over. Matt was up on the stairwell that Jeff flew off, weeks ago. Jeff grabbed a table but Matt wanted a “Fight of Honor”. The two Hardys fought in the shadows. They ended up on the stairs. Reby Sky-Hardy came out and sprayed Jeff with a Fire Extinguisher. Matt clocked his little brother and then slammed Matt into the railing. Matt pushed Jeff down the stair railing and through a table. That was cool to watch.

Matt Hardy stared into the camera and then started talking weird. Matt said he would have his Cast Iron Revenge, next week. Matt challenged his brother to face him in Six Sides of Steel.

Trevor Lee (w/G.S. Helms) vs Eddie Edwards
X-Division Champion

Eddie won the X-Strap, on Sunday. Trevor kicked Eddie in the face, before Edwards could get in the ring. Lee almost got an instant win. Lee ripped at Eddie’s face. Lee has gone off the deep end. Hammer Throw by Lee to pull a two. Helms filed an appeal for being banned from ringside, which is why he allowed near the ring for this one. Side headlock by Lee. Eddie fought up to his feet. Jumping Forearm helped Lee pull a deuce. Lee choked Eddie with the boot. Hard Whip by Lee but Eddie got the boot up. Back Elbows by the champion. Eddie Slid out of a Whip and hit several hard shots. Inverted Atomic Drop by the Lone Wolf. Jumping Enziguri by the champ. Lee escaped the Backpack Stunner. Helms grabbed Eddie but Eddie kicked away. Knee Strike almost got the win for Trevor. Small Package by Eddie pulled a two cont. Eddie hit a Suicide Dive on Helms. Ring Trip by Eddie on Lee. Eddie headed up top but missed his move. Boston Knee Party (Flying Enziguri) by Eddie Edwards to retain!

Your Winner: Eddie Edwards
Gold Rush Ranking: 3.25

TNA looked at the men who have been inducte din the Hall of Fame: Sting, Kurt Angle, Team 3D (aka The Dudley Boyz), Jeff Jarrett and referee Earl Hebner. Another honoree will be announced, shortly.

The BroMans were discussing how flexible Raquel is. Jessie pushed Big Brother, After Dark. Jessie had some strategies to deal with Decay and the other teams. Jessie hacked into the video cameras to get inside looks at various people. They found Raquel getting dressed. Yeah!

Bobby Lashley strolled up to talk with Ethan Carter III. Ethan told Bobby that he was done playing games with people. Bobby felt Ethan was into game play. Ethan made a chess reference to explain that was ready to Checkmate Bobby Lashley. Bobby invited Ethan to come out and watch what was going to happen to Drew…and eventually Ethan. Ethan took him up on it.

The entire roster stood on the ramp. Dixie Carter walked down to the ring. Dixie was proud of the Hall of Fame that she helped set up. Dixie was so happy that TNA was moving into their 15th year. Dixie thanked all the great men and women who have made TNA a long-standing success. Dixie mentioned that Hall of Famer being a passionate person that defined a division. Dixie announced that the newest Hall of Fame inductee was…Gail Kim! So deserved.

Gail headed down the ramp to a huge round of applause. Jeremy Borash held the ropes for this true legend. TNA ran a quick video about Gail’s accomplishments. Gail was the very first Knockout Champion. Gail has held the belt on five different occasions. Her wars with Awesome Kong are the stuff of legend. The fans exploded with glee for the Original Knockout. Dixie said no one deserved this more than Gail. Dixie praised Gail for molding the Knockout Division into something so special. Gail will go into the Hall of Fame on Bound for Glory Week-end. She then asked Gail to speak.

Gail fought back the tears as she thanked everyone for giving her these opportunities. Gail mentioned having a 16-year career, so far. Gail thanked all the other women she has worked with, over the years. Gail then left the ring. Congratulations to Gail Kim.

Gail got hugs by the TNA roster. So cool. It is fantastic to see such respect.

Decay talked, backstage. Abyss said their win would be “Beautiful”. Rosemary said this match would just make them better. Rosemary felt a dark presence in their midst. She wanted to reach out to the entity, after they vanquished their foes.

Jeremy Borash interviewed Marti Belle. Marti cost Jade the Knockout title, on Sunday. Sienna is the new champion. Marti didn’t want to discuss the Dollhouse, anymore. Marti was hot that the Dollhouse had so many leaders and members. Marti was jealous that Jade turned her back on her to go after and win the Knockout title. Marti said she was leaving Jade’s *ss behind. Jade rushed in and opened a can of whoop *ss on her former friend.

BroMans vs The Tribunal vs Mahabali Shera and Grado vs Decay
Four Team Tag Team Title Match

Ok, for those not familiar with these teams:

BroMans: Jessie Godderz and Robbie E
The Tribunal: Baron Dax and Basile Baraka (w/ “Coach” Al Snow)
Decay: Abyss and Crazzy Steve (w/Rosemary)

Shera and Dax began the match. Shera worked over Dax’s arm. Shera hit a pair of Clotheslines and a Scoop Slam. Grado came in and took over on Dax. Baraka got involved. Grado threw him out. Robbie E got the tag and someone needed to smack Al Snow for that damn whistle. . Flip Flop and Fly but Grado missed the Bionic Elbow. Steve tagged himself in but Robbie brought the champion. Robbie missed a Corner Splash. Abyss hit a Corner Splash. Baraka tagged himself in and almost got the win.

Scoop Slam by Baraka and Dax took the tag. Baraka went for more pins but just couldn’t get the job down. Double Team on Robbie by the Tribunal. Flying Jawbreaker by Robbie, followed by a Boom Drop. Steve and Jessie took tags. Jessie rocked Steve with various elbow strikes and a Gorilla Press Throw on one of the Tribunal. Jessie hit a Top Rope Jumping Hurancanrana on Steve. Abyss rushed in and attacked Jessie. Flying Forerarm by Jessie to Abyss. European Uppercut by Steve. Bro-Down on Steve. Adonis Crab to Steve. Abyss hit a Choekeslam on Jessie. Shera flew off the top rope to drop Abyss.

Grado and Steve fought it out. Flip Flop and Fly to Steve. Grado went up top but Al Snow pushed Grado off the top rope. Raquel attacked Snow. Abyss Chokeslammed Grado and Steve made the cover!

Your Winners: Abyss and Crazzy Steve
Gold Rush Ranking: 2.5

Maria dismissed Allie and then freaked out about Gail Kim getting the Hall of Fame spot. Maria didn’t appreciate how things went for them on Sunday. Maria said it was time for them to go to the ring and get all they want, now. Mike was ready to just walk away from TNA but changed his mind.

Jeff Hardy responded to his brother’s challenge. Jeff was ready to take Hardy’s Revenge to 3-0 by destroying his older brother, next week.

The Bennetts strolled out to the ring. Mike took the stick and waited for the Boss to stop. Mike said the fans just didn’t get it. Mike stated that he came in to be a hero for a desperate company. Mike knew he has never been appreciated, here. Mike bragged about being a celebrity, everywhere he has been.

Maria stepped up and claimed Mike was destined to be a Supestar, since he began his career. Maria was ticked off that she was not the first woman to go into the Hall of Fame. Maria started talking conspiracies and such. Mike ordered TNA Management out to the ring and remove the loss to Ethan Carter III from the record books. Mike demanded Dixie come out. Instead, he got William (Billy) Corgan.

Corganw as wearing the ugliest suit, ever. Corgan wasn’t doing business in public. Billy offered a meeting with the Bennetts but Mike didn’t do meetings. Maria didn’t want to deal with Corgan, she wanted Dixie Carter.

Dixie wasn’t in any mood to put up with Maria’s baloney. Maria accused Dixie of having everyone, backstage, kissing Dixie’s butt. Maria rambled on until Dixie told Maria to shut up. Dixie told Maria that Bennett was wasting time on a live show. Dixie reminded Maria that Bennett hasn’t worked a single 1-on-1 match since coming to TNA. Maria said Dixie was the problem with TNA and Maria was sure she could run TNA better than Dixie. Oh, please. Maria said she, Mike and Billy had fantastic ideas but Dixie just wanted to shut up Maria. Maria stated that they should be in the Hall of Fame. That made Dixie laugh. Dixie felt Maria should not be in charge of the Knockout Division, anymore. Maria rambled on about being a Self-Made Woman. Blah, Blah, Blah. Maria pushed Dixie and Carter slapped the taste out of Maria’s mouth! Awesome! I want to see The Bennetts vs The Carters!

Drew Galloway vs Bobby Lashley
TNA World Title Match

Ethan Carter III was at ringside to watch the main event. Ethan was happy that his Auntie stood up to the Bennetts. The two combatants made their entrances. Jeremy Borash did the official introductions.

Draw was nowhere near being in fighting condition for this match. Drew quickly tried to take out Bobby with the Claymore. He missed and Bobby immediately went after Drew’s injured ribs. Bobby methodically focused on the bad ribs. Drew escaped a Torture Rack. Drew hit a wicked German Suplex to send Bobby into the corner. Drew unloaded on Bobby as TNA went to break.

Drew went out to the floor to get Bobby. Wild Knife Edge Chop that sent Bobby down to the floor. Drew slid in and out to reset the count. Drew hit another hard Knife Edge Chop. Bobby crawled away from his challenger. Bobby used a Hot Shot to drop Bobby on the railing. Bobby walked over Drew’s ribs. Bobby slammed Drew’s face into the ring steps. Bobby dropped Drew on the ring apron, ribs first.

The ref started counting out Drew Galloway. Drew made his way back in and went for a Sunset Flip. Bobby blocked it and stomped the ribs. Bobby then stood on the ribs to further the pain. Gut Wrench Throw by the new champion. Bobby flexed to send messages to Ethan and Pope. Bobby pitched Drew out of the ring. Bobby got up in Ethan’s face. Drew nailed the champion and hit multiple Knife Edge Chops. Bobby whipped Drew into the ring post. Bobby then rolled Drew back in the ring. Stall Suplex by the champ. Bobby the n poised to unleash the Spear. He changed his game but pulling the bandages off Drew’s ribs. Drew countered a Spear and went for a Cross Armbreaker. Bobby got to the ropes to force the break.

Bobby set to deliver the killing blow but Drew wasn’t quite done, yet. Drew slipped free and hit a Neckbreaker. Drew avoided a Corner Splash. Crossface by Bobby but Drew would not surrender. Drew powered up and lifted up Bobby. Drew tried for the Tombstone but couldn’t’ do it. Drew hit a vicious Puledriver on the champ to pull a two.

The two went up top. Drew hit an amazing Super Celtic Cross to pull another two. Drew Tuned up for eh Claymore but accidentally took out the ref. Spear! There was no ref to make the count. Bobby hit another Spear on Drew. Bobby came out to get a steel chair. Ethan Carter rushed in and took the chair away. The men stared each other down and Ethan laid out Bobby. The two went wild on each other. Bobby got the chair when he was thrown out. He accidentally nailed Drew. Spear by Bobby. WE got a new ref and Bobby put on the Lashley Lock. Drew was already out cold.

Your Winner (by sort of submission): Bobby Lashley
Gold Rush Ranking: 2.75


–Jay Shannon

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