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War of the Worlds continued, this week. The best of Ring of Honor and New Japan came together to present another hour of fantastic action.

Roll the opening montage!

We saw videos about the Jay Lethal vs Donovan Dijak feud. Dijak severely injured his former manager, Truth Martini. Truth is out with a broken neck and Jay Lethal wants revenge. Jay and Donovan will go at it in the main event. Taeler Hendrix will be with Jay while Prince Nana will aid Dijak.

Kazuchika “Rainmaker” Okada (w/Gedo) vs “Reborn” Matt Sydal

Okada got an incredible welcome from the RoH faithful. Code of Honor handshake. The bell rang and the two circled each other. Collar and Elbow into a Go Behind. Standing Switch. Matt flipped around and started to work over Okada’s arm. Side Hadlock Takeover by Matt. Side Headlock by Okada. Matt got Shoulder Tackled but came back with the Universal. Matt blocked the Rainmaker and hit a Standing Hurancanrana. Okada rolled out of the way of the Standing Shooting Star press. Matt then held the ropes to avoid a Dropkick.

Okada used a Wristlock to take Matt down. Hard Shoulder by Okada. Matt reversed a Whip and hit a Leg Lariat. Matt went to the corner but Okada blocked the Tornado DDT. Okada Dropkicked Matt off the top. That sent us to break.

Matt chopped and kicked Okada as we returned. Slingshot Senton by Okada brought a two count. The two went back and forth with kicks and punches. Okada took the advantage and Gedo was happy about it. Okada ran Matt into the corner. Elbow Drop to Matt’s neck, multiple times. Matt kicked away at Okada’s thigh and then hit one to the face. Sanding Moonsault by Matt drew a deuce. Corner Splash by Matt and then Air Born Knees by Matt. How did Okada kick out of that? Jumping Spin Kick by Matt. Matt went up the ropes for a Top Rope Hurancanrana. He didn’t get it. Okada with a modified Rolling Celtic Cross out of a Jackknife Pin attempt. Savage Elbow by Okada. Rainmaker Pose! Matt dodged the Rainmaker and hit a Reverse Flip Piledriver. Shooting Star Press but Okada got the knees up. Matt fought out of a Tombstone but took a wicked Dropkick. Rainmaker Clothesline!

Your Winner: “Rainmaker” Kazuchika Okada
Honor Roll Ranking: 4.25 out of a possible 5

Adam Cole and the Young Bucks let it be known that they just might show up to “watch” Lethal vs Dijak.

Silas Young cut a promo insulting ACH. Silas talked about how his 7-year old son was more of a man than ACH. Silas decided he needed to teach ACH the lessons that ACH’s daddy should have taught.

“Hangman” Adam Page vs Colt Cabana

Colt and Adam locked up and rolled on the ropes. The ref forced them apart. Colt grabbed Adam and took him to the corner. Adam got a cheap shot in and then unloaded with chops and punches. Shoulder Tackle into a Universal. Colt hit a Hurancanran. “Boom Boom” rang out from the crowd. Heel Trip by Colt. Colt then Snap Mared Adam and went for a Crucifix Side Slide. Adam retreated to the ropes.

Colt wrenched Adam’s arm and sent him down to the canvas. Stand Over Wrist Lock by Colt. Page reversed a Whip but Colt out-maneuvered Page. Adam hit a wicked Shooting Star Press from the apron! RoH cut to commercial.

The fans were mostly chanting for Colt Cabana. Knife Edge Chops by Colt. He was so ticked off at Page. Page nailed a Clothesline and then moved back. Shotgun Dropkick by Page. 2 count. Standing Bow and Arrow by Page but Colt used his butt to blast free. Page kicked and punched away. Colt rocked Page off a Whip. Hard Knife Edge by Colt, followed by hard punches. Flip Flop and Fly into the Bionic Elbow by Colt. Hip Attack by Colt. Page came back with a hard shot. Flip In Clothesline by Page drew a two.

Colt battled out of a Alabama Slam/Rite of Passage. Springboard Moonsault almost gave the win to Colt. The two traded blows. Colt with a Diving Pin on Page to take the win.

Your Winner: Colt Cabana
Honor Roll Ranking: 2.75

Gorilla of Destiny attacked Colt, post-match. Page got his hangman’s noose to do something seriously evil to Colt. roH would not show what happened next.

Kenny King and Rhett Titus, the All-Night Express, cut a promo against Jushin “Thunder” Liger and Cheeseburger. Kenny insulted Liger’s age. The ANX will make wrestling great again.

Nigel McGuinness said the Bullet Club would be fined for that last segment.

B.J. Whitmer strolled down to the ring. He will face Steve Corino on June 24th. Whitmer talked about Corino’s Social Media War against Whitmer. Whitmer and Corino will meet in a Fight Without Honor. The fans got really bored with Whitmer’s ’ant. Steve Corno came out but wasn’t able to get in the ring. Whirmet was ready to go but then he bailed out as COrino was released by security. Seriously?

ACH did a promo about his pending feud with Silas Young. ACH didn’t have an issue with Silas, until he started talking family. ACH accused Silas of not being man enough to hold down his household.

Donovan Dijak (w/Prince Nana) vs Jay Lethal (w/Taeler Hendrix)
Non-Title Match

Lethal demanded this revenge match. Nigel McGuinness made it non-title because he didn’t feel Dijak had earned the title shot, just yet. Taeler was shouting at Dijak and Nana. She is about as shy as a buzzsaw.

Jay jumped in the ring and a Hockey Fight broke out. The two traded kicks and punches. Dijak popped Jay in the face, multiple times. He then kicked the ribs of the World Champion. Dijak launched Lethal over the ropes and out to the floor. Dijak worked over Jay’s upper back. Lethal came back with hard Knife Edge Chops and punches. Dijak with a Suplex Throw, on the floor! Jay reversed a Whip and sent Donovan into the barricade.

Jay picked up Diajk and tossed him into the barricade, again. Taeler was beyond happy. Jay saw Nana and went after him. Nana got in the ring and Jay followed. Nana provided the perfect distraction. Dijak came in to protect his manager. Jay was ready for him and they traded blows. Jay sent Dijak onto the apron and used a Springboard Dropkick to put Dijak on the floor. Jay hit a pair of Tope Suicidas. On the third Tope, Dijak sent Jay into the barricade. Diajk then went in the ring so he could hit a wild Flip Dive to the floor. RoH took its final break of the night.

During the break, Dijak got the world title belt and swore he would take the world title from Jay. Hip Toss Dropkick by Lethal as we return to live action. Lethal clutched his knee. That isn’t good. Jay rammed Dijak into the corner. Knife Edge Chops by Lethal. Dijak reversed a whip. Overhead Belly to Belly and Kip Up by Dijak. 2 count for Donovan.

Donovan pushed Jay, which ticked him off. They went back and forth with shots. Dijak blocked the Lethal Combination. Jay’s leg also gave out. Dijak recovered from a it and went for a Chokeslam. Jay flipped through it and hit an Enziguri. Dijak hit the huge boot to drop Jay. Taeler and Nana got into a war of words. Lethal Combination but Jay couldn’t really follow up. Jay tried to go up top but took way too long to get up top. Hail to the King failed as Dijak waited with the Goozle. Jay tried to break it but couldn’t. Jay rolled Dijak into a rRoll Up. Dijak went wild on Jay with hard shots. Superkick by Lethal. Lethal Injection failed. Sit Out Powerbomb by Dijak but he only got a two. Dijak missed a Moonsault. Prince Nana got up on the apron. Taeler pulled Nana down. She started beating on Nana. As Diajk went for Feast Your Eyes, the Bulelt Club rushed in. The ref was distracted as the Young Bucks accidentally hit Superkicks on Dijak. Lethal Injection.

Your Winner: Jay Lethal
Honor Roll Ranking: 3.75

The Bullet Club rushed in to attack Lethal. The Briscoes went after the Gorillas of Destiny. Jay Briscoe intercepted the World title belt. He stared at the top prize in the company. Lethal snatched the title away from Briscoe.


–Jay Shannon

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