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The final pieces of the Slammiversary puzzle were placed. Matt Hardy issued a challenge…but it wasn’t to fight his brother, Brother Nero (Jeff Hardy).

Tonight’s show opened with a look at the Hardy Brothers Feud. Reby Sky-Hardy got so frustrated that she took the baby and walked away from Matt. Matt and Jeff had a huge fight in the family training area. Matt slammed his brother into a hard table.

Matt Hardy, looking like an extra on The Walking Dead, strolled down to the ring. This new look is absurd. Matt said he was there to confirm that Brother Nero was out of his life, forever. The new voice is so grating. Matt felt Jeff tried to take everything away from him. Matt was confident that Jeff was gone, for good. Matt had one more step to take to become whole again….win back HIS World Heavyweight Title. Matt called out Drew Galloway.

“The Captain” strolled from the back. Drew is set to battle Bobby Lashley at Slammiversary. Impact looked back at how Drew survived a 3-on-1 match against Decay. Drew accused Matt of “losing yer damn mind”. Matt said he had a plan, since he was the final Hardy in the business. Matt wanted to be added to the main event at Slammiversary. Drew stated that their fight was over. Drew wanted to remained totally focused on Bobby Lashley. Matt said the title should be his. Drew explained that he would NOT add Matt Hardy to the World Title Match at Slammiversary. Matt called Drew a coward. Drew offered another option…a title defense TONIGHT. The announcers tripped out at that announcement.

Josh ran down the night’s card.

Jade came out to the ring to see who will fight her at Slammiversary.

Madison Rayne vs Sienna (w/Allie)
Number One Contender’s Match

God, I hate that squeaky voiced chick (Allie). Allie warned Jade that if she touched her or Sierra, Madison would get disqualified. Allie asked Sienna to make this quick. Madison grabbed Allie and Sienna attacked. Hard Whips to the corners. Samoan Drop by Sienna. Someone please gag that high pitched heifer. Sierra threw Madison into the corner and Shouldered Maddie’s lower back. Suplex by Sienna and Allie was thrilled. Madison got loose and hit a Step Up Enziguri. Madison with several strikes that put Sienna on her butt. Madison hit a Slider Clothesline. Crossbody from the top but Maddie couldn’t hold Sienna down. Northern Lights but Maddie couldn’t hold the Bridge. AK-47 (modified Big Ending) by Sienna.

Your Winner: Sienna
Impact Scorecard: 1.5 out of a possible 5

Sienna kept punishing Madison, after the match. Jade rushed in to put a stop to it.

Josh sent it to a video of Mike and Maria Bennett talking about Ethan Carter III and Gail Kim. Maria admitted she beat the living Hell out of Gail, in the past. Maria promised to end Gail’s career, at Slammiversary. Mike stepped up and bragged about beating EC3’s streak. Mike was still ticked off at what Ethan put him through, last week. Mike finally accepted the match against EC3 at Slammiversary! Cool.

E-Li Drake cut an outdoor promo. He would be doing a special Championship Edition of “Fact of Life”. Cut to the ring.

Fact of Life with Decay

Drake is still carrying the Feat or Fired briefcase. Why? He cashed it in, last week. Drake welcomed himself to Fact of Life. Bram will get a King of the Mountain rematch at Slammiversary. Drake was so confident that he would be able to retain. Drake then brought out Abyss, Crazzy Steve and Rosemary…Decay. The gothic trio made their way to the ring. Drake called them “Freaks…in the nicest way possible”. Drake sort of flirted with Rosemary. Drake felt Decay was into Methodical Insanity. Drake asked how Decay would deal with the BroMans, on Sunday.

Rosemary said the fans were puppets. Steve stated they just erased the insanity within themselves. Abyss said the BroMans were suave, debonair and handsome but not Beautiful. All three said the BroMans would…Decay.

Enter Robbie E, Jessie Godderz and Raquel. Jessie took the microphone and said the BroMans would beat Decay’s *sses and become 3-time tag team champions. Rosemary didn’t want to wait until Sunday. Rosemary said it was a 4-on-3 situation. Raquel explained they brought friends: Grado and Mahabali Shera. Grado discussed how Bram was going to do bad things to Drake. E-Li just kept going on and on with his silly “Dummy” button. Drake brought up Snow and the Tribunal. Grado said Drake had nay control. Dax and Baraka came out to attack Grado and Shera. Someone take that darn whistle away from “Coach” Al Snow! Bram rushed out and went off on Drake. This was complete chaos. Impact, of course, cut to commercial.

Grado, Mahabali Shera, Bram, Jessie Godderz and Robbie E vs Abyss, Crazzy Steve, E-Li Drake, Baron Dax and Basile Baraka (w/AlSnow)
10-Man Tag Team Match

Rosemary and Raquel were also at ringside. Shera took the fight to Drake. Drake rushed over and tagged out to Abyss as Bram tagged in. Abyss exploded on the Chesterfield Plauge, Bram. Bram hit a Leg Lariat. Tag to Steve. Corner Mount Bite. Robbie got the tag and dropped Steve. Steve hit a wicked Suplex to Robbie. Dax got involved in the match. He worked over his foe and then brought Baraka in. Basile went for a pin and then applied a Cobra Clutch. Dax and Baraka will bring some serious mortal combat to Grado and Shera at Slammiversary. Grin.

Robbie hit a Jawbreaker on Basile but couldn’t reach his corner. Dax came back in and sent Robbie to the ropes. Jessie got the tag and went off on everyone. Huge Powerslam and Press Slam by Jessie. Dropkick by Jessie. Abyss rushed in and hit a Chokeslam on Jessie. Shera came in and took out Abyss. Robbie flew off the top to take down the entire Decay faction. Bram opened up on both Baraka and Dax. Bram was flipped out of the ring by Drake. Grado popped Drake and went into the Flip Flop and Fly and Bionic Elbow. Grado hit a Frog Splash to almost pin Drake. Drake nailed a Low Blow and finished off Grado with a Fact of Life.

Your Winners: Abyss, E-Li Drake, Crazzy Steve, Baron Dax and Basile Baraka
Impact Scorecard: 2.5

Gail and Ethan did an interview about facing the Bennetts. Gail was ready to shut Maria’s mouth. Ethan stepped in and let it be known that the games were over. Ethan sounded all Braveheart as he went off about his pending victory over Mike Bennett.

Matt Hardy walked up to talk with Bobby Lashley. Matt knew Bobby was upset. Bobby said the World title was his and he would not allow anyone to stand in his way.

Ethan Carter III and Gail Kim vs “Miracle” Mike Bennett and Maria Kanellis-Bennett (w/Allie)
Mixed Tag Team Match

Maria had a bag in hand as she got in the ring. We cut to the Slammiversary press conference. It was the official Weigh In and Photo Op. It quickly broke down into a fight.

Maria took the stick and rambled on about how great she is. Maria decided she was NOT going to wrestle, tonight. Maria substituted Allie for her in the match. Maria told Allie to get dressed for the match. So…

Gail Kim and Ethan Carter III vs “Miracle” Mike Bennett and Allie
Adjusted Mixed Tag Team Match

Too funny when Pope talked about what was “Best for Business”. Copyright infringement? Smile. The men started the match or so it seemed. Mike quickly tagged Squeaky in the match. She made Ethan’s ears hurt. She’s like the female Beeker of the Muppets. Gail took the tag and went right towards Gail. Gail rocked Allie with Forearms. Dropkick by Gail. Maria tripped Gail as she bounced off the ropes. Allie threw Gail down by the hair. 1 cont. Allie choked Gail on the middle rope. Gail kicked the Apprentice and then came off the ropes. Double Hair Drag.

Tag to the guys. Ethan went to town on The Miracle. Jawbreaker and Stinger Splash led to a Flapjack by Ethan. Mike blocked the 1%er. Ethan sent Mike to the outside. Allie rushed in to attack Ethan. It was like a fly trying to take out an elephant with a swat from its wing. Gail sent Allie out to the floor. Mike rushed in with a steel chair. Ethan saw him coming and chased him out of the arena. Allie kicked the inner thigh to block Eat Da Feet. Gail blocked a Suplex and turned it into an Inside Cradle.

Your Winners: Gail Kim and Ethan Carter III
Impact Scorecard: 2.0

Sienna, Allie and Maria then Triple Teamed Gail. They did a con-chair-to to Gail’s knee. Gail was in complete agony.

Braxton Sutter warmed up, backstage.

Trevor Lee (w/Gregory Shane Helms) vs Eddie Edwards
X-Division Title Match

Eddie should have won the title in a recent Ultimate X Match but Lee grabbed the belt out of Eddie’s hands to retain. Eddie knocked Lee off the apron and went right after the champ. Knife Edge Chops on the floor by Eddie, the Lone Wolf. Lee jumped Eddie as they got in the ring. European Uppercut by Lee. Eddie came back with a Clothesline and Shoulder Tackle. Headbutts by Eddie. Eddie slid out of the ring and went after Helms. Eddie stopped to sweep Lee’s leg. Lee’s face slammed onto the apron.

Back in the ring, Lee kicked and Clotheslined the challenger. Lee ripped at Lee’s face. Headbutt by Lee but it seemed tohurt him as much as Eddie. Wild Biel by the champ. Eddie kicked Lee in the face. Knee Strike by Lee. Inverted Atomic Drop and Whip by Eddie. Lee kicked Eddie. Eddie went out and in the ring to confuse Lee. Suicide Dive by Eddie to send Lee into the barricade.

Eddie tossed Lee back in the ring. Lee booted Eddie but took an Enziguri. Lee escaped the Backpack Stunner. Bridging German Suplex by Lee. Front Face Look but Eddie rushed Lee into the corner. Sit-Out Powerbomb but Eddie only drew a two. Eddie spent a lot of time before he went up the ropes. Eddie was shoved off the ropes by Andrew Everett. Lee seemed to have it won but Eddie kicked out of the pin. DJZ rushed out to take out Everett. Helms then attacked DJZ. Helms slammed the title belt into Eddie’s face. Lee picked the vones with a Roll Up.

Your Winner: “The Cosmic Caveman” Trevor Lee
Impact Scorecard: 2.5

Bobby Lashley came up to talk with Drew Galloway. Bobby wanted Drew to beat Matt, so Bobby could take the title from Drew, on Sunday. Drew reminded Bobby that he forced Kurt Angle to Tap Out and he was sure to do the same to Bobby Lashley.

Gail was being checked out by the medics. She wanted ice for her knee. Gail couldn’t’ move the knee. Gail said she just had to be ok for Slammiversary.

Braxton Sutter vs Bill Callous

Braxton and Bill circled each other. Collar and Elbow. They went to the corner. Braxton with a Snap Powerslam. Big Boot by Braxton. Pump Kick missed but A Big Boot didn’t. Lie Detector like move to finish this one off. Could be the…emmm..Sutter Cutter?

Your Winner: Braxton Sutter
Impact Scorecard: 1.75 (expect his scores to quickly rise)

Jeremy Borash chatted with Braxton. Braxton was humbled by the experience of being in Impact. He thanked the fans. Braxton stated he was there to take over, not just take part. His only BS’s were his initials.

Willow did a promo. Which version of the character was this one? I’m thinking it’s Jeff Hady.

Ethan Carter III cut a promo about his upcoming match against “Miracle” Mike Bennett. Josh and Pope ran down the updated Slammieversary card. That led to a video package about Lashley and Galloway.

“Maniacal” Matt Hardy vs “The Captain” Drew Galloway
TNA World Title Match

The bell rang and they hooked up. Drew took the arm but Matt blasted the ribs. Drew turned things around and Knife Edge Chopped Matt. Drew clubbed and kicked the Iconic One. Matt kicked Drew but he No Sold it and Clotheslined Matt. Corner Attack by Drew. Ax Bomber by the champion. Matt and Drew went to the floor and Drew hit wild Knife Edge Chops. Matt slammed Drew’s face onto the ring apron. Drew used a Tilt-a-Whirl to slam Matt’s back onto the ring apron. Matt came back with a Side Effect to the ring steps. Matt punished Drew’s face and head.

They got back in the ring and Matt stood over Drew. He kicked the ribs, over and over. Elbow Drop to Drew’s neck. 2 cont. Funk Neckbreaker by Matt brought another 2 count. The two traded had punches. Kneeling Enzigruri by Matt gave him another 2. Matt bit Drew in the face. Ouch! Ice Pick by Matt. Drew powered up to break the hold. Overhead Belly to Belly by the champion. The fought from their knees and up to their feet. Forearms and fists flew. Drew hit a ton of Knife Edge Chops. Back Elbow by Matt. Drew blocked the Blockbuster and hit a Running Celtic Cross. 2 count, once more. Drew put Matt on the top turnbuckle. Drew climbed up to hit a Superplex. Matt swept the leg and Galloway was crotched. Drew fell into the Sullivan Tree of Woe after Matt hit a ton of Headbutts. Drew used amazing core strength to curl up. Super Reverse Snap Mare. Bobby Lashley rushed in and attacked Dre Galloway. Hip Toss to the champ.

Your Winner: Match Thrown Out
Impact Scorecard: 2.0

Bobby and Drew fought out on the floor. They went up the ramp and into the back. Matt just stood back and watched. Matt was upset that he was not champ. The lights went out and Willow’s cackle filled the air. Suddenly a bunch of fans were wearing Willow masks. They chanted for Willow. Multiple Willows walked out onto the stage. The “real” Willow camee on the Tron. Willow said the feud between the Hardys would end at Slammiversary. Suddenly the music changed to Jeff’s. Hardy revealed himself from the stage. Matt and Jeff went at each other in a serious Hockey Fight.


–Jay Shannon

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