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The top stars of Ring of Honor and New Japan came together to give the fans some of the best wrestling on the planet. Let’s take a look.

Welcome to War of the Worlds.

ACH came out for the opening contest. RoH showed how he and Matt Sydal have decided to split up, as a tag team. For once, the two didn’t try to beat the stuffing out of each other.

ACH vs Lio Rush

Silas Young came out to watch the match. Lio went for a Shoulder Tackle but ACH didn’t move. Silas talked trash about ACH. Huge Dropkick by ACH as Silas grumbled about ACH playing video games. Float Over by Lio. Flying Headscissors and Enziguri by Rush. Flip Dive by Lio to the floor. Silas also complained about Rush looking too young. Tilt-a-Whirl DDT by Lio pulled a two count. ACH hit a Spiral Kick and wicked Clothesline.

Rush blocked a German Suplex but ACH just came along with a Snap version of the German Suplex. Rush blocked Get Over Here and hit a Windmill Kick. 2 count. Superkick by ACH. Spirit Bomb led to the Midnight Star! 1-2-3.

Your Winner: ACH
Honor Roll Ranking: 3.0 out of a possible 5

Silas Young got in the ring and attacked both ACH and Lio Rush. He mostly focused on ACH. Misery to ACH.

RoH looked at how The Addiction (Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian) defeated Raymond Rowe and Hanson to become the new tag team champions. The Addiction used some seriously underhanded tactics, including cracking the former champs with the title belts.

Kaz and Daniels then made their way to the ring. Daniels got a mix of cheers and boos as he praised and insulted the Toronto crowd. Daniels ran down the other teams to prove they were better than them all.

They were cut off by the arrival of the Motor City Machine Guns. Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley took exception to being dismissed by The Addiction. Sabin said The Addiction were a pair of “sad, middle-aged D-Bags”. Sabin wanted a shot at the tag belts, tonight. Before Daniels or Kaz could answer, Roppongi Vice (Romero and Barreta) showed up. Trent called The Addiction old. That set off the tag champs. Daniels proposed a Three Way Tag Team Dance. If Roppongi Vice or the Machine Guns were to win, they would get a tag team title match at “Best in the World”.

The Addiction (Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian) vs Roppongi Vice (Rocky Romero and Trent Barreta) vs The Motor City Machine Guns (Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley)
Three Way Tag Team Match, Non-Title

The bell sounded after commercial time. Rocky and Chris started the match. Arm Drags on both sides but The Addiction jumped in the middle of this. Romero hit Forever Clotheslines on The Addiction. Tag to Barreta. Trent partied on the apron and then hopped over the ropes to deliver a Boot Rake to Kaz. The Guns Ping Ponged Daniels. Kaz tore at Shelley’s eyes and then showed off. Alex tripped Kaz and then danced. Rolling Neckbreaker by Kazz, after Daniels punched Shelley’s ribs. The tag champs focused on Shelley and cut off the ring from everyone else. Trent slid in and stomped Kaz.

Daniels hit an STO after a wild melee. Daniels stomped away on Shelley. Hammer Throw by Daniels. RoH went to break.

RoH showed a clip of “Infamous” Bobby Fish winning the Ring of Honor TV Title. Ishii passed out to a Sleeper from Fish. So, Bobby won by submission. Sweet.

We returned to this wild battle to find The Addiction still in control. Daniels hit a wicked Dropkick on Shelley. Kaz took the tag and stomped away. He quickly brought Daniels back in. Daniels was dropped into Kaz’s nethers. Tag to Sabin. Step Up Enziguri by Chris. Wild Monkey Flip to send Daniels into Kazarian. Roppongi Vice went for the double team but failed. The Guns worked together to help Sabin hit the Tope Suicida. Jawbreaker to Sabin. Trent hit a vicious Inside Out Suplex. Double Team by Roppongi but Shelley broke up the pin. Double Jumping Knees to Daniels by RPG. Daniels countered Strong Zero. Romero hit a wild kick. Uranage intothe BME onto Romero. Gun Slinger Double Team on Daniels. The Guns hit a Neckbreaker/Crossbody to pin Christopher Daniels. They get the title shot at Best in the World!

Your Winners: Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley, The Motor City Machine Guns
Honor Roll Ranking: 3.5

Roderick Strong cut a scathing promo against Jay Briscoe. They will face off, in a few weeks.

The Young Bucks welcomed Adam Cole to the Bullet Club. Cole said there was nothing that could be done to stop them. Cole said Ring of Honor was their world and the chaos was just getting started.

Matt Taven joined Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuinness at the announce table. Nigel announced a match for Best in the World: B.J. Whitmer vs “King of Old School” Steve Corino in a FIGHT WITHOUT HONOR! Awesome.

Kevin then how Bullet Club expanded with the addition of “Hangman” Adam Page. Bullet Club went ballistic on everyone in sight. Page then attacked Jay Briscoe and hit a Rite of Passage onto a table. Page then hung Chris Sabin.

The Bullet Club music hit.

The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega (The Elite of the Bullet Club) vs Yoshi Tatsu, Michael Elgin and Hiroshi Tanahashi
Non-Title Match

Matt Taven wasn’t impressed with the various factions within the Bullet Club. So cool to see Tatsu back in action. Tiger Hattori was the Zebra in Charge. RoH took a quick break before the chaos kicked off.

All six men were ready to go and all Hell broke loose at the bell. Triple Low Bridge sent the Bullet Club to the outside. Flip Dive by Big Mike (Elgin). Elgin with a Stall Suplex to Mick Jackson and then hit a Snap Suplex to both brothers. Elgin worked over Omega until Kenny hit a Snap Dragon Suplex.

Yoshi came in and went after the BC. Tanahashi then attacked all three BCers. Dragon Screw Leg Whip by Tanahashi. Double SUperkicks by theBucks to Hiroshi. Triple Tope Suicida by the Bullet Club. Wicked Triple Team (Double Enziguris and Dropkick) by the BC’sto Tanahashi. Kenny worked over his mortal enemy, Tanahashi. Huge Back Rake by Matt Jackson. 2 count. RearChin Lock on Tanahashi. RoH had time for one more set of commercials.

Tanahashi unleashed a series of Back Rakes to all 3 Elite members. Tag to Elgin. Corner Clothesline by Mike into a Rolling German Suplex. Elgin hit a Dual German to both Jackson brothers. Slingshot Powerslam by Elgin to Omega. Dead Weight Falcon Arrow but Omega flew in to make the save. Superkicks all around. Mike blocked the Indietaker and dumped one of the Jacksons out to the floor. Inside Out Clothesline. Tag to Tatsu. Go To Sleep to Matt by Tatsu. That happened after a modified Unicorn Stampede Corner Clothesline thing. Tatsu was sprayed in the eyes. Triple Superkick to TTatsu. Could be…might be…Denied One Winged Angel by Omega.

Your Winners: The Elite
Honor Roll Ranking: 3.0

Almost all of the Bullet Club members came in the ring. Adam Cole was mysteriously missing.


–Jay Shannon

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