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Jermaine Royster reporting

Smackdown comes to us from Rockford, Illinois and the New Day comes to the ring to get the show started. Kofi says last Monday a lot of things went down referencing the Vaudevillians and also The Club. Xavier Woods says the Club will never be WWE Champions, The Club then interferes. Anderson says they didn’t look like champions on Monday, Gallows says the Club will take the belts at any time. The New day then joke on The Club calling them bald, New Day challenges them to a match then AJ Styles shows up. Styles says why not talk about The Club and what they did to John Cena and the New Day. Styles says its not a New Day, its their day. Styles calls Kingston a joke, Kingston tells AJ it took him 10 years just to get here. The Club then challenges New Day to a match. That match would later be changed to a singles match, Kofi Kingston taking on AJ Styles. We also get word that a tag team match is set for tonight, Sami Zayn & Dean Ambrose battling Alberto Del Rio & Kevin Owens.

Womens Match(Singles)
Becky Lynch vs WWE Women’s Champion Charlotte w/Dana Brooke

Both women wrestle to a standstill, Becky delivers an arm drag followed by an arm bar. Charlotte reverses with a kick to the head then strikes to Becky in the corner. Lynch tries to reverse but Dana Brooke interferes while on the ropes. Becky blast Dana but gets kicked off the apron by Charlotte. Becky dodges Charlotte in the other corner, Becky runs and hits Charlotte with the fore arm then an exploder suplex. Charlotte fights off Becky with knife edge chops but Becky comes back with Fore arms, Becky locks on the cross arm breaker but Charlotte gets out hitting a power bomb to Lynch. Charlotte goes to the top rope, misses the moonsault and Becky once again locks on the Cross Arm Breaker but Dana Brooke pulls Charlotte out of the ring, causing the disqualification.

Your Winner: Becky Lynch

Natalya comes to the rescue after the match is over, both Natalya & Lynch fight off Charlotte & Brooke.

Dean Ambrose & Sami Zayn are interviewed backstage as they have a match against tonight Alberto Del Rio & Kevin Owens. Owens & ADR ambush the interview and Owens says Zayn is brain washing Ambrose. Zayn puts down Del Rio, he then calls him a paper boy, Ambrose says tonight will be war.

Tag Team Match
Golden Truth vs The Dudley Boys

(Tyler Breeze & Fandango{Breezango} are sitting VIP at ringside)

Goldust starts with Bubba as the two get tied up in the corner, Goldust hip tosses Bubba then tags R-Truth. Truth hits another arm drag then tags Goldust as they hit a double suplex. Truth hits a leg drop then blast Bubba in the corner. Truth goes to the top but D’Von interferes allowing Bubba to get in control. D’Von comes in and Truth tries to fight back but D’Von blasts Truth with a spinning european uppercut. Bubba comes in as Goldust gets the hot tag from Truth. Goldust clears the ring then hits a Spine buster to D’Von, Tyler Breeze distracts Truth prompting him to go after him, this causes Goldust to be distracted a rolled up for the loss.

Your Winners: The Dudley Boys

After the match, Breeze and Fandango are laughing going up the ramp telling the Golden Truth that their time is over and they are out of style.

A recap of the Baron Corbin/Dolph Ziggler program is shown next with Corbin cheating to win at Extreme Rules, then Ziggler returning the favor to Corbin on Raw.

Corbin is interviewed outside and he says the WWE Universe doesn’t deserve his time and he says Dolph ziggler will pay.

Tag Team match
Dean Ambrose & Sami Zayn vs Kevin Owens & Alberto Del Rio

Zayn starts off with Owens as Kevin goes right for Sami in the corner. Zayn hits the flying head scissors then Owens tags ADR. Zayn gets him in the corner then tags Dean Ambrose, both unload on Del Rio the Ambrose strike him down in the corner. Zayn gets the tag, they double team ADR but Del Rio counters Zayn with the backstabber. Owens gets the tag and kicks Zayn in the corner, Del Rio gets the tag then hits the running kick to head of Zayn. Ambrose comes in and attacks both Owens & ADR with bulldogs from the corner. Dean hits the Air Ambrose toupee onto Del Rio on the outside. Owens comes over to help Del Rio blasting Dean Ambrose. ADR scores off the ropes hitting Ambrose then hits the double foot stomp as Ambrose got caught in the ropes. Owens gets the tag, mocks Zayn then proceeds to kick Ambrose while he is down. Owens gets Zayn to rush the referee, meanwhile ADR & Owens double team Ambrose on the outside. Zayn goes over the top rope taking out both men, once back in the ring ADR blocks Ambrose from making the tag. Dean hits a swinging neck breaker but he cant tag Zayn, Ambrose goes for the Dirty Deeds but its blocked by ADR, Del Rio goes for the running kick but he hits Owens instead. Zayn gets the tag and immediately hits the Helluva Kick to Del Rio for the win.

Your Winners: Sami Zayn & Dean Ambrose

After the match Owens goes to the announce desk and says he is tired of people spoiling matches for him. He goes for a table but Cesaro comes to the ring, he hits the spring board uppercut and climbs the ladder to reach the briefcase as the crowd cheers.

Lana is introduced as she asks the crowd to stand up and greet the American hero…Rusev!

Singles Match
Rusev vs Jack Swagger
Rusev doesn’t waste anytime as he attacks Swagger as he gets in the ring. Rusev throws Swagger into the steel steps then drags him into the ring. Jack is slumped in the corner holding his shoulder as a result of the steel steps, Swagger plays possum going to the corner. The bell sounds as Swagger goes for the ankle lock. Rusev goes to the outside and hits a lariat to to Rusev. Rusev sores on a kick and sends Swagger in the ring. Rusev goes to work with submission moves and kicks to the back of Swagger. Swagger’s shoulder is hurting him because of the attack earlier but Swagger still manages to hit a belly to belly. Rusev blocks the Swagger bomb but Swagger hits another lariat. Swagger again goes for the Patriot Lock but Rusev gets a away. As Swagger gets back in the ring Rusev goes for the Accolade but Swagger blocks trying for the Patriot lock but Rusev blocks. Rusev locks on the Accolade and Swagger is forced to tap.

Your Winner: Rusev via Submission

After the bell has sounded, Rusev doesn’t relinquish the hold on Swagger. Titus O’Neal comes in for the save as Rusev & Lana go back up the ramp.

Next is another segment with Bob Backlund & Darren Young, Bob tell Darren to start walking more so he sends hi to the next town on foot.

Next we see a highlight package of the Seth Rollins/Roman Reigns saga. Seth Rollins made his comeback after Reigns defended the WWE World Heavyweight Championship against AJ Styles. Seth downed his former Shield stablemate with the Pedigree then grabbed Reigns title to signal a match. Rollins would go onto say he is still the Man and the reason he got hurt was because he had to carry the entire WWE. Reigns says as long as he has the belt over his shoulder he is still The Guy. Seth would come out to face Reigns but Seth never went I the ring. Rollins will face Reigns for the title he never lost at Money in the Bank in two weeks.

Main Event of Smackdown
Singles Match
AJ Styles w/Anderson & Gallows vs Kofi Kingston w/Big E & Xavier Woods

Both men wrestle to a stand still as both kick out of maneuvers and holds. Both lock up again and AJ hits a pair of arm drags, Kofi comes back with a front face lock then a hurricanranna to Styles. Kofi hits the basement drop kick to Styles in the corner as New Day celebrates on the outside. Anderson and Gallows come into the ring as well as the New Day, all six men argue in the ring as Smackdown goes to commercial. Styles gets back in control with blows to Kingston’s head, Kofi leap frogs AJ then locks on an arm bar. Styles gets away and attacks throat of Kingston, Kofi drops AJ to the outside. As the Club and the New Day have another stare down, AJ takes Kofi and throws him against the steel post. Back in the ring AJ hits a neck breaker but Kofi hit a jaw breaker in return stunning Styles. AJ hits the quick strikes to Kofi sending him to the mat. AJ send Kofi to the corner, Kingston scores with a monkey flip sending AJ across the ring. Kingston hits a few top rope moves and clothe lines, he then hits the boom drop. Kofi misses the Trouble in Paradise but AJ hits the Ushigoroshi neck breaker. AJ signals the Styles Clash but Kingston gets away with a fore arm and a body press. Kofi puts AJ on the top turn buckle but Styles slithers through and drops Kofi, AJ goes for the Phenomenal Fore Arm but Kofi hits the S.O.S. Anderson takes out Woods on the outside then Big E spears Gallows on the barricade. Kofi comes over to help but Big E hits a belly to belly to Anderson on the announce desk. Kofi gets back in the ring but AJ catches him with the pele kick followed by the Styles Clash for the win.

Your Winner: AJ Styles

After the match, The Club celebrates in the ring as AJ scores another big singles win and Smackdown goes off the air.

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