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Ring of Honor profiled the Bullet Club, this week.

Kevin Kelly was our host. Kevin pushed the new changes for Bullet Club, at Global Wars. Kevin mentioned the comings and goings in the group. They are definitely this generation’s now.

First, we went to War of the Worlds 2014.

Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows vs Mark and Jay Briscoe
IWGP Tag Team Title Match

The Finish:

Jay hit a huge boot on Anderson. Mark had been taken out. We were at the Hammerstein Ballroom. Double Team on Jay. Senton and Splash by the Bullet Club. Boot O Doom to pull a two count. Mark finally got back in the match. Redneck Kung Fu on Doc. Mark threw himself into Doc to take him down. Mark hit a hug kick. Froggie Bo. 1-2-kick out. Doc prevented Doomsday. Ace Crusher by Mark. Clutch Powerbomb by Doc. Magic Killer to Mark.

Your Winners: Anderson and Gallows
Honor Roll Ranking: 3.5 out of a possible 5

Kevin was back to discuss the Bullet Club. This focus was the feud between RoH and Bullet Club.

Bullet Club vs Team RoH
10-Man Tag Team Match

The Finish:

Roderick Strong hit Elevator Knees to all of his foes in sight and then hit a series of Superplexes. Strong just popped up after hitting a pair of them and then went to nail a third Superplex. Steve Corino was beside himself at this insanity. Strong was rocked by Doc Gallows but Strong would not be denied. Nick Jackson surprised Strong but Roddy just kept rolling. Strong Superplexed Jackson out to the floor. Holy Moses! Doc Gallows hit a Powerbomb on Hanson. A.J. Styles went for a Styles Clash but Strong took him out. Jay Driller! Froggie Bo!

Your Winners: Team RoH (War Machine, Roderick Strong and the Briscoes)
Honor Roll Ranking: 4.0

Kevin was ready to discuss how the Bullet Club members have held all the titles.

Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks vs The Briscoes and Toro Yano
NEVER Open Weight Six Man Tag Team Title Match

The Briscoes and Yano went into this match as champions.

The Finish:

Kenny taunted his foes before the match. Cody Hall got involved and took out the Briscoes. Yaho was mugged by the Bullet Club. This Bullet Club trio has the alternate group name of “The Elite”. Mark and Jay came back to work over their challengers. Double Underhook Throw of Omega. Slider Dropkick by Jay to Matt Jackson. Nick was then served up to Dem Boys to annihilate. The Briscoes launched Nick over the top and into Cody Hall. Damn! He must have flown 10-15 feet. Yano waited for someone to fight. He got Omega. Yano waited in the roeps to throw Kenny off his game. Double Superkicks to Yano, who was held in the ropes by Hall. Yano was thrown in and out of the ring. Triple Suicide Dives by The Elite. The fans changed for eh Young Bucks.

Kenny almost pinned Yano. Kenny stomped and choked Yano with the boot. “Red Shoes” ordered Kenny to break. Mat Jackson was in to continue the stomp down. Leg Drop by Matt to pull a two. This match continued, after a quick break.

Cody Hall helped Kenny Omega with an Assisted Abdominal Stretch. Kenny got a two count on a pin attempt. Rolling Bck Rake by Kenny. Nick tagged in and a bunch of flips and such before raking Yano’s back. The two brothers went after Yano but he took them out. Kenny just waited and blasted Yano. Yano took off the corner protective pad. He laid on the cover like it was a pillow. Yano used the cover as a weapon and shield. It was hilarious when he went all Louisvilel Slugger with the pad. Tag to Mark Briscoe. Mark with the Cross Arm Powerbomb to Nick. Matt made the save. Jay and Mark double teamed Matt. Mark then took the fight to Nick. Nick went for a SUperkick but Kenny had to hit it. Jay just Booted the Hell out of anyone in sight.

Buckle Bomb to Mark. The Bucks hit the Held Swanton. Kenny tried for the pin but only got two. Snap Dragon Suplex by Kenny. Triple Superkick. Mark flipped out of the Back Body Drop and tagged out to Yano. Triple Team on the Japanese Star failed. Yano sent all three men into the exposed corner. Kenny took the worst of it. Low Blow by Yano. Hall got involved, again. Kenny with a spray but it hit Hall, not Yano. Roll Up gave Yano a two. Kenny jumped Yano but Yano went for a pin. Spray to Yano’s face. The Briscoes took the fight to Kenny and Matt. Double Indietakers to the Briscoes. Mark and Jay were rolled out of the ring. Yano was lifted up for More Bang for your Buck!. Kenny did the pin.

Your Winners (and NEW IWGP NEVER Open Weight Six Man Tag Team Champions); The Elite
Honor Roll Ranking: 4.0

Kevin brought up the loss to Bullet Club of Doc and Karl.

Doc Gallows, Tama Tonga, Bad Luck Fale and Karl Anderson vs Bobby Fish, Kyle O’Reilly, Goto and Shibata
8 Man Tag Team Match

The match broke down into complete chaos from the beginning.

The Finish:

This was Anderson and Gallows last match before heading to the WWE. Fish rocked Tama with strikes and kicks. Flapjack by Tama. Tags to Doc and Shibata. Doc blasted a charging Shibata. Shibata clipped the inner thigh and went for a Figure Four. Karl stopped him cold. Shibata rocked Karl with a hard shot. Neck Snap by Doc for a two plus. Doc wanted a Powerbomb but Kyle stopped him. This broke down into a complete mess. Magic Killer blocked. Gun Stun blocked, at first. Neckbreaker to Karl. Doc blasted Shibata but he No Sold it, pretty much. Gallows Pole brought a two. Shibata locked in a Rear Chin Lock and then hit the Penalty Kick to end this one.

Your Winners: Goto, Shibata, O’Reilly and Fish
Honor Roll Ranking: 3.5

Kevin was back for the final segment of the night. He showed how the Bullet Club added a couple of new members to replace Doc and Karl. At Global Wars, the Bullet Club took out Todd Sinclair and then Taeler Hendrix. Bullet Club slid in the ring with two Bullet Club members. They threw shirts to Jay Lethal and Colt Cabana. The lights went out and went they came back up…ADAM COLE was wearing a Bullet Club shirt. Cole broke the news that he was a member of the team. There were Superkicks all over the place by Cole and the Bucks. Indietaker on the floor! Kevin Kelly was Superkicked. Mr. Wrestling III also took a Superkick. Someone got put through a table. Jay Lethal was tied to the ropes and Cole hit Superkicks to Lethal. Triple SUperkick to the cameraman.

Adam Cole cut a promo about graduating from The Kingdom to the Bullet Club. Cole issued a challenge to Jay Lethal to face him for the World title.

They didn’t mentioned that Adam Page had also joined the B.C..


–Jay Shannon

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