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Extreme Rules is in the books. One title did change hands but the biggest news of the night was the return of Seth Rollins. What kind of insanity would the fallout from Extreme Rules bring? Let’s find out…

The show began with a look at the end of the World title match. Roman Reigns used a Spear to take out A.J. Styles. After the match, Seth Rollins rushed in and planted Roman with a Pedigree. The fans absolutely exploded with glee.

Roll the opening montage!

Welcome to Raw 1200! Seth Rollins came out to kick off the live segments. The crowd was mixed about the returning Seth. He soaked it all in and strutted down towards the ring. Seth smiled as he took in the various reactions from the gans. “Welcome Back” echoed off the walls in Baltimore. Seth asked the crowd if they were going to let him talk. Seth has been waiting for 200 days to talk to his fans and be in HIS ring. Seth confirmed that he had returned. Seth told everyone that he was back to get the title that he never lost. Seth sent it to a still of him hitting the Pedigree on Roman. The fans thanked Seth for doing that. Seth felt that the fans actually missed him. I did. Seth is one of the top performers of this generation. Smile.

Seth brought up how the fans treated him, in the past. Seth seemed to be thanking the fans for their support but then drew major heat when he talked about throwing all the letters into a garbage can and setting them on fire. Seth made it crystal clear that he didn’t need any of the fans. Seth was only there for the title, nothing else matters.

Roman Reigns strolled from the back to confront Seth. Roman slowly walked down to the ring. Roman and Seth stared each other down and then Seth bailed out of the ring to avoid Roma. Seth said he would do this on HIS time. His exit was stopped by the arrival of Shane McMahon. Shane jogged down to the ring. Seth crawled up onto the apron when Shane got in the ring. Shane had asked Seth to join him and Roman. Shane knew the hatred between these two. Shane gave a quick history lesson of how Seth brought this all about. Shane set up the World title match, at Money in the Bank, between Roman and Seth.

Tonight, there would be qualifying matches for the Money in the Bank match at the next PPV.

Sheamus was interviewed, backstage. Renee Young asked him about facing Sami Zayn in one of the qualifying match. Sheamus mocked Sami’s name and look. Sheamus has finally grown out his beard so he doesn’t look quite as silly as he once did. Sehamus warned the beating of Sami would not be advisable for all ages.

Sami Zayn vs Sheamus
Money in the Bank Qualifying Match

Sheamus took Sami to the corner. Collar and Elbow and Sheamus used a Side Headlock Takeover. Sami got free, easily. Go Behind by Sami but Sheamus flipped Sami off him. Sami sent Sheamus into the roes but the Irishman dropped Sami. Universal into a Heel Kick by Sami. Knife Edge Chops and punches by Sami. Legdrop by Sheamus. Sheamus threw Sami over the ropes but the Canadian landed on the apron. Tilt-a-Whirl Headscissors sent Sheamus out to the floor. Sami went after Sheamus and hit a wicked Moonsault off the barricade.

Sami threw Sheamus back in the ring. Mr. Wrestling III Knee Lift as Sami tried to get back in the ring. Break time.

We are back and Sheamus was in full control. Sheamus pointed up at the Money in the Bank Briefcase. Spinning Scoop Slam by the Celtic Warrior brought him a two. Sheamus put Sami on the ropes and tried for a Superplex. Sami fought out of it and sent Sheamus sailing off the ropes. Sami came off the ropes but fell to the Irish Curse Backbreaker. 1-2-not yet. Sheamus came off the ropes and got laid out with a Clothesline and a Michinoku Driver! Dang! Sheamus kicked out and retreated to the corner.

Sami unloaded with a flurry of strikes. Sami started to run the ropes but Sheamus kicked the ankle. Sami collapsed, hard. Sami ducked the Brogue Kick and used a La Bandera on Sheamus. Sheamus caught Sami as he rushed the ropes. Sami unleashed his Helluva Kick to take out Sheamus.

Your Winner: Sami Zayn
Raw Ranking: 3.25 out of a possible 5

Sheamus was absolutely livid that he lost.

So, I got a note from my good friend, Johnny Ova, that a Legend, George “The Animal” Steele, is dealing with some major health issues, right now. John didn’t go into detail, out of respect for the Mr. Steele’s and his family’s privacy. He did ask for prayers for George. I am passing this along and asking the same for one of my all-time favorite wrestlers. Smile.

Renee talked with Apollo Crews about his match with Chris Jericho, tonight. Crews knew that Jericho was in bad shape, after Extreme Rules. Before he could continue, Sheamus attacked Crews and destroyed him. Sheamus was not going to let anyone take his spot.

New Day came out to chat with the crowd. They had a great match, last night, with the Vaudevillains. There was a birthday cake in the ring but the announcers didn’t have a clue who’s birthday it was. Woods bragged about retaining the tag belts at Extreme Rules. The cake was for the 1200th episode of Raw. I still remember the very first episode. New Day wished Raw a Happy Birthday.

Big E reminded everyone that a wrestling ring is NEVER safe for a cake. Big E got out of the ring with the cake. Big E stalked the front row with the cake. He then stalked the announcers. The Social Outcasts slid in the ring and Pearl Harbored Woods and Kofi.

Big E, Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods vs Curtis Axel, Heath Slater and Bo Dallas
Six Man Tag Team Match

After a cut to the EBS system, Raw came back. Heath flew off the ropes, thanks to the help from Kofi. Kofi stomped him down and that launched the Unicorn Stampede. Kofi flew into the corner to annihilate Heath. Triple Team Enziguri on Heath. Bo and Curtis came to the aid of their companion. Woods flew over the ropes and took out Curtis and Bo. Dawn Breaking to Heath.

Your Winners: The New Day
Raw Ranking: 1.25

Woods and Kofi got the cake and Heath took the whole thing in the face!

The Miz vs Cesaro
Money in the Bank Qualifying Match
(Intercontinental Title was NOT on the line)

Maryse praised her husband for retaining the IC title at Extreme Rules. Miz bragged about overcoming the odds to retain his title against 3 other men. Miz and Maryse went all kissy face and syrupy. Thankfully, Cesaro broke up the love fest.

Cesaro with the Uppercut Train, off the bat. 2 count. Cesaro ran back and forth, gaining speed, to hit a wild Dropkick. 2, again. Miz rolled out to the floor. Cesaro hit a Cannonball, off the apron. Cesaro did a “Talk to the Hand” to Maryse. Miz attacked Cesaro as the Swiss Superman got in the ring. Cesaro blocked a Suplex and turned it into a Stall Suplex. Miz did his best to knee out. Cesaro recovered and finished the Suplex. Corkscrew Flying Uppercut sent Miz sailing out to the floor. Raw cut to commercial.

Miz had Cesaro stunned. Cesaro came back to throw hard punches. Reality Check by miz to stop Cesaro’s momentum. Miz wanted his finisher but didn’t get it. Small Package almost gave Cesaro the win. Seated DDT by Miz for a two. Miz used a Slingshot to send Cesaro up into the bottom rope. Cesaro’s shoulder was hurting, big time. Miz snapped the arm backwards. Miz charged and Cesaro nailed the Uppercuts. Miz reversed a Whip and hit the sore shoulder. Full Body Clothesline by the A-Lister. Miz went up to but Cesaro Dropkicked Miz off the top rope! Wow! The ref started the count. Cesaro went to the floor and hit a European Uppercut that put Cesaro into the crowd. Cesaro tossed Miz back in the ring and then went up top. Crossbody brought Cesaro a two count.

Cesaro wanted the Cesaro Swing but had to settle for the Double Stomp. Miz kicked the bad shoulder. Cesaro hit a Spinebuster and did the Cesaro Swing. He let it go early because the shoulder gave out. . Cesaro fought out of the Skull Crushing Finale. Miz snapped Cesaro’s armon the rope. Miz flew off the top and got hit with another Uppercut. Neutralizer!

Your Winner: Cesaro
Raw Ranking: 3.0

Renee next interviewed Seth Rollins. Seth reminded everyone that he won Money in the Bank and cashed in at Wrestlemania. Seth was confident that he would take back the title that he never lost. Seth came over to Stephanie McMahon. Stephanie was somewhat cold towards Seth, at first. Stephanie let Seth know that things have changed, including their business relationship.

Chris Jericho vs Apollo Crews
Money in the Bank Qualifying Match

Jericho had tons of bandages on his back, thanks to all the thumbtacks that ended up in his back, during the Asylum Match at Extreme Rules. We cut to commercial before this match got rolling.

Crews did come out for the match but it was unclear in what shape he would be in. He got jumped, earlier, by Sheamus. Jericho threw his shirt into Crews’ face. Running Back Elbow by Jericho. Chris stomped on Crews’ face. He also Paintbrushed him and screamed at him. Dropkick by Crews. Deep Arm Drag and Snap Suplex by Apollo. Springboard Senton by Crews to pull a deuce. Crews pounded on Jericho, in the corner. Crews worked over Jericho’s injured back. Scoop Slam by Crews. Jericho got a cheap shot in.

Jericho urged the crowd to chant for him. Snap Suplex by Jericho to get a two. Crews popped Jericho with hard shots. Dropkick by Chris. 1-2-No! Jericho punched Crews in the head and slapped it, as well. Trapped Arm Rear Chin Lock by Jericho. Jericho shrieked at the crowd to shut up. Crews powered up to his feet. Crews unloaded with running Clotheslines. Corner Splash by Crews. Dropkick and Kip Up by Crews. Jericho flipped Crews ontot he apron. Jericho went to fly over the ropes and Crews moved. Crews flew outside to drop Chris. Crews went up top and waited. He missed the top rope move but hit the Snap Powerslam. Jericho rolled through the Crews Control and put Crews into the Walls of Jericho. Crews crawled to the ropes to force the break.

Crews nailed a massive Dropkick and almost got the pin. Crews boxed away and went for the Dropkick. Crews partially avoided the Lionsault. 2 count for Jericho. Knife Edge Chops by Chris. Float Over by Crews but Jericho went for the Walls, again. Roll Up by Crews. Jericho kicked out at two and nailed the Code Breaker.

Your Winner: Chris Jericho
Raw Ranking: 3.25

Sheamus was asked about what he just saw. Sheamus cackled at the question and walked off.

Bob Backlund was Life Coaching Darren Young, again. Bob wanted Darren to recite all the Presidents, in order. Bob started to do it and Darren joked with him. That ticked off Bob and he made Darren do 200 Jumping Jacks.

Baron Corbin was asked about beating Dolph Zigler, on Sunday. Baron hit a vicious Low Blow and then completed the night with End of Days. He was asked, by Jojo, if he was concerned by what people think. He didn’t care. Dolph walked up and asked about the things that Baron couldn’t do. Dolph wanted to compete in a technical wrestling match. Baron just wanted to beat up punks like Dolph and to earn money. Baron was cool with breaking Dolph’s body. Dolph said the match would happen, next week. Dolph to Baron to watch his match, tonight, to learn about technical wrestling.

Big Cass came out to reintroduce his partner…Enzo Amore! Hell, Yeah! Welcome Back. Enzo hadn’t missed a step in doing his promos. That got a wild “How You Doin’?” chant going. Enzo talked about getting his lights cut out. Enzo admitted having a concussion, which he called a “Hard Sneeze”. Enzo shouted out at the Dudleys. Big Cass took over and discussed going after Bubba Ray and he wasn’t going to miss. Big Cass spelled out the One Word…S-A-W-F-T!

Big Cass vs Bubba Ray Dudley

The two locked up and stood their ground. Bass marched Bubba to the corner. Bubba cracked Cass in the chest but Cass No Sold it and shoved buba down. Bubba was surprised. Collar and Elbow and Cass moved bubba to the corner, again. Bubba tried for a Cheap Shot but Cass saw it coming. Hard Whips by Cass. D’Von jumped Enzo, from behind. Bubba took advantage and hit a Back Drop Suplex. D’von begged Enzo to get up. Cass dropped Bubba with a hard Clothesline. Running Shoulders by Cass. Wild Stinger Splash to Bubba. Bubba bailed out to the floor. Cass came out to get his opponent. Cass launched Enzo into D’Von. Too cool. Bubba went up top but Cass with the Rocket Launcher and Big Boot. Empire Elbow by Cass to seal the deal.

Your Winner: Big Cass
Raw Ranking: 2.25

Raw looked at how Dana Brooke got involved in the Women’s Championship Match, at Extreme Rules. Charlotte then came out to explain what happened. Ric Flair and Dana Brooke were at Charlotte’s side. Ric told his daughter how proud he was of her. Charlotte read the Riot Act to the disrespectful audience. Charlotte got stronger by the absence of her father, growing up. Charlotte dismissed her father! Huh? She ordered him to get out of her ring. Ric just stood there, looking confused. Charlotte knew her dad just didn’t want to give up the spotlight. Charlotte said she shines brighter than her dad ever did. Charlotte almost sounded like she was crying as she told off her pop. Charlotte mocked her dad for crying. Charlotte accused Ric of abandoning her, so many years ago. This was just painful to watch. Charlotte said her father was dead to her, now. Charlotte shooed her father away from her. Ric backed up but stopped. He eventually left the ring.

The announcers were shocked at what just happened between the Flairs.

Dean Ambrose vs Dolph Ziggler
Money in the Bank Qualifying Match

Dean hit a Snap Mare to get an early two. Fireman’s Carry Takedown by Dolph to pull his own two. Knuckle Lock and Dean took over the arm. Dean forced Dolph down to the canvas. Dolph rolled Dean over and almost pinned him. Dean hit a Side Headlock Takeover. Dolph got to his feet and sent Dean to the ropes. Shoulder Tackle by Dean but Dolph came right back with a Dropkick. Dolph took Dean over with the Side Headlock. Dean dropped Dolph with a hard shoulder. Scoop Slam by Dean but Dolph kicked out at one. Dean cracked Dolph’s chest with Knife Edge Chops. Sunset Flip by Dolph but Dean rolled through. The two went back and forth with cover attempts. Dean sent Dolph out to the floor. Dean faked a Suicide Dive. The two stood and stared at each other as Raw cut to commercial.

The two men went up top and fought. Dolph punched Dean away but Dean came back to launch Dolph. 2 count. Dolph pushed out of the Bulldog. Dolph wanted his Jumping DDT but Dean blocked it. Dean sent his foe out to the floor. Dean missed a Tope Suicida. Th ref counted both men. Dean pitched Dolph back in the ring. Dolph ran the ropes but couldn’t complete the Superplex. Dean pushed Dolph away, again. Standing Savage Elbow but Dolph rolled through. Famouser! Two only.

Dolph tuned up the band and went for the Superkick. Double Clotheslines as Dean blocked the kick. Dean punched away on Dolph. Dolph gave as good as he got, at first. Superkick led to the Rebound Clothesline. 2 plus. Dean stared up at the briefcase. Dean went up top and went for another flying move. Dropkick by Dolph, on the fly. Corner Mount Punches by Dolph but Dean took him out. Sunset Flip for a Dolph two. Dean bocked the Zig Zag and nailed Dirty Deeds.

Your Winner: Dean Ambrose
Raw Ranking: 3.0

Ric Flair strolled down the hall. He ran into Arn Anderson, who hugged him. Renee Young asked Ric if he had anything to say. He was just too emotional to discuss the situation.

The Shining Stars did a promo about how great their debut was, last week. They invited everyone to Puerto Rico. No thanks.

A.J. Styles vs Kevin Owens
Money in the Bank Qualifying Match

Before the match, Styles cut a promo about how great Roman Reigns is. That was classy. Styles blamed The Usos for costing him the World title. Styles was ready to get past that and win Money in the Bank. Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson came out to confront Styles about his derogatory comments towards them. Styles explained to his old buddies that he wanted to do this for himself. Karl brought up Roppongi. Smile. Karl accused Styles of changing. Luke insinuated that they have been protecting Styles for a long time. Styles just wanted some distance between them, for a while. Styles still wanted them to be “brothers”. Luke and Karl were seriously offended. Karl ended the friendship, as well. Styles accepted that and was ready to move forward. Styles let Luke and Karl know that this was his ring, right now. Karl and Luke started to leave. They stopped, for a moment, and then headed out to the floor. Styles was told to think about his choices. Cut to commercial.

Kevin and Styles talked serious trash. They threw hard shots at each other. Hockey Fight! Styles moved KO to the ropes. KO took a Side Headlock. Styles went into the Universal but missed the Dropkick. He came right back and hit one. 2 count. Knife Edges by Styles. KO reversed a Whip but ate a boot. Dropkick by Owens. 1 count. Kevin kicked Styles in the back. Styles escaped the Scoop Slam. Heel Trip by Kevin. Styles flipped Owens over and then threw him out of the ring. Kevin rolled out of the ring and nailed a Clothesline. Before that, Styles was yanked off the ropes and his chin hit the apron.

The two fought through the ropes. Springboard Forearm to the floor by Styles. Kevin punched away and then went for a Whip. Styles reversed it nad Owens hit the ring steps, shoulder first. Raw cut to break.

During the break, Owens went to town on A.J.. He dropped Styles on the ring apron. Styles rushed Kevin and got flipped out to the floor. Styles drove Kevin into the ring apron and threw wild Forearms. The two got back in the ring and traded shots. Kevin lifted Styles but A.J. fought free. 2 count after Styles dropped Kevin. Styles threw Kevin into the corner. Front Drop Power Suplex pulled a two for Styles. Kevin blocked the Styles Clash and hit a Back Body Drop. Kevin pulled Styles off eh roes and hit a German Suplex and Cannonball. 2 count, once more.

Kevin screamed at Cole to shut up. Styles held the ropes to block the Pop Up Poerbomb. Standing Switch into a German and Enziguri by Styles. Fireman’s Carry Backbreaker combo by Styles. I know that move has a name in Japan but I’m drawing a blank. Styles et for the Styles Clash but had to try for a Sunset Flip Kevin blocked that as well and hit a Gutbuster. 2 count. Kevin went up top to try and bring this match to a close. Styles caught Kevin, up top. The two men slugged it out. Hedbutt sent Styles falling to the canvas. Kevin showed how great he is when he hit a Flipping Moonsault. Springboard 450 by Styles. Could be…might be…Denied.

Styles kneed Kevin in the face. Kevin grabbed Styles and Poerbombed him onto the ring steps. Styles barely beat the count. Styles got out of the Pop Up Poerbomb and nailed the Pele. 2 for Styles. Styles set for the Phenomenal Phorearm. Kevin hit he ropes and nailed the Pop Up Poerbomb.

Your Winner: Kevin Owens
Raw Ranking: 3.0


–Jay Shannon

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