Posted May 24th, 2016 by Bill Apter

The segment on RAW with RIC FLAIR & his daughter World Women’s champion CHARLOTTE was so very intense it startled me. Even hours after I found it hard to shake the stark reality feeling it sent through me.

It was great to see ENZO return. He is such a great character and really gets the crowd excited and involved. I am hoping for his full recovery and yet I hope the WWE does not stop the push of BIG CASS as a singles competitor.

The open-arms of the fans for the return of SETH ROLLINS at EXTREME RULES turned into just the opposite reaction on RAW as Rollins proceeded to demean his supporters and turn their cheers into jeers. It was very confusing when WWE World champion ROMAN REIGNS confronted Rollins at RAW that the fans didn’t know which one to despise more! Reigns certainly has his detractors but perhaps it will take Rollins to make the public appreciate Reigns more as a “good guy” after witnessing Rollins’ horrible attitude. I did like the moment he went to hug STEPHANIE MCMAHON and was given the very cold shoulder. His reaction was priceless. I think a component that should happen is TRIPLE H making a return as the “mentor” of Rollins and that would lead to what could be a series of battles (verbal) between Triple H, SHANE MCMAHON, and Stephanie. Who do you think Stephanie would side with in that scenario?

Where does AJ STYLES go from here? After losing his battles as challenger to Reigns’ World title, topped off by a loss to KEVIN OWENS in the qualifying match for a spot in “MONEY IN THE BANK,” and a split with his longtime “brothers” LUKE GALLOWS and KARL ANDERSON, we are left to ponder what’s next. Perhaps Styles will find a tag team partner (I would love to see him paired with NEVILLE when he returns) to feud with his former “Bullet Club” members.

MICK FOLEY’S interview with SHANE MCMAHON on the WWE NETWORK was probing, revealing, and totally fascinating. I really don’t want to give anything away in case you have not seen this show but it is a MUST SEE!

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I’ll see YOU at the matches!
Bill Apter … 5/24/2016

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