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This week’s episode of Ring of Honor was an hour long tribute to the ROH World Champion, Jay Lethal. Let’s take a look at some of most memorable moments.

Kevin Kelly was our host for this retrospective of the current World and former TV Champ.

The show began with a nice video package about Lethal. That led to the regular Opening Montage.

First up, we look at when Jay Lethal took the TV title from Tommaso Ciampa.

Jay Lethal vs Tommaso Ciampa
World TV Title Match

The Finish:

This was from Supercard of Honor 8. Truth Martini threw a knee brace in to Lethal. They were not aligned, at this point. Jay used the brace to clock Ciampa. 1-2-Not yet. Jay went up top and hit Hail to the King (Savage Elbow) for a two. Ciampa Hulked Up and No Sold several Superkicks. Ciampa flipped Lethal off but Jay came back to hit Lethal Injection.

Your Winner (and NEW TV Title): Jay Lethal

Kevin then sent it to March 1, 2015 ( 13th Anniversary Show)

Jay Lethal vs Alberto El Patron (Alberto Del Rio)
TV Title Match

Joey “Diesel” Daddiego tried to get involved but got laid out. Alberto hit a Crash and Burn Suicide Dive. El Patron threw Jay into the ring barricade. Jay began to fight back but ended up into the barricade. Alberto threw Jay in and flew off the top with an Ax Bomber. 2 count. Jay and Alberto traded knees but Jay got sent to the corner. Jay dumped Alberto, crotch first, on the top rope. The ref said it was accidentally. Jay nailed a Springboard Dropkick to cause Alberto to tumble into the ring. Jay wailed away on his challenger. Truth Martini choked Alberto while the ref was distracted.

Alberto fell back over the ropes to apply the Cross Armbreaker. The ref forced the break and ROH went to one.

Alberto broke free from an Arm Bar. The KRD was in house but left. Lethal hit the Suicide Dive and then nailed another one. The 2nd one sent Alberto sailing into the front row. Jay slid back in the ring and Truth talked serious trash. Jay had blood coming from the mouth.

El Patron got back over the barricade and inched his way back into the ring. He got in at 16. Jay stomped away on Alberto. Jay put Alberto up top and hit a wicked Knife Edge Chop. El Patron blocked the Superplex and knocked Jay into a modified Sullivan Tree of Woe. Double Stomp but Jay till kicked out. The two men got into a serious slug gest. Lethal Combination brought Jay a two count. Jay took way too much time to pose. Jay slowly went up top but got nailed with the Step Up Enziguri. Truth martini rushed in and Alberto put him in the Cross Armbreaker. Jay flew off the top and landed in the Cross Armbreaker. Jay walloped Alberto in the face with the Book of Truth. Could be…might be…Denied!

Jay seemed to be favoring his arm. Modified Code Breaker but Jay came back with the Bicycle Kick. Jay wanted the Lethal Injection but the arm gave out. O’Connor Roll by Alberto. Jay kicked out and Truth nailed Alberto with the Book of Truth. Lethal Injection!

Your Winner: Jay Lethal
Honor Roll Ranking: 4.5 out of a possible 5

Jay eventually converted his TV Title Belt into just saying “Ring of Honor Champion”. That ticked off, then champion, Jay Briscoe. The two would tie up, eventually. We’ll get that after a commercial break.

Jay Briscoe vs Jay Lethal
Winner Takes All Title Match

The Finish:

Briscoe nailed European Uppercuts. Lethal went for Lethal Injection but got planted with the Uncle Slam (Uranage Powerbomb). 2 count. Briscoe tied up Lethal but Lethal got to the ropes. Truth urged his man on to defeat Briscoe. Briscoe. Briscoe set for the Jay Driller but Lethal hit Lethal Combination. 2 count. Lethal dropped Briscoe and then headed up top. Lethal took far too long to get to the top. Briscoe rushed over and tripped Lethal. The two men fought on the top rope. Dead Lift Superplex was blocked by Lethal. Lethal pushed Briscoe off but Briscoe came back with a hard Dropkick.

The two men were way op there as Lethal again countered the Superplex. Lethal beat the daylights out of Briscoe’s chest. Briscoe fell off the ropes. Hail to the King! 2 count. Koji Clutch by Lethal. Lethal cranked away on the brutal hold but Briscoe reached the ropes.

Both men went to the apron. Jay blocked a Suplex and punched Lethal’s ribs. Briscoe pushed Lethal away and tried for the Jay Driller. Truth distracted Todd Sinclair and Lethal hit a Low Blow. Nigel McGuinness came around and 86d Truth Martini. Nigel escorted Truth to the back. Jay Driller through the announce table! That definitely called for a trip to commercials-world.

Briscoe nailed a Discus Clothesline as Lethal went for Lethal Injection. Evil Clothesline flipped Lethal inside out. 2 count. The crowd was at a fever pitch, as were the announcers. Briscoe took a boot to the face and came back for more. Springboard Cutter by Lethal. Lethal Injection! 1-2-kick out. Holy Moses, how the heck did he kick out of that?

Lethal was up first. He looked around for Truth, who wasn’t there. Lethal lifted Briscoe and set for Briscoe’s jay Driller. Briscoe dropped to a knee to block his finisher. Back Body Drop but Briscoe rolled through. Lethal came back to hit the Jay Driller and then Lethal Injection. 1-2-3!

Your Winner (and NEW World and TV Champion): Jay Lethal
Honor Roll Ranking: 5 out of 5 (Perfect Score!)

Jay would then go on to defend BOTH belts.

Kevin was back to discuss Jay’s continued defense of his titles. Jay’s workload went to the next level. Jay actually defended both titles, in the same night, at All-Star Extravaganza. Jay then ended up feuding with Roderick Strong. They went to a 60 minute draw. Strong would then switch gears and go after the TV Title.

Roderick Strong vs Jay Lethal
World TV Title Match

The Finish:

Lethal tried for several pins but couldn’t ge the job done. The two went all Hockey Fight on each other. Multiple Superkicks by Lethal but Roddy hit a wicked Jumping Knee/Leg Lariat combo. Double Knee Gutbuster into the Sick Kick. Roddy then put Lethal into the Stronghold. Jay Lethal Tapped Out!

Your Winner (by Submission) and NEW TV Champion: Roderick Strong

Lethal held the TV title for a record 18 months.

Kevin came back after the break to discuss more about Lethal’s defenses of the World Title. Lethal went on a crusade to defend against all comers. He battled A.J. Styles at Final Battle 2015.

A.J. Styles vs Jay Lethal
World Title Match

The Finish:

Jay sent Styles out into the crowd. The House of Truth stood and mocked Styles. Jay asked the fans to stand back. He had something in mind. Jay got back in the ring and flew…right into the Phenomenal Forearm! They were both down and stunned on the floor. Both men got in the ring. Styles put Jay in a Calk Cutter. Jay reached the ropes. Styles stayed on Lethal and went back to work on the leg. When Jay got free, Styles hit an Enziguri. Styles went up top but got caught. Styles slid down and pulled Jay into the top turnbuckle. Lethal Injection modified led to an attempt at the regular one. He missed and Styles hit the Pele and Sunday Bloody Sunday. Jay dropped Styles over the ropes and Styles crashed through the announce table. Wow! Styles clutched his ribs and barely managed to move. The ref started to count. Styles barely made it back in at 19. Lethal Injection! 1-2-Kick Out! Really? Seriously? Lethal was shocked that it wasn’t over. Lethal grabbed Styles and screamed at him. Styles and Jay started unloading on each other. Styles missed the Pele but went for the Styles Clash. Lethal reversed it into the Cradle Piledriver. Lethal Injection, again!

Your Winner: Jay Lethal
Honor Roll Ranking: 4.75

Next up, Kevin talked about Jay’s work in 2016. Jay has worked in England and Japan, defending the RoH World Title.

Jay Lethal vs “Vampire Chicken” Tomoaki Honma
World Title Match

The Finish:

Jay flipped out of a Back Drop Suplex and hit the Lethal Combination. 2 count. Scoop Slam by Lethal. J ay then went up top. Hail to the King! 1-2-not yet. Lethal yelled at Honma to get up. Honma hit a Spear to counter the Lethal Injection. The two men punched it out. Flying Headbutt by Honma sent Lethal off the apron. Scoop Slam, by Honma, on the floor. Honma went up top and got ready to hit the Benoit Diving Headbutt…to the floor! The ref began to count.

Honma threw Jay back in the ring and tried to pin him. He only got a two. Honma tried to lift Lethal but Jay was down and hurt. Superkick by Lethal but Honma nailed an Inside Out Lariat. 2 count for Honma. Brainbuster by Honma but it still didn’t bring a 3. Lethal fought out of a Tombstone and hit a Paradise Kick. Lethal rushed the corner but took a boot to the face. Diving Headbutt by Honma. Scoop Slam by Honma and then Tomoaki went up top. He missed that Diving Headbutt. Honma crashed into Todd Sinclair, the ref. Several guys rushed in and attacked Honma. Honma shook it off and took out Naito and several others. Lethal Injection!

Your Winner: Jay Lethal
Honor Roll Ranking: 4.5

Next week, we will get an in-depth look at The Bullet Club.

Somebody tell the RoH guys that we fans prefer actual wrestling shows, not glorified Highlight Reels. Jeez.

I’m just saying…


–Jay Shannon

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