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Things got seriously extreme, this week. One beloved “character” was totally destroyed.

The show opened with a look back at Roman Reigns vs The Club. Roman accused A.J. Styles of having to have his buddies to win. Roman enlisted his cousins, The Usos, to take on Styles, Luke Gallows and Karl “Machine Gun” Anderson. The match was just brutal and The Club took the win. Karl told Styles to take out Roman with a steel chair but A.J. didn’t want to do it. Jimmy and Jey Uso got back in the mix and all Hell broke loose. Styles finally used the chair, on the Usos. Superman Punch by Roman to Styles. Roman completely flipped out and sent Styles through the announce table.

Roll the opening montage!

I want to start, this week, with a special Birthday Shout Out to my most beloved Grandson, Timm. He’s in Colorado, doing his military service, and will hit the big 21 on the 12th. “Grandpa Jay” is just so proud of you, kiddo, and I can’t wait to see you, next week. (He’s coming home for a week).

We were in the original home town of Ted DiBiase, Sr. (Omaha, NE). Stephanie and Shane were still working together to run the show.

Chris Jericho came out in his Light Brite Jacket. Stephanie gave Jericho back his Highlight Reel talk segment. Dean Ambrose and Chris Jericho got into it and Chris smashed Dean’s potted plant into Dean’s head.

The Highlight Reel

Jericho crowed about taking out Dean Ambrose, last week. Jericho had the remains of Mitch, the potted plant. Chris compared Mitch to Dean. Jericho was proud that he had destroyed both of them. Jericho showed off all the Social Media outpouring for Mitch. That got the “Mitch” chant going, for a 2nd time. Chris was not amused. Chris said Mitch had more worth than Dean. Chris knew the fans could relate to Dean, because he was a loser and slob, like all the fans are. Chris called himself the “Hailey’s Comet of the WWE”.

Jericho was cut off by the arrival of “Big Cass’, Colin Cassidy. This kid so reminds me of Mike Awesome. Cass asked for a microphone. “how Ya Doin’?” rang out. Cass praised Chris for being one of the best of all time but then let him know that the new era has arrived. Cass gave Jericho the warning that he (Cass) has arrived. Cass felt Jericho was standing in his way and Cass was ready to run through Jericho. Chris insulted “Enzo Annoying”. Cass wasn’t going to run. Cass towered over Jericho and issued a challenge for a fight, right now.

Jericho started to cut loose with his catchphrase but Cass let him know “I’m 7 feet tall…and you can’t teach dat”. Jericho tore off his jacket…only to back-peddle from the big guy. Cass said there it was one word to describe Jericho and he was going to spell it out…S-A-W-F-T! Jericho rushed back in to attack Cass and got laid out with a Big Boot! JBL was offended that Cass disrespected Jericho, a Legend.

The announcers ran down the night’s card. This one was going to tear the house down.

Chris Jericho rushed up to Stephanie McMahon to whine about Colin Cassidy. Jericho said this was all Shane’s fault. Chris sucked up to Stephanie to get her to be on his side. Stephanie agreed Shane was causing a problem, but it was much needed and she approved. Stephanie made the match of Chris Jericho vs Big Cass. Stephanie was offended that Jericho was trying to drive a wedge between her and her brother.

Dolph Ziggler vs Baron Corbin

Raw showed how Dolph eliminated Baron in last week’s Battle Royal. Baron jumped Dolph, beat him to a pulp and fed him to Rusev (who eliminated him).

“The Lone Wolf” did an insert video about what was going on in the WWE. Baron didn’t care about new eras or anyone in the company. He was just doing his own thing.

Collar and Elbow and Baron threw Dolph aside. Back Elbow by Baron. He just pounded on the former World champ. Dolph took the fight to Baron until a Knee Strike stopped him cold. The fight went out to the floor and Dolph Dropkicked Baron over the railing and into the crowd. Raw went to break.

Baron had Dolph on the canvas, swinging him like a Pitbull playing with a rag doll. Dolph Elbowed Baron, once he got free. Flying Clotheslines by Dolph and a Corner Splash dropped Baron. 2 count. Dolph missed eth Famouser and Baron clubbed Dolph in the back of the head. Baron just punished Dolph with hard punches. Baron just threw Dolph around but Dolph was playing possum and hit the Famouser. 1-2-Kick out.

Baron held the ropes to avoid the Zig Zag. Baron hit the Deep Six (super spinning Black Hole Slam). Dolph just barely kicked out. Baron got all cocky and Dolph rolled him up for a two. Snake Eyes led to the End of Days!

Your Winner: Baron Corbin
Raw Ranking: 2.75 out of a possible 5

I really think Corbin could be one of the next top tier guys. I see him and think C.M. Punk meets Kevin “Diesel” Nash.

The announcer brought up the Chi-Town Screwjob, where Charlotte kept her title at Payback. Last week, Natalya put Ric Flair in the Sharpshooter. Stephanie set up a Submission Match between the two women, at Extreme Rules. Ric Flair will be banned from ringside during that match.

Shane was talking to his kids, on the phone, when the Flair family came in. Ric praised Shane for his epic move at Wrestlemania. Charlotte whined, big time, about Daddy being banned from ringside. Shane refused to reverse his sister’s decision. Shane also banned Ric from ringside, tonight.

The Club was then interviewed. They were asked about the six-man Elimination Tag Team Match. Styles first wanted to talk about being Powerbombed through the announce table. Styles said he tried to take the high road but Roman wouldn’t let him. Styles officially proclaimed “The Club” as a unit.

Fandango (w/Goldust) vs R-Truth (w/Tyler Breeze)

So, the Fandango/Goldust team is now known as Goldango. The other team is the Gorgeous Truth. The bell rang and Fandango Shoulder Tackled Truth. Universal into a Truth Hip Toss. Truth danced and then popped Fandango with Corner Mount Punches. Fandango dumped Truth over the top rope. Fandango tossed truth back in the ring. Hard punch by Fandango but he only got a two count. Fandango held a solid Rear Chin Lock. Tyler was more interested in himself. Fandango nailed a nice Dropkick. Goldust got up on the apron and danced. Tyler then got up on the other side. Breeze was knocked off the apron. Truth hit the jumping DDT to take this one.

Your Winner: R-Truth
Raw Ranking: 2.5

Backstage, there were a ton of people grumbling. Stephanie set up a Triple Threat Match for the Intercontinental title. Sami Zayn stepped up and said he should be part of this battle. Shane told Sami that he would have to earn the shot. Sami asked to fight Miz and if Sami were to win, he gets added to the match. The McMahons liked the idea. Miz was not happy, at all, about this. Stephanie let him know that he didn’t have a say in it. Stephanie and Shane seem to be melding into one cohesive force.

Natalya was at ringside to watch the next match.

Charlotte vs Paige
Non-Title Match

Collar and Elbow and they went to the corner. Paige ducked Charlotte and took Charlotte down, by the leg. Charlotte dumped Paige over the ropes. Paige hit a wild Thrust Kick to the face. Flair Strut by Paige. Charlotte did her best to run away but Paige kept chasing her. Charlotte dropped Paige and then threw her back in the ring. Charlotte kicked at Paige’s ribs. She went off on the ref for trying to pull her back. Big Boot by Charlotte but it only brought a two count.

Knee Strikes by Charlotte. Charlotte twisted Paige’s neck but he Brit would not submit. Charlotte threw Paige down, by the hair. Paige rolled up Charlotte for a two. Thrust Kicks by Paige. Corner Splash and modified Shining Wizard by Paige. 2 count. Paige avoided a Big Boot and hit another Thrust Kick. Huge Flair Chop by Charlotte. Charlotte went up top but got caught. Paige worked on Charlotte’s ribs. They went to the Penthouse and Paige launched Charlotte with a Superplex. Could be…might be…Denied.

Charlotte rolled up Paige but couldn’t get the three. Paige dropped Charlotte and went into the PTO. She didn’t get it fully locked in before Charlotte reached the ropes. Charlotte pulled Paige into the ropes. Nattie got up on the apron to distract. Massive Fallaway Slam by Paige. 2 count. Ric Flair walked down to ringside, even though he wasn’t supposed to be there. He yelled and screamed at Nattie. Backbreaker by Charlotte.

Enter Shane McMahon. He had a ton of refs with him to escort Ric to the back. Paige rammed Charlotte’s throat into the ropes and rolled her up for the pin.

Your Winner: Paige
Raw Ranking: 3.0

Raw looked back at the Chris Jericho/Big Cass segment that opened the show. These two will square off in the Main Event.

Also, Roman Reigns and the Usos will battle The Club, in a six-man Elimination Tag Team match.

We are two weeks away from episode 1200 of Raw.

Sami Zayn vs The Miz (w/Maryse)
If Sami wins, he gets added to the Intercontinental Title match at Extreme Rules.

The bell rang and both men circled each other. Collar and Elbow and Sami rolled up Miz for a two. Go Behind by Miz but Sami worked the advantage that he took. He stayed on Miz’s arm and rolled him up, again. 2 count. Michael Cole struck a nerve when he talked about JBL’s record loss at Wrestlemania, a few years back. Deep Arm Drags by Sami. La Magistral Cradle brought Sami a two.

Sami sprang backwards off the ropes and Thrust Kicked Miz. Sami flipped into thering and hit a Hurancanrana. Miz scooted out to the floor. Sami went for a Suicide Dive but Miz moved. Sami put on the breaks. They went to the floor and Sami hit a Springboard Moonsault…off the barricade. Sami threw Miz into the barricade, multiple times. Sami lifted and dropped Miz over the barricade. Maryse screamed at Sami who turned to face her. Break time.

We’re back and Sami went to Miz’s throat with Knife Edge hops. Sami rammed Miz into multiple corners. Corner Mount Punches by Sami. Miz flipped Sami over the top and Sami landed in the ring steps. Ouch. Kevin Owens watched from the back. Cesaro watched, from another location.

Sami barely got back in the ring. Miz kicked Sami in the face and just kept wailing on the face and jaw of Zayn. Full Corner Clothesline by Miz and then he hit an Ax Bomber. Miz called for the Skull Crushing Finale but Sami battled out and sent Miz sailing. DDT by Miz for a two. Mi was frustrated. Sami hit a Michinoku Driver after getting away from a Figure Four. Scoop Slam by Sami. Zayn headed up top. Miz moved and then Dropkicked the knee. Figure Four by Miz. Miz bridged up into a Figure Eight like move. Sami just got to the ropes. The ref forced the break.

Miz stomped the injured knee. Sami Shouldered Miz and then went for the Sunset Flip. Miz sat down and tried to grab the ropes. The ref caught him and called off the count. Exploder into the corner by Sami. Haluma Kick by Sami to seal the deal.

Your Winner: Sami Zayn
Raw Ranking: 3.25

The three other guys did not look particularly happy but Sami was thrilled beyond words.

Renee Young interviewed Becky Lynch. Renee brought up the feud with Emma. Last week, Emma thumbed Becky in her already-injured eye. That led to the win for Emma. Becky knew that what Emma did was no accident. Emma strolled up and told Becky that Lynch was inferior. Dana Brooks came out of nowhere to assault Becky. Dana and Emma are now, apparently, teamed up. They laid out the Irish Lass-Kicker.

Darren Young began a Quest to find his mentor. He reached out to Mr. Bob Backlund to become his Life Coach. Backlund agreed to be the wrestling coach. Young needed a Life Coach, not a wrestling coach. Backlund shrieked that “Wrestling is Life”. Bob wanted to make Darren great again. Interesting. The announcers were confused.

The announcers then sent it to Xavier Woods’ Up,Up, Down, Down on Youtube show. Woods had Dolph Ziggler as his guest. A Bacon-stuffed crust pizza was delivered. Yummy. This turned into a commercial for Pizza Hut.

Zack Ryder talked with Shane McMahon about his career. Kevin Owens came in to interrupt. Kevin made fun of Zack for getting a title match handed to him. Zack wanted to be in the IC title match, at Extreme Rules. Kevin didn’t even know why Zack exists in the WWE. Shane set up a match between Zack Ryder and Kevin Owens. If Zack wins, he would replace Owens in the Fatal Four Way.

Elsewhere, Roman Reigns sat and talked with his cousins. Tom came in and asked them about the six man match. The Usos and Roman discussed how family is always stronger than any given team. Tom reminded them that it was an Elimination Match. Roman said any of the three of them could get rid of Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows but Roman would be the one to take out A.J. Styles.

Sin Cara (w/Kalisto) vs Rusev

Kalisto embarrassed Rusev on last week’s Smackdown. Lana took over the microphone. She introduced her man, Rusev. They showed a video interview with Kalisto. The masked man talked about working his whole life to get where he is. That sounded so much like Rey Mysterio, Jr. Speaking of Rey, he does a great Press Conference in the latest PWI and praises Kalisto.

The bell rang and Rusev hit a Short Arm Clothesline. He screamed at the US Champ, who was on the floor. Dead Lift Suplex by Rusev. Gut Wrench Overhead Throw by the big Bulgarian. Rusev applied a vicious Bear Hug. The ref checked to see if Sin Cara was still with them. Sin Cara tried to punch free. Huge Fallaway Slam by Rusev, who stopped to stare at Kalisto.

Sin kicked out of a pin attempt. Sin got the boots up and hit a Tornado DDT. Sin Cara couldn’t follow up. Rusev was seriously stunned. Sin chopped and kicked away. Springboard put Rusev down. Sin hit a Moonsault and a Suicide Dive. Rusev couldn’t believe that the masked man was giving him such a fight. Thrust Kick by Rusev. Rusev stared daggers at Kalisto. The US champ got up on the apron. Kalisto clocked Rusev with an Enziguri. Sin Cara rolled up the big Bulgarian for the pin!

Your Winner: Sin Cara
Raw Ranking: 2.0

Primo and Epico did another video package about Puerto Rico. The duo are now going to be known as the Shining Stars and they debut, next week.

The Club (Luke Gallows, Karl Anderson and A.J. Styles) vs The Family (Roman Reigns and Jimmy and Jey Uso)
Six-Man Elimination Tag Team Match

Karl started off on Jey Uso. Karl just hammered away. Jey nailed a wicked Dropkick. Tag to Roman. He sent his cousins into Karl. Jimmy became legal and almost pinned Karl. Tag to Luke. He got in one shot and tagged out to Styles. Snap Mare by Styles and tag back to Karl. Scoop Slam on Jimmy and full punches. Karl dropped his kneepad but missed the Kneedrop. Jey took the tag and went to town with kicks and punches. Snap Powerslam by Uso. Karl avoided the Rikishi Rush. Karl was rolled up. Luke smacked Jey and Karl rolled him up.

Jey Uso—Eliminated

Roman and Styles became the legal men. Luke quickly reached in and tagged himself legal. Roman tore into Gallows with hard punches. Roman kicked Luke in the race. Superman Punch to Styles, on the apron. Tag to Jimmy. Crossbody for two. Superkick by Jimmy. Spinziguri by Jimy. Rikishi Run. Big Boot by Luke. Karl took the tag. Roll Up by Jey.

Karl Anderson—Eliminated

Raw took a commercial break.

Roman and Styles were fighting it out. Jimmy Uso was eliminated during the commercial break. It was now down to 2-on-1. Styles eliminated him. Styles clubbed away on Roman and then brought in Luke. Hard Whip by Luke but Roman got the boot up. Roman nailed an Uppercut but Luke gave one back. Superman Punch!

Luke Gallows—Eliminated

Styles unleashed a fury of wild punches. Pele and Roman was stunned. Styles kicked Roman completely out of the ring. Styles hit a variation of the Phenomenal Forearm to the floor.. Styles dismantled the announce table and picked up roman. Roman threw Styles into the ring apron and then launched him over the announce table. Roman tossed chairs around ringside. Roman grabbed Styles and dragged him into position. Anderson rushed in and hit Roman with a steel chair.

Your Winner (by Disqualification): Roman Reigns
Raw Ranking: 3.0

The Usos came back out and the fight just kept going. The Club cleared he ring, for a moment. Spears by Roman to Karl and Luke. Roman picked up a steel chair but Styles laid him out with a jumping kick. Styles pulled Roman in for eh Styles Clah. Roman blocked it and flipped Styles onto the apron. Roman told Styles to bring it. Styles thought about doing a Phenomenal Forearm but backed down. Roman picked up the steel chair and walked over to Styles. Mic Drop! The crowd was split with their allegiance. Styles kicked the steel chair back to Roman. Styles went for the Phenomenal Forearm but Roman ducked. Roman then picked up the steel chair to let Styles know he was bringing all kinds of carnage to Extreme Rules.

Zack Ryder vs Kevin Owens
Winner gets spot in Fatal Four Way for the Intercontinental Title at Extreme Rules

Owens is already in the match but if he loses, he’s out and Zack gets his spot. Go Behind by Zack. Back Elbow by KO. Owens grabbed a Side Headlock. KO with a Shoulder Tackle. Kevin talked trash and popped Zack in the face. Kevin pitched Zack through the ropes. Kevin then went out and tried to hit a Powerbomb. Zack countered it and threw Kevin back in the ring. Forearm by Zack but KO rushed Ryder to the corner. Missile Dropkick by Zack pulled a two.

Zack surprised KO with a Jackknife Cover but it only brought a two. Zack avoided the Cannonball. Broski Boot never connected as Kevin went to the floor. Flying Forearm, on the floor, by Zack. Ryder threw Kevin back in the ring and went up top. Savage Elbow by Zack but Kevin kicked out at the last possible moment. Zack go ready for the Rough Ryder but KO dropped him over the ropes. Thrust Kick and Pop Up Powerbomb. 1-2-3.

Your Winner: Kevin Owens
Raw Ranking: 2.25

The announcers discussed the injury to Enzo Amore. He ended up having a concussion. Fortunately, there were no other lasting injuries.

Renee interviewed Big Cass. She asked him how it felt to face Jericho. He dedicated tonight’s match to Enzo. Cass flirted with Renee at the end of the segment.

Freddie Prinze Jr. cut a promo about the new show, First Impression. He also did a chant for New Day. New Day danced from the back. New Day will face the Vaudevillains at Extreme Rules. English and Gotch cut a quick insert promo about how they were going to remove the titles from Woods, Big E and Kingston. Kofi talked about their next challengers. They all joked about the challenger’s team name. Woods said it would be an Extreme Booty-O match. They played off a huge Cheerio looking Booty O from Wrestlemania. Big E said the VVs didn’t appreciate a good booty. Big E made it looked like he was going to play the Race Card but went with the Techno Card, instead.

They were cut off by the arrival of the Dudley Boys.

Dudley Boys vs New Day
Non-Title Match

Bubba Ray sent Kofi over with a Suplex. Hammer Throw by Bubba Ray. Bubba talked trash before unloading with a Crossface. Kofi went into a Universal but got caught. Kofi escaped Bubba and Dropkicked him. Tag to Big E. Shoulder Tackle by Big E. E followed up with the Big Splash. 2 count. Tag to Kofi. Elbow Smash from the top. Kofi and Bubba threw wild shots. Tag to D’Von. Snap Mare by D’Von led to a Neck Crimp.

Amazing Grace Back Elbow by D’Von. 2 count. Kofi nailed a Dropkick to rock D’Von. Tag to Big E. Assisted Corner Splash by New Day. 2 count. Universal and Big E hit a great Leap Frog. Belly to Booty by Big E to Bubba. Corner Shoulder by Big E. Unicorn Stampede to D’Von. The fans began to chant “New Day Rocks”. Suddenly, Aiden English and Simon Gotch jumped Woods, on the floor. D’Von nearly took Kofi’s head off with a Clothesline.

Your Winners: The Dudley Boys
Raw Ranking: 2.5

The Vaudevillians hit the Whirling Dervish on Kofi.

Big Cass (Colin Cassidy) vs Chris Jericho

As Jericho went to make his entrance, he was attacked by an unknown person. That person took Chris’ jacket. It turned out to be…Dean Ambrose. Dean came on to the ring and then proceeded to DESTROY that Light Brite Jacket! Chris also got into it with Big Cass. Chris slapped Cass in the face and Colin tore Jericho a new one, a mile wide. Jericho acted like a child who just had his favorite toy broken to pieces.

The show drew to a close with Shane and Stephanie in the back. They laughed about the destruction of the jacket. Shane liked Stephanie’s new attitude. Stephanie appreciated being allowed to show a new side to herself. Stephanie looked at a family photo and smiled.


–Jay Shannon

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