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Ring of Honor had one more show from Tokyo. The main event was one of the best tag team matches in recent RoH history.

Roll the opening montage!

We were still at Korakuen Hall.

Moose (w/Stokely Hathaway), “Unbreakable” Michael Elgin, “The Vampire Chicken” Tomoaki Honma and Hiroshi Tanahashi vs The Bullet Club (Cody Hall, Bad Luck Fale, Tama Tonga and Yujiro Takahashi)
8-Man Tag Team Match

Moose and Fale started the match. Both threw into each other but neither one backed up. Fale blasted the ribs and neck of Moose. Moose came back with an epic Dropkick. Fale Kneed Moose and Honma took the tag. So did Tonga. Tonga nailed a Dropkick as RoH took a first break.

Honma dodged Tama’s dropping Elbow. Tanahashi got the tag. Double Shoudlers to Tama. The other men got in and it broke down into a Mosh Pit. The Bullet Club were forced out and the Faces flexed in unison. Tanahashi worked over Tonga. The Bullet Club worked over Tanahashi’s back. Tanahashi’s shoulder was attacked by a chair. Tanahashi got back in the ring at 16. Fale stood on Tanahashi’s bad shoulder and back. Thunderlips Clutch to take Tanahashi to the Bullet Club corner. Cody Hall came in and continued the brutality. Hard Forearm by Hall and a kick to the outstretched arm. Two count. Tonga tagged back in and worked over his foe. Tanahahi reversed a Whip but Tonga spun around him and connected with a wicked Dropkick.

Takahashi came in to hit a Big Boot. He didn’t get it as Tanahashi hit a Dragon Screw leg Whip. Tag to Elgin. Flying Shoulder, off the ropes, by Big Mike. German Suplex by Elgin. Elgin took out Tonga, when Tama rushed in. Time for another break.

Elgin took Takahashi up in the Stall Suplex. Hall got involved. Elgin hit a SUplex that sent BOTH Hall and Takahashi sailing. Dead Lift German to Takahashi. 2 for Elgin. Takahashi kicked Elgin but that only ticked off Elgin. Tiger Hatori almost got Suplexed over. Low Back Kick by Takahashi. Moose and Hall took the tags. Moose just kept clocking the 2nd Generation star. Hall hit a Samoan Drop but Moose just shook it off. Clothesline brought Moose a two. Hall avoided the Hit Stick (Spear). Hall lifted Moose up but couldn’t hit he Razor’s Edge. Hall did nail a vicious Clothesline. Everyone got involved. Moose was attacked by all four foes. Cody called for the Chokeslam and got it. Moose kicked out at two. Honma stopped Hall from hitting the Razor’s Edge. Everyone hit finishers. Elgin threw two men. Elgin tossed Tanahashi into Tonga, Takahashi and Fale. Moose Speared Cody Hall to bring this great match to a close.

Your Winners: Moose, Michael Elgin, Tomoaki Honma and Hiroshi Tanahashi
Honor Roll Ranking: 4.5 out of a possible 5

The House of Truth toured Tokyo.

Leo Rush was profiled. He got to fight Jay Lethal for the World title. This was in Dallas. Dang, I had to miss that show, due to family obligations. Rush went for the Rush Hour finisher. Lethal turned things around and nailed a Flying Cuter. Damn. Lethal Injection by Jay. 1-2-3.

After the match, Ring of Honor was graced with the return of…COLT CABANA! Colt said he wanted to be remembered as an independent wrestler that everyone loved to come and see. I got to meet Colt, a few years back, and he is a great guy. Colt was happy that the fans still chant his name. Jay accused Colt of ducking him for five years. Colt was honored to go to every country that has wrestling. Colt challenged Jay for the World title. Jay faced Cheeseburger for the World title. Colt got up in Lethal’s face. Colt didn’t think Jay couldn’t beat him. Jay took the challenge and all Hell broke loose. Jay went for eth Lethal Injection but Colt rolled up Jay Lethal and pinned him. Colt will get his title match at Global Wars on May 8th (that’s THIS Sunday).

Jay Lethal and Truth Martini were ready for a message. Delirious walked past them, grinning ear to ear. Jay and Truth also went to the New Japan Dojo. Other RoH stars were profiled in their tours of Japan. I loved Dalton Castle outside the store Peacock. Jay looked at some wrestling masks at a store. Delirious did his best Marty Feldman/Young Frankenstein impression. Bonus points if you get that reference.

“Machine Gun” Karl Anderson and “Doc” Gallows vs Mark and Jay Briscoe

Gallows didn’t use Luke during this time in his career. It was probably a trademark thing. Bullet Club unloaded on the Briscoes, before the bell. Doc beat on Jay until they both went over the ropes. Mark then took the fight to Karl. Break time, again.

Doc threw Jay into the railing. Mark went after Karl. Big Boot by Doc. Mark lifted Karl and went to the throat. Knife Edge to Karl. Dropkick by Mark. The fans appreciated the Briscoes. Jay took the tag and kicked away on Anderson. Huge Headbutt by Jay. Snap Suplex by Jay to pull only a one count. Mark tagged back in. Side Russian Leg Sweep by Mark but he only got a two. Mark threw wild Forearms. Doc tripped Mark and hit a Big Boot. Karl then nailed an Undertaker Legdrop on the apron. The fight went out into the crowd.

Back in the ring, Mark was thrown into the corner. Tag to Doc. Mark kicked up at Doc but Doc stomped away. Doc nailed a Headbutt. Elbow Drop brought Doc a two count. Doc clamped on a Rear Chin Lock. RoH had time for one more break.

Mark fought out of the Bullet Club corner. Jay got the tag and he unloaded on Doc. Flying Forearms by Jay. Claymore Kick by Jay led to a Death Valley Driver. 2 count only. Doc reversed a Whip and hit a Thrust Kick. Karl got the tag and he knocked Mark off the apron. Double team on Jay. Magic Killer but Mark made the save. Karl hit a Running Cutter on Jay but Jay wasn’t done, just yet. Mark stopped the Magic Killer. Doc went to the floor. Jay blocked the Gun Stun. Doc prevented the Jay Driller. Mark dropped Doc with a Flying Thrust Kick. Jay used a Lariat to drop Anderson. Funk Neckbreaker by Jay and Froggie Bo by Mark.

Your Winners: The Briscoe Brothers
Honor Roll Ranking: 4.5

The show finished with a nice highlight segment of the fans interacting with the RoH stars. It also showcased some of the background stuff. One day, I will go to Japan. My beloved grandson, Tim, got to go there as part of his military deployment. I am just 2 weeks away from seeing my little T.J., back home for a few days. Smile.


–Jay Shannon

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