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Payback, honestly, was a bit of a disappointment. We are now on our way to Extreme Rules. Shane and Stephanie are being forced to work together to make Raw a success.

The show opened with the announcement, by Vince, that Stephanie and Shane will have equal say in the running of things. The two siblings totally messed up the World Title Match, restarting the match…TWICE!

Roll the opening montage!

Welcome to St. Louis! Stephanie came out carrying something in a bag. She was introduced as one half of the power of Monday Night Raw. The announcers didn’t know how these two combustible elements would get along. As Stephanie started to speak, Shane’s music hit and Shane-O Mac danced from the back. Stephanie knew the crowd liked her brother. Shane popped the crowd, big time. Stephanie brought up Shane’/s 7-year absence. Stephanie reminded everyone that Vince put the two of them together, at Payback. Stephanie had something to give to her brother to acknowledge their new partnership. Shane was skeptical but reached into the bad. He brought out the photo that Vince destroyed, a few weeks back. That was nice. Stephanie asked Shane for his ideas for tonight’s show.

Shane was very moved and asked Stephanie to go first with ideas. Stephanie worked the crowd to get Shane to give his ideas. Shane decided to go ahead.

Kevin Owens came out before Shane could say anything else. KO had a great match with Sami Zayn, last night. It was a bright spot in a rather dim evening. Kevin mocked the McMahons for trying to get along. Kevin had an idea that he wanted to share. Kevin demanded an Intercontinental Title Rematch. Kevin was done with Sami Zayn, so he wanted to move forward and get the IC Strap back. Kevin said Shane had no sense but Stephanie does. Kevin pushed that his contract promised him a rematch. Stephanie agreed it was a valid point and so did Shane.

Cesaro then walked out to the James Bond-ish intro. I so like this new intro. Now, if they would just change the music. Cesaro mentioned that he had Miz beaten, at Payback, but Kevin Owens got in the middle of his title match. Kevin tried to shift the blame onto Sami. Cesaro said Kevin cost him the IC title. Shane said things would be settled, in the ring. Shame put Cesaro against Owens, right away.

Kevin Owens vs Cesaro
Number One Contender for the IC Title Match

Before the match, Raw looked back at the end of the match between Miz and Cesaro, from Sunday evening. Smai Zayn and Kevin Owens got in the mix and it allowed Miz to retain. Miz and Maryse were out to watch the match. Cesaro went off hot with the Uppercut Train. Dang! This went on for what seemed like forever. Speed Run Dropkick sent Owens bailing out to the floor. Cesaro hit a Blockbuster, off the barricade. This guy should be in the World title picture, period. Cesaro hit a Crossbody from the top but it only brought him a two.

Kevin fought out of the Cesaro Swing but he fell to the Double Stomp. 2 count. Kevin reversed a Whip and connected with a Superkick. Backsplash Senton by Kevin gave him another two. Kevin slammed Cesaro’s arm into the canvas. Wicked DDT by Kevin but he still couldn’t get the three. Owens Leg Dropped the arm of Cesaro. Miz grumbled that Owens has waited too long to get a rematch, so he shouldn’t get one. Cesaro worked over Kevin with Uppercuts and punches. Owens dropped Cesaro and then went to the corner. Cesaro nailed a Flying Uppercut to avoid the Frog Splash. The two fought up top. Kevin hit a Headbutt but Cesaro came right back with a Dropkick and Gut Wrench Superplex. 1-2-Kick Out by Owens. Kevin flipped Cesaro over the ropes and popped the injured shoulder on the ropes. Cesaro fell to the arena floor and Kevin nailed the Bull Frog Splash, off the apron. Raw cut to commercial.

Cesaro was back and delivering wild European Uppercuts. Kevin retorted with a wicked German Suplex and Cannonball. Cesaro nailed the Flying Uppercut. Kevin went to the floor so Cesaro came out and hit another Running European Uppercut. Kevin Elbowed Cesaro and then grabbed the IC strap. Miz took it back. Cesaro hit a European Uppercut to Miz. Cesaro went for the Cesaro Swing but Miz rushed in and clocked Cesaro. Kevin and Miz got into it. All three men went wild on each other. Suddenly, Sami Zayn rushed out to even things up. Kevin pushed Miz into Sami. Zayn rocked Miz and went after Owens. Sami launched Miz into the corner with an Exploder. Big Boot to Kevin.

Your Winner (by Disqualification): Match Thrown Out
Raw Ranking: 3.75 out of a possible 5

Sami picked up the IC title, after he took out everyone in sight.

Dean was asked, by Stephanie, what he was looking at. Dean felt Stephanie hadn’t changed a bit. Stephanie agreed to come on the Ambrose Asylum, tonight.

They ran a clip of Camp WWE. I watched it, after Payback. It was just what I expected it to be and that isn’t necessarily a good thing. Some of the other shows on the WWENetwork were previewed. I still think Legends House was the best original show that they ever did.

R-Truth was trying to set up a partnership with Tyler Breeze. Truth got all confused about who shot Abraham Lincoln. Goldust came up and got offended that Truth was trying to work with Tyler. Goldy will fight Tyler, later on. Goldy said he had himself a partner Goldy was going to work with Fandango. I’m thinking the team should be called FandanGoldust.

Anderson and Gallows talked with A.J. Styles, in the back. Styles admitted that he got beat, at Payback. Karl and Luke tried to pump up their buddy’s spirits. They reminded Styles that A.J. will get Roman in an Extreme Rules Match, at the next PPV. Roman came in and said he DID respect Styles but not Gallows or Anderson. Roman threw out a Six Man Match: Styles, Anderson and Gallows vs Roman and the Usos. That should be good.

Goldust (w/Fandango) vs Tyler Breeze (w/R-Truth)

Ok, so much for a tag team match. Goldy and Fanny danced until “Prince Pretty” showed up. Tyler gave up Summer Rae for R-Truth? Seriously?

Truth gave Tyler a headband. Truth and Tyler are now the Gorgeous Truth. Sigh. Tyler kicked Goldy and sent him to the ropes. Goldustin Uppercut to rock Tyler. Truth’s new Selfie Stick is a tree branch. Whatever. Tyler kicked Goldy but took a Jumping Back Elbow by Goldy. Truth and Fandango danced outside. Tyler rolled up the distracted Goldust for the quick win.

Your Winner: Tyler Breeze
Raw Ranking: .5 (Horrible Match)

New Day came out to cut a promo. I have to admit that I HATED these guys, at first. They have so grown on me. As they came out, Michael Cole talked about the injury to Enzo Amore, at Payback. He hit the ropes, awkwardly, and ended up with a concussion. I wish him all the best and hope to see this talented kid back, real soon. New Day brought up the injury, so Raw showed the footage. New Day had a tweet to cheer everyone up. They showed the cool picture of Enzo in hospital scrubs. They let everyone know Enzo will be ok, soon. New Day knew they needed to move forward.

Out came the Vaudevillians. They accused Enzo of not being a “real man” because he didn’t get back up, after his little bump on the head. Simon and Aiden were cut short by the arrival of the Dudley Boyz. Bubba Ray wanted to know what the two “Carnys” were talking about. Bubba said Gotch and English didn’t beat anyone. Bubba wanted to restart the tournament and D’Von agreed. D’Von stated that they were the baddest tag team on the planet.

D’Von was cut short by the arrival of “Big Cass”, Colin Cassidy. Cass went off on “Simon and Garfunkel”. Cass reminded the Vaudevillians that they took out his “family”, so he needed to finish what was started, last night. Cass also went off on the Dudleysl He had only one word to spell “S-A-W-F-T”! Cass stepped over the top ropes and tore into Aiden and Simon. The New Day ripped it up with the Dudleys. Do I smell an 8-man fight?


Big E, Kofi Kingston, Zavier Woods and Colin Cassidy vs Simon Gotch, Aiden English, Bubba Ray Dudley and D’Von Dudley
8-Man Tag Team

Aiden and Simon got rocked. Cass tagged in and worked over Simon. Wild Back Elbow by Big Cass. Tag to Woods. Unicorn Stampede! Woods found his trombone. Stall Dropkick, to the corner. Even the trombone doesn’t irritate me, like it once did. Kofi nailed a hard Knee and tagged in Woods. Thrust Kick and Snap Mare on Gotch. Tag to Bubba Ray and he hit a huge Big Boot. Crossfaces by Bubba. Bubba was trying to teach the Vaudevillians. Double Team Famouser by the Dudleys. 2 count. Bubba bashed and battered on Woods and then tagged in Aiden. He told Aiden to “do something”. Aiden did. 2 count. Tag back to Bubba. Rear Chin Lock by Bubba. Jawbreaker by Woods. Flip Flop and Fly failed as Woods hit a Dropkick.

Bubba held Woods’ leg to prevent a tag. D’Von did get the tag and hit a Jumping Elbow Drop to Woods. D’Von dove off the top but missed. Tag to Kofi. Ax Bomber and Dropkick by Kofi. Jumping Clothesline by Kofi. Boom Drop! Aiden got involved and Kofi got sent into the ring post. Kofi was hurt. Break time.

Kofi was still stunned but he did start to fight back. Kofi was kicked in the face and the Vaudevillians switched members in the ring. Bubba kept barking orders to Simon and Aiden. Gotch pulled Kofi to the corner and D’Von took the tag. Kofi tried to put up some offense but a Flying European Uppercut stunned Kofi. Tag to Gotch. Gotch with a Standing Rear Chi Lock but Kofi fell into the enemy corner. Aiden tagged back in and worked over Kofi. Straight Left by Aiden but Kofi was able to kick out. Kofi dove for his corner but came up short. Tag to D’Von. He fell onto Kofi’s back. D’Von talked trash and hit a Suplex. 2 count.

Tag to Gotch. Knee Drop to Kofi’s head. Aiden came in and Double Teamed Kofi. They knocked the other members of New Day off he apron. Kofi hit a Double Dropkick. Cass was itching to get involved. Tag to Cass. Shoulder Tackle and Body Slams. He also took out the Dudleys. Cass hit a Fallaway Slam on Aiden, followed by the Corner Splash. Big Boot by Cass. Empire Elbow by Cass but Bubba got involved. It broke down into a Mosh Pit. Belly to Booty, on the floor. Bubba was now legal. Bubba hit a German on Cass but it only brought a two. Tag to D’Von. They wanted the 3D. Kofi took out Bubba with a Springboard Crossbody. Ace River Crossing by Cass.

Your Winners: New Day and “Big Cass” Colin Cassidy
Raw Ranking: 4.25

There will be a Battle Royal to find the new Number One Contender to the US Title.

Monday was The Rock’s birthday. Happy Birthday, Champ.

The announcers discussed the weird ending to the World Title match, last night. Roman hit a wicked Superman Punch to a flying Styles. Anderson and Gallows rushed out to get involved. The Usos evened up the sides. The match was epic, despite the crappy mid-match changes. Roman used a Spear to keep his World title. All six men will get in the ring, later on.

The announcers then discussed the “Chicago Screwjob” where Natalya got done over, just like her Uncle Bret did…almost 20 years ago. Nattie and Bret put Charlotte and Ric Flair into Sharpshooters. Michael Cole discussed Charles Robinson’s relationship with the Flair family. I want to see “Little Natch” take on Nattie.

Becky Lynch vs Emma

These two have been warring on Social Media. Boring. Collar and Elbow and they went to the corner. The ref called for the break. Slap by Emma. Dragon Screw Leg Whip and Deep Arm Drags by Becky. She also hit a Dropkick that sent Emma to the floor. Becky with a Fist Drop, off he apron to the floor. Becky pitched Emma back in the ring and got a two count. Emma kneed Becky in the head. Becky pulled Emma to the corner but Emma yanked Becky off the ropes. Ouch. 2 count, again. Snap Mares by Emma. Becky began to punch the ribs of the Aussie Chick. Butterfly Suplex by Emma to pull a two. Keylock by Emma.

Becky fought up to her get to break what had become a Full Nelson. Emma Booted the taste out of Becky’s mouth but still didn’t get a three. Becky escaped a Cradle Piledriver but got thrown into the corner, hard. Slider Crossbody by Emma for a two. Emma Paintbrushed the Irish Lass Kicker. Hard Clotheslines and Mule Kick by Becky. Flying Forearm by Becky. Spin Kick into the BeckPloder. 2 count. Emma rolled out to the apron to avoid the Dis-Armer. Emma poked Becky in the injured eye. Emma hit a Michinoku Driver to finish off her opponent.

Your Winner: Emma
Raw Ranking: 1.5

It was time for another look at Puerto Rico. Epico and Primo were looking at some awesome looking food. Not on my places to go, but I could be convinced. Smile.

The Ambrose Asylum

Last night, Dean Ambrose beat Chris Jericho. Dean’s plant has a name…Mitch. Dean welcomed Stephanie McMahon to the Asylum. Stephanie talked about how interesting the Asylum Set was. Dean wanted to know where the real Stephanie was at. Stephanie said Dean was just paranoid about the changes. Stephanie said she was just happy. Dean showed when Roman Speared Stephanie, at Wrestlemania. Stephanie took responsibility for what happened to her. Dean wasn’t buying it. Dean then brought up Shane’s heroic return to the WWE. Dean stirred the pot by saying Shane was running Raw much better than The Authority ever did. Stephanie mentioned, again, how Shane had disappeared for seven years. Stephanie pushed the loyalties of the fans and the company employees. Dean mentioned how much Stephanie has had to miss because of her responsibilities. Dean asked Stephanie if Shane has made the same sacrifices. You could see Stephanie’s temper start to rise. Dean just kept poking and prodding but she wouldn’t break. Stephanie decided it was time for a change, as it revolves around Dean’s show. She cancelled the talk segment. Can’t say I’m upset about that.

Dean felt hurt that his time with talking is done. Dean picked up Mitch and started to leave. He stopped and then just walked on. Stephanie then brought back Chris Jericho and the Highlight Reel. Yawn. JBL just about wet himself as Chris strolled from the back. Chris and Dean stared each other down. Chris and Dean started Hockey Fighting, on the floor. Chris threw Dean to the ropes but got nailed with the Rebound Clothesline. The two started wailing on each other, once they got in the ring. Chris avoided Dirty Deeds and hit the Code Breaker. Chris kicked Dean out of the ring. Chris then went over to Mitch and picked it up. Chris smashed Dean in the back of the head with the potted plant. Poor little plant.

Battle Royal to find the Number One Contender to the United States Title.

Sheamus disbanded the League of Nations, last week. The three former members are in the match. Baron Corbin was also involved, as well as Titus O’Neil. Dolph Ziggler wanted his shot, as well. All Hell broke loose as the bell rang. Sin Cara was also involved. Viktor was thrown out, quickly. Sin Care was being attacked by the Social Outcasts. Damien Sandow went sailing over the top. Apollo Crews was standing his ground. Star Dust was sent out by Crews. Darren Young was flipped out. Sheamus put Crews on the apron but Apollo stayed in…for a few seconds. Crews was eliminated by Sheamus. Dolph went after Baron. Dolph Dropkicked Baron out of the match. Corbin dragged Dolph to the outside and ran him into the ring post. Baron threw Dolph back in. Rusev picked up Dolph as the refs tried to get Baron to go to the back. Dolph was tossed over the top and Raw went to break.

Kalisto watched on as it got down to the last few guys. Sheamus German Suplexed Titus out of the match. Alberto with the Double Stomp and he dumped Curtis Axel out of the ring. Bo Dallas was sent out by Sin Cara. Short Arm Clothesline by Sheamus to Zack. Sin Cara hit a Crossbody on Rusev. Sheamus and Alberto double teamed Sin Cara. Sin Cara came off the ropes and took down Alberto and Sheamus. Rusev then went after Sin Cara. Sheamus nailed the Irish Curse Backbreaker on Zack Ryder. Sin Cara was pushed off the ropes and out of the match. Rusev attacked Zack as Alberto yelled at Sheamus. The former League members Triple Teamed Zack. The Leaguers had a meltdown. Back Stabber to Sheamus . Zack hit the Rough Ryder to Alberto> Rusev laid out Zack. Sheamus kicked Rusev. Superkick and La Bandera to put Sheamus on the apron. Superkick by Alberto put Sheamus out. Rusev nailed Del Rio with a hard kick. Rusev dumped Del Rio on the apron. Del Rio was gone from the match. Ryder and Rusev tore into each other, big time. Zack hit a Missile Dropkick and Broski Boot. Rusev reversed a Whip and flipped Zack Ryder out of this match.

Your Winner: Rusev
Raw Ranking: 2.5

Lana came out to celebrate with her man.

Charlotte and Ric Flair came out to the ring. Michael Cole sent it to the video footage of the “Chi-Town Screwjob”. Charlotte asked her daddy to give them a “Woo”. Charlotte bragged about retaining her title. Charlotte didn’t like reading all of the Social Media backlash against her and her dad. Ric bragged about how the Flairs are so much better than the Harts. Charlotte asked Charles Robinson to join them in the ring. She asked Charles to tell the truth about last night. Charlotte did her best Vickie Guerrero impression. Charles said Nattie screamed at Charlotte to stop. Charlotte said the relationship between Charles and Ric had nothing to do with the decision, right? Charles fumbled over his words to try and say he didn’t do this as a favor for the Flairs. The fans started chanting for Beth Phoenix. She then dismissed “Little Naitch”.

Natalya stormed out to the ring. She walked right past Charles and got up in the ring. Nattie yanked the microphone from Charlotte. Nattie said this was all about Ric. Nattie accused Ric of paying off a ref to screw her over. Charlotte went to hit Nattie but Natalya took out the Women’s Champ. She then got up in Ric’s face. He took off his jacket and got ready to fight. Really? She Chopped the crap out of him and put Ric in the Sharpshooter. Charlotte dragged her daddy out of harm’s way. Nattie picked up Ric’s Rolex watch and Hall of Fame ring.

The Flairs grumbled, backstage. Stephanie came up and chatted with them. Stephanie wanted Charlotte to prove she is better than Natalya. Stephanie set up a Submission Match for the Women’s Title at Extreme Rules. Ric Flair will be banned from ringside. Stephanie wanted a Woo from Ric but he wouldn’t go there. Charlotte whined about it as we went back to the arena.

“The Club” (A.J. Styles, Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows) vs Roman Reigns and The Usos
Six Man Tag Team Match

Styles and Roman kicked off the match. Collar and Elbow and then went to the corner. Clean break. Go Behind and Roll Up by Styles but Roman quickly took back control. Styles kicked away but Roman hit a Shoulder Tackle. Luke Gallows took the tag and said he would handle this. Hard kicks and punches by “Doc”. Roman nailed an Uppercut and Headbutt. Corner Mount Punches and Samoan Drop by Roman. 2 count. Tag to his cousin, Jimmy. Jimmy chopped away but Luke kicked Uso. Pinwheel Enziguri by Jimmy and Tag to Jey. Corner Splash but Luke sent Jey across the ring. Big Boot to Jey’s bad shoulder. 2 count.

Jey was tossed over the top rope. It went to the floor and Raw went to break.

Karl Anderson beat down on Jey Uso. Karl with a Rear Chin Lock but Jey got to their feet. Spinebuster by Anderson. 2 count. Karl popped Jey and tagged Styles back into the match. Styles put Jey in the corner and hit a Flying Forearm. 2 count, once more. Front Face Lck by Styles. Gallows rushed in and popped Jimmy and roman. Styles didn’t like that. Superkick by Jey to Styles.

Tag to Roman. Roman took out Anderson and then Gallows. Flying Clothesline to Karl. Drive By to Luke. Corner Clotheslines to Karl. Styles rushed over and got nailed. Dropkick by Karl and Roll Up for two. Roman reversed a Whip and hit a Big Boot. Roman dodged the Phenomenal Forearm and hit a Tilt-a-Whirl Slam. Superman Punch to Gallows. Styles Dropkicked Roman into Jimmy Uso. Tag. Superfly Splash for the two. Samoan Drop but Anderson got involved. It got chaotic as everyone was attacking someone. Boot o’ Doom, on the floor, to Roman. Styles and Jimmy were fighting it out. Phenomenal Forearm by Styles.

Your Winners: A.J. Styles, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson
Raw Ranking: 3.0

Anderson brought a steel chair in the ring to punish Roman. Styles would not let Anderson and Gallows do this. Anderson yelled at Styles to whack Roman with the chair but Styles would not do it. The Usos did use the chair…on Styles. Styles then went to work on the Usos with the chair. Roman saw Styles use the chair and he hit a Superman Punch. The crowd booed the Hell out of Roman Reigns. The fight went to the floor and Roman exploded on Styles. A.J. was thrown into the barricade. Roman dismantled the announce table and went to get Styles. He threw A.J. into the ring steps. Roman then hit a Running Powerbomb to send Styles through the table!


–Jay Shannon

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