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4/21/16 –

Hello wrestling fans, Frank here reporting from the Lowell Memorial Auditorium in Lowell, Massachusetts for a live NXT event.

The WWE has been rumored to have NXT start touring this summer, and they are testing the waters in Lowell tonight. This place is sold out, and to quote the late Gorilla Monsoon, “The electricity in the air is so thick, you could cut it with a knife”.

First I want to say a quick thank you to my good friend, Jay Shannon, for making this happen. You’re a good man Jay, and I feel I speak for everyone that knows you, when I say our lives are just that much better with you in them.

Also I want to let you, the reader, know that the opinions expressed in this article are my own, and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the fine folks at 1wrestling.com.

With that being said let’s start the matches!

Mojo Rawley vs. Riddick Moss

Don’t know much about Moss, but this crowd is 100% behind Mojo.

Good back and forth action, with Mojo getting the win.

Great way to open the show.


Match 2 –

Peyton Royce & Dana Brooke vs. Carmella & Bayley.

Place is going nuts.

Huge “how you doin’ ” chant for Carmella, Bayley is hugging everyone at ringside.

Crowd completely behind Carmella & Bayley.

Bayley & ‘Mella dominate the 1st half of the match. Royce & Brooke take over the 2nd half. Royce & Brooke look like they have it won till a Belly to Bayley slam wins it for Carmella & Bayley.


Match 3-

Tommaso Ciampa vs. Chris Girard.

Crowd is behind Girard, a local guy.

Code of Honor handshake to start the match. Classic “old school” match. Neither man getting the advantage.

Girard finally gets the win and the place goes ballistic. Standing ovation from the crowd. Code of Honor handshake ends it.


Match 4 -

Manny Andrade vs. Austin Aries.

Crowd evenly split in support.

Knock down, brag out battle. In the end Aries gets the win with the Last-chance – Aries.

Huge ovation for both men.


Match 5 -

Elias Sampson vs. Shinsuke Nakamura.

Nakamura gets the biggest ovation of the night and absolutely dominates, winning it with a shining wizard.


Match 6 -

NXT Tag Team Championship American Alpha vs. The Revival.

Crowd completely behind AA.

Amazing tag team match. AA reminds me so much of the Steiner Bros. & The Revival reminds me of Anderson & Blanchard.

This was a great tag team match, with AA retaining the titles.

This is what tag team wrestling is supposed to look like WWE.


Match 7-

NXT Womens Championship

Asuka vs. Alexa Bliss.

Asuka with HUGE support from the fans. Great back and forth battle which saw Asuka retain.

NXT’s women just completely outperform the main roster.

The Main Event -

NXT Championship

NXT Champion Finn Balor vs. Samoa Joe.

Huge support for both wrestlers. They start out trading submission moves, with neither man gaining the advantage.

Closing moments saw Joe go for the Muscle Buster, but Balor evades it, hits a DDT, 1….2….denied! Joe tries a running Clothesline but Balor evades it, knocking Joe outside the ring.

Balor goes for a running Splash but Joe avoids it and Balor rams into the barrier, injuring his ankle. This brings out the medical team. If Balor is just selling this he’s doing one hell of a job.

Joe gets back in the ring. Balor is up and he starts to unleash Hell on Samoa Joe. Balor knocks Joe down, he heads to the top rope, Joe is up. Joe grabs Balor…Muscle Buster! Could it be? 1…2…3!

Your winner, and NEW NXT Champion: Samoa Joe!


Unbelievable! What a show! The crowd has blown the roof off the Lowell Memorial Auditorium, with a constant Joe chant.

Joe leaves the ring holding the belt up high.

Medical team checks on Balor, they help him up. A huge “Thank you Balor” chant breaks out. Finn waves to the crowd, as he leaves the ring. He stops one more time, looking like he’s fighting back tears.

This show was incredible! If they keep it up, NXT will absolutely be able to tour the world.

It’s safe to say, this is no longer a developmental territory, this is wrestling the way it should be. Take a good look WWE, NXT is here.

I would like to close out, by saying Rest in Peace Chyna. She was a big part in the “attitude era”, and to her I say may your journey into the next life be a peaceful one. Thanks for the memories.

-Frank H. MacDonald


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