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This week’s Ring of Honor highlighted some of the best of New Japan. It is so nice to see these two great organizations working together.

Roll the opening montage!

We are in Tokyo, Japan. One of those places on my personal “Bucket List” to visit.

Dalton Castle and “Funky Weapon” Ryusuke Taguchi vs Matt Sydal and Jushin “Thunder” Liger

Are you kidding me? This should be amazing.
The Funky Weapon mimicked The Human Peacock, before the match. Smile. Dalton had Substitute “Boys” for this event.

Liger began against Dalton. The fans were absolutely rabid. Collar and Elbow into a Go Behind by Liger. Liger took Castle down and put him in a Side Headlock. Liger rolled into a Flying Surfboard. Dalton got free and retreated to the corner. The Boys with the “Fan Up”. Liger and Dalton tied up and went to the ropes. Castle struck a pose to throw Liger off his game. Dropkick sent Liger outside. Castle faked a Suicide Dive and the Boys came in to fan their master. Knife Edge Chops by Castle but Liger threw him out. Liger got the Boys to come in and fan him. Too funny. Break time.

The players had changed but he time we got back. Matt and Funky were in the ring. Side Headlock by Matt. Universal into a Sunset Flip by Matt. Funky Weapon! Matt avoided a 2nd Funky Weapon attack. Rolling Leg Lariat by Matt. Tag to Liger. Double Whip but Ryusuke unleashed the Funky Weapon on both foes.

Tag to Castle. Scoop Slam put Liger down. Slow Step Splash by Castle, which brought a two count. Funky Weapon to Liger. Castle then held Ryusuke and ran him into Liger. Liger kicked Ryusuke in the face and hit a Tilt-a-Whirl Backbreaker. Matt tagged back in and kicked away at Funky. 2 count. Standing Moonsault brought Matt a 2. Jumping Enziguri by Funky. Dalton got the tag. Running Knee Strikes by Castle. Jumping Knee by Matt. Dalton caught Matt on the fly. Castle pitched Matt overhead. Nice. Dead Lift German, from the apron, by Dalton. Liger made the save. Liger took out Funky. Matt avoided the BangaRang and hit the Reverse Hurancanrana. Matt went up top and nailed the Shooting Star Press!

Your Winners: Matt Sydal and Jushin “Thunder” Liger
Honor Roll Ranking: 3.5 out of a possible 5

RoH did a fun package about the stars of the organization checking out Japan. This kind of stuff fascinates me, since I’ve worked my fair share of ring crews. It also takes me back to my trip to Poland. Smile.

Delirious vs Gedo

This ws the first TV appearance of Delirious. Awesome. Delirious rambled on and no one had a clue what he was saying. Gedo yelled at Delirious nad then shook D’s hand. The bell set off Delirious. D really got the fans revved up. Gedo seemed both confused and amused. Delirious and Cheeseburger will be battling the Young Bucks, in the next few days.

Side Headlock by Gedo. Universal into a Side Headlock by Delirious. The two countered and re-countered each other. Gedo told Delirious “You Can Wrestle”. Delirious raked Gedo’s back and chest, over and over. Delirious ran Gedo into the corner and then gnawed on Gedo’s fingers. RoH felt the need for another round of commercial.

They pushed the new “Motor City Machine Guns” shirt. I wouldn’t mind having one of them, since my father’s side of the family comes from the Detroit area. Smile.

Before getting back to the action, we saw a promo about Moose’s time in Japan.

Back in the rign, Delirious bellowed at Gedo. Delirious chomped down on Gedo’s arm. Whip by D. Gedo booted D, multiple times. Basement Dropkick to Delirious’ knee. Figure Four by Gedo. Crazy D was not about to give up. Delirious rolled over to reach the ropes. Gedo punched away. Jawbreaker by Gedo led to a vicious Superkick. 2 count. Delirious slid under Gedo and pulled both ankle. Brutal Strikes and such by Delirious. 2 count. Delirious with a Fireman’s Drop and then he went up top. Shadows missed and Gedo School Boy’d him. Delirious spun around into a Crucifix Backslide!

Your Winner: Delirious
Honor Roll Ranking: 3.5

Roderick Strong, then the TV titlist, cut a promo about his upcoming match against Tomohiro Ishii. Bobby Fish talked trash to Strong to get inside Roddy’s head.

RoH followed Dalton Castle around Tokyo.

Roderick Strong vs Tomohiro Ishii
Ring of Honor TV Title Match

Roddy was the champ, going into this match. Strong backed off from Ishii, at first. The two tested the waters before going into a Collar and Elbow. They reached the ropes and broke clean. Strong fought out of a Go Behind. Knife Edge Chop and Ishii shrugged it off like a mosquito bite. Strong bailed out to regroup.

Ishii attacked Strong as Roddy got in the ring. The two traded Forearms and Chops. Ishii rocked Roddy with Forearms and Chops. Ishii reversed a Whip but Roddy hit a Float Over. Ishii stopped Roddy with a Forearm. Strong unloaded with Forearms but they had little effect. A stomp to the bare feet of Ishii did throw the Japanese star off his game, slightly. RoH took yet another break.

The two had gone to the floor. Roddy threw Ishii onto the ring apron. Strong knew Ishii has a bad lower back. Strong dropped Ishii on the ring barricade and slid back in the ring. When Ishii got in the ring, Strong stomped away. Broski Boot by Strong. Strong got a two count, only. Roddy put Ishii in a Rear Chin Lock. Crossface by Strong. Ishii bashed Strong in the head. Ishii spat at Roddy when Strong chopped him. Fishhook Clutch by Strong. The fans hated what Roddy was doing. The ref forced Roddy to break the hold.

Ishii and Strong traded wicked Knife Edge Chops. Seated Abdominal Stretch by Roddy. Ishii flipped Strong over but then took a Knee Strike and Olympic Slam. 2 count. Roddy couldn’t believe it.

The two kept trading hard shots. Ishii Hulked Up and hit a Snap Powerslam Throw. Knife Edges by the Stone Pitbull, Ishii. Ishii worked over Strong but Roddy reversed a Whip. Running Shoulder by Ishii. Saito Suplex by Ishii. 2 plus count. RoH needed one more break.

The two were fighting on the apron. Roddy blocked a Vertical Drop Brainbuster and then took Ishii down to the floor, hard. Both men were stunned. Roddy pushed Ishii back in the ring and got a two count. Strong rocked Ishii with the Forearms. Ishii worked over the neck but Roddy Chopped his opponent. Ishii worked through Knife Edge Chops and No Sold them. Ishii Shouldered Strong towards the corner and told Roddy to bring it. Ishii then decked Strong. Corner Splash by Ishii. Ishii put Roddy up top. Stall Superplex by Ishii. Dang! 1-2-not quite yet.

Powerbomb by Ishii but he couldn’t get the 3. Roaring Elbow by Roddy but Ishii blew it off. Jumping Knee Strike by Roddy but he couldn’t follow up. Roddy put Ishii up top and prepared for a Superplex. Dang!. Roddy hit the Double Knee Gutbuster and Sick Kick. Could be…might be…DENIED! Roddy was so frustrated, by this point. Ishii hit an incredible Clothesline after taking a Jumping Knee Strike. Lariat! 1-2-almost but no. Ishii would not drop to eh Jumping Knees. Massive Headbutt by Ishii. Slider Lariat. 1-2-kick out. Damn. Stall Brainbuster by Ishii. 3 count!

Your Winner (and NEW Ring of Honor TV Champion): Tomohiro Ishii
Honor Roll Ranking: 4.95

As this wrestling week draws to a close, Ihave to say 3 more good-byes. Doris Roberts, Joanie “Chyna” Laurer and Prince have all finished their work on this world and have moved on to what comes next. May your journeys be peaceful and glorious ones. God Bless.

–Jay Shannon

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