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Jeff and Matt Hardy went after each other in an “I Quit” match. Plus, the Knockouts battled it out to find a new leader…by way of a Ladder Match.

Jade vs Velvet Sky vs Madison Rayne vs Maria Kanellis-Bennett vs Gail Kim vs Marti Belle vs Rebel
Ladder Match to determine the Leader of the Knockouts Division

The Finish:

Maria was a sneaky little witch during most of the match. She did the Hit-and-Run for the entire battle. Rosemary, who wasn’t even in the match, came in and attacked Gail Kim. After several shots with a Singapore Cane, Decay dragged Gail to the back. The Beautiful People and the former Dollhouse members (Rebel and Marti) were slugging it out. Maria suddenly rushed in and ran Velvet’s and Madison’s heads together. Maria then bailed out, again. Jade headed up the ladder but her former partner hit a wicked Powerbomb off the ladder. Jade tumbled out of the ring. Velvet waited until the two women were out and then went up the ladder. Maria chose her spot and returned to crack Velvet with the Singapore Cane. As Velvet fell to the canvas, Maria scooted up the ladder to take control of the division.

Your Winner: Maria Kanellis-Bennett
Impact Scorecard: 3.0 out of a possible 5

Impact looked back at how Bobby Lashley Speared Drew Galloway, over and over, last week. That led to Drew going off about how he wanted revenge.

After the break, Maria and Mike Bennett were discussing Maria’s win. Maria said she had a plan and now it would come to fruition.

Elsewhere, Decay carried Gail Kim up into the rafters. More on that, in a bit.

Drew came out to the ring. He explained he wasn’t cleared to wrestle but was ok to fight. He called out Bobby Lashley. Instead, he got Rock Star Spud. Spud mocked Drew for being so beaten up. Spud was confident that he could win the World title, right now. Drew looked ready to go but then Spud said it wasn’t going to be him who challenged…but Tyrus.

The Man-Dinosaur came out and accused Drew of hiding behind his doctors. Drew said he would be clear to go, next week. Tyrus tricked Drew into accepting his challenge…NO MATTER WHAT SHAPE HE WAS IN. Tyrus and Spud then brutalized Drew. Tyrus hit multiple Big Splashes.

Matt and Reby did a video promo about how they were taking the Hardy Brand to the next level and needed to eliminate Jeff to do that. They will fight, soon.

Rosemary got all cryptic about Gail being a pawn in their Chess game. What the heck?

Trevor Lee vs DJZ vs Eddie Edwards
Triple Threat Match for the X-Division Title

The Finish:

This one went back and forth, with all 3 men set to take the title. G.S. helms was outside, in his Neon Green jacket. Eddie sent Lee flying with a Superplex. Helms got on the apron to distract the ref. Andrew Everett rushed out and pushed Eddie off the top. Lee rushed over and made the pin.

Your Winner: Trevor Lee
Impact Scorecard: 3.25

Andrew and Trevor beat down Eddie and DJZ.

Backstage, Eric Young says he is going to the ring to change wrestling, forever.

As we come back from break, Gregory Shane Helms explains that he is expanding the Helms Dynasty with the addition of Andrew Everett. Might there be more members, in the near future?

Eric Young and Bram came out to the ring. Eric insulted the fans and stated that he was taking his ball (the King of the Mountain title) and going home. He quit TNA for both himself and Bram. Eric told Bram to leave with him but the Brit didn’t cater to the idea of being out of work. He told Eric that the King of the Mountain title would look really good around his waist. Bram didn’t think Eric had the b*lls to face him. Eric hit a Low Blow and Piledriver. To further insult his former ally, Eric grabbed some scissors and chopped up Bram’s beard. That kind of thing would get Eric’s butt seriously whipped back home in Texas.

Jeff cut a promo about how similar and different he and Matt are. Jeff was readyt o do what was necessary to end this feud, tonight.

Mike and Maria Bennett were out to crow about how Mike defeated Ethan Carter III. Mike did it by way of a Fairy Tale. Mike was the White Knight that slew the evil Prince (Ethan). After blathering on for a while, Ethan came out to shut Mike down. Ethan reminded everyone that Mike won by DQ. Ethan put out a challenge so Mike could get the first pinfall or submission over Ethan in close to 30 months. Mike seemed ready to deny the challenge, until Maria whispered in his ear. Then Mike was ready to accept. They decided to make the match a No-DQ, so there would be no excuses. Ethan said “Miracle” was the right name for Mike, because it would take a Miracle to beat Ethan Carter III.

Gail finally woke up and freaks out about being bound by Decay. Rosemary explained that nothing would happen to Gail, IF they got what they wanted.

Al Snow came out to try and explain himself. He was tired of the new kids getting things handed to them. He was ready to teach Mahabali Shera a lesson, so he called him out.

Al Snow vs Mahabali Shera

The Finish:

Al worked over the big Indian for most of the match. Shera had a late match comeback but Snow went into his tights for a pair of taped up knucks. He clocked Shera and covered him.

Your Winner: Al Snow
Impact Scorecard: 1.5

Rosemary said Princesses don’t get Happy Endings…they get Sacrificed. Wow, don’t let her read stories to MY nieces and nephews. Smile.

E-Li Drake was ready to do a new segment about identifying the Dummies in wrestling. Great, another boring talk segment. Thankfully, we get at least one week to prepare for what may well be a Train Wreck. I’m just saying…

Ok, Decay finally brought Gail to the ring to reveal their master plan. They said to keep Gail safe, Beer Money needed to come out. James Storm and Bobby Roode came down to ringside. Decay said they wanted a tag team title match or Rosie would snap Gail’s neck. Disturbing. Bobby and James said Decay only had to ask. Abyss said they would battle in a Valley of Shadows Match (what the Hell is that? It this another White Castle of Fear match?) James and Bobby blindly accepted and Gail was released. That match will happen at next week’s Sacrifice.

Jeff Hardy vs Matt Hardy
I Quit Match

The Finish:

To be honest, this was one of the nastiest matches that I’ve seen in years. Both men took advantage of the other and beat their foes to near unconsciousness. Jeff set up a ladder, tables and ring barricade pieces. Jeff put Matt out with a Kokina Clutch. Jeff freaked out when Matt couldn’t say “I Quit”. Jeff refused to accept the win, that way. Jeff placed his brother on the tables and went up to the catwalk. Jeff hit one of the most awesome Swantons, sailing probably a good 15-20 feet down onto his brother. Both men were out. Impact went off the air without anyone saying those two magic words!

Your Winner: No Contest, I guess
Impact Scorecard: 4.75 (it would have been a full 5, if someone had won)


–Jay Shannon

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