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Roll the Opening Montage!

We were still in Las Vegas. Mr. Wrestling III and Kevin Kelly were the announce team. Our main event was a Fight Without Honor, between Dalton Castle and Silas Young. But first…

Roppongi Vice (Romero and Barreta) vs War Machine (Hanson and Rowe)
Ring of Honor Tag Team Title Match

Rocky Romero came out in a Tiger Mask mask. RoH showed how Roppongi Vice earned this title shot, by surviving a Gauntlet Match (2 weeks ago).

Rocky and Trent attacked War Machine, even before the introductions. Stereo Suicide Dives by RV. Rowe demanded the match be started. Trent hit a Standing Moonsault but only got a one. Rowe threw Rocky into the corner. Hanson tore Trent a new one, across the ring. The two teams slugged it out. Romero was kicked out of the ring. Gorilla Press by Rowe. Trent slipped free and hit Knife Edge Chops. Rowe blocked a Crucifix Slide and Kneed Trent in the face. RoH took it to break.

War Machine was going for the Double Team but Hanson accidentally hit Shotgun Knees on his partner. Romero with a Jumping Knee and Standing Sliced Bread to score a two count. Forever Clotheslines by Romero but Rowe connected with the Superman Punch. Trent used a Missile Dropkick to both members of War Machine to aid hit partner. Tornado DDT sent Rowe out of the ring. Double Team on Hanson. Double Jumping Knees to Hanson. Trent and Rocky had to hit the Dual Strikes, again, to take down Hanson. Hanson was draped over the top rope. Leg Drop by Romero. Knee Strike brought a two count.

Rowe blocked Strong Zero and War Machine threw Trent and Rocky into each other. Cool move. Hanson lifted Trent and tagged in Rowe. Path of Resistance to Trent . Trent countered out of a Poerbomb and hit a Hurancanrana. Romero sent Hanson sailing. Flip Dive by Trent but Rowe caught him. Apron Bomb by Rowe. Roll Through by Rocky almost pulled the trey. Spin Kick of Doom to Romero. Fallout!

Your Winners: War Machine
Honor Roll Ranking: 4.0 out of a possible 5

Hanson sent out a challenge to the Briscoes to come and face them.

Donovan Dijak and prince Nana came out to address the crowd. Dijak is poised to go to war against Jay Lethal, very soon. Prince Nana was ready to share what has been in the envelope…Psych! Nana hinted that his stable would be called the Enlightened Ones. Nana was certain that Donovan Dijak would be the next World Champion.

Dijak took over and explained his only purpose in Ring of Honor…to protect Jay Lethal and the House of Truth. Now, things have changed. Dijak credited Nana with opening his eyes about The House of Truth…

Jay Lethal rushed out and began to beat the daylights out of Dijak. It took all kinds of security members and officials to try and keep them apart. Taeler Hendrix nearly came out of her top as security grabbed her to keep her back. Nana pulled off the security forces to make it possible for Dijak to continue beating on the World champ.

Dalton Castle cut a scathing promo about how tonight was a fight…to hurt Silas Young.

Kenny “The Cleaner” Omega (w/Young Bucks) vs ACH

Kenny reminds me, for all the world, of Brian Pillman (and that is meant as the deepest compliments). No Code of Honor Handshake.

The two took their time before locking up. Go Behind by Omega. Standing Switches on both sides. ACH took the Side Headlock. Kenny sent ACH to the ropes. ACH hit the Shoulder Tackle and Backflip. Dropkick, by ACH, missed. Knife Edge by ACH. Thesz Press by ACH and wild punches. Texas Elbow Drop by ACH. Kenny blocked a Stunner but Ach came back to hit a Dropkick. Ach flipped off the apron and landed on the floor. Superkick by one of the Bucks. They placed a banana peel down to cover it up. That was so hilarious. RoH needed another break.

Adam Cole went off on Matt Taven for daring to kick Adam out of The Kingdom. Cole talked about how Taven and Mike Bennett were Bullet Club Rip Offs. Adam was actually happy to be done with The Kingdom, because Taven was holding Cole down.

We’re back and Kenny held a Rear Chin Lock. ACH started to fight back but took a hard knee to the ribs. Next week, we will see highlights from the recent shows in Japan. Kenny chopped Ach and hit the Senton but missed the Moonsault. Hard Chops by ACH. Rising Force Crescent Kick to Kenny. The two fought over the ropes. Kenny ran ACH into one of the turnbuckles. Kenny started to run the ropes but took a kick to the face. Matt Jackson got u on the apron. Nick also got on the apron. ACH threw Kenny out of the ring. Crash and Burn Step Up Flip Dive that took out all three opponents.

Ach went up top but got blasted. ACH blocked a Superplex. Ach pushed Kenny off the ropes. Kenny came right back up and continued to try for the Superplex. Warrior’s Way Double Stomp by ACH, after pushing Kenny off the ropes. 2 count. Kenny avoided the Brainbuster. ACH fought free from Kenny’s grasp. Seated Dragon Suplex! Wow! Kenny lifted Ach but couldn’t hit One Winged Angel. Brainbuster by ACH but he only got a two. ACH set for the Midnight Starbut didn’t connect. Standing Switches. Vicious Knee trikes by Kenny and shots from ACH. Kenny lipped ACH over the ropes and onto the apron. Dang. Kenny Tuned Up the Band but missed the Superkick. ACH with brutal elbows and a wicked Stunner. 1-2-not quite. Midnight Star missed. Knee Trembler into the One Winged Angel!

Your Winner: Kenny Omega
Honor Roll Ranking: 4.5

Parental Guidance Suggested!

Dalton Castle vs Silas Young
Fight Without Honor

Silas yelled that Dalton was about to learn how Men fight. Dalton then came out. He quickly sent The Boys to the back. Dalton charged the ring and the two began to slug it out. The streamers were all over the ring. Elbow Smash by Silas. La Bandera by Dalton. Dalton faked out a Crash and Burn. Dalton would fly out, after a moment. Dalton pitched Silas back into the ring. Amateur Lift by Dalton. Silas fought out of a German Suplex. Dalton went to the apron and then got kicked off the ropes. Silas shoved Dalton off the apron. Flip Dive by Silas.

Silas found a chair and drove it into Dalton. Young then blasted Dalton in the face. Silas went looking for Toys but Dalton was waiting. Dalton Chopped the ring post, accidentally. Silas slammed the hand onto the apron edge. Silas set up a pair of chairs and went for a Suplex. Dalton blocked it and flipped Silas over. Dalton went Silas’s back into the post. Dlaton pulled up short to avoid chopping the post, again. The two circled the apron. Dalton flew off the apron and sent us right into commercial.

Someone found a table during the break. A ladder was also in play, waiting in the ring. Silas set up the table, on the floor. Dalton went for a Hurancanrana but Silas blocked it and Powerbombed the Human Peacock on the two chairs. Silas rolled Dalton in the ring and then Silas hit a Springboard Elbow Drop. 1-2-kick out.

Silas hoisted Dalton up for the Capture German but Dalton escaped. STF by Silas. Dalton screamed in agony but would not surrender. Castle inched over to reach the ladder, not that he got to use it. Silas stomped away and then went for a Springboard Twisting Leg Drop. All Silas hit was the ladder! Silas’s knee was in bad shape.

The two slugged it out from their knees. The fans chanted for Dalton Castle. Hockey Fight time! Dalton got the better of the fight until Silas raked the back. Cutter by Silas. 1-2no. Misery by Silas but he couldn’t pull the 3. Silas rolled out to find a trash can lid. He was covered in streamers. He had a microphone and talked serious trash as he beat down on Castle. Silas wished The Boys were there to see this. He got what he wanted. Silas said he was going to finish Dalton. Brent and Brendon tore into Silas. That seemed to rile up Dalton. Running Knee Strikes by Dalton. He missed the last one of them. Suicide Dive by Silas into The Boys. Brent and Brendon pushed Dalton out of the way. Rope Swing Hurancanrana and Suicide Dive by Dalton. Dead Lift German gave Dalton a two count. Silas held the ropes to prevent the Bang-a-Rang. Dalton then flipped Silas over the ropes and Silas crashed through a table. “You Just Killed ‘Em” rang out. Dalton rolled Silas into the ring and went for the pin. Could be…might be…Denied! The fans were thrilled with what they were seeing. One of The Boys threw in a can lid. Low Blow by Silas.

Silas talked trash, hit Dalton and spat on him. That as all it took. Bang-a-Rang onto the steel chair!

Your Winner: Dalton Castle
Honor Roll Ranking: 4.25

The confetti flew as The Boys partied with their leader. Fade out!


–Jay Shannon

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