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Impact started with a Revenge Flashback. Drew Galloway had to defend the World title against the entire Matt Hardy brand. He somehow managed to overcome Matt, Tyrus, Rock Star Spud and Reby Sky-Hardy.

Going live, Matt Hardy came out with his entire entourage. “Pope” D’Angelo Dinero was back at the announce desk, this week. Matt went off about how his brother, Jeff, was tarnishing the family name and his brand. Matt demanded that Jeff come out and face him.

Jeff didn’t have to be asked twice. Pope and Josh discussed how Matt has lived in Jeff’s shadow, for so many years. Matt went off on Jeff for “staining the Hardy name”. Jeff was proud to be a Hardy and he was proud of their legacy. Jeff’s problem was with Matt trying to disgrace the TNA World title. Matt bragged that he has always been the best and the protector of the Hardy brand. Matt whined about Jeff getting up in his business. Jeff warned Matt that Matt was on a destructive path. Matt ordered Jeff to abandon the Hardy surname so only Matt could use it. Seriously? Jeff told Matt to get it through his thick head that the fans were chanting for them. Matt issued a challenge where the winner would get exclusive use of the Hardy name.

Reby got up in the middle of things and accused Jeff of being scared of Matt. Jeff called Reby a “crazy b*tch”. Jeff accepted the fight. Not sure if the name will be on the line or not.

Josh sent it to a video package about Decay wanting to face Beer Money.

Beer Money ( James Storm and Bobby Roode) vs The BroMans (Jessie Godderz and Robbie E) vs Decay (Crazzy Steve and Abyss) vs Eric Young and Bram
4 Team Tag Team Battle for the World Tag Team Titles

All Hell broke loose. It was supposed to be 2 men in the ring, at a time. Storm brought the Boozer Cruiser around the ring and ran into Bram. Bram seemed to have an injured wrist. Double Suplex to Bram led to the Beer Money Dance. The bell finally rang and Bobby Roode and Eric Young fought like mad. Eric ran Bobby intot he corner. Step Up Enzigrui sent Eric tumbling into the corner of Decay. Steve took the tag and hit vicious Crossfaces. Abyss came in and Chokeslammed Steve onto Bobby. 2 count. Abyss blasted Bobby’s back. Bobby popped Abyss in the face and hit a Blockbuster. Bobby was so weakened. Eric Young got the tag and stopped Storm from becoming legal. Bobby blocked the Piledriver and Back Body Dropped Young.

Jessie finally got the tag and went to work on Eric. Gorilla Throw by Jessie. Jessie then took out Steve with a Tornado DDT. BroDown and Jessie applied the Adonis Lock. Abyss got involved. Abyss tossed Jessie onto the apron. Springboard Forearm by Jessie. Bram was thrown out of the ring. Jessie flew off the top to level Eric Young and Crazzy Steve. Eric accidentally hit his partner. Last Call Superkick by Storm!

Your Winners: Beer Money
Impact Scorecard: 2.5 out of a possible 5

Matt got up in Jeff’s face. Matt explained the match between the two brothers was on, for next week. Matt set the match to be an “I Quit” match. Jeff asked for a tag team match. Jeff said he would find a partner. If Matt’s team wins, next week would be an “I Quit” match. If Jeff and his partner win, the Brothers Hardy would go to war in a Full Metal Mayhem (TLC) match. Interesting.

In the back, Eddie Edwards was discovered, hurt. Someone beat him up and Eddie’s shoulder seemed to be damaged.

Maria came out to discuss the Genesis of the New Knockout Division. Maria brought up Donald Trump (huge boos). Maria introduced “HER” Knockout Champion, Jade. Maria rambled on about how she elevated Jade from nothing to relevant. Maria then ordered Jade to give her the Knockout title, which should belong to Maria (according to Mrs. Bennett). The fans screamed for Gail Kim. Jade took the microphone and said Maria was too afraid to fight for the belt. Jade refused to just hand over the strap.

Gail stormed out to the ring, very upset. Gail couldn’t believe Maria stooped as low as she did. Gail wanted a title rematch, down the road. Right now, Gail had plans for Maria. Gail called Maria “The Loudest B*tch” in the division. Maria accused Gail of being low class. Maria began to sing about how the fans are sheep.

Marti Belle and Rebel came out to confront their former Dollhouse companion. Maria said this was still the Dollhouse’s House.

Velvet Sky and Madison Rayne decided to join the party. Velvet corrected Marti that they were still the top women in the building. Velvet and Madison had a little disagreement over who should be in charge.

They were stopped by the arrival of Billy Corgan. Maria tried her best to kiss his backside. Billy really pushed how great the Knockout division is. He told Jade that she must battle Madison Rayne, later tonight, for the title. Billy said Maria’s scheming would not work. Billy set up a Knockout Leader match, for next week. The winner of that wild war would be in charge. The women started tearing into each other. Maria bailed out, big time.

Ethan Carter III cut a promo about “Miracle” Mike Bennett. Ethan was not all that impressed with Bennett. Ethan said he brought onto himself all the goods and bads that he has dealt with. Ethan had a lesson to teach Michael, a little later on.

Gregory Shane Helms and Trevor Lee were in the ring. I still love that jacket. Helms joked about Eddie being unable to go. Helms knew that there was no one, in the back, that had the b*lls to fight him. Helms threw out an Open Challenge. Accepted!

Trevor Lee vs DJZ (Zema Ion)
Non-Title Match

DJZ tore into Lee but missed a Dropkick. Rolling Dropkick by DJZ. Running Hurancanran by DJZ. Flip Dive by DJZ. He landed on his feet! Nice. DJZ talked trash to Helms. That was not a good idea. Trevor attacked. Trevor tossed DJZ back into the ring and stomped away. Trevor pulled DJZ in but DJZ hit a Jawbreaker. Springboard Back Elbow by DJZ led to another Hurancanrana. Rolling version of a Tornado DDT. Helms got up on the apron to distract the ref. Trevor hit the sneak attack. DJZ rolled up Trevor with the Inside Cradle.

Your Winner: DJZ
Impact Scorecard: 2.75

Helms attacked DJZ, after the match. Eddie Edwards rushed down to protect DJZ. The Emerald Emperor and his charge headed for higher ground.

Mike Bennett cut his promo against Ethan Carter III. Mike, unlike Ethan, didn’t need to evolve. Mike was ready to destroy EC3.

Jeff Hardy was asked about his tag team partner. Jeff said he has locked in the Perfect tag team partner, Drew Galloway. Drew said he had Jeff’s back, because Jeff had his, last week.

“Miracle” Mike Bennett (w/Maria) vs Ethan Carter III

Ethan rushed in and took down Mike. Ethan unloaded with wild fists. The bell rang and Mike began to punch and kick his enemy. Knife Edge Chops by Mike. Short Arm Chops by Ethan. Maria shrieked at EC3. Mike used the distraction to take back the advantage. Ethan reversed Whip but took a kick. Back Body Drop by Ethan. Ethan then sent Mike out with a La Bandera Clothesline. The two ended up fighting on the floor. Ethan blocked Suplexes by Mike and then brought Mike over with his own Suplex.

Ethan taunted Maria and then went to get Mike. Spinebuster by Bennett. Mike choked Ethan over the ropes. Maria raked Ethan’s eyes. Hard Whip by Mike. Hammer Throw by Mike and Ethan collapsed. Ethan kicked out at one. Cross Tie Clutch by Mike. Ethan rolled under and got to his feet. Mike kneed the ribs. Ethan came back with a shot and Jawbreaker. Stinger Splash and Flapjack by EC3. Mike got to the ropes to block the 1%er. High Back Elbow by Mike. Uranage DDT by Ethan but it only scored a two. Mike went to the apron and snapped Ethan’s neck over the top rope. Ethan blocked the Rainmaker and hit the TK3. Maria put Mike’s ankle under the ropes. The ref, of course, didn’t see a thing. Jeez.

Maria ran around and then into the ring. Code Breaker by Bennett. The fans chanted for EC20 Mike rolled out of the ring and got a steel chair. Ethan ducked the chair shot. Shinu Numaki Sleeper by Ethan. Mike tapped out but Earl Hebner was dealing with Maria and the chair. The chair struck Earl, by accident. Ethan cracked Mike across the back with the chair.

Your Winner (by Disqualification): “Miracle” Mike Bennett
Impact Scorecard: 2.75

Ethan just beat the stuffing out of Mike with the chair.

Seeing Ethan using that chair brings me to a sad moment. I always hate saying good-bye to someone but it’s twice as hard when it is someone that I’m a big fan of. We lost Balls Mahoney, this week. There was always something just a little extra special about ol’ Balls. He was even great doing one of WWE’s worst characters, ever, Xanta Claus. No matter what, Balls was always there, giving his all, to make sure we fans were entertained. God Bless you, Balls, and may your rest be a joyous one.

Impact looked back at Al Snow attacking Grado and Mahabali Shera, a couple weeks back. Snow broke Grado’s arm. Snow talked about his behavior. Snow was suspended for a week. Snow was heading to the ring to publically apologize to Shera and Grado. That was up next.

Al Snow admitted he did something wrong, a couple weeks back. He was trying to make some young talents pay their dues. He was out there because TNA Management forced him to. He called out Mahabali Shera to get an apology. Shera got right up in Snow’s face and screamed that Snow hurt his friend. Shera drew back to hit Snow but Al asked to explain, first. Snow talked about being in the business for a long time. Snow was having a hard time dealing with wrestling passing him by. Snow talked about a vicious beating in the head from Chris Irvine (Jericho). Snow apologized for doing the things that were done to him. Snow promised to pay for Grado’s medical bills. Snow wanted to help the young kids live their dreams. Shera demanded respect from Snow and everyone in the ring. He wanted the same from Snow. Shera accepted Snow’s help and they shook hands. The two left the ring but then Snow threw Shera into the ring steps! Snow assaulted Shera and beat him senseless. The fans chanted “You Still Got It!”. Snow then said something to Shera and walked to the back.

In the back, Tyrus came up to confront Dre Galloway. Tyrus wondered if Drew knew what he was doing. Drew knew he had a responsibility to the fans and the company. Tyrus suggested that Drew needed a bodyguard. Tyrus reminded Drew that Tyrus could cash in his title shot…anytime!

Al Snow cut a promo, out in the parking lot. Snow didn’t need to explain his actions. He also didn’t need to apologize for going off on punk kids that were trying to take his spot, after 34 years. Snow threw out a challenge for the punks to come earn his respect.

Madison Rayne vs Jade
Knockout Title Match

Madison ducked Crescent Kicks and rolled up Jade for a two. Crucifix blocked by Jade and it was turned into a modified Samoan Drop. Hard kick by Jade. All the Knockouts will compete, next week, in a Ladder match to determine the new leader of the division.

Knife Edge Chop by Jade. Madison with a Short Arm Reversal to a Roll Up. Running Boot by Jade. Jade stood on Rayne’s ribs. Snap Mare by Jade that led to a vicious Crescent Kick. Jade threw Maddie down and talked trash to the crowd. Two count. Jade kicked away at Maddie’s back. Jade clubbed the challenger and then stood over her foe. Gut Wrench Throw by Jade brought the champ a two. Maddie held the ropes to block Jade. Step Up Enziguri by Madison. Jade clocked Maddie but Rayne came right back with hard shots.

The two slugged it out, big time. Roaring Elbow by Madison. Madison with a Northern Lights Bridge. 2 count. Madison went up top and waited. She missed a Crossbody. Shotgun Dropkick by Jade. STO by Jade.

Your Winner: Jade
Impact Scorecard: 2.5

Matt Hardy and Tyrus vs Drew Galloway and Jeff Hardy
Stipulations Match

Again, if Matt wins, we get an “I Quit” match, next week. If Jeff wins, we go with Full Metal Mayhem.

The two Hardys opened this battle. Matt ducked and dodged and brought Tyrus into this battle. Jeff avoided the Man Dinosaur and went for the Go Behind. Tyrus took them to the corner. Jeff ducked the Heart Punch and clubbed the neck. Tag to Drew. Double team on the huge Tyrus. Matt got involved and then found himself taken out. Poetry in Motion by Jeff and Drew. Impact took a break.

Tyrus dropped his immense weight on the World Champ. 2 count. Tyrus held Drew to prevent a tag to Jeff. Matt took the tag and bashed Drew in the neck and back. Knee strikes to Drew’s face. Matt then beat Drew down into the corner. Matt used a Back Elbow to drop Drew. Tag back to Tyrus. Corner Splash by Tyrus. Tyrus stood on Drew’s hand. Heart Punch by Tyrus. I could see Ox Baker smiling down from Heaven, seeing his finisher continuing. Tyrus sat on Drew’s back and pulled on the chin of the World champ.

Drew got free and chopped away. Belly to Belly by Tyrus but it only scored a two. Double Leg Drop by Tyrus. Matt screamed at Tyrus to squash the champ. He missed the Outer Limits Avalanche. Tyrus clutched his knee in pain. Matt and Jeff both tagged in. The two brothers went wild on each other. Inverted Atomic Drop and Legs Drop by Jeff. Side Russian Leg Sweep and Leg Drop Pin by Jeff. 2 count. Matt fell to the Twist of Fate. Jeff ripped off the shirt and went up top. Matt rolled out to the apron to avoid the Swanton. Matt flipped back into the ring. Jeff hit a 2nd Twist of Fate. Jeff headed back up top and stopped. Jeff dove on Tyrus. Claymore to Tyrus. Reby Hardy rushed down to give Matt a hammer. Matt cracked Jeff in the face with the hammer. Matt lifted the dead weight of his brother. Twist of Fate by Matt. 1-2-3.

Your Winners: Matt Hardy and Tyrus
Impact Scorecard: 2.0

That match was just not a Main Event caliber match. Next week, Matt and Jeff will face off in an “I Quit” match.

Bobby Lashley rushed in and attacked Drew Galloway. Spear to Drew! Lashley hit a 2nd Spear. Drew fell out of the ring and Bobby went out to get him. Bobby hit a 3rd Spear, sending Drew into the ring steps. Bobby slid in the ring and grabbed the World title belt. Pope was chomping at the bit to get in and fight Bobby. He didn’t. Fade out.

The show ended with a preview of Hardy vs Hardy.

Before I go, I want to send out a very special THANK YOU to our own, Bill Apter. I’ve been reading his great book “Is Wrestling Fixed…”. I got my copy at Wrestlecon. I was thrilled to see my very own name in the pages of his great work. Thank you, my dear friend.


–Jay Shannon

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