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Ok, I’m home from an amazing week in Dallas. Wrestlecon was off the charts. So nice to meet great people like Rock Star Spud, Jeff Jarret, The Hardys, The Great Muta and quite a few old friends (Kevin Sullivan, Sam Houston, One Man Gang). I’ll have a recap of that show later, but right now, let’s see what Impact offered us, this week.

Welcome to TNA’s Revenge!

The show began with a look at Jeff Hardy vs Drew Galloway, from last week. Both men came so close to taking the win. Drew used the Future Shock DDT to retain. Matt Hardy then came out to get his rematch. Eric Young and Bram jumped Jeff Hardy. Jeff challenged Eric to fight him inside Six Sides of Steel.

Jeff Hardy vs Eric Young
Six Sides of Steel Match

Impact looked back at how Eric Young almost ended Jeff Hardy’s career, by putting Jeff through a table with a Piledriver. Bram was at Eric’s side. Eric screamed at the fans to shut their stupid mouths. Eric was determined to make this Jeff’s Last Day in Professional Wrestling. Eric threatened to Piledrive Jeff to Death. Eric was cut off by the arrival of Jeff. Jeff suddenly went to the back. He brought out a table. Jeremy Borash took Pope’s place, since D’Angelo Dinero would be fighting, later in the night.

Jeff rammed the table into Bram and then Eric. Jeff worked over both enemies. Jeff bounced Eric off the cage walls. They hadn’t gotten in the ring, so the match had not started yet. Bram pulled back the protective mat and Eric went for a Piledriver. Jeff turned it into a Back Body Drop. Jeff was sent into the cage by Bram. Jeff reversed a Whip and Bram went face-first into the cage. The fight just kept going, on the floor.

A table was slid into the ring and then a few chairs joined it. This was just a mugging. Jeff tried to fight back but the numbers were against him. Eric finally threw Jeff into the ring and Bram shut the door. The bell rang. Eric yelled at the ref to stay back. Eric lifted up Jeff to further torture him. It failed as Jeff took out both of the Terror Twins. Impact went to break.

Jeff worked over Eric’s neck and then threw him into the cage wall. Eric came back and threw Jeff into the same wall of pain. Eric wedged a chair into one of the corners. Jeff reversed a Whip but Eric put on the brakes. Jeff went for the Twist of Fate but had to settle for sending Eric’s shoulder into the placed chair. Jeff tossed Eric into the chair. Jeff moved the table into the corner. Both men fought for position. Eric ran Jeff’s face into the cage, once again.

Eric seemed almost lost as he walked around, thinking of his next move. Eric ran Jeff into the cage and then unloaded with a Haymaker. Eric kept running Jeff into the cage. Jeff reversed a Whip and Jeff hit the Inverted Atomic Drop and Double Leg Drops. Jeff nailed the Slider Dropkick to pull a two. Jeff threw a chair at Eric’s head. Jeff set up several chairs and then pushed Bram away, through the cage. Jeff tried to hit a Twist of Fate through the chairs but fell to the most wicked Piledriver that I have seen in forever. How the Hell did Jeff kick out of the pin?

Eric started up the cage but Jeff followed him up. Eric fell and straddled the top rope. Jeff went for his own Piledriver but let it go for the Twist of Fate. Jeff immediately nailed a 2nd Twist of Fate. Jeff then kicked through the camera hole to drop Bram. Jeff put Eric on the table, tore off his shirt and went to the tippy top of the cage. Mega Swanton off the top of the cage! 1-2-3!

Your Winner: Eric Young
Revenge-o-meter: 3.5 out of a possible 5

On the replay, I noticed that Jeff really hit his head hard on the landing.

Dixie Carter chatted with Maria and Gail Kim. Dixie was tired of these games. Gail will battle BOTH Jade and Madison Rayne, tonight. Maria started blowing smoke, again, but Dixie shut her down and walked away.

So, I want to take this time to send out a special Happy Birthday to one of my best buddies, Joe Guenther. He has been a close friend for over a decade and we’ve been there to help each other through some tough times. Here’s to ya, Brother!

The Final Word: Matt Hardy vs Drew Galloway

Impact looked back at how Drew Galloway defeated Matt Hardy for the TNA World Title. Drew cashed in Feast or Fired to get the match. The Matt Hardy Brand (Matt, Reby, Rock Star Spud, and Tyrus) got in the ring. Matt went off on Jeremy about how much of a thief Drew is. Drew then came out to confront his accusers. Drew mentioned how Matt never shuts up. Matt grabbed the stick and said he was there to state facts. Matt accused Drew of stealing HIS title. Both men were given a final chance to speak. Matt went first. Matt said he should be the champion because he dresses and acts like a champion. He also married and fathered champions. Matt felt Drew was a Flash in the Pan. Matt knew that no one worked harder than he did. Matt called Drew a “petty thief”. Matt promised the Beating of a Lifetime.

Drew then got his say. Drew said the one word that describes him is: Passion. Drew said he wasn’t a character on TV, he was legit. Drew told everyone that Matt used his son as a prop. Drew had respect for Jeff, not Matt. Matt got all kinds of upset to hear about “Benedict Arnold”. Matt explained that Jeff was the inferior Hardy. Drew was ready to prove his is the best damn wrestler on the planet. Jeremy Borash then closed out the segment.

Before everyone left, Tyrus stepped up to say something. Tyrus was ready to cash in his Bound For Gold opportunity. Everyone was stunned at Tyrus’ desire to win the title.

D’Angelo Dinero aka The Pope cut a promo about tearing up Bobby Lashley. Pope was ready to show Lashley that it is easier to jump on than to jump off. That is on deck.

Tyrus walked backstage until he ran into Ethan Carter III. Ethan was impressed that Tyrus made the move. Ethan warned that Tyrus cost Ethan the title so beware of Karma. The two expressed their hatred towards each other.

“Pope” D’Angelo Dinero vs “Destroyer” Bobby Lashley
Street Fight

Bobby jumped Pope from behind. Bobby clocked Pope and then rammed him into the ring apron. Vicious Crossfaces by The Destroyer. Bobby took Pope around and slammed Pope’s face into the apron, again. Josh and Jeremy were shocked at Bobby’s brutality. Bobby stood on Pope’s throat before throwing him into the ring. Ring the Bell!

Bobby took off his shirt and bashed Pope in the face. Hard Whip and Corner Spear by Lashley. Pope was down and hurt. Stall Suplex by Bobby. Gut Wrench Suplex by Bobby. This was just ridiculous. Bobby set for the Spear and Pope ended up in the ropes. Bobby dumped Pope over the ropes and to the floor. Bobby went out to get Pope. Bobby put Pope on the ring steps and stomped the head into the steel, almost. Pope moved out of the way and cracked Lashley between the eyes with a trash can.

Pope tore Bobby a new one with the various “Toys” at ringside. Pope walloped Bobby with a kendo stick. Pope brought the stick up between Lashley’s legs and hit a White Russian Leg Sweep. Pope teed off on Bobby with the kendo stick. Dang! Pope got up on the turnbuckles and flew…into a Spear!

Your Winner: Bobby Lashley
Revenge-o-meter: 2.5

Pope tried to crawl out of the ring but Lashley was set for another Spear! Bobby just went right back into the crouch. He got up to chase off the ref, Brian Hebner. Bobby hit another Spear and Ethan Carter III came out to face Bobby. Ethan got in the ring to get up in Bobby’s face. Lashley backed down but smiled all the way up the ramp.

Suddenly, “Miracle” Mike Bennett rushed in and attacked Ethan Carter III. Huh? Mike stood over Ethan as Impact headed to break.

Ethan was ticked off as he struggled to his feet. He screamed for Bennett to get back there and fight him. The “Miracle” music hit and Maria came out to run her mouth. Ethan stopped her cold. Ethan said he didn’t want to talk to her but to her spineless, worthless husband. Mike stepped out from Maria’s skirt. He said he was not trying to be anything like Ethan. Mike said he was there to end Ethan’s career. Mike reminded Ethan that he not only lost the World Title but his entire entourage. Mike screamed that Ethan could only truthfully blame himself. However, Mike was cool with being blamed for Ethan’s fall. Mike knew he would always be able to kick Ethan’s *ss. Ethan was thrilled to get a match with Mike. He threw a chair to Mike and said “Finish the job”. Mike would not battle Ethan, tonight. We’d have to wait a week for the massacre. Mike and Maria started to leave. Ethan rushed up and tore into Mike. Mike threw Maria into Ethan. The fight went to the back. Mike found himself getting his butt handed to him so he took off running. Mike bashed Ethan in the ribs with a tire iron. He then jumped in his car and drove away.

Rock Star Spud chatted with Tyrus, backstage. Spud knew Tyrus was going to win the belt and then hand it over to Matt (Hardy). Spud had a plan to make this work. Tyrus had no desire to follow Spud’s lead. Got to meet Spud at Wrestlecon and he was just so fun to chat with. Smile.

Gail Kim vs Jade vs Madison Rayne
Triple Threat Knockouts Title Match

Jade got double teamed at the bell. Gail missed a Corner Splash. Maddie rolled up Jade for a two. Rolling Arm Drag by Rayne for another two. Jade came back to try for a pin. Maddie with a Slider Crucifix for two because Gail broke it up. German Suplex by Jade to Gail. Madison and Jade Dropkicked each other. Gail took out both challengers with DDTs. Gail ran over both ladies and sent both foes flying.

Jade was sent to the ropes and she sailed through to blast Madison. Jade with a Thunderlips Clutch Choke. Maria cracked Gail with the title belt. STO by Jade. 1-23!

Your Winner (and NEW Knockouts Champion): Jade
Revenge-o-meter: 2.25

Drew Galloway cut a promo where he said he didn’t care if it was Matt Hardy or Tyrus. He was ready to defend and retain.

Elsewhere, Gregory Shane Helms was about to find out if Eddie Edwards wanted to join forces with him to go after the tag belts.

Impact looked back at how Al Snow attacked Grado and Mahabali Shera, last week. Snow caught a ton of grief from fans at Wrestlecon. Snow stated he was not the villain but a protector of the sport. Grado is out with a broken arm. Snow got a week’s suspension and he was expected to go deliver a public apology. He didn’t like the idea but didn’t have a lot of choice in the matter.

In the ring, Helms and Trevor Lee were waiting for an answer. Helms is building a Dynasty. He called out Eddie Edwards to seal the deal on becoming a member of the Emerald Dynasty. Eddie thanked Helms for giving him time to think. Helms tooted his own horn about how great his career has been. Eddie knew Helms was just trying to jump on the rematch that the Wolves are due. Eddie stated he was already part of a (Wolves) Nation so he didn’t need to be part of the Dynasty. Eddie turned down the offer. Helms said he would get the tag belts, even if he had to go through Eddie to do it.

Out came Beer Money. James Storm made fun of Helms’ bright green jacket. Storm said Helms could come get some anytime that he wanted. Storm invited any team to come face them. Decay strolled out from the back. Rosemary cut one of her creepy promos. Abyss stepped up and said they were coming after the belts and they would keep it forever. Storm and Roode rushed out and the fight was on! The four men tore into each other. Abyss attacked Roode. Storm spat beer in Steve’s face. Spear by Roode to Abyss, in the ring. This wasn’t an official match. The refs and security rushed out to try and break things up. It didn’t work as Bobby tore Abyss a new one.

We went to break after final comments from Matt Hardy. He blathered on about not dying and being a brand and such. Matt was ready to take back the title. He turned and ran into Tyrus. Matt asked the Man-Dinosaur if he was ready. Tyrus did not answer. Cut to commercial.

Booby Roode and James Storm were still hot, backstage. Bobby Roode threw an open challenge to any team to come and face them. Bobby didn’t care how many teams showed up. Wow!

Matt Hardy vs Drew Galloway
TNA World Title Match

Rock Star Spud and Tyrus were with Matt. Tyrus didn’t want to leave the ring. He asked for the microphone but Matt jumped Drew and the bell rang. Tyrus couldn’t declare himself a part of the ring now. Drew rocked Matt with a Clothesline and Ax Bomber. Matt sent Drew into the corner and hit a Bulldog and Leg Drop. Impact headed off to break.

The fight spilled out to the floor. Rock Star Spud got involved and Matt hit a Side Effect, on the apron. Matt rolled back in the ring. Spud slid out from under the ring to choke Drew. He went all Hornswoggle and slid back under the ring. Matt stood over the downed body of his bitter enemy. Elbow Drop by Matt and several Elbow Smashes. Drew began to fight back with Knife Edge Chops. Rope Splash by Drew but Matt hit the Funk Neckbreaker. 2 count. Matt hit a 2nd Neckbreaker but still only got two. Matt and Drew punched away at each other. Tyrus just kept watching the action. Wild Knife Edge dropped Matt. He then exploded with Machine Gun Knife Edges. Overhead Belly to Belly by Drew. Again, the count stopped at two.

Drew climbed up the ropes. Matt hurt his ankle on a bad landing. Spud jumped off the ropes and Drew launched him. Matt struck Dre in the face with his boot. 2 count! Matt stood on the ropes and jumped. He fell to a Future Shock DDT. Tyrus yanked the ref out of the ring before he could make the three. Jeff Hardy rushed down and laid out Tyrus with a Twist of Fate! Matt hit a Twist of Fate on Drew. Could be…might be…Denied! Matt bounced and got ready to hit another Twist of Fate. Drew turned it into the Iron Maiden (modified Crippler Crossface). Tap Out!

Your Winner: Drew Galloway
Revenge-o-meter: 3.0

Jeff applauded Drew for his success. Dre was in serious pain but still managed to grab his belt and leave.


–Jay Shannon

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