Posted April 5th, 2016 by Bill Apter

I was signing my book for a fan at WRESTLECON on the day of the WWE Hall Of Fame ceremony.  There an old friend who was instumental in the original Freebird’s BADSTREET video told me there are a few guys outside who wanted to see me.  I hustled from my table and was whisked out a side door to see my old friend Kevin Von Erich, along with his sons Ross and Marshall smiling and greeting me with big welcome hugs.

It was such an unexpected honor when Ross and Marshall — who I had never met before –l both called me “Uncle Bill.”  As you know I covered the Von Erich family from the early 70′s and became good friends with them (commencing with Fritz and his wife Doris and then David, Kerry, Kevin, Mike, and Chris. Fritz was kind enough to tell me during the hot time when World Class Championship Wrestling was at its peak that I was an honorary member of the family.  It was  quite the honor!

Thank you Kevin and sons for making a few minutes of my life rewind to a wonderful segment of time I loved so much in the business.

Later on that evening I also had the pleasure of re-connecting with Kevin’s wife Pam and nice hugs there too!

Bill Apter/April 5, 2016

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