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So, I’m on my way to Dallas. I’m doing this recap, on the fly…literally. Pope had something to say that would change the face of Impact, for some time to come. Also, Dre Galloway had his first title defense. His opponent was Jeff Hardy.

The show began with a flashback to last week’s Gauntlet Match. Jeff Hardy won the whole thing to face Drew Galloway, in tonight’s Main Event.

Matt and the Hardy Brand came out so Matt could grumble about his place in the World title picture. Matt screamed and hollered that he wanted the TNA officials to give him his title match…NOW! Suddenly, Maria and Mike Bennett came out to confront Matt. Mike suggested Matt was getting a little old. Ouch. Matt said Mike could be his friend (like in RoH?) but Mike needed to know his place. There is a pecking order and, I guess, Matt is Top Rooster. Mike and Matt were ready to brawl, until Ethan Carter III showed up. EC3 compared the men in the ring to the Three Stooges. Ethan wanted to fight them all, but Mike backed out. So, after a quick break, we got…

Ethan Carter III vs Rock Star Spud, Tyrus, Matt Hardy AND Reby Sky-Hardy
Handicap Match

The Finish:

Ethan threw out Tyrus and countered a Spud Twist of Fate into a Cobra Clutch. Mike Bennett rushed in and attacked Ethan.

Your Winner (by DQ): Ethan Carter III
Impact Scorecard: 2.0 out of a possible 5

Matt Hardy and Tyrus join Mike for a mugging. They were stopped by the arrival of Beer Money. Pop went to a break and then came back for:

Ethan Carter III, James Storm and Bobby Roode vs Matt Hardy, Tyrus and “Miracle” Mike Bennett
Six-Man Tag Team Match

The Finish:

Roode took the Hot Tag from Storm. He cleaned house, big time. Beer Money Double Suplexes to Hardy and Tyrus. Beer Money Dance! Beer Money wanted the DWI but Tyrus saved Hardy. Tyrus stunned Roode with the Heart Punch and Matt finished him off with a Twist of Fate.

Your Winners: Matt Hardy, Tyrus and Mike Bennett
Impact Scorecard: 2.75

Drew Galloway and Jeff Hardy were both getting ready for the main event.

After looking back at the (possible) end of the Dollhouse, Jeremy Borash interviewed Gail Kim about Jade winning the Triple Threat Match to face her. Gail wanted to make things a little more interesting, so she planned a little match of her own, to find a true number one contender.

The Bromans discussed their future. E-Li Drake then walked up and tried to lure Jessie away from Robbie E. Drake wanted them to go a lot darker than before. We didn’t get an actual answer, this week.

Velvet Sky vs Madison Rayne
#1 Contender’s Match

The Finish:

Both women had said that this was not personal. It certainly didn’t stay that way. Velvet Bulldogged Maddie and then side stepped her as Madison charged the corner. Maddie’s shoulder struck the ring post. Velvet wanted In Your Face but Madison reversed things and used a Jackknife to take the win.

Your Winner: Madison Rayne
Impact Scorecard: 1.5

Velvet looked beyond ticked off but she turned it down and raised her friend’s hand.

Drew Galloway talked about his brother imitating Jeff Hardy, years ago. Drew respected Jeff but considered Matt Hardy to be an S.O.B..

Pope and Josh were chatting when Pope said he had to get in the ring to get something off his chest. Pop took a break and then Pope got ready to set the Impact Zone on its ear. Pope talked about starting out with Bobby Lashley and being friends for many years. Pope has decided to give up his announcing jobs and go back to being the “Bad Pope” that he used to be. The fans were thrilled to hear that. Suddenly, Bobby Lashley came out to go all Brock Lesnar on Pope. Bobby told Pope to get out of his ring. Pope flipped the script and told Bobby that Lashley needed to leave. Bobby tried to bully Pope but D’Angelo Dinero went all Elijah Burke on Bobby and began to beat the stuffing out of the former World Champ. Security had to rush out and TRY to keep them apart. They fought all the way to commercial.

Jeff Hardy discussed being “David” Hardy to “Goliath” Galloway. And we ALL know what happened to Goliath.

Decay did a Mash Up video of a Marilyn Manson tune. Ok, my daughter, Jesika, knew the song. I had no clue. She has let me know that I really need to listen to other radio stations other than the Country Ones. Grin.

Josh Mathews welcomed Jeremy Borash as his announce partner for the rest of the show. Eric Young and Bram came out to the ring. Eric rambled on, as usual, about how great he is and he is a wrestling God and all that stuff. Jessie and Robbie, the Bromans, interrupt Eric and Bram. The BroMans were ready to get a bit crazy and they challenged Bram and Eric.

Eric Young and Bram vs The BroMans

The Finish:

Bram dumps Robbie and then goes after Jessie. Eric took way too long before going to punch Jessie. Jessie moved and Eric smacked Bram. Eric and Bram griped at each other. Robbie threw Bram out of the ring. BroDown!

Your Winners: The BroMans
Impact Scorecard: 2.5

Grado and Mahabali Shera were getting ready to party when Al Snow showed up. Snow attacked them both. Huh? Show grabbed a metal pipe and hit Grado on the hand. Aw, man, no dancing.

Gregory Shane (Hurri)-Helms brought out the “Technical Savage” Trevor Lee. Helms had a more elaborate plan for TNA. He asked Eddie Edwards to join him in the ring. Once Eddie got in, Helms discussed their mutual tag team successes. Helms wanted to unite with Eddie to form an Ultimate Tag Team. Eddie wasn’t ready to accept, so Helms gave him a week to decide.

Drew Galloway vs Jeff Hardy
World Title Match

The Finish:

Jeff hit a pair of Swantons. The 2nd Swanton was off the apron, to the floor. Jeff threw Drew back in the ring and scored a 2. When he didn’t get the win, Jeff decided to go back out to the floor. Jeff bounces Drew’s face off the ring steps, several times. Jeff rolled Drew back in the ring and headed up for a 3rd Swanton. This time, Drew got the knees up. Jeff took a nasty fall, out of the ring. Drew retrieved him and finished Jeff off with the Future Shock DDT.

Your Winner: Drew Galloway
Impact Scorecard: 2.75

Matt Hardy came out to push next week’s Revenge episode of Impact. Matt would have preferred to battle his brother, Jeff, for the title but Drew would have to do. Drew didn’t want to wait a week and challenged Matt to get in the ring. Before Matt could respond, Bram and Eric Young returned. It broke down into complete chaos. At the end, Jeff demanded to face Eric Young, at Revenge, in Six Sides of Steel!

Fade Out!

My friends, I hope you will be able to come to Wrestlecon. I have to admit that flying makes me so darn nervous. Fortunately, I’ll have Ted DiBiase’s book to read, as well as “The Lathe of Heaven”. I’ll be back, next Tuesday, to bring you all the best of TNA, Raw (delayed) and Ring of Honor.


–Jay Shannon

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