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As many of you know, I get the weekly Ring of Honor broadcast on Saturday evenings. I usually don’t post until Wednesday evening, so as not to spoil it for those of you watching RoH on Comet. However, when the Comet broadcast of RoH runs this week, I will be somewhere in the skies of West Texas, heading towards Dallas. Therefore, I wanted to be sure all of you get the chance to read about what happens…a little early. Smile.

Roderick Strong vs Adam Page vs Moose (w/Stokely Hathaway) vs Matt Sydal
Four Corners Survival Match

Sydal and Ricochet hold tag team gold in New Japan. Matt and Roddy locked up and Roddy worked the arm. Matt reversed things with a Side Headlock Takeover. Strong broke loose and took his own Side Headlock. Universal into a Leg Lariat by Matt. Nice. Matt kicked away and then Whipped Strong across the ring. Caught Backbreaker and Strong got a two count. Matt flipped out and Page tagged himself in. Float Over by Strong but Page hit a Missile Dropkick. 2 count. Strong dropped Page over the top rope and Adam fell out to the floor. Strong and Moose were now legal. Moose nailed a massive Uppercut.

Step-Up Enziguri by Strong but Moose connected with a Powerbomb. Page made the save. Wild Dropkick by Moose and Page went to the floor. Matt made himself legal and confused Moose. Matt sent Moose sailing out to the floor. Matt went over the top but got caught. Apron Bomb by Moose. All four men ended up on the floor. Ring of Honor went to break.

Page and Strong were going at it. Shotgun Dropkick, to the corner, by Page. 2 count. Page put Strong on the apron. Strong hit a Uranage, to Moose, on the apron. Matt slid in and attacked Page. Matt with a Stunner/Final Cut combo to Page and Strong. 2 count. Moose threw Headbutts and then Bombs. Strong answered, for a moment, with hard shots. Discus Clothesline by Moose to Strong. Moose unloaded on both Page and Matt. He sat them both on the turnbuckles and connected with a Dropkick. Hurancanrana to Moose by Strong. Page with the Slingshot Clothesline. DDT by Page to Strong. German to Strong from Page. Whitmer rushed down to attack Page. Matt with a Jumping Spin Kick. Jumping Knee to Page from Matt. Sydal then hit the Shooting Star Press. Lumbar Check by Strong. Knockout Knee to Page.

Your Winner: Roderick Strong
Honor Roll Ranking: 3.5 out of a possible 5

Adam Cole came out to chat with the audience. It was time for Storytime. Cole addressed his apparent Downward Spiral and said he was still the best damned wrestler on the planet. Cole considered himself the “Uncrowned World Champion”. The fans began to chant for O’Reilly. Cole promised that Kyle O’Reilly will never be World Champion. He also felt he was going to be the man to dethrone Jay Lethal as World Champion. Cole said he was a man without a Kingdom but he would soon rule.

Suddenly, the Kingdom music hit. Out came Matt Taven, on a crutch. Matt is dealing with a serious knee injury, right now. The two men hugged and Matt said The Kingdom was back together, again. Matt was ready for The Kingdom to win gold, in Ring of Honor and Japan. Matt then went off on Adam for losing, twice, in shots at the World title. Matt claimed he kept Adam relevant. Matt claimed he was the real star of The Kingdom. Adam was amused by the comments. Matt said he wrestled for 10 minutes AFTER he blew out his knee, at Final Battle. Matt said it was the end of The Kingdom, but it would be rebuilt in Matt’s image. Adam just stood there, confused. Cut to commercial.

Folks, Supercard of Honor Week-end is this coming Friday and Saturday. It will be held as part of Wrestlecon. This is my 2nd chance to be at Wrestlecon. 2 years ago, me and the rest of the Rivalry Championship Wrestling crew had one heck of a great time, in New Orleans. This time around, we are in MY hometown (Dallas). I truly hope to see some of you there.

Dalton Castle cut another promo about his upcoming fight against Silas Young. It will be a “Fight Without Honor”.

Cheeseburger vs Foxx Vinyer

Code of Honor Handshake and Foxx began to bash the smaller man. Cheeseburger came back with repeated Thrusts and Chops, including a Mongolian Chop. Universal into a Powerslam by Foxx. 2 count. Knee Strike by Cheesy. Cheesy waited for his Palm Strike but Foxx was yanked out by the All Night Express. Huh? Foxx was Apron Bombed by Rhett Titus and Kenny King.

Your Winner (by Disqualification): Foxx Vinyer
Honor Roll Ranking: 1.0

The ANX was out there to convince Cheeseburger that only they cared for him, not the fans. They used insults to turn Cheesy to their way of thinking. King said Cheesy had more heart in his tiny little body than most others. That was a back handed compliment, at best. ANX ran down some insulting tweets and posts that people have put on Social Media. The fans were so getting bored with this long-winded set of grumblings. ANX then began to bad mouth the other tag teams in the company. King got ticked off that Cheesy got more respect from the fans than they did. ANX then attacked Cheeseburger! Cheesy needs a good partner to whip them dudes’ behinds.

War Machine and The Briscoes rushed down to stop ANX. Titus and King talked serious trash, all the way up the aisle (backwards). The Briscoes picked up the world tag belts and looked at them. War Machine took exception to that move. RoH cut to break as the tension grew.

Kenny Omega pushed his new t-shirt. I may get one of them in Dallas.

Truth Martini and Jay Lethal discussed Hirooki Goto and how he was about to fail in taking the World title off the champ.

Hirooki Goto vs Jay Lethal (w/House of Truth)
World Title Match

Goto has a fun intro theme. It starts with something classical sounding and then cuts to a 80s synth-metal sound. Goto got this title shot because he defeated Dalton Castle at the 14th Anniversary Show.

Bobby Cruise did the introductions for this great match.

Jay tore into Goto with hard shots. Goto came back to Shoulder Tackle Lethal. Goto kicked and clubbed away on Jay and sent him to the ropes. Huge Back Body Drop by the challenger. 1 count, only. Goto threw Jay into the corner and stomped away. Goto bashed Jay, who went to the apron. Goto threw a hard Forearm and Knife Edge Chops. Whip by Goto but Jay got his boots up. Jay ended up on the top turnbuckle. Taeler Hendrix provided a distraction. Crash and Burn by Jay. Goto was down and out. Truth slid in the ring to do a Truth-a-Rooni. Personally, I was watching Taeler. Smile. Snap Mare by Jay into a Seated Rear Chin Lock. RoH went to break.

Jay punched Goto in the face. Goto got to his feet and urged Jay to bring the fight. Inside Out Clothesline by Goto. Goto unloaded with hard Forearms and a Flying Spin Kick. Jay worked the neck to block a Saito Suplex. Goto blocked the Lethal Injection and got he Saito Suplex he had wanted, seconds earlier. Goto worked over Jay’s back and then nailed a wicked Headbutt. Goto flipped Jay off the shoulder into a Neckbreaker. 1-2-not yet.

Taeler slid her hand in the ring and Goto stomped on it. Goto took the Book of Truth from Martini. Lethal Injection!

Your Winner: Jay Lethal
Honor Roll Ranking: 2.5

That match was so much less than I was expecting.

Donovan Dijak came out of nowhere to stand up to Lethal. Jay and Donovan got into a major fistfight. Martini cracked Dijak with the Book of Truth but it just made Donovan smile. Truth backed off and ran into Prince Nana. Big Boot by Donovan! Truth was obviously injured. He couldn’t even move as RoH faced out.


–Jay Shannon

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