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He talked about how he got his start in wrestling.

He talked about creative control contracts in WCW.

He talked about how the NWO angle came about and how Hall, Nash, and Hogan came into it.

He talked about the classic confrontation he and Ric Flair had on Nitro.

He talked about briefly how the business would be different if DX invaded Nitro and Vince McMahon accepted his challenge and also if WCW would have beaten WWE and how things would have been different.

He talked about the firing of Steve Austin.

He talked about the success of WCW Nitro …

plus much more …

Link to the show is here http://www.blogtalkradio.com/thewselounge/2016/03/25/creator-of-nwowcw-nitroformer-president-of-wcw-eric-bischoff-joins-the-show

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