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The TV title was on the line, this week. Plus, several tag team matches took place. One of them involved a couple of old friends of mine.

Roll the opening montage!

B.J. Whitmer vs Tomohiro Ishii
World TV Title Match

For those who are not familiar with the Japanese superstar, his surname is pronounced “E-She-E”. The announcers went back and forth with that final “E” sound. Before the match got rolling, Veda Scott came out with Cedric Alexander. She offered Whitmer a boatload of money to hand over the title shot to her man. Whitmer thought it over and took the certified check and walked out of this match.


Tomohiro Ishii vs Cedric Alexander
World TV Title Match

This match came from Sam’s Town in Las Vegas. The two men hooked up and went to the corner. Cedric smacked Ishii but he shrugged the strikes off. Ishii dropped Cedric. Alexander came back with shots but they just seemed to irritate Ishii. Tomohiro chopped the throat and nailed Headbutts. Ishii went off with a flurry of Knife Edge Chops. Veda got involved, which gave Cedric an advantage. Cedric Chopped Ishii’s throat and hit a Low Level Dropkick. 2 count. Jumping Stomp to the side of the champ’s head. Rear Chin Lock by Cedric. Elbow Drop by Cedric. The fans began to champ, which ticked off the TV Titlist. Ishii took a ton of shots and then unloaded on Cedric. Inside Out Clothesline by the champ. Cedric reversed a Powerbomb into a Back Body Drop.

Flying Enziguri , off the ropes, by Cedric. Michinoku Driver brought Cedric a 2 plus. Ishii took a Side Headlock and let go to come off the ropes. Ishii avoided a ton of kicks and dang near knocked out Cedric with a Headbutt. Cedric turned a Slider Lariat into a Backslide Crucifix. 2 count. Ishii nearly decapitated Cedric with a vicious Clothesline. Vertical Drop Brainbuster!

Your Winner: Tomohiro Ishii
Honor Roll Ranking: 3.5 out of a possible 5

The Addiction (Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian) came out. They were extremely upset that Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley have reunited The Motor City Machine Guns. Kaz just couldn’t believe Sabin would turn on them. He called him “a silly little t*rd”. Kaz said they made Sabin relevant. Kaz said Sabin owed them an apology.

Christopher Daniels stepped in and said an apology wasn’t enough. He expected poor treatment by RoH and the fans but not from a so-called friend. Daniels said all wrestling begins and ends with The Addiction. Daniels said they are the Generation Killers and he and Kaz were going to end the reunion…before it even starts.

That brought out Sabin and Shelley. “Motor City” rang out from the Las Vegans. Sabin knew The Addiction were confused. Sabin insulted Daniels and Kaz will something I will not retype here. The Guns were loaded and ready to fire. They ran to the ring but The Addiction bailed out. Daniels would not allow that to happen, right now. “Children don’t tell adults what to do. Adults tell children what to do”. Daniels said The Guns didn’t deserve The Addiction’s attention. Break time.

Truth Martini cut a promo against Hirooki Goto, who will face Jay Lethal, next week. Lethal wasn’t worried about Goto.

The Reno Scum (Adam Thornstowe and Luster the Legend) vs The Briscoes

Yeah! I’ve known Adam and Luster for several years and they are fantastic talents. They’ve worked mostly on the West Coast and were recently seen on Championship Wrestling from Hollywood. They are now working with Jeff Jarrett’s Global Force Wrestling organization. They also happen to be two of the top trainers on the West Coast. They are a credit to the hometown that we once shared…Reno, NV (I now live about an hour southeast of the Biggest Little City in the World).

The fans started the “Oi,Oi, Oi!” chant. That stopped when Jay and Mark Briscoe came to the ring. Code of Honor handshakes. Adam started against Mark. Collar and Elbow and they went to the corner. Snap Mare by Mark into a Standing Dropkick. Tag to Jay. Headbutts by the two Brothers to Adam. Jay flipped himself and Adam over the ropes with a La Bandera Clothesline. Mark then hit a Basement Dropkick.

Back in the ring, Jay hit a Dropkick to Adam. Tag back to Mark. He worked the ribs. Luster rushed in and they hit a modified Poetry in Motion, when Luster launched himself for a Warrior’s Way onto Mark’s back. 2 count. Luster brought Mark to the corner and tagged in Adam. Hooligan-like beating by the Scum. Luster came back in and slapped the tar out of Mark’s chest. Rear Chin Lock by the Mohawked brute, Luster. Mark punched free and then used a little Redneck Kung Fu on both foes. Mark dove for his corner but didn’t reach his brother. DVD to Mark. Luster Headbutted Mark’s chest, over and over. Adam tagged himself back in. Double Team by the Scum but Luster struck the post. Mark flipped over Adam and tagged in Jay. Jay exploded on Adam. European Uppercuts and Headbut by Jay. Adam unleashed several hard shots but Jay nailed a Death Valley Driver. Luster made the save. Hard Chops by Mark. Mongolian Chop by Luster, who hurt his arm. Mark hit a Uranage Slam. Luster was pushed out of the ring. Double Team by the Briscoes. Modified Hart Attack to pull a deuce for the Briscoes. Adam wanted the Jay Driller. Luster made the save. Wicked Double Team by the Scum that impressed Mr. Wrestling III. Jay almost decapitated Luster with a Clothesline. DVD by Mark led to the Froggie Bo.

Your Winners; The Briscoes
Honor Roll Ranking: 3.75

Nice show of respect, after the match.

Dalton Castle said he asked The Boys to stay back so they didn’t have to witness what would happen in a “Fight Without Honor”.

Kenny Omega pushed his new t-shirt.

The Young Bucks vs “Unbreakable” Michael Elgin and Hiroshi Tanahashi

Tanahashi has had issues with the Jackson Brothers, in Japan. Kevin Kelly ran down the history between these four men, from Japan. No Code of Honor.

Big Mike started against Nick. Mike wanted a Test of Strength. Nick did the Two Sweet hand sign and then poked the eyes. Mike Shoulder Tackled Nick to the canvas. Nick kicked Elgin and then went near the Bucks’ corner. Tag to Matt. Double Team Dropkick sent Michael to the floor and Tanahashi was Dropkicked off the apron. Slider Dropkick, through the ropes and Crash and Burn. Time for a break.

Matt flew off the roeps but got caught. Elgin cracked both brothers. Tanahashi worked over Matt with a European Uppercut and threw Jackson back in the ring. He officially tagged in from Elgin. Double Stall Suplex and “Suck It” Crotch Chop. Tanahashi worked over Matt and then taunted Nick. Tanahashi rushed up and then stopped to rake Matt’s back. Tag to Elgin. Mike clubbed away on his opponent. Stall Suplex but Nick rushed in to pull his brother down. Elgin recovered and Double Suplexed the brother tandem.

Tanahashi came back in and put Matt in an Abdominal Stretch. He then played Air Guitar on Matt’s ribs. Matt got free and Hip Tossed Tanahashi. The fans were loving this match. Seated Rear Chin Lock by Tanahashi. Matt got loose and clocked both foes. Elgin tripped Matt and pulled him out of the ring. Superkick! Tag to Nick. Dropkicks to both Tanahashi and Elgin. Rolling Back Elbow by Nick. Tanahashi flipped Nick othe apron. Springboard X Factor by Jackson into a Moonsault Tornado DDT to Elgin. That called for a break.

Nick hit a Swanton onto Tanahashi. 2 cont. Matt tagged in and just walloped the day out of his foe. Crossbody, off the ropes, by Tanahashi. Tag to Big Mike. Mike just exploded on both Bucks. Nick helped his brother escaped a Powerbomb. Mike lifted both Bucks and hit simultaneous Fallaway Slams! Falcon Arrow by Elgin but Matt kicked out at two. Matt turned the Buckle Bomb into a Double Team X-Factor. Superkick! 450 Splashes by both brothers. Tanahashi made the save, at the last possible moment.

Tanahashi was tossed out to the floor. More Bang for your Buck didn’t happen. Dragon Screw Leg Whip to Nick. Sueprkick! Tanahashi with an Inside Out Clothesline. Inverted Alabama Slam to put Tanahasi onto one of the Bucks. Superkicks all over the place! Elgin caught Nick on the fly and Powerbombed him. Sling Blade by Tanahashi. Pwerbomb to Matt. Tanahashi went up top and flew! 1-2-3.

Your Winners: Michael Elgin and Hiroshi Tanahashi
Honor Roll Ranking: 4.0


–Jay Shannon

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