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Tier 1 March To Victory
March 20, 2016
Brooklyn, NY

Credit: Chris Ruiz

Darius Carter def Fred Yehi
In the opening bout of a historic ‘March To Victory’ card, ‘Wrestling’s Richest Prize’ Darius Carter was able to get the better of Fred Yehi after capitalizing on an unintentional headbutt that blinded his challenger. Carter hit his ‘Foreclosure’ (Codebreaker) with an exposed knee for the win.

After the match, JT Dunn came out to announce his arrival in Tier 1. In what turned out to be a heated confrontation between ‘The Juice’ and the self-obsessed Carter, Dunn’s arrival was punctuated by a Death By Elbow that sent Carter crashing to the mat like a fallen tree.

‘The EmpBruh of the Ring’ Black Baron def Gran Akuma/’Colossal’ Mike Law/JustNeff/Joey Ace/Nutrious X
In what many would consider a monumental upset, the debuting ‘EmpBruh’ Black Baron was able to make it to the final two and pin Gran Akuma to advance in the Six Way Elimination Fray series.
After the Fray, ‘The Elite Athlete’ Mike Orlando put a beating on on third of the Cutthroat Kings; ‘The Five Star Stud’ Joey Ace. This lead to a masked man coming out to attack Orlando from behind. At first, it looked as though it might’ve been ‘The American Nightmare’ Logan Black; Orlando’s opponent for the night. Orlando took the man down and removed his mask to reveal that that wasn’t the case. Instead, Black jumped Orlando from behind, and their Street Fight commenced.

‘The American Nightmare’ Logan Black def ‘The Elite Athlete’ Mike Orlando
In the end, Logan Black was able to emerge victorious thanks to an assist from the man who was supposed to be guarding Orlando’s girlfriend, Ms. New York AnnaTheresa Treppiedi, from The Cutthroat Kings. The enormous Juba looked poised to military press Treppiedi out of the ring, but Sonny Kiss and Alex Mason hit the ring to make the save.

Aja ‘Super’ Perera w/ Nina Monet def ‘The Clockwork Angel’ Katred w. Dementia DeRose
Despite Katred’s best efforts and utter viciousness, ‘Super’ Perera was relentless. In the end, she was able to finish off her unstable opponent with a high thrust kick down to the back of the head.

EVOLVE Champion Timothy Thatcher def Tommaso Ciampa
This match was every bit the wrestling clinic that you’d expect. The opening minutes of the match were a mesmerizing display of technical prowess from both men, but the match quickly broke down into an all out war when the ‘Psycho Killer’s’ violent streak kicked in. The NXT Superstar attempted to embarrass Thatcher, but what he got in return was the fight of his life, and a brutal headbutt that sent him crumbling down to the mat and put him out for the three count.

Monkey Flip (Space Monkey and Travis ‘Flip’ Gordon) def Booty & The Beast (‘The Concrete Rose’ Sonny Kiss and ‘The Carnivore’ Alex Mason)/Milk Chocolate (Brandon Watts and Randy Summers)/The Spring Street Suicide Squad (Ken Lee and Chris Crunk)
If these four teams are any indication, the future of tag team wrestling is incredibly bright. Before the match got underway, there was a rap battle between Randy Summers and Chris Crunk, then a twerk-off between Brandon Watts and Sonny Kiss, Travis Gordon breakdanced, and Alex Mason challenged Space Monkey to a push-up contest, but Space Monkey simply stepped over his back, climbed the turnbuckle, and hung upside down while eating a banana. Mason was none too pleased about getting served, and attacked Space Monkey to get the action rolling. It was fast-paced, high-flying, and completely out of control, but in the end Monkey Flip was able to pick up the victory with an incredible sequence of moves that ended with a corkscrew moonsault from Gordon.

‘The Unpredictable’ JGeorge def ‘Bonesaw’ Jessie Brooks
You could really sense the disdain that these two competitors have for each other, and that the Brooklyn crowd had for JGeorge as he took every opportunity to gloat about manhandling Brooks. They don’t call her the baddest woman on the planet for nothing, though. ‘Bonesaw’ gave JGeorge everything he could handle and more. With stiff forearms, kicks, and a series of perfectly-executed suplexes, ‘Bonesaw’ not only hung in there, but had JGeorge on the ropes. That is, of course, until FEDERATED shockingly arrived on the scene. As VsK distracted the referee, Ace Romero put Brooks down with a vicious spinning side slam after she valiantly attempted to fight the super heavyweight off with a series of elbows. Even after this brutal maneuver, JGeorge had to hit her two more times to keep her down for the ten count. He celebrated with his new FEDERATED comrades.

After the match, Ethan Page charged the ring with the returning Fallah Bahh! The two slid into the ring to prevent FEDERATED from doing anymore damage, and Page quickly demanded that VsK return to the ring for their match. VsK looked poised to leave the building, but Bahh scared him back towards the squared circle.

VsK def ‘All Ego’ Ethan Page
Things started off hot and heavy with Ethan laying in some hard punches, but VsK was able to stop his momentum. The crown jewel of FEDERATED showed a great deal of athleticism as he did everything he could to stop Page’s offense, but the EVOLVE mainstay was hell bent on exacting his revenge. In the end, there was another shocking interference; this time by ‘The Clockwork Angel’ Katred. As VsK distracted the referee, she struck Page right in the eye with a nail file! VsK was able to capitalize and hit ‘All Ego’ with a vertical suplex into a brainbuster onto his own knee for the win. The expanded FEDERATED stood tall in the center of the ring as we prepared to move onto the main event.

‘The Fresh Prince of Shaolin’ Rude Boy Riley (c) def ‘The Premiere Athlete’ Anthony Nese to retain
It was abundantly clear that both of these competitors did their homework for this match. Each man had an answer to their opponent’s signature moves, and they both pulled out all the stops to leave Brooklyn as the Tier 1 Champion. It was going to come down to one pivotal mistake, and Nese made it when he missed his go-to 450 Splash. Riley was able to quickly roll out of the way, and as soon as Nese got to his feet and charged the champ, he was able to capitalize with a pop-up knee strike to retain his title.

This feel-good moment for the man who proudly carries the Tier 1 banner was ruined by another man who we would’ve thought would be proud of the outcome; none other than Gran Akuma. The fourteen year veteran hit the ring and brutally attacked Riley; laying him out with a Rubix Cube that made the entire crowd erupt into a booming “OH!” One fan even proclaimed, “You broke his neck!” What a bittersweet ending to the greatest night in Tier 1 history.

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