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Ring of Honor presented a fantastic Tag Team Gauntlet Match. Seven teams battled in this epic contest. Two teams started. When a team fell, another would take their place. Who would become the final team standing?

Roll the Opening Montage!

We were still in Nashville, TN. The entire hour would be dedicated to this Gauntlet. The winner will get a future tag team title shot.

reDRagon (Bobby Fish and Kyle O’ReillY) vs Caprice Coleman and Will Ferrara (The Age of Enlightenment)
Gauntlet Match #1

Code of Honor Handshakes. Will started against Kyle. Amateur Takedowns by both men. Kyle wanted a Kimura but couldn’t set it. Will went fro a Dropkick but Kyle held the ropes. Vicious strikes by Kyle. Knee Strike and Snap Mare by Bobby, who was now legal. Crescent Kick by Fish and tag to Kyle. Kyle and Fish took turns hitting Knee Strikes. Double Suplex to Will. Snap Mare and Knee Drop by Kyle. Tag to Fish, again. Elbow Drop by Fish to rock Will. Back Drop Suplex by Fish brought a two. Kyle dropped Coleman. Tag to Caprice.

Coleman took out both Dragons. Ax Kick by Caprice to drop Fish. STO by Coleman to Kyle. Caprice launched himself over the top and onto Fish. Slide Kick by Caprice. Suicide Dive by Will to Fish. Will took the tag. Fish fought off both men. Fish ran Coleman into the corner. Running Attack by reDRagon. Two Man Smash Machine by the Dragons. Jawbreaker to Coleman. Will got trapped in the Knee bar. Tap Out.

reDragon vs House of Truth (Joey Daddiego and Chri LaRusso)
Gauntlet Match # 2

Truth dissed Donovan Dijak and then introduced the possible newest member of the HoT, Chris LaRusso. Truth warned Chris that he was risking life and limb if he were to fail in this match. Time for a first break.

Chris started against Fish. Arm Drags by Fish. Fish twisted the arm and they ended up in the ropes. Chris kicked Fish in the face as Bobby tried to pretzel eh arm. Rolling Cross Armbreaker failed. Leg Bar but Chris reached the ropes. Kyle took the tag and dropped Chris with a Crescent Kick. Tags back and forth between the Dragons. Chris tried to fight back but just got rocked. Kyle went for his CrosS Armbreaker but Joey broke it up.

Daddiego got the tag and hit wild Knee Strikes. Tag back to Chris. That wasn’t very smart. Leg Drop by LaRusso. Kyle kicked out at two. Tag back to Joey. Boxing shots to the ribs. Joey knocked Bobby off the apron. Running Kicks by Kyle. Trapepd Leg Slam. Triangle Choke by Kyle but Joey lifted and slammed Kyle. Tag to Fish, who went wild with Knee Strikes. Crossobyd, ala Bray Wyatt, to put down his foe. Knee Bar but Chris broke it up. Tag to Chris. Leg Lariat misfired. Back Kick to Chris. Fish hit a Jumping Knee.

Joey jumped down off the apron. Joey and Truth left ringside. “Bye Bye Bieber” rang out for Chris. Chris got annihilated by kicks and punches. Chris reversed a Whip. Kyle hit a hard Knee Strike and then put him in a Front Clutch Sleeper. Tap Out.

reDTagon vs The Young Bucks
Gauntlet Match # 3

Welcome to the Superkick Party! Ring of Honor went to commercials before this epic match up.

Matt and Nick shoved the Dragons. Superkick! Superkick’s blocked and moved into Ankle Locks. Spring Lift Double Dropkicks by the Bucks. Stereo Suicide Dives by the Bucks. The Bucks got back on the apron. Double Dragon Screw Leg Whip by Kyle. Tag to Fish. Nick hit a Risking Sun Knee to Fish. Spin Suplex Stunner by Nick. Damn, that was nifty. Double Team on Fish. Rear Chin Lock by Kyle . Swanton to Fish but Bobby got the knees up. Matt escaped Chasing the Dragon. Springboard X factor by Nick. Kyle attacked Nick, on the floor. Ankle Lock by Kyle. Suicide Dive by Matt. Exploder Corner Suplex by Fish to Matt. RoH needed a break…and so did I.

Ring of Honor pushed Supercard of Honor, to be held during Wrestlecon. 2 weeks and a few days out. Supercard is already sold out but the TV taping has a few seats left. One of them, I hope, is mine. I may be watching the show with my step-son, Gary. That would be so awesome. I know Lynne just smiled down on us.

Kyle toe into the arm of one of the Jackson brothers. Tag to Fish. Fish worked the arm and hit a Back Drop Suplex. 2 count but Matt kicked out. Knee Strikes by both Dragons. Hard Whip but Matt got the boots up. Corkscrew Blockbuster by Matt. Tags on both sides. Kyle got dropped by Nick. Kyle held the ropes and left the ring. Nick tried three times to hit the Field Goal kick before finally connecting. Nick went up top and missed the Swanton. Samoan Drop by Fish. Tags on both sides. Wild Double Underhook Spin Suplexes. The Bucks loaded up for a Superkick Party but Kyle deflected them. Superkick on the rebound off the ropes. More Bang for Your Buck.

The Young Bucks vs Tough Guys Inc. (Brutal Bob Evans and Tough Tim Hughes)
Gauntlet Match # 4

Mr. Wrestling III kept trying to say Bob and Tim were related but Kevin Kelly denied it.

Tim and Bob didn’t want to get in the ring. Bob and Tim rushed and got Superkicked! Mr. Wrestling III channeled the spirit of Steve Corino (wink) with the cry of “Superkick!” Bob and Tim thought it over and Tim screamed “Suck It” to counter the fans. Bob and Tim kept strategizing. The rushed the ring and got Superkicked! Yawn. Tim was sent into the ring. Nick missed a Corner Splash. Tim with the Walking Side Slam. Tim then did the same to Matt, almost. Nick waited and hit a Superkick! Bob got in the ring and kicked both brothers. Matt just laughed it off. Bob tuned up the band but got laid out with Superkicks. Corner Double Team by the Bucks. Rope Assisted Swanton. Nasty.

The Young Bucks vs The Addiction (Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian)
Gauntlet Match # 5

Pearl Harbor by Kaz and Daniels. Daniels punched away. Inverted Atomic Drop and STO by Daniels. Double team by the Addiction on Matt. Matt was dumped out to the floor and the Addiction posed. Nick tore into his opponents with hard punches. Double Uranage to Nick. Kaz flew over the top and got Superkicked. Daniels was going for Angel’s Wings but fell to a Superkick.

The Addiction hit Celebrity Rehab on Matt.

The Young Bucks vs Roppongi Vice (Barreta and Romero)
Gauntlet Match # 6

Roppongi Vice took out the Addiction. The refs ushered Kaz and Daniels to the back. Trent and Rocky were not happy that Nick and Matt were jumped. Nick almost rolled up Romero but Trent made the save. RoH needed another round of commercials, and I need a fresh glass of water.

Jumping Knee, off the apron, to Matt. Trent put Matt on the top rope and Romero hit a Dropkick from the top rope. 2 count. Barreta tagged in and RPV hit Double Knee Strikes. 2 count, again. Seated Abdominal Stretch by Romero, who was legal. Knee Strikes by Romero. Double team on Nick. Superkick to Romero. Tag to Matt. Basement Dropkick, through the ropes. Moonsault to the floor! Time for one more break.

The fight was still going strong as RoH returned. Crotch Chop and Punches by Matt. Romero nailed a European Uppercut. Matt blocked Sliced Bread #2. Barreta prevented the Indietaker. Roll Up by Matt for a two. Buckle Bomb/ Enziguri combo by the Bucks. Romero escaped More Bang for Your Buck. Indietaker failed, again. Romero with a nice Mule Kick. Romero went after Nick.Wild Styles Clash-like double team. Barreta got the tag as the Bucks hit More Bang for Your Buck. Barreta went for the C4 but he Bucks countered. Roppongi Vice came back to take out the Bucks with Strong Zero (a Double Team Springboard Vertebreaker!) Wow!

Your Winners: Roppongi Vice
Honor Roll Ranking (for the entire Gauntlet): 4.5 out of a possible 5


–Jay Shannon

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