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TNA finally returned to the States for a live show. Jeff Hardy made his triumphant return but that wasn’t the biggest shocker of the night. Stay tuned…

Impact opened up with a history lesson of what has been happening over the past few weeks. Kurt Angle is retired. Rock Star Spud turned on Ethan Carter III. Jeff Hardy was injured, thanks to a Piledriver from Eric Young. The tag belts changed from The Wolves to Beer Money. Decay is waiting in the wings for Storm and Roode. Drew Galloway is poised to feud with “Miracle” Mike Bennett.

Jeff Hardy made his return to the Impact Zone. Backstage, Eric Young freaked out and screamed at Dixie Carter. Eric promised to hurt Jeff and it would be on Dixie’s hands, not his. Eric rushed out to the arena.

Eric Young vs Jeff Hardy

Jeff tore into Eric and hit the Inverted Atomic Drop and Double Leg Drop. Eric barely avoided the Twist of Fate. The fight went out to the floor. Suddenly, Dixie came out to stop the match. Dixie told Eric that this was Young’s chance to finish this. The winner of this contest would be added to the World Title Match, later in the night.

Jeff attacked Eric and then threw him in the ring. Eric began to fight back but he didn’t get far. Jeff ran Eric into the corner and pinned him for a two count. Eric dropped Jeff onto the ropes, after ripping at the eyes. Eric punched away at Jeff. Hardy reversed a Whip. Eric flipped over the ropes but slid back in. Eric dropped Jeff with a hard punch. Jeff kicked Eric and then Dropkicked Young. Eric tumbled out to the floor. Basement Dropkick by Jeff. Eric managed to block Jeff and take him down, hard. Eric pounded on Jeff and took him back in the ring. Near fall for Eric. Eric unloaded with a vicious punch. Jeff kicked at Eric but got stomped down. Eric blasted Jeff and tore at Hardy’s face. Eric charge but ate a back Elbow. Eric locked Jeff in the Sullivan Tree of Woe. Eric pulled Jeff’s head backwards to increase the pain.

Hangman’s Clutch by Eric. 1-2-not yet. Funk Neckbreaker gave Eric a two. Eric lifted Jeff but Hardy punched and kicked away. Back Elbow by Eric for the two. Eric dove off the second rope but missed. Both men were down and stunned. Jeff ducked Eric and popped him. The two traded hard shots. Jeff hit a pair of kicks and a Flying Forearm. Side Russian Leg Sweep by Jeff. Leg Drop pin only brought Jeff a 2. Eric blocked the Twist of Fate. They ended up fighting on the ropes. Jeff punched Eric until he fell to the canvas. Swanton!

Your Winner: Jeff Hardy
Impact Scorecard: 3.5 out of a possible 5

Matt Hardy’s music hit and Jeff’s brother came out to confront Jeff. Matt applauded his brother. What was up with that? We had to wait until a round of commercials played out.

Matt, Reby and Maxell were in the ring with Jeff. Matt said Jeff just did Comeback of the Year. Matt apologized for not being there to help Jeff, when Eric hit the Piledriver. Matt explained he was protecting Reby. Reby took over and said Matt was a sensitive guy. She gave Maxell to Jeff to hold. Matt asked Jeff to give up his spot in the main event. Matt promised a Hardy vs Hardy match, later on. Jeff handed Maxell back to his mommy and then told his brother that he just couldn’t believe Matt. Jeff kept his spot in the main event. Matt kept pushing Jeff to “Take the Deal”. Jeff popped Matt and nailed the Twist of Fate! I guess it’s on.

Eddie Edwards was talking about Davey Richards getting hurt, last week. During the segment, he was jumped by Decay.

Mike and Maria Bennett discussed their time in Impact. Mike was ready to fight Drew Galloway but Maria and Gail Kim would also be added to the mix.

Beer Money walked backstage. They came up on Eddie and offered to help him with his war with Decay.

Maria came out to introduce herself and Mike.

Mike and Maria Bennett vs Drew Galloway and Gail Kim
Mixed Tag Team Match

Drew threw his jacket at Mike. The ladies opened this but Maria quickly tagged out. Drew bashed Mike. Over Head Launch Suplex by Drew. Tag to Gail. Drew whipped Gail into Mike. Maria wanted a time out. Gail worked over Mike but Maria Low Bridged the ropes. Gail tumbled over the ropes.

Back in the ring, Maia attacked. Gail laid her out and she retreated to her corner. Drew sent Mike into the corner. Drew fought out of the Bulldog. Drew showed his disdain for Mike. Bennett went wild on Drew. Clothesline by Drew. Huge Belly to Belly Throw by Drew. Maria slapped Drew but he took his frustrations out on Mike. Knife Edge Chops. Drew liked her chopping him, as it fired him up. Drew was elevated over the ropes. Drew landed badly off the ropes.

Tag to Gail. Eat da Feet to Mike. Claymore to Mike. Maria snuck in and School Girl’d Gail for the surprise win.

Your Winners: Maria and Mike Bennett
Impact Scorecard: 2.5

Impact revisited the final Impact match of Kurt Angle. He fought Bobby Lashley. It was an amazing match. Lashley took the victory, after numerous Spears. After the match, Lashley turned on Kurt and beat him, Eddie Edwards, and Drew Galloway with Spears Only Ethan Carter 3 could stop The Destroyer. Lashley would be out, next, to explain his actions.

Josh Mathews was in the ring to talk with Lashley. Josh wasn’t happy with what Lashley pulled, last week. He brought out The Destroyer. The fans booed the daylights out of Bobby. Josh questioned Lashley about why he jumped Kurt, after the match. Bobby explained he waited a long time to fight Kurt because Lashley was a fighter. He didn’t need to be anyone’s hero. Bobby stated he was the toughest and most dominating guy in the business. Bobby was ticked off that he doesn’t get the recognition he deserved. Bobby knew it was all about politics. Bobby played the game to sucker Kurt into a match. Josh brought up that Kurt was a mentor and possibly a friend. Bobby answered that he has no friends, especially in the wrestling business. The fans began a “Lashley Sucks” chant. Bobby said anyone who steps in the ring with him will get hurt. Bobby asked Josh if he was upset by Bobby’s actions. Bobby tossed Josh around. Pope slid in the ring to defend Josh. Awesome. Pope turned to check on Josh and Bobby jumped Pope. Spear! Lashley then dumped Pope to the outside. I’d love to see Pope just open a serious can on Bobby.

Elsewhere, Decay cut a promo about The Wolves. Abyss warned that Eddie, Bobby and James would meet their decay, tonight. Abyss said they would have a 3rd member, someone seriously dark…Rosemary.

Just got the sad news that Frank Sinatra, Jr. passed away. Lynne and I got to meet Frank, back around 1994, in Las Vegas. We also got to enjoy hearing him in concert. He was a great performer and a really good person. Rest in Peace.

Josh reviewed what just happened. Josh thanked D’Angelo Dinero for coming to his aid. Jeremy Borash stepped in for Pope, for the rest of the show. They agreed that no one was safe, as long as Lashley is around.

They then looked back at the opening contest, where Jeff won his way into the title match.

Ethan Carter III came up to chat with Jeff hardy. Jeff liked the “new” Ethan. Ethan knew Matt always liked to pull out surprises to keep his belt. Ethan suggested that Jeff might be part of Matt’s plan. Jeff assured Ethan that he was there to go after his brother’s title.

Abyss, Crazzy Steve and Rosemary (Decay) vs Eddie Edwards and Beer Money (James Storm and Bobby Roode)
Six Person Inter-gender Tag Team Match

All Hail the Boozer Cruiser! Decay took a hike as their challengers rushed the ring. Steve ran in and clocked Eddie. Eddie slid under Steve and hit the Inverted Atomic Drop. Bobby then took the tag and they double teamed the former clown. Front Drop Suplex by Bobby. Kick out at two. Bobby punched away on Steve. Steve reversed a Whip but ate the boots. Abyss hit a Clotheslien, form the apron. Vicious Crossfaces by Steve. Tag to Abyss.

Abyss choked Bobby, on the ropes. Goozle but Bobby Elbowed his wy free. Sidewalk Slam by Abyss. 2 count. Steve tagged back into the fight. Abyss Chokeslammed Steve onto Bobby. Storm made the save. Rosemary took the tag and tore into Bobby. Abyss tagged back in, when Bobby came to his senses. Shoulder Tackle by Abyss. JB talked about how much a witch Rosemary is. Josh compared her to Harley Quinn of Suicide Squad. Steve took the tag and charged the corner. The Cannonball misfired. Bobby kicked free and tagged in Storm.

Steve reversed a Whip but got laid out with Clotheslines and the Sling Blade. Funk Neckbreaker by The Cowboy. Storm was in so much better shape. Eddie tagged in and nailed the Backpack Stunner on Steve. Steve reversed a Whip but Eddie flew through the ropes to lay out Abyss. Spinebuster by Bobby. Rosemary went to kick Bobby but Beer Money went after her. Steve pulled Rosie out to the floor. Double Suplex led to the Beer Money Shuffle. Bobby flipped Storm over the ropes to land on Abyss. Rosemary slid in the ring and Misted Bobby. Low Blow and School Boy, by Steve, to Eddie.

Your Winners: Decay
Impact Scorecard: 2.5

Grado was told that the evidence was reviewed. A final decision about the fate of Grado would be revealed, next, in the ring!

Dixie talked with Matt and Reby. No Tyrus? Reby accused Dixie of being jealous of Matt. Dixie explained the main event upped the excitement, which is what the fans deserve. Matt didn’t like the situation so he would just punch the ref in the face to draw the DQ. Dixie was ready for that. No Disqualifications/No Count-Outs. There would be a winner. Reby freaked out.

Impact reviewed Feast or Fired. E-Li Drake already knew what was in his case. Grado ended up fired. Grado was certain that he got screwed.

E-Li Drake made his way out to the ring. Last week, Grado stole Drake’s Feast or Fired briefcase. Drake waned to “Talk to ya”. Drake said Billy Corgan wanted Drake to fight. Drake demanded the return of his King of the Mountain briefcase. Billy and Grado came from the back. Grado clutched the briefcase like a child holding a favorite toy. Video showed that Drake switched briefcases with Grado. Billy ordered Grado to give Drake the briefcase. Grado threw it at Drake. E-Li wanted Grado to be ejected. Billy said the footage showed Drake did something, even if they weren’t sure just what. Billy said he had a new contract for Grado. Drake tripped out. Billy said Grado and Drake would be in a Ladder Match. If Grado got the paper, he would be rehired. If Drake got it, the contract would be shredded. That match will happen…next.

E-Li Drake vs Grado
Ladder Match for Grado’s New Contract

The fans were solidly behind the chubby kid from the UK. Drake tried to distract. Drake kicked the middle rope up into Grado’s nethers. Drake got a ladder and smashed Grado with it. Drake set up the ladder and started to climb. Drake stopped and punched away at Grado. Grado reversed things until Drake hit a Neckbreaker. Drake started back up the ladder, very slowly. Grado caught him and brought him down. Scoop Powerslam by Drake. Drake was ready to finish this off. He fought to ask the Scotsman. Drake kicked Grado. Flip, Flop and Fly by Grado. Grado was wrestling in a fanny pack. Drake was sent, back first, into the ladder. Grado dropped the straps and hit a Cannonball. That move drove Drake into the ladder. Grado placed the ladder and began to climb. Jessie Godderz rushed down to the ring. Jessie tipped over the ladder. Mahabali Shera came down to take out Jessie. Jessie was thrown out of the ring. Shera checked on his friend and then left eh ring. Shera clocked Jessie but Drake cracked Shera with the briefcase. Grado set the ladder and used it to launch himself over the ropes and to the floor. Jessie and Drake was down. Grado reset the ladder and tried to climb. The ladder was all tore up. Drake pulled Grado down and then climbed over him. Electric Chair Drop…off the Ladder! Drake was just about gone. Grado and Drake both went up the ladder. Drake raked Grado’s eyes. They fought on the top of the ladder. Bionic Elbow by Grado and Drake fell off the ladder. Grado grabbed his new contract!

Your Winner: Grado
Impact Scorecard: 2.0

That had to be one of the weakest Ladder Matches that I have seen. Sorry, but it’s the truth.

Eric Young and Bram talked, backstage. Eric was ticked off that Bram wasn’t there for him. Eric said he saw Willow (Jeff Hardy’s alter-ego).

Next week, Beer Money will defend the tag belts against ANY former tag team champions that want to go after them. That should be interesting.

Jeff Hardy vs Ethan Carter III vs Matt Hardy
Triple Threat for the TNA World Title

Ethan and Jeff talked it over and Ethan tore into Matt. Jeff pulled Ethan away and stomped on his brother. Ethan took back the stomp point. Jeff and Ethan had a face to face but stopped to hit Back Elbows to Matt. Jeff took on both men. Matt whipped Ethan ot the corner. Matt called for Poetry in Motion. Jeff refused and Ethan kicked away on Matt. Back Elbow to Ethan. Jeff used Ethan for Poetry in Motion. Oklahoma Roll to Ethan but Carter kicked out at two. All three men kept punching each other. Double Clotheslines by the Hardy brothers.

Ethan went after Matt with Knife Edge Chops. Matt went to the eyes for an advantage. Ethan bashed Matt and Jeff hit a Jawbreaekr on Matt. Ethan tossed Jeff out of the ring. Ethan then went for the Matt Hardy Ax bomber. He didn’t get to hit it, as Jeff grabbed Ethan. Jeff went up top but Ethan hit a Top Rope Powerbomb. Ethan hit a Dropkick. Matt tumbled out of the ring. Impact went to break.

The Brothers hardy slugged it out. Ethan was on the floor. Matt reversed Whip but got dropped. Inverted Atomic Drop and Double Leg Drops by Jeff. 1-2-no. twist of Fate by Jeff. Jeff tore off his shirt and went up for the Swanton. He hit it but Eric Young and Bram jumped Jeff. They just destroyed Jeff and threw him out of the ring. Eric set for the Pilediver, on the floor. Bram had pulled back the protective mat so Jeff’s head hit the concrete, directly. Damn.

Security ushered Bram and Eric out of the arena. Ethan got back in the ring and tore into the champ. Matt locked in a Sleeper. Ethan fought up to his feet and hit a High Back Suplex. Jawbreaker by Ethan. Stinger Splash and Flapjack by Ethan. Rock Star Spud rushed in and attacked Ethan. Tyrus also came in to work over the challenger. Corner Splash by Tyrus failed. Ethan took out Spud and hit a TK3 on Tyrus. Gorilla Press Drop to send Spud to the floor. Ethan didn’t see Matt come back up. Low Blow by Matt. Twist of Fate failed. 1%er. Neither man could cover the other. Mike Bennett rushed in and cracked Ethan with a steel chair. 1-2-how did Ethan kick out. Twist of Fate! 2 count, one more time. Mike came back in to attack Ethan. Mike threw Ethan out into the crowd. Mike and Ethan fought up into the crowd. Mike cracked Ethan in the back with a chair. Security did their best to force Mike to leave ringside.

Matt just sat and waited for Ethan. Matt smiled as he realized that Ethan would not be able to keep going. Matt jumped out of the ring. Matt wondered where his title was.

Your Winner: No Contest
Impact Scorecard: 2.75

Matt chuckled about how he told everyone that no one could beat him. Matt said he told all that would listen that he would walk out as champ.

Enter Drew Galloway. He cashed in his Feast or Fired title shot.

Drew Galloway vs Matt Hardy
World Title Match

Matt tried to beat down Drew. The Scotland native nailed the Claymore. Future Shock DDT!

Your Winner (and NEW World Champion): Drew Galloway
Impact Scorecard: 3.0 (major points for shock value)


–Jay Shannon

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