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All obstacles are out of the way and the WWE is on a straight course to Wrestlemania. Raw presented a tag team title match, a confrontation between the McMahons and Undertaker and another great inductee into the WWE Hall of Fame.

New Day came out to trash talk the League of Nations and to push Booty-O’s.

Xavier Woods and Big E (New Day) vs Rusev and Alberto Del Rio (League of Nations)
World Tag Team Title Match

Rusev and Big E began this contest. The two rolled around the ropes before breaking the Collar and Elbow. They hooked up and went to the corner. Rusev hammered away on Big E. Running Clothesline by E. Abdominal Stretch and Big E spanked Rusev in time to “New Day Rocks”. Unicorn Stampede. Big W whipped Xavier into a Slider Dropkick. Woods pounded on Rusev and tagged Big E back in. Woods took his eye off the prize by playing the silly trombone. Big E ended up in the League corner. Del Rio got the tag and beat on Big E. Snap Suplex by Del Rio. Back Stabber by Del Rio brought a two count. Big E missed a Corner Slash. Tag to Woods. Xavier went off on Del Rio with various Clotheslines. Del Rio nailed the Step Up Enziguri. Del Rio twisted he neck as Raw went to commercial.

Rusev bashed and battered Woods’s ribs. Fallaway Slam by the huge Bulgarian. 1-2-not yet. Tag to Del Rio. Ax Bomber by the Mexican superstar. 2 count. Del Rio cranked away on Woods’ neck. Woods punched the ribs of his foe but Del Rio fell over the ropes to apply the Cross Arm Breaker, over the ropes. Woods hit a Superkick to Del Rio’s knee and dropped Del Rio. Both men were down and hurt. Tags on both sides. Belly to Belly Suplexes by Big E, followed up by a Big Splash. 2 count. Rusev escaped the Big Ending and nailed the Rolling Leg Lariat. 2 count. Back Body Drop by Big E. Woods kneed Rusev and then hit a Tornado DDT, after becoming legal. Woods pitched Del Rio onto the apron. Del Rio decimated Big E with a Double Stomp. Woods dropped Del Rio but Rusev hit a Thrust Kick. Somehow, Woods managed to kick out.

Rusev was about to apply the Accolade when Kofi provided a distraction. Woods rolled up Rusev, holding the tights. 1-2-3.

Your Winners: The New Day
Raw Ranking: 2.5 out of a possible 5

League of Nations did their best to mug to tag champs. The quartet took apart each member of the tag trio, individually. The fans were just not happy about this travesty. This assault went on and on for what seemed like forever.

Dean Ambrose came out to discuss his loss to Triple H, at Roadblock. There was a controversial ending, as Dean’s foot was under the bottom rope during a pin. Dean thought he had won, which allowed HHH to come back and beat Dean. Dean knew you don’t always get what you want in life. He should have been the champ but he wasn’t. Dean discussed how much he beat on HHH before losing to him. Dean wanted people to ask HHH how he feels, right now. Dean said he gained respect…

Brock Lesnar crashed the party. Paul Heyman brought up the rear. Paul took the stick and did the typical introduction of himself and Brock. Paul said he was the only person that was able to keep Dean from being beaten unmercifully by Brock Lesnar. Dean was amused that Paul felt the need to protect Dean. Dean urged Paul to let the Beast off his leash. Paul held Brock back. Paul didn’t want to deprive the fans of Wrestlemania the massacre of Ambrose on the grandest stage. Paul begged Dean to quit provoking Brock. Paul explained that Brock could stop Dean from even making it to Mania, if he came down to the ring. Dean just kept poking the Beast with a verbal stick. Paul tried to close this before it got physical. Paul pushed WWENetwork and his client. Paul and Brock headed towards the back. Brock didn’t exactly leave. He started to come down the ramp. Dean had a crowbar in his jacket. Paul E ran down to keep Brock from getting in the ring. Brock wasn’t going to back down. Brock slowly circled the ring. Brock stood back and weighed his options. He jumped on the apron and Dean charged with the crowbar. Brock hopped back down and Paul continued to try and make Brock leave. Break time.

Ryback vs Sin Cara
Non-Title Match

Ryback flipped Cara around with Hip Tosses. Ryback bashed on the luchadore and threw Corner Shoulders. Thesz Press by Ruback. Ryback missed a Big Splash. Ryback reversed a Whip and hit a Back Body Drop. Suplex and pin attempt by Ruback. Out at two. Ryback stomped away on his foe. Huge Biel by the Big Guy. Huge Clothesline brought Ryback a two count. Rear Chin Lock by Ryback. Kalisto sheered on his Lucha Dragons partner.

Sin Cara tried to fight back and he shoved Ryback into the corner. Roll Up gave Sin a two. Springboard Crossbody only brought the masked man a one count. Ryback put Cara on the apron. Low Bridge sent Ryback to the floor. Tope Suicide by Cara. Ryback caught Sin Cara coming off the ropes and hit a pair of Shell Shockeds.

Your Winner: Ryback
Raw Ranking: 1.5

Ryback yelled at Kalisto that “Size Matters”. Ryback asked for a U.S. Title Match, at Wrestlemania. Hmmm…

Raw profiled Hall of Fame member, Mad Dog Vachon. He was always a favorite. They also looked at the Junkyard Dog and the New Age Outlaws.

Stephanie McMahon came out to take part in the first Hour Turner segment. Steph was all smiles as she made her way out to the ring. She talked a little then introduced her hubby, Triple H. HHH mocked the fans for putting their faith in Dean Ambrose. HHH then made fun of hope and how the fans and Dean and others embrace it. HHH rambled on about how people hate Authority and how their lives suck. God, this was so long and boring. HHH spun it to trash talk Roman Reigns, a fleeting bit of hope in a hopeless world. HHH guaranteed that Roman would fail in his attempt to wrest the championship from HHH’s iron grip.

Dolph Ziggler crashed the segment. Really? The announcers were beyond shocked to see the Show Off. Stephanie immediately began to insult Dolph. Ziggler said he knew his place, in the ring, every night. Dolph was proud to bust his *ss for the fans. Stephanie mocked Dolph and said Ziggler’s place was in the back. Dolph wasn’t bothered that Stephanie might fire him. Dolph said he had nothing left to lose. Dolph promised that he would never quit, no matter what The Authority would do to him. Dolph said he and Dean were screamed by the system…The Authority’s System. HHH prevented Stephanie from firing Dolph. HHH knew Dolph was loved by the fans and that was good for business. HHH suggested Dolph could join them and things could change for the better. Dolph rejected the offer, big time. Dolph really got a nasty shot in on Stephanie. Stephanie slapped him in the face. Stephanie had a plan for Dolph. He could have any match he wanted, at Wrestlemania (except the World Title Match), if he could win just one match for her. Stephanie was ready to break Dolph’s spirit. Dolph said he would take anything Stephanie could through at him. Stephanie put Dolph against…HHH! Sweet!

Kevin Owens was at ringside for the next match.

Sami Zayn vs The Miz

Raw looked back at how Owens tried to take out Neville, last week, until Sami rushed down and protected the Man that Gravity Forgot. Owens said Sami’s return was a huge mistake…for Sami. Raw then looked at how Kevin walked out on The Miz, during their Smackdown tag team match. Kevin said he didn’t need to be a partner to Miz or anyone else. He also didn’t think Sami belonged in the ring with him.

Sami with Deep Arm Drags to confuse Miz. Sami faked out a Suicide Dive and then flipped back into the ring. Moonsault took out Miz and Raw went off to break.

Bow and Arrow by Miz as Raw returned. Sami fought up to his feet. Sami flipped forward and kicked up at Miz. Open Hand Slaps by Zayn. Kneeling DDT by Miz. Miz wanted the Skull Crushign Finale but Sami rolled through and almost pinned Miz. Full Body Corner Clothesline by Miz. Huge Clotheslines by Zayn. Sami went up on the ropes and hit a huge Crossbody for two. Miz got dumped out of the ring. Flip Dive by Zayn. Owens got up from the announce table and confronted Zayn. Miz blasted Owens, from behind. Both men slid back in the ring. Roll Up gave Miz a two. Owens got on the apron. Running Corner Kick by Sami to take this one.

Your Winner: Sami Zayn
Raw Ranking: 2.0

Renee Young interviewed the League of Nations. Alberto said they sent a message tonight. “No one makes fun of the League of Nations”. Sheamus issued a challenge The New Day vs The League of Nations, at Wrestlemania.

Brie Bella and Alicia Fox (welcome back) vs Naomi and Tamina

Raw talked about the expansion of Connor’s Cure. Such a great thing to hear.

Back live and Lana strolled out to the ring. Naomi jumped Fox, right at the bell. Naomi stomped away on Fox. Tamina got in some cheap shots, as well. Lana sat on the announce desk, looking sexy as all get out. Tamina took the tag and worked over Fox. Fox kicked free and tagged in Brie. Missile Dropkick by Bella. Naomi was knocked off the apron. Brie Mode to Tamina’s face. Bulldog by Brie as a shot at Lana. It broke down into complete chaos. Lana got up on the apron to distract the ref. Double team Powerslam to Brie.

Your Winners: Tamina and Naomi
Raw Ranking: 1.5

Alicia Fox got laid out with a Double Superkick by Tam B.a.D.. They were protecting Lana.

The Social Outcasts did another promo piece. It turned into a Burger King commercial. Jeez. Is there trouble within the Social Outcasts? Kind of looked that way at the end of the segment.

Jojo interviewed Paige. Paige was cut off by the arrival of Lana. Lana said Paige had grown weak by associating with American friends. Naomi and Tamina came up and warned Paige not to threaten Lana…because you never know who is listening.

Could we see: Naomi, Tamina and Lana vs Paige, Brie and Alicia at Wrestlemania?

Renee then interviewed Ric and Charlotte Flair. Charlotte was asked about fighting Sasha and Becky at Maina. Charlotte talked about the scared little girl (Sasha) throwing up before her first NXT match. Ric then stepped in and said Charlotte called him about how great Sasha and Becky were going to be but Ric knew Charlotte would be better. Charlotte had a surprise for Becky and Sasha, on Smackdown.

Jimmy and Jey Uso vs Bo Dallas and Adam Rose

The Dudley Boyz were watching the match. Bo jumped the Usos, after the distraction by Bubba Ray and D’Von. Bo tried for a pin but a Superkick stopped him. Double Superkick to Curtis Axel, on the apron. The Dudleys shouted at the Usos. The Jimmy went up top and hit a Superfly Splash to seal the deal.

Your Winners: The Usos
Raw Ranking: 1.0

Dean Ambrose couldn’t believe that Mick Foley was there to talk with him. Mick had a gift for Dean. Mick knew this Street Fight was a bad idea. Mick was sure that Dean was going to get hurt, bad. Mick just wanted to know why Dean would want to do this. Dean brought up the legendary Hell in a Cell match between Mick and Undertaker. Mick admitted that he was scared, that night, but he kept going. He did that because he was Mick Foley and that is what he did. Dean said that this was what he does. Mick wanted Dean to take Brock on a journey, for him. Mick got rid of the crowbar and presented a huge package to Dean. It was a passing of the torch. Inside was…BARBIE (the barbed wire covered bat).

Dolph Ziggler vs Triple H (w/Stephanie McMahon)
Non-Title Match but if Dolph wins he gets any match he wants…except a World title match…at Wrestlemania.

HHH grabbed the Side Headlock for a Takeover. Dolph fought up to his feet and sent HHH to the ropes. Shoulder Tackle led to a Universal. Dolph took his own Side Headlock Takeover. Shoulder Tackle by HHH. Hip Toss by Dolph into a Side Headlock Takedown. Dolph was playing cautious for this match.

HHH pushed off but got Steam Rolled. Hip Toss into another Seated Side Headlock. Vicious Knee Strike by HHH after his escape. Flip Over and Roll Up by Dolph. 2 count. Backslide and Dropkick for a series of two counts. High Back Elbow by Trip. Stephanie cheered on her husband. HHH sent Dolph into the barricade. Time for another commercial break.

HHH was in complete control as Raw returned. HHH took Dolph down, brutally, and almost destroyed Dolph’s arm. Dolph went wild on HHH but fell to the High Knee. HHH dropped Dolph on his bad arm and came close to pinning him. Dolph was dumped out of the ring and HHH came out to throw Dolph into the ring steps. HHH slammed Doph’s arm into the steps. HHH got back in the ring to reset the count and then Suplexed Dolph in to join him. HHH sat on the turnbuckles and waited for Dolph to get up. Dolph got the foot up as HHH jumped off the ropes. Stephanie was so concerned for her man. The ref started to count both men down. Running Shotgun Knees and Clothesliens by Dolph. Stinger Splash into the Funk Neckbreaker by Ziggler. Heart Stopper Elbow Drop by Dolph. 2 count. Corner Mount Punches by the Sow Off. HHH countered the Superkick. Dolph blocked the Pedigree and almost got HHh with the Jackknife. Famouser for a two. Stephanie was losing it. Bell Ringer by HHH. Jumping DDT by Dolph. 2 counts on each side.

HHH booted Dolph in the face. Spinebuster by The Game. The ref was out of position and HHJ was stunned. Superkcick! Could be…might be…HHH kicked out! HHH slid out of the ring. The ref came out and almost got ran over when Dolph charged HHH. Dolph got sent into the barricade. The ref began to count. Dolph barely returned at 9. HHH set for the Pedigree but Dolph turned it into a Back Body Drop. HHH blocked the Zig Zag. Pedigree.

Your Winner: Triple H
Raw Ranking: 4.0

My only question: What was the point of that?

Roman Reigns’ music hit and Roman came out on the entrance way. HHH couldn’t believe that Roman was back. Roman stared evilly at the World Champ. Roman slowly walked down to the ring. Roman got in the ring and pounded on HHH. They traded the advantage as Stephanie darted to the back to get help. Roman threw HHH into the barricade, multiple times. Roman ran HHH’s face into the ring post. Roman bounced HHH off the announce table, over and over. Roman pitched HHH over the announce table. Roman then dismantled the table. The ref ran out but HHH threw a chair at Roman. Roman popped HHH and then pushed a ref aside. He chased the zebras away from him. HHH cracked Roman in the face. Roman punched right back. HHH tried to beg off but Roman would not be stopped. HHH escaped up the ramp and Roman chased after him. They ended up in a staging area and then fought out into the production area. They then fought into the backstage area. HHH began to fight back. HHH was bloodied. Security grabbed Roman and Reigns just annihilated everyone in sight. HHH threw things to block Roman’s path but it didn’t work. Roman bashed HHH with a sign. The Usos came out to try and calm Roman down. Mark Henry and Jack Swagger added their aid. Mark kept telling Roman to save it for Wrestlemania. Fade out.

It was time to announce the next inductee to the WWE Hall of Fame! Hailing from Dallas, Texas, Jacqueline was next to go in. She is one of the toughest ladies to ever compete. I’ve gotten a hint about who the final inductee will be and that person is a true Legend. More on that…next week.

It was time for another Golden Truth moment. Truth was dressed as a Pittsburg Penguin. Truth started discussing long term relationships in the penguin world. Truth wanted Goldy to be his penguin partner. Goldy thought about it and then refused. Truth put the penguin head back on and said “That was cold”. Too funny.

Chris Jericho came out and whined about A.J. Styles getting more of a pop than he did. Grow Up, Chris. Chris said Styles is not as good as people think he is. Chris said he had to show Styles who his daddy is (Jericho). Chris wondered if Styles understood what he was saying. Jericho was stopped by the arrival of his opponent…

Chris Jericho vs Neville

Chris pushed Neville and Neville kicked away. Push Off and Shoulder Tackle by Chris. Jericho went to the floor and had a slight meltdown. Break time, again.

Neville blasted Jericho but Chris sent hi to the ropes. Jawbreaker and Hurancanrana by Neville. 2 count. Something seemed wrong with Neville. Jericho rolled up Neville for a two. The rf yelled that Neville was hurt. Jericho pushed the ref.

Your Winner (by Disqualification): Neville.
Raw Ranking: 2.0

Jericho covered the situation by yelling at the crowd. Neville may have blown out his ankle or knee. Jericho got the fans to chant for “A.J. Styles”. Styles gave the fans a special surprise, by showing up. Styles attacked Jericho and hit the Phenomenal Forearm (Springboard Flying Forearm). Styles stood over Chris and talked trash.

Michael Cole told the fans to call Dish Network and at Makedishdeliver.com. The paying customers CAN make a difference, if they complain long and loud.

This week’s “Main Event” was a confrontation between the McMahons and Undertaker.

Vince McMahon was the first to arrival for this meeting. Vince can still Power Walk, even at 70 years old. Vince wasn’t happy with the ovation he got so he made Lilian re-announce him. After that, Vince discussed what he felt would happen, the night after Wrestlemania. Vince told everyone that he would be the man who would be there to gloat over crushing Shane’s dreams. Vince was so happy that he didn’t have to dirty his hands to do this to Shane. Vince kept calling Undertaker “His instrument of destruction”.

That brought the Dead Man to the ring. Taker got an epic pop as he came from the back. Vince actually looked a bit nervous as Death approached him. Vince gave Taker a moment to be embraced by the fans. Vince warned Taker to never put his hands on him, again. Taker took off his duster and hat and Vince just said it was a lapse of judgment. Vince apologized for bringing it up, again. Wow. Vince suggested things that might happen to Shane, inside the Cell. Vince considered their “Unholy Alliance” to be Best for Business.

Shane McMahon came out to join the party. Shane danced around as he looked at his dad and his opponent. Vince screamed at the fans to shut up as they chanted for Shane. Shane told his dad that Vince was not what was Best for Business, anymore. Shane had a plan to beat Undertaker, using his mind. Shane told Undertaker that he would make sure Taker would be winded and Shane would use his body as a weapon and his heart as the motivator to keep going. Taker told Shane “And it still ain’t going to be enough”. Taker showed his fists to Shane and said they were his legacy. Shane seemed shaken by that. Shane praised Taker for 25 years of service. Shane tried to drive a wedge by saying Vince was a Puppet Master and Taker was the Puppet. Shane called Taker “Vince’s B*tch” Shane escaped a Chokeslam and pounded away. Vince shoved Shane into Taker. Chokeslam. Vince told Take to keep going. Taker chased Vince out of the ring. Taker sent waves of evil and malice towards the owner of the company.

As I wrap things up, tonight, I want to remind everyone that Wrestlecon is less than three weeks away. Bill Apter and I will both be there for the event. You can check out all the fabulous stars that will be at the Hyatt Regency—Dallas by going to www.wrestlecon.com.

Also, I want to send out birthday wishes to my absolute biggest fan…my mother. She turned 69 on March 13th and I will be “home” to celebrate her birthday in little over two weeks. Happy Birthday!


–Jay Shannon

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