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Kurt Angle closed the book on his TNA career by battling one of his greatest opponents, (Bobby) Lashley.

The Show began with a highlight reel of Kurt Angle’s career in wrestling. It was really pushed that this was a moment to never forget. Josh Mathews pushed Kurt as the greatest wrestler to ever step inside a ring.

Dixie Carter was in the ring to talk about how emotional this night would be. She explained how Kurt entertained people, all around the world. She introduced Kurt.

Kurt got a much-deserved standing ovation. Wrestlers surrounded the ring. Kurt hugged a lot of people as he came to the ring. Dixie broke down as she talked about Kurt’s retirement. Dixie felt Kurt has set the bar for the entire industry. She thanked Kurt and gave him a big hug. Drew got in the ring and bowed to his friend and mentor. Drew said he came to TNA because he wanted to wrestle the best (Kurt). Drew discussed learning from Kurt both inside and outside the ring. Drew said every guy in the locker room started wrestling because they wanted to be Kurt Angle. Drew asked Kurt not o go but then thanked him and gave him a hug.

Thank You Angle” echoed off the walls. Kurt was overwhelmed by the response. Kurt came to TNA, a decade back, to “find himself”. Kurt was determined not to become a shell of himself, after retiring. Kurt discussed how much better he is from what he used to be. Kurt expressed his love for the fans and considered himself the luckiest man on the planet.

Bobby Lashley crashed the party as he walked down to the ring. He thanked Kurt, over and over. Lashley said it was going to be a rough day but a great experience. Bobby let it be known that Kurt was his hero and he honestly thanked Kurt for this opportunity. Bobby then flipped the switch and said Kurt wasn’t ready to wrestle him. “Angle’s Gonna Kill You” rose from the fans. Bobby just walked away.

Eric Young vs Bram vs Damo vs Jimmy Havoc vs Will Osprey
King of the Mountain Match

Damo launched two men with the Fallaway Slam. Havoc hit a Discus Forearm to Damo and nailed a Death Valley Driver to Will. Crucifix by Will. Havoc had to go to the cage after being pinned. Will went up the ladder to get the belt but Eric pushed the ladder over. Will hit hard in the corner. Hart Attack, on the floor, by Bram and Eric. Havoc got out of eh cage and climbed on top of the cage. He dove off onto Gram and Damo.

Eric blasted Havoc, both in and out of the ring. Hard Whip but Havoc flipped Eric over the ropes. Havoc blocked a Puledriver but Eric came back and hit the move on the ring steps. Havoc ended up back in the cage, after being pinned. Bram hit the Brighter Side of Suffering on Damo. Bram, Eric and Will are now eligible to go for the belt. Eric wasn’t sure how to deal with his buddy wanting to go for his belt. Eric and Bram slugged it out. Leg Lariat by Bram. Eric tipped over a ladder and sent Bram into the ropes. Eric started up the ladder to put his belt in place. Will used a Springboard to drop Eric. Eric did his best Curly Howard impression as he scooted in circles around the ring. Springboard Neckbreaker by Eric to Will. Dang. Eric headed up the ladder. Eric retained.

Your Winner: Eric Young
Impact Scorecard: 3.0 out of a possible 5

TNA ran another highlight reel of Kurt’s career. This segment was how Kurt ended Samoa Joe’s 18-month streak.

Maria Kanellis-Bennett came up to chat with Dixie about having her and the Miracle there. Maria wanted Dixie to listen to how Mike Bennett would help create a Miracle for TNA. Maria asked to be a leader in the Knockout Division. Dixie explained she believed in actions, not words.

Mike and Maria Bennett were in the ring. Maria asked Mike to explain who and what The Miracle is. Mike ran down the current roster of TNA. Kurt ducked Mike and is taking off before Mike could embarrass him (according to Mike). Mike knew he was going to be the Number One Contender. Mike would then win the title to save TNA and all of wrestling. Mike invited Dixie to join them in the ring.

Drew Galloway came out, instead of Dixie. Drew explained that nothing was going to be just handed to Mike. Drew said if Mike would quit running his mouth like a little b*tch. “Speaking of which” as Drew turned to look at Maria. That started a “Little B*tch” chant. Mike went off on Drew for being a charity case. Mike tried to dismiss Drew and send him to go get Dixie. Fetch, boy, Fetch. Drew said he could do that but he decided to beat on Mike. Huge Clothesline by Drew and Mike crawled to the corner. Mike jumped out of the ring to avoid the Claymore (Bomaye). Mike and Maria shrieked that Drew ruined their moment.

Highlight Reel #3: Kurt Angle defeats Christian Cage, Samoa Joe and others to become the World Champion in a King of the Mountain match, back at Slammiversary 2007.

Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards talked with Kurt, in the back. They thanked and praised Kurt for all he has done. Kurt passed the Ankle Lock to Davey to use. It was a Passing of the Torch moment. Kurt even promised to teach Davey a few extra tricks with the Ankle Lock. Cool. The Wolves were set to defend against Beer Money, in mere moments.

Gail Kim vs Jade
Knockout Title Match

Gail charged Jade and took her down. The two rolled over and over, striking each other. Gail took Jade to the corner and whipped up on her. Fireman’s Carry Gutbuster by Jade. Clothesline by Jade. Jade stepped onto Gail’s mid-section and stepped over. Jade then went for Yes Kicks. Drive By Shoulder by Gail. Ring Post Figure Four by Gail but she had to break it. Jade caught Gail by surprise and then worked over the legs. Bridging Indian Death Lock by Jade. Gail finally broke free.

Gut Wrench Suplex by Jade but it only brought a two count. Jade blocked a Backslide and went into an Extended Arm Bar. Gail rolled forward to reverse the move and apply a Head Scissor. Gail with a Flying head Scissors. Jade came back with a wicked Thrust Kick. Jade pulled the arm around the ring ropes. Jade went up top and flew. She missed the Missile Dropkick. Gail popped Jade, several times. Hard Whip into a Gail Corner Splash. Funk Neckbreaker by Gail but she only got a two count. Jade countered Eat Da Feet and hit a Bridging German for a two count. Jade went for her Package Piledriver but Gail fought free. Gail climbed up the ropes and hit a Crossbody. The two women rolled back and forth. Eventually, Gail Kim would get the advantage and retain her title.

Your Winner: Gail Kim
Impact Scorecard: 3.0

Impact looked back at how Rock Star Spud screwed over Ethan Carter III. It also looked at how Ethan whipped Spud’s butt, the next week. Ethan will get another shot at Matt Hardy’s World title, next week. Matt Hardy complained about the underhanded way that Ethan must have got this title shot. Matt was overly confident that it would be Ethan Carter 3 Losses.

Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards (The Wolves) vs James Storm and Bobby Roode (Beer Money)
World Tag Team Title Briefcase Cash In for the Tag Team Titles

Storm and Davey began this match. Davey tried to go after the arm but Storm reversed it. Davey Cartwheeled over and tagged out to Eddie. Eddie cranked on Storm’s arm. Tag back to Davey. Ax Bomber to Storm. Tag to Bobby. He worked over the arm and head. Tag back To Eddie. Double Team on Storm and Bobby. Storm rolled over to his corner as Eddie worked the arm. Bobby locked in a Front Face Lock. Davey prevented DWI. Wolves with Stereo Suicide Dives. Legdrop to Bobby but he kicked out at two. Bobby with Knife Edge Chops. Inverted Atomic Drop and Neckbreaker by Storm (now legal) to Eddie.

Inverted Bear Hug by Storm. Strom stepped over to keep Eddie down. Double Team on Eddie. 2 cont. Earl Hebner rushed Davey back out of the ring to keep it legal. Rear Chin Lock by Bobby. Eddie punched free and knocked down Storm. Eddie dove for his corner but he couldn’t’ make the tag. Sunset Flip brought Eddie a two. Bobby hit a Clothesline and got a two. Tag to Strom. Eddie flipped out of the double team. Double Hurancanrana by Eddie. Eddie inched towards the corner but came up shor.t

Davey finally got the tag and double teamed Beer Money. A Dropkick forced Storm to DDT Bobby Roode. Time for some commercials.

Davey was in control on Storm. Davey locked in a version of the Sharpshooter (Storm) and Ankle Lock (Roode). Roode reached the bottom rope to get out of the move. Davey went up top but got caught. Storm went up top but Davey slid under him. Eddie kicked Storm into the Sullivan Tree of Woe. Coast to Coast by Davey but he only got a two. Tag to Eddie. Bobby piqued Eddie’s ankle. Jumping Kick by Storm. Top Rope Hurancanrana by Storm. Frog Splash by Roode. 1-2-Davey made the save. Back Stabber by Storm to send Davey out of the ring. Tag to Bobby. Double Beer Money Suplex led to the infamous Dance. Eddie blocked the double team. Davey smacked Storm in the face. Davey flew off the top and got nailed with the Calf Wrangler (Code Breaker). Last Call and Spinebuster. Slingshot DDT but Eddie kicked out at two. Bobby put Eddie up top and they fought. Bobby was knocked off the ropes. Storm clocked Eddie. DWI!1-2-3!

Your Winners (and NEW Tag Team Champions): Beer Money
Impact Scorecard: 4.25

Impact looked at Kurt’s induction into the TNA Hall of Fame.

Lashley told Drew Galloway that Drew was not ready to step up as Top Dog in TNA.

Impact aired a few videos from the fans, thanking Kurt Angle for everything he did.

Backstage, Kurt was approached by Mike Bennett. Mike said he deserves all he is going to get from Lashley. Mike said Kurt blew the chance to fight him. Mike said he would always be available, if Kurt did come back. Kurt warned Mike that he (Bennett) better hope that Kurt never returns.

Grado came out and slid in the ring. He took the microphone from Jeremy Borash. Grado said he had video proof about how he got screwed over. Before the video could air, E-Li Drake came out from the back, along with Jessie Godderz. Drake talked about how pathetic Grado has been. The fans chanted for Grado. Drake said he was going to bash Grado with the Feast or Fired Briefcase. Jessie said Grado was dealing with two people that wanted to take out Grado. They double jumped Grado, stomping away. Mahabali Shera walked out and beat on Jessie and E-Li. Drake bashed Shera in the back with the briefcase. Drake went to hit Grado and ended up hitting Jessie. Cutter by Grado. Grado grabbed Drake’s briefcase and ran with it. Grado was confused on which way to run.

It was now time for the epic Final Match of Kurt Angle’s TNA Career.

There was time for one more video profile of Kurt Angle’s career. I do wish him the best in where he goes from here. I appreciate Kurt for his amazing talent and proficient mic work. So many young, up-and-coming wrestlers could learn so much by just sitting and watching Kurt. I will have Kurt’s DVD with me to watch while I spend a couple hours in the Las Vegas airport, waiting for my connecting flight to Dallas.

Kurt Angle vs Bobby Lashley
Kurt’s Retirement Match

Kurt’s family was in the front row. Jeremy Borash did the introductions. Bryan Hebner was the Zebra-in-Charge. Lashley is now billed from Denver, Colorado. That is pretty near where my beloved grandson, Tim, is stationed. Smile.

The bell sounded and the fight was on. Go Behind by Lashley. Snap Mare by Kurt led to a Headlock. Bobby powered out, almost. Bobby bashed the ribs of Kurt and took him to the corner. German SUplex by Kurt. Bobby charged and got German’d, again. Bobby bailed out to the floor to break Kurt’s momentum.

Once bobby got back in, they went to the Collar and Elbow. Quick School Boy by Bobby for a two. Bobby bashed Kurt’s neck. Back Elbow by Bobby but Kurt launched him with a Belly to Belly Overhead Release Suplex. Kurt punched away. Universal into Bobby hitting Snake Eyes. 1-2-no. Elbow Smashes to Kurt’s head. Bobby then stomped and choked Kurt on the ropes. Bobby choked Kurt on the middle rope. Crossfaces by The Destroyer. Kurt came back and punched away. Corner Shoulders by Bobby.

Next week, TNA will finally bring back a live event.

Kurt punched away but Bobby connected with a Spinning Back Elbow. Bobby worked over the neck of his mentor. Bobby grabbed the neck of the Olympian. Kurt and Bobby traded fists. German Hat Trick by Kurt, well, two of them. Powerslam by Bobby. Kurt countered the Spear. Bobby blocked the Angle Slam. Kurt was bleeding from the mouth. Hat Trick Germans by Kurt Angle. Kurt was up to like 9 Germans, at this point. Angle Lock but Bobby took a Keylock and moved into the Cross Armbreaker. Kurt spun over to ease the pressure. Angle Lock, again! Kurt would not let Bobby reach the ropes. Bobby rolled under to send Kurt into the corner. Spinebuster by Bobby. Bobby set for eth Spear. He hit it. Could be…might be…No!

Spear! 1-2-Kick Out by Kurt! Bobby showed serious frustration and disbelief. Kurt dodged the third Spear. Kurt went back to the Angle Lock and Grapevined it. Bobby couldn’t move. Bobby used the last vestiges of his strength o crawl towards the ropes. He didn’t make it and seriously considered giving up. Bobby went back to crawling but Kurt reset their position. Lashley kicked Kurt away. Kurt charged and hit the post. Spear!

Your Winner: Bobby Lashley
Impact Scorecard: 4.5

Kudos to both men for an excellent match. Bobby and Kurt hugged, after the match. This was definitely the final Passing of the Torch moment. The fans just exploded with glee, until Bobby dropped Kurt! Spear! What the heck? Bobby tossed the ref out of the ring. Drew Galloway rushed down and got up in Bobby’s face. Drew went to check on Kurt only to get Speared. Eddie Edwards came out and got Speared. Bobby took out Kurt with another Spear. Pope was about to lose his mind as Bobby went off the deep end. Ethan Carter III then walked from the back. Bobby backed down from EC3. Bobby just laughed as he walked up the ramp. Ethan went over and checked on Kurt.


–Jay Shannon

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