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Another great superstar went into the Hall of Fame. Plus, Dean had a warm up match for Triple H…vs Bray Wyatt.

The show opened with a look back at how Undertaker got up in Vince McMahon’s face, last Monday. Undertaker warned Vince that McMahon knew what was going to happen, inside the Hell in a Cell. Taker told Vince the blood of his son would be on Vince’s hands, not Taker’s. After that, Vince said he would renounce his son, after Wrestlemania. He would go from being Vince’s son to be “a son of a B*tch”.

Shane McMahon danced from the back. The Chicago crowd was thrilled to see the prodigal son. Shane soaked in the love of the fans before speaking. He was overwhelmed by their response. “Welcome Back” and “Shane-O Mac” rose from the crowd. Shane talked about sitting on his couch, last week, watching Undertaker and Vince. Shane has tons of respect for Taker but not so much for his former father. Shane joked about giving Vince the “Father of the Year” Award. Shane called Vince “a miserable old b*stard”. Shane felt Vince has lost touch with reality. Shane said his dad’s behavior p*ssed him off and gave him the motivation he so needs, going into Wrestlemania. Shane was determined to stop Vince and The Authority. Shane was going to win at Mania and take over Raw. Shane was tired of people without talent getting all the breaks, while those with talent are passed over. That would stop under his reign.

Shane was cut off by Vince. The Undertaker’s gong sounded first and then went into Vince’s theme music. Vince taunted the fans by faking them out with the supposed arrival of Undertaker. That brought a huge “*ssh*le” chant. Vince even mocked the fans for a short chant. They showed him by breaking out a “C.M. Punk” chant. Vince felt his son was showing serious fear about facing The Undertaker. Vince talked about writing Shane out of the will, giving it all to Stephanie. Vince mentioned finding a photo of a young Shane, just before they went to Shane’s first wrestling show. Vince had the photo with him. Vince dropped the photo and stepped on the glass, destroying it. Vince insulted Shane by saying he was ONLY “Vince’s son”. Vince then brought up Shane’s three kids. Vince really poked the stick by saying he would take over the Father Figure role when Shane was taken out. Vince said his greatest creation (Undertaker) would take out his greatest failure (Shane). Vince then had security come out to take Shane out of the business. Shane said no one better touch him. Shane said he would walk out on his own. Vince sent his forces after Shane. The first guy stepped in the ring.

Shane opened up on the guy with hard fists. The rest of the force rushed in and he kicked all their butts. The fans exploded with glee. Shane offered the open ropes for his dad to join him. Vince backed off, big time.

The announcers discussed what just happened. They then ran down the rest of the night’s action. Y2AJ will go after the tag belts, held by New Day. Time for a break before the actual wrestling began.

I want to send out a belated birthday greeting to one of my best friends on this planet. Darren Antola, owner of Rivalry Championship Wrestling, celebrated his birthday, last week. It was Darren who made it possible for me to go to Poland, meet some of my childhood heroes (Jimmy Hart and Kevin Sullivan) and have some fantastic memories of life in the world of pro wrestling. Looking forward to “getting the band back together” in 23 days, for Wrestlecon. Happy Birthday, my brother.

Kevin Owens vs Neville
Non-Title Match

Owens wants an opponent for Wrestlemania and has started a social media campaign. #KOMania

Side Headlock by Kevin. Neville with the Push Off but he got Shoulder Tackled. Kevin kicked away at Neville’s ribs. Neville rocked Kevin with a Forearm shot to the nose. Kevin mocked Neville’s accent. Neville kicked up at Kevin but Owens stomped down on him and hit the Backsplash Senton. Kevin nailed a Clothesline but Neville got the knees up on another Senton. Neville unloaded with rapid kicks to Kevin. Flying Forearm and Hurancanrana by Neville. Kevin avoided a Flip Dive by Neville and sent the Brit into the steps. Break time.

Kevin had Neville trapped in a Seated Side Headlock as Raw returned. Kevin sent Neville into the corner and went for the Cannonball. Neville avoided the move. Kevin blocked the German Suplex and hit an Exploder. Kevin rushed the corner but Neville got the boots up. Kevin ended up on the floor and Neville went up top. Shooting Star Press to the floor by Neville! Wow! That brought out the “Holy S**T” chants.

Neville pitched Kevin back in the ring and hit a Standing Shooting Star Press. 1-2-not just yet. Neville put Kevin up top but Owens fought back. Wicked Corkscrew Moonsault but Neville moved. Superkick by Neville. Neville hit a 630 Splash but Kevin still kicked out. Kevin grabbed Neville and rolled up the high flyer for a cheap win. Kevin seemed to have the tights.

Your Winner: Kevin Owens
Raw Ranking: 3.5 out of a possible 5

Kevin attacked Neville, after the match. Owens threw Neville into the ring post and then went for the Powerbomb on the floor. He was stopped by the arrival of…SAMI ZAYN! Sami just went after Kevin like crazy. They got in the ring and Sami was in complete control. Neville and Sami worked together to send Kevin flying. I guess Sami finally got he Call Up.

The Rock did a Twitter feed saying that he would be at Wrestlemania 32, in Dallas. That led the announcers talking about Roadblock, coming up soon. They really pushed Wrestlemania. My nephew-in-law, Lane, will be up in the nose bleed section for the show. As for me, I’ll be sitting at mom’s place (covering the show for 1Wrestling.com). Smile.

Raw then looked at Triple H’s actions from last week. He accepted a challenge from Dean Ambrose and then decimated Dean after Ambrose fought the entire League of Nations. He was only supposed to battle Alberto Del Rio but the others got involved. Roman Reigns came out to check on his Roadblock will air this coming Saturday night. Dang it, I have to work. Guess I’ll watch it, once I get home.

Stephanie McMahon talked with Dolph Ziggler about a post he made about The Authority. Stephanie doesn’t remember Dolph running The Authority out of power. Dolph said Shane could help history repeat itself. Stephanie felt Dolph and the fans were delusional. Stephanie was confident that Undertaker would destroy her brother. She put Dolph in a 3-on-1 Handicap Match against the League of Nations.

Brie Bella vs Summer Rae

Collar and Elbow and Summer threw Brie down. Jumping Roll DDT by Summer but Brie moved into a Half Crab. Summer got to the ropes. Summer then stomped away on her foe. Bow and Arrow by the blonde battler. Brie turned and threw Summer around. Brie caught Summer’s leg and threw her down. Danielson/Yes Kicks by Brie. Low Dropkick led to Brie Mode (Knee Trembler). Brie rolled Summer off the ropes. Summer avoided the Crossbody.

Suddenly, Lana came from the back. Summer rolled up the distracted Brie Bella.

Your Winner: Summer Rae
Raw Ranking: 1.25

Lana got in the ring and hit an X Factor on Brie. Lana then left the ring while everyone scratched their heads in total (Divas) confusion.

Dean Ambrose came out to promote his World Title Shot, on Saturday, against Triple H. Dean struck a Raven Pose for quite a while. Dean discussed what WAS set for Wrestlemania. Plans were all set in stone until Dean walked in and threatened to mess it all up. Dean knew he could win the title, Saturday. Dean was ready to hijack Wrestlemania. Dean acknowledged that he had a poor attitude towards authority. Dean was determined to make HHH respect him. Dean knew he would get respect when he defeated HHH for the title. Dean told the kids not to try this at home. Dean went off about what he would make HHH buy him. He then switched and said he would not even wear the suit that he would be expected to wear. All he wanted was the belt.

HHH arrived to shut Dean up. HHH laughed at Dean’s fantasy dreams. HHH made it clear that he was keeping the title for as long as he wants it. HHH threatened to send Dean into the announce table. Dean said he would stand on the table, after winning the title. HHH chuckled that Dean thought he was a Roadblock. HHH saw him more as a Speed Bump or Pot Hole. HHH compared Dean and Roman for their defiance of Authority. HHH warned Dean he was risking getting permanently hurt. Dean was cool with being delusional, since it was something HHH wasn’t. Dean invited HHH to come join him in the ring so Dean could hear HHH better. HHH said he would fight on HIS time, not anyone else’s. HHH decided to delegate someone to take care of Dean…Bray Wyatt. HHH was ready to make Dean face Reality. The Reality is that The Authority always wins.

Dolph Ziggler vs Sheamus, Rusev and King Barrett
3-on-1 Elimination Handicap Match

Barrett tried to pull Dolph into the enemy corner but Dolph got loose. King kicked away and clubbed the back of Dolph. Dolph hit a nice Dropkick off the Whip. Winds of Change by Barrett but it only brought a two. Barrett choked Dolph over the middle rope. Barrett put Dolph in the ropes and kneed him. Sheamus tookt he tag and hit a series of Crossfaces. Tag to Rusev. Rope Splash by the big Bulgarian brought a two count. Rusev surprised Dolph with a vicious Dropkick. Barrett took back over and put Dolph across the top ropes. He clubbed away and then Field Goaled Dolph for a near fall.

Sheamus re-entered the ring and hit a hard Clothesline. Hard Whip and Corner Shoulder by Sheamus. Running Kneelift by the Celtic Warrior. Dolph finally started to fight back. Jumping DDT by Dolph. 1-2- kick out. Barrett got the tag and rushed…right into the corner post. Dolph dropped Barrett and hit a Corner Splash and Swinging Neckbreaker. Rusev rushed in but got laid out. Barrett almost pinned Dolph but Dolph escaped and hit he Superkick.

King Barrett Eliminated.

Sheamus almost fell to a Superkick but Rusev got involved. Dolph avoided the Brogue Kick and rolled up Sheamus for a two. Rusev kicked Dolph from the outside. Brogue Kick.

Your Winners: Rusev and Sheamus
Raw Ranking: 2.25

Raw looked back at how Shane cleaned house, earlier in the night.

Raw did a historical look at the in-ring career of Shane McMahon. His best match, I think , was his King of the Ring battle against Kurt Angle. I have that DVD and everyone I’ve show it to all think it was incredible.

Becky Lynch pounded on the locker room door to tell Sasha Banks it was their time to perform. Sasha wasn’t happy that Becky and Sasha were now in a Triple Threat against Charlotte. Tonight, Becky and Sasha were to face Naomi and Tamina.

Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch vs Naomi (Uso) and Tamina (Snuka)

Tamina swung Becky around and went off on Sasha. Tamina and Naomi double teamed Becky. Charlotte and Ric Flair were watching from ringside. Tamina missed a Corner Splash. Tags on both sides. Sasha basked Naomi and hit the Standing Air Bourne. Sasha was driven into the corner, back first. Back Stabber into the BankStatement.

Your Winners (by Submission): Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch
Raw Ranking: 1.25

Charlotte attacked both Sasha and Becky, post-match.

R-Truth brought a Deep Dish Pizza to Goldust. Goldy explained that he was lactose intolerant and eating a piece of that pizza would make his butt explode. They walked off and Mark Henry found the pizza pie.

Raw looked back at the birth of the Austin Era as Stone Cold defeated Shawn Michaels, for the World title, at Wrestlemania. Mike Tyson was the special guest ref.

New Day vs Y2AJ
World Tag Team Title Match

Y2AJ is made up of Chris “Y2J” Jericho and A.J. Styles. New Day, tonight, would be represented by Kofi Kingston and Big E. Xavier Woods was on the outside. New Day mocked their opponents before Jericho and Styles arrived. I dig the new “Y2AJ” shirts. I want one. Smile.

Jericho sent Kofi into the ropes. Jericho hit a Dropkick. Jericho launched Kofi up and over the top. Double Clothesline sent Big E sailing. Styles and Jericho flew over the top to drop Big E and Kofi. Time for a quick break.

Big E tried for a pin but couldn’t get the three. Unicorn Stampede on Jericho. Big E whipped Kofi into Jericho, who was down in the corner. Kofi continued to beat on Jericho. Jericho got the boot up and then nailed a Missile Dropkick. Kofi stopped the tag until Jericho hit the Running Enziguri. Tag to Styles. Styles ran over Kofi and hit the Bomaye. Springboard Inverted DDT brought Styles a 2. Tag to Big E. Styles flew off the ropes but got Double Teamed. Jericho made the save. Tag to Jericho and tag to Kofi. Jericho Shoulder Tackled Kofi. Kofi threw Chris out onto the apron. Ax Bomber by Chris. Springboard Dropkick to send Big E off the apron. Kofi almost got a surprise pin. Jericho hit a Forearm. Lionsault but Styles got a blind tag. Springboard 450 by Styles but Kofi was pulled out of the ring to prevent the pin. Styles flew over the top to take out Big E. Kofi Rolled up Styles as A.J. got back in the ring. Styles got rocked by a kick. Jericho got a tag. Chris locked in the Walls of Jericho. They were in the middle of the ring. Kofi fought like mad to get free. Styles took out Woods, who was pushing the ropes closer. Big E ran Styles into the barricade. Big E tagged in and almost went into the Walls. Big E was sent to the ring Post. Big E countered the Code Breaker into the Big Ending.

Your Winners: Big E and Kofi Kingston
Raw Ranking: 3.0

After the match, Styles helped Jericho to his feet. His kindness was repaid with a Code Breaker Huh? Jericho waited for Styles to get up…so he could hit a 2nd Code Breaker. Styles struggled to get to his feet…only to fall to a 3rd Code Breaker. Jeez, talk about over kill. Jericho stuffed the “Y2AJ” shirt into Styles’ mouth. He also cursed Styles and drew massive heat.

Chris Jericho was asked about what he just did. Jericho was seriously jealous that A.J. Styles was getting all the chants. Jericho was happy to end all the chants.

Kalisto vs Tyler Breeze
Non-Title Match

Tyler rocked Kalisto but they went into a Universal. Standing Headscissors by the US Champ. Kalisto kicked away but Tyler put Kalisto up top. Kalisto flew off the ropes and got nailed with the Superkick. 2 count. Tyler bashed the shoulder of Kalisto. Rear Chin Lock until Kalisto got free and kicked Tyler in the face. Roll Through Kick by Kalisto. Corkscrew Plancha to drop Tyler. Kalisto hit Sliced Bread #2 to take this one.

Your Winner: Kalisto
Raw Ranking: 2.5

The announcers introduce the newest member of the Hall of Fame…The Big Boss Man! Sweet!

The Lucha Dragons were backstage. Jojo interviewed Kalisto about Wrestlemania. Ryback walked up and asked Jojo and the WWE Universe why Ryback wasn’t at Wrestlemania…yet. Ryback tried to talk Kalisto into breaking up with Sin Cara. Ryback was off to “tear the wings off those social butterflies”.

The Social Outcasts came out to rock the crowd. Heath Slater got on the stick and introduced them. They did a modified Beer Money dance. Bo Dallas was sad that Ryback didn’t want to be part of a team. Curtis Axel said The Axeman Commeth. They started doing a stupid tribute to Monty Python, I think. Thankfully, Ryback cut them off.

Ryback vs Curtis Axel

Ryback was beating on Axel as Raw returned. Biel by the Big Guy. Ryback hit a Theszz Press to his old tag partner. Step Up Knee by Ryback. Ryback got in the faces of Adam Rose, Bo Dallas and Heath Slater. Axel jumped Ryback and almost pinned him. Axel pounded on Ryback in the face and chest. Ryback turned things around and exploded on Axel. The ref tried to stop him but Ryback would not stop. Shell Shocked!

Your Winner: Ryback
Raw Ranking: 1.5

Vince and Stephanie talked, backstage. She was nervous that Shane might beat Undertaker and take it all away. Stephanie doubted her father but he was cement certain about what would happen.

Dean Ambrose vs Bray Wyatt

Bray did a quick promo about his fight with Brock Lesnar, on Saturday. Brock is going to massacre Bray, unless his “family” gets involved.

Dean was ready for the Eater of Worlds. The bell sounded and they hooked up. Bray popped Dean, in the face. Bray then kicked him in the chest. Snap Mare by Dean that led to the Spinning Elbow Drop. Rear Chin Lock by Dean. Dean pulled on the hair, which forced the break. Corner Mount Elbow Drops by Dean. Bray reversed a Whip and Dean collapsed in the corner. Scoop Slam by Bray. Wyatt then hit a Diving Headbutt. Dean fought back with wild punches. Flying Crossbody by Bray sent us to commercial.

Bray had Dean in a Seated Side Headlock. Bray rocked Dean, during the break, with a Superplex. Suplex Throw by Bray after some trash talking. He continued to berate Dean, after the move. Bray rushed the corner but ate boots. Bray knocked Dean off the ropes. Bray and Dean crashed into each other, on the floor. The ref began to count. Both men dove in at the count of 9. They traded hard punches. Dean really went wild until an Uppercut and Backsplash Senton stopped him cold. Bray put Dean on the top rope and climbed the ropes. Dean fought out of the Back Drop Superplex. Standing Savage Elbow failed. Dirty Deeds blocked. Dean escaped Sister Abigail. Bray used a Uranage Slam to send Dean into the barricade. Both men had been on the floor.

Back in the ring, Bray went all Spider on Dean. Rebound Clothesline by Dean. Dean scaled the heights and nailed the Standing Savage Elbow. Both men seemed hurt.

The lights went out and the other Wyatt Family members came out to beat the tar out of Dean.

Your Winner (By Disqualification): Dean Ambrose
Raw Ranking: 2.5

Sister Abigail by Bray. Triple H walked from the back to join the party. Bray got right up in HHH’s face. The fans and I all wanted to see this one go down. Bray caressed the WWE World Title belt and then the Wyatt Family left the ring.

Triple H then turned to his next challenger, Dean Ambrose. HHH got himself ready for a fight. HHH looked at the announce table and then came out to get it ready for Dean. HHH partially dismantled it and got back in the ring. Dirty Deeds! HHH was down! Dean picked up the title belt and clutched it close.


–Jay Shannon

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