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Jermaine Royster reporting …

Smackdown comes to us from Atlanta, Georgia and Dean Ambrose kicks off the show. Dean stumbles to the ring to a loud ovation and he asks for the microphone and a chair. Ambrose replays last Monday nights actions and he says it really worked out because of his title shot at Roadblock. He says he going to screw everything up and makes examples of how things would be if he were champion going into WrestleMania. Kevin Owens music hits and we now have action. Owens says what gives him the right to open Smackdown when he’s been getting beaten all over WWE television, while he is the Intercontinental champion and he doesn’t have a WrestleMania opponent. Owens says Dean is whats wrong with the WWE and he’s a broken man. Owens then tries to jump Ambrose from behind but Dean escapes, closes the chair and blast’s Owens with it. Ambrose then challenges Owens to a match right then and now but Owens walks back through the curtain.

League Of Nations(Sheamus & Rusev) vs. The Uso’s

Sheamus starts off with Jimmy and Sheamus gets the heat first until Jimmy connects with a serious right hand. Jay comes in and hits a forearm but Sheamus tags Rusev shortly after. Rusev kicks Jay then sends him to the apron where Sheamus attacks him on the ropes, Rusev connects with a kick that floors Jay on the outside. Sheamus brings Jay back in then hits a suplex to Jay, Sheamus then hits the forearms on the ropes. Jimmy tries to break things up but Rusev comes and delivers a soccer kick to Jay. Jay reverses with a DDT to Rusev and he finally tags Jimmy, he clears the ring then hits the corner strike to Sheamus. Jay then takes out Barrett and ADR with a toupe over the rope. Jimmy back in the ring catches a Brogue Kick from Sheamus as the League of Nations gets the win.

Your Winners: The League Of Nations

After the match the Dudley’s come out with tables in hand and go straight for the Uso’s. D’von sets up the tables and Bubba heads straight for Jay. Bubba grabs Jay and says to him that they lied when they said don’t take thing personally. Bubba drops Jay and D’von turns over the table not even using it.

A highlight package of the heat between Shane and Stephanie McMahon is shown next and Shane is announced for Raw this coming Monday. Dolph Ziggler’s music hits and he makes his way down to the ring to face the Miz for the second time this week. Miz got a quick surprising win over Ziggler Monday night on Raw.

Dolph Ziggler vs. The Miz

Miz quickly jumps Dolph with a big boot and tries to go for the big win but Dolph kicks out. Miz targets the head of Ziggler, send him to the ropes for Miz’s corner clothesline. Dolph reverses Miz in the corner and rolls him up for the quick win.

Your Winner: Dolph Ziggler
R-Truth is eating in the cafeteria when Goldust approaches and joins Truth. R-Truth apologizes for his words on Monday night and says he like the idea of a tag team. Goldust approves but smearing his food on his face and then storms out. Becky Lynch’s music hits and we get the rematch between Lynch and Sasha Banks.

#1 Contenders Match
Sasha Banks vs. Becky Lynch
(Winner gets Charlotte at WrestleMania)

Both women lock up for a break then Sasha goes for the face lock. Sasha hits a few arm drags, sends Lynch into the corner but Becky counters with a forearm. Banks then counter with a sunset flip but then Lynch recovers and goes for the pin but Sasha kicks out. As the action starts, Charlotte’s music hits and she along with the “Nature Boy” Ric Flair, make they’re way to the announce desk for commentating in classic heel form. Sasha is in control after the commercial as she sinks the arm bar onto Becky Lynch. Lynch reverses and hits a few lethal lariats to Banks then tries a roll up for a two count. Lynch misses with the leg drop and Sasha goes for the roll up unsuccessfully. Sasha then slaps on the Bank Statement but Lynch gets to the bottom ripe for the escape. Sasha again hits the double knees to Lynch in the corner but she cant get the win just yet. Lynch reverses with an Irish uppercut but Banks gets out at two. Both women trade strikes then Lynch scores with a dropkick send Banks to floor and Ric Flair celebrates as both women lay hurt on the floor. As Flair celebrates, Charlotte attacks both women and the bell sound for a disqualification.

No Winner(Charlotte attacked both Diva’s).

We still don’t have a number one contender for Charlotte’s Diva’s Championship. I smell a three way down the line. Charlotte is interviewed backstage and she says that none of the two Diva’s deserve a shot at the title. Renee Young then informs the Diva’s Champion that she will indeed face both women at WrestleMania in a Triple Threat match for the Diva’s title.

A highlight package of The Undertaker is shown from last Monday, Vince is shown saying that he will renounce his son Shane if he wins his WrestleMania match against The Undertaker.

Singles Match
Kofi Kingston w/The New Day vs AJ Styles

Styles goes for the quick win but Xavier Woods interferes causing a distraction as Kofi takes over on the outside. After a solo stampede in the corner, Kofi runs and hits the corner dropkick to Styles for a two count. AJ breaks away from Kofi with a neck breaker but the New Day interfere again and Kofi climbs the ropes. AJ again counters into a back body drop then runs over Kofi with a fore arm. Styles hits the fore arm smash followed by an elbow into a submission hold. Kingston hits a spinning wheel kick then hits the S.O.S. but Styles again kicks out. AJ then hits the Pele kick but then Kofi send him to the floor, the referee then send the rest of the New Day back to the locker room. As Woods & Big E retreat, AJ Styles hits the fore arm from the top rope and he gets the win. After the match, Big E and Woods try to cut off AJ but he escapes.

Your Winner: AJ Styles

A graphic is shown next for the upcoming live show, “Roadblock” and a match between Brock Lesnar and Bray Wyatt is shown. Next we get a promo from Bray and the Family backstage. Bray says that Brock Lesnar has conquered them all but Bray says he is different. Wyatt then says that where he comes from, beast bow down to Wyatt.

SmackDown Main Event
Non-Title Match(Intercontinental)
Kevin Owens© vs. Dean Ambrose

Ambrose gets things going with a seated chin lock but as Owens recovers, Ambrose takes off to the outside. Dean gets back in the ring and locks on an arm bar trying to wear down Owens. KO reverses with a knee to the gut followed by strikes to the ribs. Owens again goes to work on the ribs of Ambrose in the corner. Ambrose cleverly gets away then teases the Dirty Deeds DDT but Owens retreats to the outside. Ambrose goes up to the top but Owens blocks his attempt. Dean is really selling his shoulder and rib injury as Owens takes over. KO goes to work in the corner with stomps to the face. Dean tries to reverse but Owens attack the injuries even more. Owens lock on a submission move trying to wear down Ambrose again. Owens goes on the attack and sends Ambrose to the outside, Owens then hits a running senton over the top rope to Dean Ambrose. Dean nearly gets counted out as he scoots into the ring only to be thrown back out by Owens. Dean counters with a clothesline on the outside as Owens taunted the announce team. Dean unloads on Owens back in the ring before he sends him back outside then Deans goes for the suicide dive connecting to Owens. Ambrose then goes up to the tope but Owens catches him then hits the running cannonball to dean in the corner. Owens sets up Dean on the top rope trying to go fir the top rope suplex but Dean fights him off with a right hand. After a two count, Ambrose goes for another suicide dive but Owens catches him then rams him into the barricade. Owens then goes to take down the announce table as Dean gets back in the ring. Ambrose goes for the Dirty Deeds but Owens blocks the tries the Power Bombed but that gets blocked and Dean and he finally hits the Dirty Deeds DDT and pins Kevin Owens for the win.

Your Winner: Dean Ambrose

Mauro Ranallo talks about the upcoming main event at Roadblock between Dean Ambrose and WWE World Heavyweight Champion Triple H as SmackDown comes to an end for this week.

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